Sunday, May 03, 2020

Our View: Parties show childish level of political analysis


...indeed, it boils down to "Greeks" and Greeks, the fact that "Greeks" are no different to "Turks", when it comes to comparing Greeks and Turks, or "Turks" and Turks, in Cyprus. Who's opinion we talking about here? this the Cyprus Problem? Those that recognise that Cypriots already exist, those that deny it, choosing to believe that "they" will define it and establish its existence.

...i suggest that the coming elections will be even more telling, because those who dare to fly the Flag of Cyprus, as opposed to those who treat it like a rag, despite the dysfunction that has torn them apart for decades, still represent about half the voting population on either side of the Green Line. And that they, Cypriots, may stand united and together in exposing "those", who would never stand with them.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Erdogan turns to oil in a bid to salvage Syria policy


...and what surprises me is that you talk from a superior position; who is the "no one" you speak of: me? And who is the "I" you like to imagine is this person that is "your" identity, different to who else, that you may speak this way?

Speaking as you do, i ask, have you learned any lessons yourself: Lest we Forget? Indeed these men sacrificed themselves in a horrible war so that War would end; that Hatred would be better placed against real enemies, such as Hunger, Ignorance, and Disease.

I hope Erdogan leaves a better world behind, too. And I believe the Cyprus Problem, a solution to it, holds the key to the Problem in general, which has been so intricately linked to it, by Erdogan; that we are not enemies to each other any longer.

These, (e.g. Syria, East Med. Gas Forum, Libya, NATO, EU, Greece) disruptions he makes to the given order are opportunistic to say the least; he has cornered the Treaty of Sevres, in his mind, and he has tossed out the Treaty of Lausanne: but to what end? Having chosen what is past, to defend, the present becomes an inconvenient truth, in his efforts, for "Turkishness", struggling to define it, as the Turkish People.

Thus, this capacity building, as a military-industrial complex, the grand schemes he has realised, becomes a question of who they are built for, (and who will pay), "Turks" or the Turkish People? His legacy survives, in Infamy and in Fame, either way: but he too most pick a side.

Cyprus, with a solution that can be held in high esteem because it can be emulated, as a BBF, opens many opportunities for Constitutional reform in Turkey, what with its Turkish Constituencies, and their state. With a small change in intentions he may move the world to establish an order beyond these Treaties, and the History they represent, to say, One Turkey, one Country, One Cyprus. He may sit as an equal to establish these new frontiers, respecting the Principals established in UNCLOS, which leaves the world, not just Turkey more secure.

...who would he (read: will he) betray? Not the people, the rest of us, those of us not "Turkish"; but "them" and their servant-slaves, in such a case.

...indeed, Erdogan is a religious man; he may yet unite us all as believers in the same God.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Cyprus, the Achilles heel of Hellenism

...indeed, such a disaster as the COVID virus, tears the Leadership apart in fear; witness the gates closing. It will also demonstrate our resolve as Cypriots: as "Greeks", as "Turks", as Turks, as Greeks, as any Person, as Individuals defending ourselves; together.

...the Flag, i repeat myself is a powerful tool; stop and think who dies, (and who lives,) under it. it is with 'us', in the real world, so it is in Cyprus: what Flag are we are willing to stand under; who is against the idea that in the end we are Human beings?

...i ask. who treats the Flag of Cyprus as a rag, but those who must accept forgiveness as well?

Here is the Problem with "ourselves", the real enemy staring right at our faces.

Sunday, March 08, 2020

The real dilemma tormenting Greek Cypriots


Indeed, what is becoming apparent is that Cypriots, silenced for over fifty years, still have the same desire despite the efforts of "Greeks" and "Turks", holding the Agenda to define what a "Cypriot" will be, who deny that such an identity already exists.

...who treats the Flag of Cyprus as a rag, i ask?

And in affect it is those for "Greekness" or "Turkishness" who see their problem as being mutually exclusive. One in the same, no different, leaving those who see beyond the Person, as Individuals, ignored; Greek or Turkish. this the Problem?

People, the People, may choose to act, unlike this political elite, for Cyprus. It would not be hard to demonstrate their solidarity, since Flags are so important to "them", in Cyprus. It would be very clear, unignorable, if "they" could not look out their windows, or while in their cars, without seeing the Flag of Cyprus in numbers.

If we, as Cypriots, want to encourage more people like Koray Basogrultmacı and Cinel Senem Husseyin, we must join them in solidarity; we must find each other, overcome our own fear, and support their simple act: Greek or Turkish, by flying our Flag highest, the Flag of Cyprus.

Monday, March 02, 2020

Foreign Minister has got it all wrong

. such endeavors, first to market plays an important role. Cyprus was not wrong to appreciate UNLOS, and along with her neighbours settle these questions of territory based on its Principals and guidelines.

...indeed, Turkey was far behind at the time. Yet you may recall that Turkey's efforts at meddling and threats ended with the only choice left to her, to buy ships such as these and man them herself.

...and in this narrative do not forget the Treaty of Lausanne, "tossed out the window", and now the Treaty of Sevres "cornered", so says Erdogan.

Is it supremacy of the sea that he is after? Never mind Cyprus, the Aegean, and the "border" with Libya, there are lots of other problems from his disruptions, too.

It seems to me that in this region of acrimony and mistrust, the East Med. Gas Forum is a ray of sunshine. Who would imagine Palestinians, Israelis, Egyptians, Jordanians, Cypriots, and Greeks, only a few years ago, sitting as equals, on any venture?

"Turkishess" divides Cyprus. "Turkishness" is dividing Turkey. Unity in Cyprus is the biggest threat to this notion, if Turkish Cypriots exist as a Constituency, as Cypriots; mindful of their own responsibilities as a majority toward the minorities that live among them: not "Cypriot Turks", they provide Hope to the Turks not "Turks" in Turkey.

A moratorium, linking oil/gas exploration to the Problem, only reinforces Erdogan's position in defining "us"; that which is not "Turkish".

Why is Turkish Cypriot leader declared ‘enemy’ in Turkey?


I am sorry you deny the Cypriot identity, it was not how I was raised in my village.

I may be Greek but no "Greek". You may be "Turk" but no Turk.

I would suggest to you to consider that there are as many "Greeks" and "Turks" on the island as Greeks and Turks.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Re: I'm fucking angry...... (2)


...very interesting and educational thoughts from the both of you; harder to read than my stuff but that's another story.

in a nutshell; Cyprus, its constitution needs reform.

Cypriots exist. The "Greeks" and "Turks" that live among them exist too. The future for Cypriots, one hopes is neither their assimilation or subjugation by either. And yet, it seems that in the negotiation of the Problem, it is as though such a notion as Cypriot will be created; with no chair for a Cypriot between "them", and no chance for a Cypriot (but at an election box) to even have their say.

...indeed, it is an issue of identity, and as "Greeks" and "Turks" agitate for their Agenda with more finality, i surmise, under the circumstances, so too those Cypriot (about half the population) will be compelled no longer to remain silent. In acts and demonstrations, they will signal their unity against "them" with a simple choice, under the Flag of Cyprus, because it is a powerful symbol which as yet has not been used specifically to expose those not Cypriot. (i shutter thinking, in Cyprus, how that could turn out; talking about Flags, and extremists' feelings about their own: but violence is not the only outcome.)

...what do Cypriots want, i ask; never mind the "Greeks"and the "Turks".

And if in a BBF Cypriots, as Individuals, (also an identity) represent themselves as Cypriots, what is wrong with Cypriot Constituencies representing them as Persons?

...intentions count; what as persons they do to demonstrate in a majority their Goodwill toward the minorities among them.

(how lucky i feel living in a BBF like Canada, how much i enjoy the same hope for Cypriots)

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Our View: No surprise politicians ignore positive economic benefits of a solution



What power Akinci has, standing under the Flag of Cyprus, if he dares, if this, is his conviction (it's election time). It is, in affect, the biggest threat to "Turkishness", (not just in Cyprus, but, in Turkey), his position, so says the "Turkish" Press. This election is to be a kind of referendum, it is also said in the "Turkish" Press. I ask, how far will Erdogan go to put Akinci, "in his place"? How far will Akinci go, to demonstrate he may be Turkish, but no "Turk"? That Turkish Cypriots are not "Cypriot Turks", they are Cypriot first.

Who will he betray? Because it seems that he must decide (no longer silent) and speak clearly; if it is that he is Cypriot. He cannot be a "Turk" as well as Turkish any longer it seems. (The "Turks" call him unreliable, to say the least.)

Thus, standing under the Flag of Cyprus he may be for Turkish Cypriots, (and not "Turkishness",) yet, he speaks to Cypriots, "being" Cypriot in doing so; then, if he wins he has Cypriots' support, the People, not just that of a single community within it. is that for negotiating from a position of strength? Does he have vision? What Legacy will he leave if he does not stand up for Cypriots, Turkish, and Greek? How can Anastasiades, as a Cypriot, a Greek, and as the Republic's President refuse this bold enterprise, for Cyprus, as well, "changing mentality" for better intentions?

This is a (read: the) good beginning step. Cypriots are Cypriots. That Cyprus is Free. It is a State representing its Citizens, on Universal Principals, based on Equality, and having without further distinction or discrimination Individual Rights.

Who can deny that this is the issue, for Cypriots?

If there are Cypriot Constituencies, at another level of Government, so that as Persons, Cypriots have Liberty in representing themselves in National Assemblies as such, one hopes that as majorities holding their own Agendas within their respective territorial jurisdictions, that they may demonstrate the capacity to respect and recognise the minorities that live among them, by providing for them, accordingly, as well their special needs. Is it possible that any one of these Constituencies is incapable of this Goodwill? my mind, it starts with Akinci, with a bang, after all this whimpering, with this election, to focus minds, something simple, like standing under the Flag, his Flag, no more denying it, the Flag of Cyprus.

...but i speak too much, Akinci a voice, at least to Cypriots, as strong as Erdogan's; who can imagine that?.

Monday, February 17, 2020

I'm fucking angry......


...the Problem is that Greeks allow "Greeks" to represent them, because they are against "Turks". The Problem is that Turks do the same thing to Greeks, with "Turks". The Problem is that Greeks and Turks must recognise that their adversary in this Problem are not each other, but the hateful enterprise as it exists of those "others".

...just ''be'' Cypriot, and realise that ''Greeks'' and ''Turks'' are the same; and that "they" are not Cypriot.

...we must stop labeling each other; "This" must stop. has nothing to do with schools, it is a cheap excuse, or priests; it is up to you (and every one of us, accordingly).

...i have good things to say about my neighbours because i recognise that these neighbours deserve this esteem. There are neighbours, "Greek" and "Turkish" too, but why dwell on them? Who "wins" if i do that?

...and yes, a President that refuses to stand beside the Flag of Cyprus is just plain wrong to me, (especially if they are calling for Constitutional reform as well,) just like the flags on the mountain; it is from ignorance such as it is.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Our View: Crystal clear Turkey wants Akinci out


...thus, i ask, where is the Communal Chamber?

(...and as you say,)

Isn't it included in the Constitution, along with a Legislature?

Indeed, Turkish Cypriots should be asking for Greek Cypriots to join them in such a Chamber, just as Greeks are asking Turks to join them in the Legislature. How is this not Bicommunal, if as Greeks and Turks, as Persons, we recognise that this Liberty is based on respect and recognition, and accordingly, that such Constituencies demonstrate a willingness to provide for their minorities' special needs; that together they may demonstrate such a willingness to each other, and where numbers warrant the needs of other Cypriot Constituencies as well.

Indeed, it is as Cypriots, in Freedom, as Cypriots that we can realise these aspirations; to be loving, to respect and trust one another. The Individual, not as a "Greek", not as a "Turk", but as a Human being, also exists: a society based on merit without further distinction or discrimination. This voice needs its expression too. The problem in Cyprus, identified as the Problem, in effect is not about "Greeks" and "Turks", or Greeks and Turks, but "Greeks"/"Turks" against Greek/Turks.

But, to get back to the question. I think Anastasiades understands this issue, to "be" an Individual and a Person; it is not clear yet if Akinci represents Turkish Cypriots, as Cypriots, also. More importantly, Akinci, in doing as i've suggested before, stand beside the Flag of Cyprus, will cause a furor; and yet who will be exposed, who then is the traitor: those who treat it like a rag.

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Re: elections in the illegally occupied territories


...interestingly, it is hurriyet, that has published news (again) of Akinci's position with some substance.

“The establishment of equal, not a hierarchical, relationship between Turkey and Cyprus, is a factor that will strengthen the bonds of friendship and sisterhood,” Akıncı said.

“It is clear that it will not be possible to ensure the recognition of Turkish Cyprus in the visible future. Two separate independent sovereign states within the EU discourse also cannot be described as a possible formula in this respect,” he said.

Stating that the federal settlement is the most realistic solution model under the current conditions, Akıncı emphasized that “this [federal settlement] has become a necessity for the region.”

...if he is clear, will he stand with the Flag of Cyprus behind him? Despite "being" Turkish, or Maronite, Armenian, Latin, or Greek, is it possible to be a Cypriot too?

...and what if there are Cypriot Constituencies? Why not a Federal Government as well, where, instead of Persons, Citizens have representation as Individuals? Is this not a BBF in its purest and most ideal form? Indeed, is it not the model Turkey needs with its own Problem, never mind the Problem in Iraq, Iran, and Syria, (as well as Israel), speaking of Constituencies and Constitutional reform?

Monday, February 03, 2020

A road map to peace in the East Med


Indeed, if there is a road map, all roads lead to Cyprus.

The Cyprus problem is not the problem, but the Problem is.

While we are divided as "Greeks" and "Turks", it is easy for Cypriots to be forgotten in their midst. "Greekness" against "Turkishness" and/or vice versa is the Agenda. Thus, Cypriots are not the Problem, nor the problem, they are a People which remain, as people, under the subjugation of a mythic reality that "Turkishness", or "Greekness", matters more, than anything else.

Yet, how does this relate to oil and gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, I ask? How is it oil and gas exploration, in Cyprus, has been linked to hostilities in the Aegean with Greece, and most recently, Libya.

Witness the Treaty of Sevres, "cornered" with the installation of a Sovereign base in Cyprus for his drones, so says Mr. Erdogan. Witness the Treaty of Lausanne, "tossed out a window'', his disruptive behaviour toward all his neighours, and now on the seas. His supremacy, militarily speaking, over any one of these adversaries (read: neighbours), is only a few years away, given the military-industrial complex he is growing.

Prepared to War, as such, will put him in a better negotiating position, if instead it comes to that.

But what does Turkey gain, from Cyprus, if it is divided for "Turkishness", the rest for others (read: "Greek")? It is not just Cyprus which is torn apart, but the very fabric that has made the notion of Humanity, above it. This is the Problem. And a Cyprus divided, means Turkey divided, for the same reason; Erdogan must know this.

What of Turkish Constituencies? What of the Kurds and the Alevi, are they not Turks, and Turkish? One Flag in Turkey, like one Flag in Cyprus makes perfect sense to me. Perhaps it is Cyprus that will change Turkey, and not the other way around. Perhaps a BBF in Turkey, with its own Constitutional reform is something to think about.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Guaranteeing human rights and viability of Cyprus solution an ‘absolute principle’


…well said Mr.. President; Cypriots are neither “Greeks” or “Turks”

I ask, were “Greeks” and “Turks”, ever, busy killing each other? I suggest we should never forget that it was Cypriots, for the most part, for “being” Cypriots, who were murdered and made to disappear, because they were (and are,) not one of “them”.

…let us remember that when the “Greeks” had their coup, despite succeeding in removing Makarios from the Palace, they failed because Greeks who are Cypriot did not join in their efforts.

…and let us remember that there is a big difference between a Turk and a “Turk”, as well, because while Cyprus is Greek because its population is overwhelmingly Greek, Cyprus is an ethnos

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Turkey announces new drilling, dismisses East Med Gas Forum initiative (Updated)


...imagine, a tiny country like Cyprus exists as an equal, to Israel, Egypt, Italy, France, Greece, and all the others, except Turkey; is this the Problem?

...indeed, to a "Turk", Sevres has been "cornered", or, "neutralised", with the establishment, in Cyprus, of a Sovereign Base on its soil, for their drones, as it has been said by Mr. Erdogan himself. The Treaty of Lausanne was "tossed out a window" a long time ago, let's not forget. I ask, what of the "Russian pond", therefore; after Libya, it's what's left for a "Blue Turkey", supremacy on the sea(s).

...indeed, Cypriots may come together as Cypriots, because as Greeks and Turks, they have this choice against the "Turkishness" (and the "Greekness" which is no different) that has usurped their identity as this islands dwellers, causing them so much harm, in affect leaving them unnaturally divided and under its subjugation.

Cypriots, indeed Turkish Cypriots, pose the greatest threat to "Turkishness", because with this choice, "being" Turks not "Turkish", it may give Hope to Turks not unlike them in Turkey, also divided by the same dogma. It is not hard to imagine a People as a State, and, as a People, Individuals, and Persons. (What is wrong with a BBF, in Turkey?) Indeed, they, Cypriots, may end this Problem themselves for themselves; in doing so, ending the link Turkey has placed on them (for "Turkishness") as far as Libya, beyond even Greece, and with all of Cyprus' neighbours, for what is ''theirs'' (in terms of gas and oil), open to hostility, even war.

...who drills with Turkey, who drills with Cyprus; there is a reason Turkey drills alone.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Turkish public believes Turkey has no friends - but Turks


While he is isolated from his neighbours, and the world for that matter, it is Erdogan who has chosen to isolate himself. There is no credibility in picking and choosing which laws, and agreements, one will respect. What of the paradox; a Libyan Government is recognised by Turkey because it is recognised by the UN, and Cyprus? (Even more Ironic, since Turkey is a Guarantor of the very Government it ignores, in Cyprus)

In affect Turkey is divided, those for "Turkishness", and those who recognise and respect the value of Universal Principals and a Rule, of Law.

The motive as yet does not seem to be entirely clear, although one hopes as a Statesman, by causing all these disruptions he intends to negotiate from a position of strength, this time, a treaty beyond Sevres, or Lausanne. In any case, those "not Turkish" should be preparing quite seriously for War, and for the same reasons.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The 10 critical issues for resolving the Cyprus problem


..whatever it is, the solution needs to be something Turkey herself may emulate.

Just as there are Cypriot Constituencies, so too in Turkey, Turkish Constituencies.

...let us consider what "Turkishness" has done to Cyprus over the decades, let us consider what it is doing in Turkey, now. One Cyprus like one Turkey, should not be hard to understand. All Turks, like all Cypriots seek Equality, Justice seen; Freedom, their equality as Individuals, and Liberty, their equality as Persons.

"Turkishness" is tearing them apart.

...therefore, it is not what Turkey does to change Cyprus; the issue is the other way around: what can Cypriots do to change Turkey?

A divided Cyprus only means a Turkey even more divided. Unity in Cyprus will certainly help to define the differences in Turkey between Turks as a People, or, an ethnic group; an inclusive common language with other ethnic groups, or, opposed to it a dogma of "Turkishness", (which excludes all those not "Turkish").

It is Turkey's National cause, Cyprus. Though Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots specifically, may offer Hope to Turks (not "Turkish") in Turkey by "being" Cypriot. Small as they may be as a population, they, are the biggest threat to "Turkishness" itself, in Turkey. Their intentions will define for "minorities" what they may ask from a State; in that regard, a BBF, and for the same reasons, actually suits both of them well.

Unity in Cyprus is not hard to imagine, despite the dysfunctions of '63, or '74; let's not forget the economic facts, let's not forget that however voters are counted, despite the decades, something like half are (read: remain) Cypriot, the other half being "Greeks" and "Turks" who have their own candidates in any case.

The issue is for Cypriots to decide (and to demonstrate) that they are: Cypriot first, not "Greek", not "Turk", at another level of Government as constituencies sustaining their distinct identities, respecting and recognising the special needs of minorities living among them accordingly by providing as well for their needs.

...i do not despair, frankly. Not unlike the fact that a Turkish Cypriot represents Cyprus as its MEP in the EU, there will be Leadership candidates in the next elections who will seek the support of all Cypriots, to win.

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Why do Turkish people call Cyprus as "Greek Cyprus" when the whole world calls them as just "Cyprus"?


However “Greeks” and “Turks” define themselves in Cyprus, the rest of us not “Greek” and not “Turkish” should never forget that of the thousands disappeared and those murdered outright, for the most part while Greek or Turkish, they were (and continue to be,) “their” victims, for “being” Cypriot.

Let’s also not forget that a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation (BBF) may be best defined by countries like Canada, and the USA where this notion: Freedom, is expressed as Individual Rights without further distinction or discrimination under a Rule of Law; and Liberty, as Persons, having as such, self-representation at another level of government, as constituencies.

In Cyprus, despite the decades of having been physically torn apart, as voters, whether Turkish or Greek, about half are not “Greek” or “Turkish” (having their own candidates), voting as Cypriots instead, for Cypriots representing this identity.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Oh, Woe Is Poor Turkey…


…if i may add to a most interesting opinion piece, that, Cyprus, is the key to all these issues; i ask:

why must Cypriots be denied their identity as Cypriots, how is it that Turkey as a “National cause” denies their existence; are the Alevi not Turkish, or the Kurds? (never mind the Greeks and the Armenians they hardy exist in Turkey anymore)
…i ask, if Cyprus cannot be “Greek”, how is Turkey “Turkish”?

why has “Turkishness” taken the view that Turks, not “Turkish”, are their adversary, for decades in Cyprus, and now in Turkey, “it” tearing it apart? Is the world, that which is not “Turkish”, what willfully they are hostile toward, what “Turks” are against?

with the Aegean, and now Libya, linked to oil and gas, having been linked to Cyprus, will he negotiate a settlement of equals that is as comprehensive as UNCLOS, and a suitable improvement to the Treaty of Lausanne, having disrupted the balance of power, thus having brought the protagonists together?

…by recognising Cyprus, as Cypriot, he may have all these things; Fame, the esteem of all Humankind, Peace among all his neighbours, even Peace at home. He may find in such a notion, recognising Cypriots as a People whether Turkish or Greek, one country, that Cyprus may be made up of Cypriot constituencies, as Persons quite diverse as well, but that they support equally the Universal Principals on which, as Individuals they are prepared to defend each other.

…by tearing Cyprus in half, isn’t infamy his Legacy?

…is it in Cyprus that he is looking for the “perfect” BBF, something he can emulate?

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Turkey Racks Up Tension In The Eastern Mediterranean


...except for the first paragraph, "an area largely inhabited by ethnic Turks", the article is factually correct. The late President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Papadopoulos, as a young man, once said that Turkish Cypriots are a part of the Cypriot fabric, that by taking a map of the island and scattering sand over it, one can accurately describe where you would find them.

...indeed, "Turkishness" has divided the island, as it is dividing Turkey now.  And yet, lets not forget that those "Turkish" and "Greek" in Cyprus were never busy for the most part killing each other. Those Cypriot, not "Greek" or not "Turkish", those who stayed in their homes and on their farms, those believing that a notion such as Humankind, a Rule of Law, and Universal Principals exists, were their victims, now disappeared, or murdered. This is the Cyprus, "Problem".

...consider, how gas exploration, the Aegean, and now Libya have been linked to the Cyprus Problem.
Consider Erdogan's declared ambitions for a "Blue Turkey", (is the "Russian pond" next?), and that he has declared the Treaty of Lausanne, "tossed out a window"; most recently, "the Treaty of Serves (placed) into the corner", describing as this important, the drones being deployed to the illegally occupied territories in Cyprus. Consider, after the Americans, and the Chinese, what deal did he strike for the Russian S-400s? It is not "equity" Erdogan seeks through his actions, but total supremacy.

Yet, it would not be hard for Erdogan to change his intentions, with the recognition that Cypriots exist. It requires a comprehensive solution involving all of Turkey's neighbours.

One hopes that Erdogan's vision is greater than defining Turkey exclusively as a religious empire centered around a Caliphate in Istanbul, the "protector" of such a State/state; that to the rest of us not "Turkish" he lives, not in infamy, but as a Statesman who deserves much esteem, who by bringing the protagonists together, bettering the world for all.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

the war against Libya


...for the record, i will include the moments i feel define the historical progress of events.

Libya has already been linked to the Cyprus Problem, like the Gas and Oil in the Eastern Med. (and the Aegean), by Turkey, and the so-called ''TRNC''.

...beyond this, there is the conflict as it is, in Libya, the UN with Turkey and Qatar, against the Russians, French, the Arabs, the US not involved, to sum it up, by the player's allies; (let's not forget Italy's involvement with Libya, France, Greece and Cyprus), Spain too has a Navy, and security interests. It is possible that this issue, Libya, may become a major topic soon.

...while it is possible for America, to take the position against Russia, it may be that, in Libya like in Cyprus, Americans and Russians find themselves holding the same position. As allies in these circumstances, a dialog may open that did not exist before, and that can be supported in a manner where Turkey's ambition may also find in it, reward, something beyond the Treaty of Lausanne, with the recognition that Cypriots exist, (so too the Alevi and Kurds in Turkey). is clearer, what "Blue Turkey" means to Turkey's Erdogan, the Black Sea it seems is the final piece of the puzzle, (and the Bosporus). Russia is surely wary, what is their "pond" under threat; it is a fine balance Turkey is playing. Libya, like Syria, depends on Russia's (and American,) non aggression.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Re: TRNC doesn't belong to TC's.


...well said, Sotos.

...who am i?

Certainly not "Greek". And for certain, not "Turk". Yet when i speak it is as though what i propose never existed, and doesn't exist, or can never exist; who i am is dismissed from the conversation, effectively ignored by a debate which affectively makes Greeks, "Greeks", and all Turks, "Turks".

...the myth is easy to understand, "Greek" bad/"Turk" good, or, the other way around, but reality includes people like me, Cypriots who remain, Cypriot.

(and 'we' represent, despite the decades of being unnaturally torn apart, about half the population, any way you count it)

Indeed, something as simple as a flag divides us, and it is as simple to unite under a flag.

...indeed i ask, who treats the Flag of Cyprus as a rag; ask yourselves.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Cyprus, Greece and Egypt condemn Turkey-Libya deal


...indeed the last sentence does have a deeper message. One Hopes that with a small change in intentions, a Legacy he'd leave for Turkey, instead of for "Turkishness". It is what the world hopes for too, Peace in Cyprus for Cypriots, Peace in Turkey too, for (all) Turks.

...i believe that without Grace, Erdogan cannot succeed. He does not have support from the poor actually, but those who Hate; for a pious man, this saddens me, it is a poor reflection on him. And yet, if all these efforts are to place himself at a negotiating table in a position of strength, to say, Cypriots exist, Cyprus exists like Turkey exists, (what is good for Cyprus, is good for Turkey,) he may find that in a Cypriot solution his own; a Turkey, having willing partners, both internationally and at home, who seek the same willingness toward helping each other: the tarnish that is on Turkey gone.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Leaders should remember their allegiance to the constitution


...well said, Mr. Riza; thank-you.

Thus, let the Greek Community find themselves seated and waiting in the Communal Chamber, this time, for the Turkish Community, both there to take their places, to represent their needs, as communities. Let the Turkish Cypriots fill their, empty, seats in the Legislature so that as Cypriots they too can demonstrate and defend their respect for Universal Principals and a Cypriot way.

Intentions count: this time for Cyprus.

Constitutional reform, bettering ourselves, is entirely possible to view as a matter of the two Communities, not as an issue of Sovereignty, but as an internal matter within their Chamber. If they presented unanimously to the Legislature, their consideration, as to the social needs of Persons: their powers in representing Cypriots as distinct identities, a recognition respect and accommodation of minorities that live among them, and territorial jurisdictions, this is a strong basis from which Cypriots as Cypriots may sit to reform their State.

Who can deny a Cyprus, made in Cyprus, by Cypriots? is not hard to imagine Cypriots, "being" Cypriots. It is, for me frankly, hard to imagine why not.

Bicommunal rally calls for resumption of Cyprus talks


...finally, people with the political maturity to stand together above their so-called "Greekness" or "Turkishness"; the other half, as i like to call them, Cypriots as Cypriots.

One hopes that the Leaders understand that beyond the Agenda such as it is, beyond the interlocutors that have their influence, in the end it is these People, Cypriots the world recognises as the victims of "their" intransigence. The Problem may be complex, yet it is very simple; it is a question of Justice, seen.

The solution will be, if "perfect", the template that serves to change the face of politics in Turkey, and more widely in the region itself. Cyprus is small, but it is ignored at "our" peril, those of us not "them".

What is a BBF? It is the recognition that as Individuals, whoever we are as Persons there is an obligation to respect, trust, and defend each other as equals, (because in effect (and affect) we are one race, as Humans,) where there are Rules of Law, and Universal Principals. While there may be many Cypriot Constituencies, even in a geographic sense, self-representation is not anathema to ''them'', being beyond this identity as "Nations", as Cypriots, a State, where they are Cypriot. Thus, two levels of government, even with many governmental bodies is not complicated, or so hard to understand. Canada, the USA, and Australia, come to mind, as BBFs, being successful, (with their Peoples as a People,) each in their own way.

...what is clear is that Cyprus is not "Greek", it is not "Turkish" either, as these few will have you believe. It is an ethnosphere. This is something to think about because, even at a faster rate, compared to our ecosphere, our diversity, ethnically as people, globally, not just in Cyprus, is headed toward its complete destruction, without attention, or stewardship, also headed for extinction.

"Tomorrow" has been for most of my life, and for these people who demonstrate, a sorrow. And it has been not easy, as a Cypriot, at times to face such seemingly hopeless efforts, every day, with the joy that a loving heart contains toward a world that has so much to offer. Millennia Cypriots have remained, let's not forget.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bicommunal demo on Friday to call for reunification


Indeed, beside the "Greeks" and the "Turks" there is the other half who call themselves, Cypriot.

Deny this as they will, this fact remains, while "they" may have there own candidates, after decades there remains enough of the Cypriot electorate to produce results that do not reflect "their" needs.

I recall the Occupy Movement, where in the Buffer Zone, thousands of Flags, the Flag of Cyprus, were hung, from children across the island, so that they too could demonstrate their solidarity: Cyprus is Cyprus; "We" are Human.

...more than the last election, this one if Akinci wins, will not be a referendum on Cyprus, but a clear demonstration that there exists a Cypriot voice not just Turkish but against "Turkishness".

I wish the demonstrators luck. Flags in Cyprus seem to draw so many extremes; i remember Solomou. And i remember Koray Basogrultmacı and Cinel Senem Husseyin, too. My Hopes are with them.

Black Sea, Turkey's ambitions, and Russia


...i have thought up many scenarios where Turkey would close the Bosporus; yet in all of them they resulted with a Russian advantage over the West, (and in some cases Russia an ally), always as a result of (caused by) his actions in the Eastern Med. ((and Syria) and with all the rest of his neighbours), having isolated himself in these arenas quite explicitly to "defend" Turkey's Sovereignty.

Here it is, spelled out in this article: another "friend" (Russia) and neighbour who can easily become an adversary over something ''new'' as an issue., in my mind, the picture of "Blue Turkey" is complete; it includes, not just supremacy of the Eastern Med. and the Aegean, but the Black Sea as well. is notable i guess, i found it odd at least, that Erdogan made it a point to be very clear, that he completely supports the Ukraine against Russia on the issue of the Crimea, to the Press, when answering questions at the White House last week. And that having purchased Russian military hardware recently, (the reason for him having shot down just such hardware not so recently remaining unclear,) it does not prevent him for his incursions, in his mind to continue to buy from the West such hardware as well. It reminds me of de Gaulle, as the Leader of France, who, at the time, pointed his (French made) nuclear weapons at everyone. While in this case, it was strictly a question of non-alignment, and not Imperialistic in its nature.

Indeed, out goes the Treaty of Lausanne, should he prevail (because "we" remain disunited) not a pretty picture (for those of us not "Turkish") i'm guessing .

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Graffiti in the south speaks volumes


...i don't suppose that "Turks" glorify their pursuits with the same efforts?

In any case it is Cypriots that are ignored in this melee, they are the ones left uncomfortable and challenged, not "Greeks" and not "Turks".

Indeed, let's not forget who did the killing, who were their victims, who are left with the Problem.

...i ask who treats the Flag of Cyprus as a rag? It is not Greeks and Turks, it is "Greeks" and "Turks".

This is something to think about.

If Cypriots want Peace, they may come to realise that "They" are no different to each other, not Cypriot; anathema to the will of these People they can, very powerfully, standing under what is their Flag, the Flag of Cyprus, by representing themselves as Cypriots,Turkish and Greek, expose "Them".

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Our View: President recreating toxic climate he once fell victim to


..indeed, the debate has moved beyond the "Greeks", and the "Turks", what they think.

Cypriots are coming to realise that ''they'' are both the same, when it comes to their intentions for Cypriots. AKEL now leads in this change, having elected a Turkish Cypriot as a MEP. We will see in the next Presidential elections if they can field a candidate that appeals to all Cypriots, whether they are Greek or Turkish.

Disy would be wise to consider what potential there is toward such a unity, of all Cypriots, too. What with the elections in the occupied territories for their Leader coming sooner than that, Akinci and his party (based on Principals) may, for them, also, make a good fit.

...Akinci ahead at the polls.


Lordo, this regime is not capable of collecting electricity bills, it can't stop shit from flowing into Kyrenia harbour, it can't maintain let alone supply drinking water to its citizens; both regimes, in Cyprus, can be accused of corruption, but with the "help" of so much more powerful Turkey, the most that can be said about the regime in the occupied north is, it makes "Turks" rich.

...for the rest of you (read: us), those not "Turkish", there is the same subjugation as other Cypriots; think about it. Akinci is not a good "Turk" according to "Turks", because of his ambiguous position. If he is to to have a Legacy having any credibility, this necessarily must change. If there is someone in a position to speak of a Cyprus for Cypriots, Greek and Turkish, an open and inclusive society which can offer to all its Persons the same recognition and respect, it is him. He will do more than expose himself to the criticism of those who will call him a traitor, he will have the support of all Cypriots representing them, not ''them''.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Top Re: ...Akinci ahead at the polls.


...can he wear two hats, he ridicules Anastasiades for doing so? And what is a Cypriot, a Cypriot of Turkish origins, when they are divided as well?

One thing is clear, it is the people, the silent majority if you will, who continue to support representation for Cypriots (re)united through their votes. These people, which constitute a People, are neither "Greek", or for "Turkishness", they are what has survived the subjugation of such imperialism over millennia. And they continue to represent themselves as a loving and inclusive people despite the unnatural dysfunctions imposed on them by "others", now.

...if Akinci can demonstrate his ''Cypriotness'', he will have the winning support of his electorate (again), especially if all the candidates that run against him are "Turkish". More importantly, if in doing so he gains the support of Greek speaking Cypriots, he will have the confidence he needs to drive reform favourably, from an allophone's perspective (read: not Greek), in Cyprus.

The allusion of Statehood is false; as it is Cypriots, and the Republic exists. The so called "TRNC" is a regime that is more of a civilian arm of the Turkish Army, than the representative of Cypriots Turcophone in origin, a distinct society, a Cypriot Nation within a Cypriot State. All of that can be made clear by Akinci, if he dares, (with or without Anastasiades by his side,) it is as simple as marching under his Flag, which is and should be the Flag of Cyprus.

Cyprus does not need a ''new'' Cyprus, it needs Constitutional reform. I see no reason why the Greek Constituency cannot fill their seats in the Communal Chamber, or that the Turkish Constituency cannot fill their seats in the Legislature, but fear. Indeed it is intentions that count, and it is an Agenda being held for decades by "Greeks" and "Turks", which must be wrested from them.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Turks open to peace on Cyprus


...indeed, whether Turkish or Greek, Cypriots have the same desire for unity, as Individuals defending the Universal Principals all Humans have come to understand as Freedom, to "be" Cypriot. Witness the recent poll in the occupied territories which demonstrates their flexibility toward having a Guarantor, other than Turkey.

...indeed, "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus are also quite similar, given their intolerance toward each other, and toward Cypriots, who in affect they have been denying from them this existence, for decades.

...indeed, Turkey cannot afford a Cyprus divided for "Turkishness" and those not "Turkish", it seems, because as it is, it is Turkey that is being torn apart, by it, and for the same reasons, now. Perhaps a "new" Turkey should include Turkish Constituencies in its Constitutional reform, a BBF, as it has been suggested in Cyprus, with its own Cypriot Constituencies, and a Central Government. Persons, like Greek Cypriots and Turks, Turkish Cypriots, Kurds and the Alevi, all represent Liberty, (where as 'majorities', having at another level of government self-representation  they demonstrate goodwill toward the 'minorities' that live among them), when they can agree that despite their identities as Nations they can respect and trust each other within a State that represents them all, and each one of them, as equals, in every way, without any further distinction, or discrimination.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Far Right Is Winning the Global Battle for Hearts and Minds


Interesting article; enjoyed how so many different levels of social-exchange were introduced into the argument.

...Cyprus comes to mind; where the Problem seems at an impasse, where the "Right" (read: "Greek") confronts the "Right" (read: Turkish"). "Being" Cypriot is very difficult therefore, because as an Identity, it is dismissed as non existent, or met with open hostility by those who see themselves as, not "Turkish", or not "Greek", if you will.

...indeed it is a complex issue, let's call it imperialistic tribalism; Lest we Forget: especially where it is now imperative that real enemies like disease and famine are defeated, (we should not be fighting each other), failing which no one will survive.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Re: The war against Syria (2)


...I must say, this has caused quite a controversy among "Turks", not just in Cyprus, but in Turkey.

Indeed, Akinci (n.b. not Eroglu) won his Presidency with a clear majority, and this electorate still exists, (silent).

Essentially if such a comment, a wish for Peace and reason, (a reaction to the criticisms he received for remaining silent,) causes such a stir in Turkey, and in the occupied territories in Cyprus, it proves my point, he holds a massive amount of power in his grasp, if, at one point he speaks, not for "Turkishness", but against it, not for "Turkish Cypriots", but for who elected him as a Cypriot, Cypriots who are Turkish. is not hard to say, (all) Cypriots condemn this operation for its violence; this is true.

It is not hard to see that Turkey, at least Erdogan's Turkey, demonstrates no tolerance for diversity among Turks, or of the Turkish People (witness the Kurds at present, witness the Alevi and their relation with the State, witness the state of other constituencies in Turkey like the Greeks and Armenians).

Those not "Turkish", are, the adversary in effect/affect.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Eni will not drill off Cyprus if warships in the area


...while ENI may be struggling with this venture, it is not hard to understand the company's position. They are in the business of oil, generally speaking, (to their shareholders,) for profit.

Turkey, at least Erdogan's Turkey, is not.

It is the Treaty of Lausanne, let's not forget, that he has "tossed out a window"; it is not the oil and gas, but total supremacy of this sea, and the Aegean he seeks. Being the region's largest country, "with the longest coastline", seems to justify in his mind its "equity". "International Law" as he defines it, what is "legal", returns to a time before this Treaty, never mind UNCLOS which he does not recognise, or respect. Witness in Syria, what he is doing: an invasion, an intention to change the demographics of a "safe zone" unilaterally. It will not surprise me when this too is linked to the Problem, as has been oil and gaz exploration, to satisfy Erdogan's expansionistic goals. any case, Turkey has demonstrated that it will act militarily for its ambitions, and in affect he (Erdogan) has challenged the rest of us not "Turkish" to challenge him. Indeed, Mr. Trump has given him the "green light" to move ahead and solve these problems, (in a very 'man-to-man' kind of way,) and, this is his expectation when on November 13 they meet at the White House.

One has to wonder, in the grander scheme of things, if it is not better to negotiate as equals, if as adversaries each is equally interested in a solution. The East Med. Gas Forum, comes to mind. Its success with the Tripartite Agreements that led to its foundation can easily be extended to include: Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, and Turkey, Cyprus, Greece; it seems a natural progression, if the intention is a natural hegemony of the region, in competition (and cooperation,) with other regions internationally, also organised accordingly.

......goodwill on Turkey's part would be demonstrated, if ENI drills according to schedule; time will tell.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Re: The war against Syria


...sadly Turkish warplanes are bombing north east Syria at this very moment. It appears that the ''no-fly zone''' is only something that America is considering.

Erdogan attacks at his Iraqi border too, to secure the escape route, and supply of its adversaries (whoever they are).

...the risk is that Erdogan will reach out to Russia for help, toward 'policing' Syria; not just the "corridor", but the land in Syria it adjoins. In such a situation, American values, and interests will be excluded, provided that their alliance can maintain the appearance of protecting Syrians universally. ridiculous as it seems, i am still convinced that this conflict, like those in the Aegean, will be linked to the Cyprus Problem. Let's not forget, Erdogan rejects the Treaty of Lausanne. In affect, all of Turkey's Foreign Policy revolves around a ''new'' Turkey, beyond this Treaty.

He seems to be steadfast in this regard, ready to fight, for "Turkishness", he is just as ready to negotiate for Turkey. This is hopeful, if as it is one can have confidence in Humanity, if there is unity among "them", those not "Turkish", toward their Principal(s). such, a Cypriot identity is not anathema to Turkey, and Erdogan's designs. It must have a value though, an equal to the identity of the Turkish State, the Problem ended with the "perfect" solution, (one that can be emulated), is and has always been the goal.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Donald Trump Has Announced a U.S. Withdrawal From Northeastern Syria

. effect Trump has placed himself in the very middle of Syrian affairs with his tweet, giving Turkey's Erdogan the 'green light' to go it alone, in Syria.

This is personal, a phone call and an agreement, as Men.

While Trump's act is shocking, it is meant to be; he has Turkey cornered. Thousands of lives are in the balance (if not millions), one hopes in the grander scheme of things Erdogan will deliver Peace, to the Eastern Mediterranean, (and the Aegean), all his neighbours, with which at present there is only his disruptions of the balance of power as they are. And if not, America, with its power, alone, can defeat him.

This will weigh on him, Erdogan, at present has an invitation to the White House, but the truth is, he must deliver to Trump his tribute, by making him look good, and by doing 'good'  not just as a Leader, but a Statesman. is the Treaty of Lausanne, that has been "tossed out a window" let's not forget.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Re: Cyprus Independence Day


...indeed, among us on this Forum, and in Cyprus, we can witness the difference between "Greeks" and Greeks, "Turks" and Turks. Those who see the rest of the world as "others", and those that see a world as one. Indeed, Greeks and Turks are the same, just as "Greeks" and "Turks".

This is the Problem. While it is true that the Agenda for Peace revolves around the adversarial positions of "Greek" and "Turkish" identities, it, as a debate remains at an impasse because, in affect Cypriots remain unrepresented as Cypriots, as Cypriots, having their voice; as though a Cypriot's existence is not relevant, as though Cypriots will exist as a result of "their" resolutions.

...but i am hopeful. Despite the unnatural division, despite the plunder in the territories illegally occupied, despite the decades, as is said, not much has changed. Cypriots exist despite the subjugation, despite the hate, they remain a loving People.

...really nice photo, worth a thousand words.

thanks, Cap.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Erdogan: Turkey to stand firm against monopolisation of Cyprus’ wealth


..what of the Treaty of Lausanne? While Erdogan has "tossed it out a window", as he has said, what are his motives? Indeed, looking at the maps he considers, it is total supremacy of this sea, (and a share of the Aegean, as well).

...monopolisation of Cyprus' wealth? Look to the greed and the ignorance which has made "Turkishness" something quite different to the Turkey found in that treaty. What with so much of Turkey's desires having been linked to Cyprus, the Problem as such may result in Turkey's recognition of a Cypriot People (among other things). Likewise in Turkey, Constitutional reform, where, the Alevi and the Kurds suffering the same anxiety as those in Cyprus not "Turkish", find relief, and, as a Turkish People. After all, the maximalist approach (for "Turkishness") he is taking, is certainly beginning to focus minds, throughout the region (and indeed, the world).

Indeed a comprehensive solution to this region's problems would be welcome. Witness the East Med. Gas Forum. Who would imagine Egypt, and Israel sitting with Palestinians, Greeks, Cypriots, and Jordanians, (among others), in unity, so quickly from its advent, and successfully, (despite Turkish meddling)? In a region which is sorely lacking of it, this is Hope.

Indeed, let's be clear, Erdogan intends to stand firm, for the monopolisation of Cyprus' wealth.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Letter to the Editor: On Erdogan and Cyprus Unity Talks

. is really up to Mr. Akinci to decide who and what he represents, his voters as Cypriots for Cyprus, or for "Turkishness".

He may have the support of all Cypriots, exposing those "Greek", and those "Turkish", isolating them as one in the same, simply by standing under the Flag of Cyprus.

Let us not forget that Turkey too is torn, now, between its "Turks", and those who are Turkish. The problem may be described as the Cyprus Problem, but it is not isolated to Cyprus alone. Thus, it falls upon Mr. Akinci, the Hope to those he may betray, to demonstrate the qualities of a Statesmen, defending Universal Principals, and the Rule of Law. Let him remember that a Cyprus divided, leads to no Peace, and a Turkey divided just as dysfunctional.

...what is wrong with a Greek Constituency, if there is a Republic as well; most certainly a Turkish Constituency  (and others) could exist if it was the case. What of enclaves, are they a dirty word if they were scattered across the whole island, even if the Green Line were to remain little unchanged? Indeed, Cyprus as an ethnos makes far more sense than it torn in two. It is the intentions which count, as a Cypriot People. thinking is needed. And respect and recognition, to the Cypriots who had their lives stolen, one way or another, for "being", not "Greek" and not "Turkish". One hopes that Greece and Turkey, (Great Britain as well), can see the value in Justice seen, that honors those who were murdered and made to disappear.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

New cross-party political initiative says there is still hope for a federal solution


...the flag, the Flag of Cyprus, who treats it like a rag? This, the "them", my hope they will expose.

I am looking forward to seeing Cypriots unabashed, flying this flag high across the whole island; it is "legal" in the occupied territories, (peacefully,) don't you know. Indeed if the elite both "Turkish" and "Greek" cannot look out their windows without seeing this flag, they too may change their intentions.

Since the EU elections, this, such a Party, is a logical step forward toward the fateful day where people Turkish and Greek, gather as a People under their Flag. Let us, those of us who are Cypriots, never forget that despite the existence of "Turkishness", and "Greekness", in Cyprus dividing us unnaturally for decades, Cypriots exist and remain, representing at least half the population, even counted apart as electorates. And, "This" must stop.

Cypriots, and Cyprus, have more to offer each other, the Eastern Med., and the world, as such. Turkey cannot refuse Cypriots united, as Cypriots. A Cyprus divided only invites a Turkey divided. One might even say that Turkey has been steadfast and patient in waiting for this eventuality as an outcome, a model worthy of esteem and emulation, an end to its own Problem, (as a State having Constituencies,) with a "perfect" solution to the Cyprus Problem, by Cypriots, as Cypriots; Cypriots no longer recognised as an adversary (to be) denied an existence, a worthy ally, (small as it is,) respected as a State, as an equal among equals.

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

The Cyprus Issue And Natural Gas In The Eastern Mediterranean – Analysis


...enjoyed reading this analysis.

...i would like to remind the readers, though, that it is not just UNCLOS which Erdogan's Turkey ignores. As he has said himself about the Treaty of Lausanne, that it is gone as far as he is concerned, "tossed out a window".

Indeed, oil and gas seem to be a locus for hostile acts, but it is not the real issue. It is total supremacy of the sea, this sea and the Aegean, Erdogan in his demands, seeks. As in Syria, Iraq, and Iran (let's not forget Libya, and Sudan), he demonstrates the same desire to represent "Turkishness" as an expanding power Imperialistically, (in affect regressing to an Ottoman past,) out to disrupt in effect (from his point of view) the terms which created a modern Turkey, and the Modern world.

Cyprus small and seemingly insignificant as it is, has, as allies all its neighbours, but Turkey. The success of the East Med.Gas Forum is evidence of this. Its Hope, small as it is, in a region with very little but bitter rancor is worth noting. Turkey is (and always has been) welcome to join them as an equal among equals, she has chosen to isolate herself instead.

Yet, a small change in intentions on Erdogan's part, by recognising all Cypriots as Cypriots first, may end the division of those "Turkish", and those not "Turkish", not just in Cyprus, ending the Problem, but in Turkey itself, divided, now, more than ever for the same reason.

...without the existence of Cyprus, "Turkishness" wins (over Universal Principals and the Rule of Law). With Cyprus, (modern) Turkey (and the rest of the world) has an ally.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The flag, the right wing, and partition (2)


...there is no apology that can be made to excuse the extremists among us. A Flag, sometimes, is not just a flag.

Indeed sports, youth, are being exploited for "National" causes.

Pride in ethnicity, a willingness to promote it, is not anathema to respect for "others" with the same feelings; yes, it is complicated.

Those who place their ''Greekness'', or their ''Turkishness'' before the responsibility we have toward each other as Cypriots, (and as Human beings,) only serve to assure there is neither the Liberty 'they' seek, and the Freedom 'we' seek. This is the Problem.

Cypriots, Greek and Turkish, my hope will fly their Flag, the Flag of Cyprus, with as much Pride, as do the "Greeks" and "Turks" who live among us. This too, is the Problem.

Monday, August 26, 2019

The flag, the right wing, and partition


...even the regime in the occupied territories admits, that it is "legal" to fly (peacefully) the Flag of Cyprus, anywhere on the island; for Cypriots at least, those not "Greek", or "Turkish", this is something to think about.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Erdogan: there will be no gas without our involvement


It is Erdogan who declares that the Treaty of Lausanne, tossed out a window, is gone. It is Erdogan who finds himself the adversary of all his neighbours. It is Erdogan who by his claims and actions in this case, seeks to disrupt the balance of power, and in his maximalist demands seeks total supremacy of the Eastern Mediterranean, (and the Aegean). is not the oil or gas, per se.

But, i am hopeful because, with all the problems converging, linking them to the Problem, as Erdogan has done, it is possible for Peace in the region as a whole to find a comprehensive solution, with Turkey's recognition that Cyprus and Cypriots exist.

...if not for "Turkishness" (for which he is preparing to go to war), for Turkey, he may negotiate.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Re: Cypriotism (Cypriot Nationalism)


...while i can recount many "Greeks" not unlike "Turks", i won't.

And while i do not have the opportunity to see with my own eyes, there are in my family those who deeply love me and agree with me.

(...that is not to say that, in that regard, my family is undivided)

There is a big difference between Cypriots, and those who deny Cypriots exist.

...indeed, i am a stranger in Cyprus now. I would not recognise the city streets that were not there. But the people, i imagine are the same.

Cypriots, Greeks, "Greeks", and Turks i'd expect to meet, along with Brits, Russians, and Lebanese, who are my friends, much older perhaps, but people who have the same passion for their families, and the community that surrounds them, as loving individuals.

..."we", re B25 know the enemy is hate filled, but it is not a reason to despair.

While it is wise, and prudent, to prepare for War, because it (read: a "Turkish" enemy) really does loom near, and, at our very doorstep, let's remember that Love is an infinite power, that to "be" loving is a Cypriot way.

The reality is, that despite great efforts after decades, Cypriots still represent about half the voting public no matter how it has been divided. The reality is that Cypriots did not vote for Eroglu. The reality is that Cypriots now have a Turkish Cypriot representing them in the EU despite a great deal of resistance. I am guessing that this movement will grow because our elite will have no choice but to change themselves to this changing environment. And let's not forget the Occupy Movement, how quickly it grew, and in Cyprus what was expressed by Cypriot youth.

...i am still Hopeful.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Equal but side by side in a future Cyprus


In Quebec, like in Switzerland's cantons, citizens do not deny they are Canadians or Swiss.

...and America perhaps the most successful of BBFs, Hispanic, English, Black, White, New Yorker, Californian, gay, straight, Muslim, Atheist, or Christian, (all Persons,) who denies (as Individuals) they are American first?

Cyprus, and Cypriots (still) exist. Let's never forget the victims of "Greekness" and "Turkishness" because they were never really busy killing each other (this is the Problem), but, Cypriots; those not "them".

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Re: extracting resources


...ultimately Greece must come to an Agreement with Turkey, and Turkey expects the terms of the Treaty of Lausanne to change.

...comprehensively, a new balance of power can be worked out; what with the disruptions to it she has made, brinkmanship or not, it has moved the players to react. And as such, there exists, on this subject, the East Med Gas Forum, where a chair is waiting for Turkey (and Syria (and Lebanon)), as well. And where the work is well under way for a regional hegemony, with or without Turkey. is not hard to imagine that Turkey may recognise Cyprus as Cyprus, if as 'Greeks'', and ''Turks'', (internally) a mechanism exists where as, as Constituencies, they may plan to provide toward this venture's profitability, and as Cypriots, appreciate the benefits which they will gain from the success of their work. is not hard to see other Tripartite meetings, for settling the remaining undeclared EEZs: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, for one; Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, for another.

...and if not, we may witness the world collapsing around itself, that he is right, notions like Humanity, or a Family of Man, are frail and meaningless because there is no unity in defending such Principals, among those, in essence, not ''Turkish''.

In effect, to deliver on his promise, for a "new" Turkey, things as they are, in the Aegean, as in the Eastern Med., (and Syria, Iraq, and Iran,), (and Russia,) in his mind, cannot remain the same. Erdogan may change his position (because it suits his intentions), he may recognise Cyprus, but, his goal at the moment, is to open all the doors toward total supremacy because, it seems no one may oppose him, alone.

...many conditions favour a diplomatic resolution, region-wide, and on the sea (in the spirit of UNCLOS). One way or another, Turkey seeks a presence that reflects its size, and an influence that extends beyond its borders, regionally and world-wide. Certainly, he is preparing for this eventuality, and this capacity. Yet, in the end, Maximalist demands are (will be) reduced to Agreements that suffice; it is no different here.

Such as it is we live in interesting times.

While i am very hopeful, i also know that the best preparations for this eventuality like Erdogan, is to be prepared for War.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The inexplicable pardons that led to events of 74


There is no excuse, that Turkey rules over ''us'', or that "Greeks" wanted to, that Cypriots suffered from this proxy war, or that "Turkey" expects Greeks and Cypriots to accept all the blame, as "Greeks" to suffer accordingly as a consequence, that "Turks" are blameless as though they represent all Turks, that where, Cypriots both Turkish and Greek are silenced in this myth, as though they never existed, their identity stolen in affect, dismissed by this Ignorance.

Our Leadership should know by now that Erdogan's intention for Cypriots, Turkish or Greek, is to leave them impotent, never at Peace, against each other exhausted from their preparations for War. And, there is no pardon for the pleasure murderers enjoy, from this. Regardless, the rest of us who must take the steps beyond, "this".

Who dare to oppose this plight, who is the "us", to overcome this fear and hatred through unity against "their" subjugation, to "be" Individuals; Cypriots, not only Persons? You? Who will join me?

I say a Cyprus divided is a Turkey divided. And, a Cyprus united, gives Hope, to Turks, not "Turks", in Turkey itself, now divided more than ever as Cyprus was divided decades ago, for "Turkishness". While the "Turks" think Cyprus will be changed by their will as their "National" cause unchanging (despite its failure with the Annan Plan, (Annan V was just too far)). It is Cyprus, and Cypriots, that have as much of a chance to change Turkey, now: by changing their intentions; if "this" is stopped. Something to think about. is no wonder that the Cyprus Problem goes on and on. Who holds the Agenda, and who dismisses the fact that Cypriots exist? "They", all of them, can be easily exposed though. "We", those of us not "them", can rally around the Flag of Cyprus, the Flag meant to represent all of us, as Cypriots. Buy Cypriot, make the effort to buy on 'the other side' from Cypriots by supporting each other, and (those who dare to fly this Flag especially, those as open-minded). Join in taking it to the streets, own a Flag of Cyprus, stick a Flag on your car, in support of Cypriots, as Cypriots, direct action (in loving ways), with a willingness to defend each other, (Greek and Turkish, Maronite, Russian and Philippine, Gay or Straight, Old or Young, Monk or Atheist, Businessmen, Doctors, Students, Labourers, Farmers, Mothers, Left and Right: all) with one Flag; who would be against such efforts? "Greeks", and "Turks" really need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to admit that their hands are covered in blood, not of each other, but those not "them"; Cypriots or those for Cyprus, most of their victims?

If a "Turk" or a "Greek' could not look out their window without seeing a Flag of Cyprus, Cyprus would become a different place. Also something to think about.

...who treats the Flag of Cyprus as a rag, i ask?

...good read, lot's of facts, thank you

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

State Department need not be at odds with itself on Republic of Cyprus policy


...while this discussion is about arms, i would like to remind the readers, that only in Cyprus is there the happy coincidence that Russia and the USA, indeed the whole world except Turkey, agree, that Cyprus should exist, and that Cypriots should have Liberty, and be Free.

Cyprus, where it buys its weapons from should not be a critical element of these efforts, I think. Indeed, Cyprus is a strategic partner quite unique to the USA because of its relationship with Russia and in its location; a tiny island, a population comparatively small, very small: very skilled as facilitators of exchange, the crossroad to three continents.

Normalising relations is overdue, much has changed since the idea of imposing such a sanction seemed to make sense. But, it is Cyprus that is in the line of Turkey's fire with her newly to be acquired S-400s, (it shoots down what Patriots do not,) aimed southward: against "us", those of us not "Turkish". Let's not forget that while Cyprus, its EEZ, and Greece are the source of this attention, it is not Russia which has taken to claiming, everything, on and under this sea as their exclusive domain. And it is not them who expect the rest of the world to "toss out a window", the Treaty of Lausanne. Such a disruption of the balance of power is not supported by Russia either, because without Cyprus, Turkey would have supremacy of the Eastern Mediterranean, and, as a result, it would be, except for Turkey, a far less safer place. Russia, nor Cyprus are the threat in this scenario, but Erdogan's Turkey is.

Cyprus is a country "non-aligned". It is also a part of Europe, and a member of the EU. It in the past few years, despite the Financial crisis it suffered, has demonstrated the capacity to organise and lead. Witness the progress that has evolved into the Eastern Mediterranean Energy Forum. Who could have imagined that in 2.5 short years, Palestinians, sitting as members among the many members, with Israel? In a region with so many problems, this is Hope.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cyprus offshore: Turkey turns up the heat


...the Gas in question is neither "Greek", or "Turkish", it is Cypriot.

If Mr. Akinci is sincere, as a Cypriot, he would consider what Cypriots may gain from the work Turkey has been licensed to execute for them. If he is sincere, with the best interests of Cypriots in mind, he may realise that this exploration does not necessarily have to be linked to the Problem. The good-will, good-faith, trust, and respect he seeks, can be demonstrated.

...while Mr. Erdogan has "tossed out a window", the Treaty of Lausanne, it does not mean that the EU, and the rest of the world will follow. While he seeks supremacy over and under the Eastern Mediterranean, it does not mean that his threats will result in Cyprus becoming his tribute for otherwise keeping the Peace. He intends to point the S-400s he will soon receive from Russia, southward toward Cyprus and the sea. Is Cyprus (along with the rest of the world) the threat he is defending himself from? Something to think about. I ask, is he preparing Turkey for war? Accordingly, those against these ambitions should prepare for this war, indeed. And if Mr. Akinci is sincere, his support for "Turkishness" may cease entirely.

...he will have to decide, soon, as a Cypriot, and Turkish, what Legacy it is he holds most dear, and which one in affect he will necessarily betray, to "be" Turkish Cypriot, or "Cypriot Turk". My hope is he will not forget who voted for him.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Akinci says lifting US arms embargo would affect peace efforts


...indeed, Cyprus represents the biggest threat to the notion of ''Turkishness''; Bigger than the threats from Kurds, Bigger than Turkey's preoccupation with Syria, Iraq, and Iran. It is their "National" concern. It is not the oil and gas, it is not the "Greeks" which need to be brought to bear in Turkey's ambitions, it is the Western world: if "they" submit to threats. Yet, in Cyprus, there remain Turkish Cypriots, who will not be subjugated by this ideal, as "Turks" devoted to Turkey, because they are Cypriots. Thus, they are the first, among many, and the last resistance to this intention, that Turkey rules this sea.

Cyprus is small, it is the cross-road to three Continents.

Who voted for Mr. Akinci; the "Turks"? He should not be so casual about his position as a Cypriot;  being Turkish. While the arms embargo, if it is lifted, only returns Cyprus to a normal position, Turkey has the intention to aim the S-400 missiles she will receive, southward, toward Cyprus and the sea. While lives are lost, if they are used, i ask, to what end? Indeed it is those few, his voters, he ignores, that he sees no worry in that. But for the decades that such Cypriots suffer (as well,) with a "Turkish" Agenda, i would not call them heroes. That they still exist, only reinforces such an identity, Turks, not "Turks"; having a wider identity, Citizens of the World, calling themselves Cypriots.

...isolated, Akinci is. He must decide, silence, or as a Cypriot speak. I ask, what Legacy, speaking as a "Turk"?

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

...something to think about.

...but "Greeks", and "Turks" make up only half of the population of Cyprus; Cypriots, unnaturally divided, despite decades now, still exist. Cypriots, Freedom as Individuals, as Persons Liberty; it is not so hard to understand, Canada comes to mind as a successful BBF, the USA is perhaps the most successful, but not a Mosaic, a Melting Pot. Is there shame being a Canadian, West or East, French, or English? Is there shame being American being Texan, a northerner, or Hawaiian?  

A Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided, those who are working, for "Turkishness" may consider this, in Cyprus, and in Turkey. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Re: eu vote results

. crossed my mind that Disy has been having talks with Akinci's Party. Though they were late for the EU elections, it would not surprise me if such an alliance will be formed, in adapting to AKEL's successful effort to get elected a Turkish Cypriot.

Thus, Turkish Cypriots have become an important electorate to the main stream Parties. The Parties themselves will change, exposing those who cannot. It may even drive the creation of Turkish Cypriot Parties, who will make the same effort to gain support from Greek Cypriots.

...three Capitols seems right for Nicosia, and in buildings adjoining and nearby, it is not hard to imagine such a state. A State and two Constituencies, providing to its electors the services they expect and pay for with taxes, they may economise with a unified bureaucracy. While the EU is at its advent, if it survives, Cypriots will want strong representation within it. A strong central government, in that regard, unitary, or federal, will provide that, as a sum many times greater than its parts. If the Constituencies have parts (as i have suggested having enclaves spotting the island's map pretty much as it is), within their National Assemblies, each Constituency will be a better representation of its diversity as a People, and as a majority demonstrate that they can provide for the special needs of minorities among them, as well.

If Mr. Niyazi draws attention by representing Cypriots well in their affairs, it will be even harder for "Turks" and "Greeks" to justify their toxic relationship. It will be easier for those who are silent (read: silenced) to demonstrate they care for a Cyprus unlike ''this''.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Çavuşoğlu: “We will continue our drilling works in the areas where the TRNC has granted a license”


One Country, one People, many Nations; does that describe Turkey?

...what of the Cypriots? Or is it as it is perceived, by Turkey, an island divided among its "Turks", and those not "Turkish", call them "Greeks".

...while Turkey drills in "disputed" waters, can't Cyprus do the same?

Indeed, Cyprus drills for Cypriots, can Turkey say the same?

...and what of the Treaty of Lausanne, as Erdogan has said, now tossed out the window? While Turkey bristles with her military might, through hostile acts she disrupts the balance of power in the Eastern Mediterranean; how does this end without military conflict and more death? it oil, a fair share, or supremacy of the sea; she (he) wants?

While Turkey does not agree with UNCLOS, it is a template where all the other neighbours are willing to agree, that it is fair in its guidance. Turkey has taken a maximal approach, unlike a State recognising itself an equal among equals.

Turkey is divided, now, more than ever. "Turkishness" has torn Cyprus in two for decades; it tears today at Turkey's social fabric. Hope is needed. The tarnish that covers Turkey's affairs can be removed with a small change in intention, to much international esteem, hope for Turks (not "Turks") in Turkey, hope for the world with this Problem's end, if Cyprus is freed from its subjugation, its occupation, and that the work that Cyprus has done to bring these neighbours together is recognised.

There is a chair waiting for Turkey at the Forum, and chairs waiting to be filled if Turkey dares to join in Tripartite meetings with, Cyprus/Greece, and Cyprus/Syria, as well.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Daughter of Disy founder defends Akel Turkish Cypriot candidate


...thank-you, Mdme. Clerides,

...Disy has been caught flatfooted in these elections, instead they demonstrate themselves, less as Cypriots. And as Greeks more like the "Turks", who see their vital role in blindly defending "Greekness". thinking is needed, not old tricks. If Disy is to lead the right in Cyprus, they must demonstrate their capacity to do more than appease the extremists in their voter base. In effect if this party is to survive as a representative of Cypriots, it must awaken the courage to expose themselves to criticism from "Greeks", because as Cypriots, "Greeks" are exposed to criticism based on their Principals, too, The debate will only make it clearer; beside the "Greeks" and the "Turks": Cypriots exist opposed to this thinking.

...i ask, who treats the Flag of Cyprus, as a rag?

...indeed Disy should be out there campaigning, covering Cyprus as a whole, just like AKEL. They should be in effect preparing for the next elections in Cyprus, finding candidates that appeal to all Cypriots, more importantly perhaps, finding a Presidential candidate that all Cypriots would support.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Turkey's Mediterranean Drilling Campaign Draws Criticism

. is a rare moment when America and Russia find themselves on the same page, something to think about, never mind along with the EU, (and its individual members), Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel. And, there is a chair for Turkey, waiting, at the Tripartite meetings, that have taken place, and that are yet to take place, (Syria-Cyprus-Turkey, Cyprus-Turkey-Greece, e.g). But it requires from Erdogan a change in Intentions; he would rather, without Cyprus, have supremacy of the sea, (because he thinks he can), than be an equal among equals.

...I am hopeful because so much progress has gone so far in such a short time, among what are normally hostile adversaries, in such a cooperative spirit, 'but one'. While in the greater scheme of things it represents something small, not much else provides more Hope in this region.

...consider, what Erdogan claims, having tossed the Treaty of Lausanne "out the window", as he said: what is Turkey's "Continental Shelf"; it extends from Italian shores to its neighbour Syria in the east. Cyprus, an island on this shelf may have territorial waters but no "EEZ", southward thus, only Libya, and Egypt may lay claims. Greece too may make claim beyond this shelf; but in the Aegean such as it is, that too is open for change. Indeed, he expects the unity that is shown (now, and for almost a century,) will fall apart, that the Agreements, already made, will be betrayed. In any case, if he can delay exploration work, he is a step ahead in his desire to disrupt the balance of power as it is. This, is more of that. I fear he will go too far.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

UK watching developments in the region with concern


it seems as though Turkey is painting herself in a corner. It may be that Erdogan will go too far. effect, it is Turkey's supremacy of this sea that concerns so many.

Linking the Cyprus Problem to the oil wealth in Cyprus' EEZ, and the escalation of offensive actions for it, will drive those concerned against Turkey's position, to act in even greater unity on this subject: particularly the Freedom of Cyprus, and their Naval presence in these waters toward countering this risk.

...there is an empty chair already waiting for Turkey, at the Tripartite meetings. With a small change of intentions, for Turks, rather than "Turkishness", Erdogan may demonstrate that he recognises this existence, that Cypriots, like Turks, cannot be divided as "Turks" and "others".

His "sweet isolation", like all things, one way or another will end, too. hopes being a man of God, he sees the Unity in Love's infinite power, the way, to suffer, Peace.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Akıncı evaluates Guterres Report


I would like so much, to understand who is Mr. Akinci. I remember his election, it was more a referendum, given Mr. Eroglu's position and his. Now he seems isolated, and those who voted for him accordingly.

The question remains, is he a "Turk", or Turkish? Is he Cypriot? And now, what is his plan 'b'? My hope is that he has the courage to remember that, those "Greek" and "Turkish" are no different, that Cypriots voted for him, and that as a Leader he can choose to no longer remain silent, for "Turkishness", as is expected of him.

...a better Statesman, i think, in Mr. Akinci's position would challenge the status quo with new ideas. He would challenge us, as Cypriots. He would accept that Cyprus, and these People exist, and while he supports and leads a Turkish Constituency where as Persons they seek to promote this distinct identity, they are mindful that as a majority, with an Agenda, it includes the recognition and respect of the special needs of minorities living among them. He can demonstrate as a Cypriot a willingness to make change, as Persons, being better Individuals.

If Mr. Akinci is a Cypriot, not "Greek", not "Turkish", but as an Individual, a Citizen of this State, i beg him to stand behind this Flag, when calling for its Constitutional reform.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Akinci lashes out at ‘aggressive’ Anastasiades


...what does Mr. Akinci not get? It is simple. If he wants to reform the Constitution he can demonstrate that he is a Cypriot.

...i am left, from the day he was elected, wondering, who he has become.

Who can deny that Cypriots voted for him, and yet, since that day (and that angry phonecall), it is for "Turkishness" he speaks exclusively.

Who can forget his ridicule of Mr. Anastasiades for wearing ''two hats''. And while Mr. Anastasiades defends all Cypriots as Individuals, and as Persons he, in the negotiations also represents the island's Grecophones, Where has Mr. Akinci represented himself to Cypriots, a Cypriot, and as such, Mr. Anastasiades' equal, to Cypriots?

He is at this moment, a servant-slave, a parasite, in Erdogan's mind. He must choose. he Turkish, or, a "Turk"?

He can stand beside the Flag of Cyprus. He can say for once that "Turkishness", that which has divided Cyprus for decades, is no better than the "Greekness" he abhors. Cypriots are not "Greeks", and they are not "Turks". One thing is clear, both treat this Flag equally as a rag. And if he continues with his "mentality", who is he betraying?

...i ask Mr. Akinci to remember, i ask all of us to remember, that while the "Greeks" and "Turks" were busy on their killing spree, who is it that they murdered, and made to disappear? "Greeks"? "Turks"? Each other? No, not them, but Cypriots, for "being" Cypriots; this is something to think about.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Bicommunal support for Nobel nomination for TC journalist


...indeed, beside the "Greeks" and the "Turks", there are Greeks and Turks like this woman, who call themselves Cypriot. Indeed she is a real Hero, fighting Ignorance, the ignorance which keeps us apart.

...i am grateful to Mdme. Uludag, For those of us who are Cypriots, who believe in reason, in Universal Principals, a Family of Man, she gives hope that such notions remain uncompromised by a world weary of the Problem; what constitutes a People, as Individuals and as Persons.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Turkey disgruntled by US support for Greece, Cyprus, Israel summit


Turkey may have an air force, but the pilots who flew until recently are (mostly) all in jail. She has a military industrial complex that builds ships and submarines, but like the drill ships she has put out to sea, they remain manned by crews of very little experience.

...Erdogan may have dreams for Turkey he can justify; and he has demonstrated his capacity to move quickly on many grand schemes. I ask, will he go too far? Having in affect isolated himself from the rest of the world, "Turkishness" has taken a value, greater than the Universal qualities that bind us, "Turkish" and not "Turkish", alike. What with an Ottoman past, and an intention to end the Kemalist intervention on the State of Turkey for his own, he has high ambitions.

...i would like to see many more tables, like Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus, one with Syria, Cyprus, and Turkey, seems just as likely to produce the favorable results that so far have been demonstrated, with all the Tripartite meetings.

...what seems apparent is that Turkey seeks, by ignoring Cyprus' Sovereignty, (and the Treaty of Lausanne), supremacy over and under a span of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea which includes anything east of Italian shores, between Libya, and Egypt southward, west of the shores of Lebanon and Syria: "her" Continental Shelf;
(lol) Greece is next indeed.

Turkey may survive Erdogan, he may surprise us all with a small change in intentions, this "but one", meriting the rest of the world's esteem; Cyprus is not small in that regard. And in that regard, being Turkey's National Issue, only a (re)united Cyprus provides Hope to the People of Turkey, now divided by "Turkishness", as were the Cypriots.