Thursday, May 16, 2019

Çavuşoğlu: “We will continue our drilling works in the areas where the TRNC has granted a license”


One Country, one People, many Nations; does that describe Turkey?

...what of the Cypriots? Or is it as it is perceived, by Turkey, an island divided among its "Turks", and those not "Turkish", call them "Greeks".

...while Turkey drills in "disputed" waters, can't Cyprus do the same?

Indeed, Cyprus drills for Cypriots, can Turkey say the same?

...and what of the Treaty of Lausanne, as Erdogan has said, now tossed out the window? While Turkey bristles with her military might, through hostile acts she disrupts the balance of power in the Eastern Mediterranean; how does this end without military conflict and more death? it oil, a fair share, or supremacy of the sea; she (he) wants?

While Turkey does not agree with UNCLOS, it is a template where all the other neighbours are willing to agree, that it is fair in its guidance. Turkey has taken a maximal approach, unlike a State recognising itself an equal among equals.

Turkey is divided, now, more than ever. "Turkishness" has torn Cyprus in two for decades; it tears today at Turkey's social fabric. Hope is needed. The tarnish that covers Turkey's affairs can be removed with a small change in intention, to much international esteem, hope for Turks (not "Turks") in Turkey, hope for the world with this Problem's end, if Cyprus is freed from its subjugation, its occupation, and that the work that Cyprus has done to bring these neighbours together is recognised.

There is a chair waiting for Turkey at the Forum, and chairs waiting to be filled if Turkey dares to join in Tripartite meetings with, Cyprus/Greece, and Cyprus/Syria, as well.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Daughter of Disy founder defends Akel Turkish Cypriot candidate


...thank-you, Mdme. Clerides,

...Disy has been caught flatfooted in these elections, instead they demonstrate themselves, less as Cypriots. And as Greeks more like the "Turks", who see their vital role in blindly defending "Greekness". thinking is needed, not old tricks. If Disy is to lead the right in Cyprus, they must demonstrate their capacity to do more than appease the extremists in their voter base. In effect if this party is to survive as a representative of Cypriots, it must awaken the courage to expose themselves to criticism from "Greeks", because as Cypriots, "Greeks" are exposed to criticism based on their Principals, too, The debate will only make it clearer; beside the "Greeks" and the "Turks": Cypriots exist opposed to this thinking.

...i ask, who treats the Flag of Cyprus, as a rag?

...indeed Disy should be out there campaigning, covering Cyprus as a whole, just like AKEL. They should be in effect preparing for the next elections in Cyprus, finding candidates that appeal to all Cypriots, more importantly perhaps, finding a Presidential candidate that all Cypriots would support.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Turkey's Mediterranean Drilling Campaign Draws Criticism

. is a rare moment when America and Russia find themselves on the same page, something to think about, never mind along with the EU, (and its individual members), Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel. And, there is a chair for Turkey, waiting, at the Tripartite meetings, that have taken place, and that are yet to take place, (Syria-Cyprus-Turkey, Cyprus-Turkey-Greece, e.g). But it requires from Erdogan a change in Intentions; he would rather, without Cyprus, have supremacy of the sea, (because he thinks he can), than be an equal among equals.

...I am hopeful because so much progress has gone so far in such a short time, among what are normally hostile adversaries, in such a cooperative spirit, 'but one'. While in the greater scheme of things it represents something small, not much else provides more Hope in this region.

...consider, what Erdogan claims, having tossed the Treaty of Lausanne "out the window", as he said: what is Turkey's "Continental Shelf"; it extends from Italian shores to its neighbour Syria in the east. Cyprus, an island on this shelf may have territorial waters but no "EEZ", southward thus, only Libya, and Egypt may lay claims. Greece too may make claim beyond this shelf; but in the Aegean such as it is, that too is open for change. Indeed, he expects the unity that is shown (now, and for almost a century,) will fall apart, that the Agreements, already made, will be betrayed. In any case, if he can delay exploration work, he is a step ahead in his desire to disrupt the balance of power as it is. This, is more of that. I fear he will go too far.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

UK watching developments in the region with concern


it seems as though Turkey is painting herself in a corner. It may be that Erdogan will go too far. effect, it is Turkey's supremacy of this sea that concerns so many.

Linking the Cyprus Problem to the oil wealth in Cyprus' EEZ, and the escalation of offensive actions for it, will drive those concerned against Turkey's position, to act in even greater unity on this subject: particularly the Freedom of Cyprus, and their Naval presence in these waters toward countering this risk.

...there is an empty chair already waiting for Turkey, at the Tripartite meetings. With a small change of intentions, for Turks, rather than "Turkishness", Erdogan may demonstrate that he recognises this existence, that Cypriots, like Turks, cannot be divided as "Turks" and "others".

His "sweet isolation", like all things, one way or another will end, too. hopes being a man of God, he sees the Unity in Love's infinite power, the way, to suffer, Peace.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Akıncı evaluates Guterres Report


I would like so much, to understand who is Mr. Akinci. I remember his election, it was more a referendum, given Mr. Eroglu's position and his. Now he seems isolated, and those who voted for him accordingly.

The question remains, is he a "Turk", or Turkish? Is he Cypriot? And now, what is his plan 'b'? My hope is that he has the courage to remember that, those "Greek" and "Turkish" are no different, that Cypriots voted for him, and that as a Leader he can choose to no longer remain silent, for "Turkishness", as is expected of him.

...a better Statesman, i think, in Mr. Akinci's position would challenge the status quo with new ideas. He would challenge us, as Cypriots. He would accept that Cyprus, and these People exist, and while he supports and leads a Turkish Constituency where as Persons they seek to promote this distinct identity, they are mindful that as a majority, with an Agenda, it includes the recognition and respect of the special needs of minorities living among them. He can demonstrate as a Cypriot a willingness to make change, as Persons, being better Individuals.

If Mr. Akinci is a Cypriot, not "Greek", not "Turkish", but as an Individual, a Citizen of this State, i beg him to stand behind this Flag, when calling for its Constitutional reform.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Akinci lashes out at ‘aggressive’ Anastasiades


...what does Mr. Akinci not get? It is simple. If he wants to reform the Constitution he can demonstrate that he is a Cypriot.

...i am left, from the day he was elected, wondering, who he has become.

Who can deny that Cypriots voted for him, and yet, since that day (and that angry phonecall), it is for "Turkishness" he speaks exclusively.

Who can forget his ridicule of Mr. Anastasiades for wearing ''two hats''. And while Mr. Anastasiades defends all Cypriots as Individuals, and as Persons he, in the negotiations also represents the island's Grecophones, Where has Mr. Akinci represented himself to Cypriots, a Cypriot, and as such, Mr. Anastasiades' equal, to Cypriots?

He is at this moment, a servant-slave, a parasite, in Erdogan's mind. He must choose. he Turkish, or, a "Turk"?

He can stand beside the Flag of Cyprus. He can say for once that "Turkishness", that which has divided Cyprus for decades, is no better than the "Greekness" he abhors. Cypriots are not "Greeks", and they are not "Turks". One thing is clear, both treat this Flag equally as a rag. And if he continues with his "mentality", who is he betraying?

...i ask Mr. Akinci to remember, i ask all of us to remember, that while the "Greeks" and "Turks" were busy on their killing spree, who is it that they murdered, and made to disappear? "Greeks"? "Turks"? Each other? No, not them, but Cypriots, for "being" Cypriots; this is something to think about.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Bicommunal support for Nobel nomination for TC journalist


...indeed, beside the "Greeks" and the "Turks", there are Greeks and Turks like this woman, who call themselves Cypriot. Indeed she is a real Hero, fighting Ignorance, the ignorance which keeps us apart.

...i am grateful to Mdme. Uludag, For those of us who are Cypriots, who believe in reason, in Universal Principals, a Family of Man, she gives hope that such notions remain uncompromised by a world weary of the Problem; what constitutes a People, as Individuals and as Persons.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Turkey disgruntled by US support for Greece, Cyprus, Israel summit


Turkey may have an air force, but the pilots who flew until recently are (mostly) all in jail. She has a military industrial complex that builds ships and submarines, but like the drill ships she has put out to sea, they remain manned by crews of very little experience.

...Erdogan may have dreams for Turkey he can justify; and he has demonstrated his capacity to move quickly on many grand schemes. I ask, will he go too far? Having in affect isolated himself from the rest of the world, "Turkishness" has taken a value, greater than the Universal qualities that bind us, "Turkish" and not "Turkish", alike. What with an Ottoman past, and an intention to end the Kemalist intervention on the State of Turkey for his own, he has high ambitions.

...i would like to see many more tables, like Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus, one with Syria, Cyprus, and Turkey, seems just as likely to produce the favorable results that so far have been demonstrated, with all the Tripartite meetings.

...what seems apparent is that Turkey seeks, by ignoring Cyprus' Sovereignty, (and the Treaty of Lausanne), supremacy over and under a span of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea which includes anything east of Italian shores, between Libya, and Egypt southward, west of the shores of Lebanon and Syria: "her" Continental Shelf;
(lol) Greece is next indeed.

Turkey may survive Erdogan, he may surprise us all with a small change in intentions, this "but one", meriting the rest of the world's esteem; Cyprus is not small in that regard. And in that regard, being Turkey's National Issue, only a (re)united Cyprus provides Hope to the People of Turkey, now divided by "Turkishness", as were the Cypriots.

Monday, March 04, 2019

Our View: Great news about gas, but no change to main obstacle

. any case we can count on Erdogan's Turkey to push his Agenda, perhaps too far. In effect Cyprus is important because, without Cyprus, so to speak, his supremacy on, and under, this sea is secured.

...let's not forget what Erdogan has said on the subject, that this is Turkey's Continental shelf, and that it covers a significant territory beyond Cyprus. And, let's not forget his plaint regarding the Treaty of Lausanne, that as far as he is concerned it is invalid. Indeed, Cyprus is not well positioned against Turkey as a military adversary under such circumstances. Its dependence on the unity of regional allies, and the Rule of Law, does not exclude a need for the support of larger powers (also allies with Turkey) with the Naval capacity to demonstrate a similar unity toward the Universal Principals Cyprus seeks to defend despite perhaps being in conflict with each other, these threats having been identified as the same threat to them all. a counter intuitive kind of way, i am hopeful. There will be a moment where it will be clear, Greece is next, so too Syria. Despite the short term nuances of allies, and enmity, with Turkey succeeding in dominating with its views, even Russia is not safe should the Bosporus be closed to them (one way or another). It does not stop at Cyprus, and it does not stop with Greece, Syria, and Lebanon, (Iran, Iraq,) either, until what spans from Italy's shores to whatever is east of it, south to Egypt, and Libya, is under Erdogan's control.

...the question is, who will fight, him?

Friday, February 22, 2019

'Greek Cypriots not contributing to Cyprus issue'


While there is disagreement over what was said, what is clear is that Cypriots Turkish and Greek understand that the benefits of an end to the Problem, as Cypriots, far outweighs what either "Turkishness" and/or "Greekness" has to offer, (or has offered). Flag, one Country, one State, is easy enough to understand in Turkey, so too in Cyprus.

I believe that if for "Turkishness" Cyprus is divided, Turkey accordingly will divide.

Cyprus united may not be what "Turks" want, but it offers Hope to the rest of Turkey's population who are Turkish, and not "Turkish". Let's not forget that while Cyprus is very small, despite its dysfunction, it is a formidable adversary, which after decades of Turkey's occupation, does not submit, continues to prosper, and exist. Let's not forget that Cyprus on many occasions demonstrated its willingness to support Turkey as an equal, notably in sponsoring Turkey's application for membership when it was originally presented to the EU. Imagine, what it would mean to the Eastern Mediterranean if instead Cyprus and Turkey were allies and friends?

...with a small change in intentions, Mr. Erdogan may prove to be a great man, leaving a Legacy that makes Turkey worthy of emulation and esteem. Cyprus remains a key to this success. Let's not forget that what has divided Cyprus, for decades, now divides Turkey, because "Turkishness" rather than Turkey comes first.

Friday, January 04, 2019

Next US Ambassador to Cyprus confirmed by the Senate


...welcome Ms. Garber.

While you evaluate Cyprus, and Cypriots, with feet on the ground, i hope that you will always remember, who needs your help. "Greeks" and "Turks", there are a plenty almost identical in their plaint; and the other half, who do not believe in their (or this politic) politics but are the victim of it: this is the Cyprus Problem, far more complex, though it is not framed this way.

...and let's not forget, that while Cyprus is divided decades, "Turkishness", now, divides Turkey. That while Cyprus remains a National issue for Turkey, a unified Cyprus provides an example that in their own Constitutional reform, Turkey may emulate. A divided Cyprus, will only secure, in Turkey, greater division.

Cyprus is small, but not insignificant, it is a cross-road for three Continents,and it is the balance of power, without which Turkey would rule this sea. Russia may have its influence on the island, Cyprus in effect is non-aligned. The influence other world players have, like America, and Britain, Israel, Egypt, and Greece, Qatar, Italy, Korea, and France, offers all of them, at least on this issue, the Problem, the opportunity to demonstrate unity, for Cypriots, and Freedom.

Cypriots over the millennium have survived by being the facilitators of exchange. It should not be any different today. Their betrayal, to tear this island apart, only serves to deprive Humanity of this Heritance, a People who for so long have greeted other people with charity, humility, and grace. As an 'honest broker', Cypriots can feel a certain confidence today, what with the progress they've seen in that regard, despite the recent past ; except with the "but one".

...heady days ahead, what some would call interesting; for Cyprus, for Freedom, the region, good luck.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Cyprus rejects Russian claims of US military build-up


Russia is a friend in as much as Cyprus' roots are non-aligned. Let's not forget, Cyprus works hard at facilitating exchange because it is the cross-road to three Continents.

...Putin's Russia on the other-hand, may not be. What is Russia's beef, to set such a bad example? Here it is, the one spot in all the Mediterranean, perhaps the world, where, one may find, Russians, and, Americans, in Commerce, and Culture, at Trade. A Hope for Peace, united to end the Problem that has torn this island in two, both esteemed members of the UN's Security Council, dedicated to ending among all people, fear; Putin makes threats: why?

...i ask myself why, why is there no Russian involvement in Cyprus' Gas explorations, (and are they the same reasons as Britain's), having a strong connection to this country's past? Or. perhaps it is a bad error on some zealot's part, these threats, as the Kremlin has indicated; i will include that hypothesis as well. But i remember who coined the phrase, "Cyprus solution", now awhile ago, an emulation of Turkey's policy and action in Cyprus, the nasty way that it was used with the same success in Georgia (and in Israel more recently but not successfully, emulated, a "Cyprus solution", the same mean spirit in mind to formalise the displacement of people from their homes).

Indeed, dividing one's opposition serves the interest of anyone who seeks to change the balance of power to favour them. As an opportunist by force, bending "rules", and, Universal Principal, they seek this edge; making the sparks, misery causing more discordance, that leaves chaos where it seems in the end, any solution is better than the state of waste that's left, and where they appear pious in the aftermath having kept, so to speak, their own powder dry...

...Turkey is Cyprus' clearest adversary. Cyprus, in effect is Turkey's National cause; "Turkishness" it seems will be defined with Cyprus' fate. Who sides with Cyprus, sides clearly as it is from Turkey's point of view, against Turkey. Turkey, for this very reason, drills alone. What will Russia do In the hostilities which may take place over drilling, as happened before? Cyprus will call on her partners, and perhaps receive Naval help against such offensive behaviour this time. While in this case, as in the last, the EU, and NATO may demonstrate their inability politically speaking to act, France, Italy, and Greece, are allies likely to provide immediate Naval force. Egypt, Israel, Qatar, USA, even Korea may become involved directly because of their own interest in this matter, against Turkey's war ships, with war ships..

Does Turkey, who dares, win, if in the end, like before, after hostilities begin these powers withdraw? And if Cyprus thusly becomes a Tribute to Turkey, how can one say Russia betrayed their friendship to Cyprus? Cypriots no more, but "Greeks", and "Turks", how can Russia be blamed if the Western World's intervention ends in failure, and this sea "belongs" to Turkey? Russia, these parties against her, Turkey's ally if it does not involve itself in this imbroglio?

...the Bosporus comes to mind, speaking of Russia, how Turkey has played a big role in this balance of power, and how that could change, in affect against America, that Russia moves freely through the Straights, but America and other Western interests, sanctioned for doing business with Cyprus, do not. While Erdogan does not favour Putin in the Ukraine publicly, he may agree to Russia's supremacy in the Black Sea, especially if it secures his intentions in Cyprus.

Turkey's threats are not idle for the Eastern Mediterranean: the supremacy of this sea. She plans a Naval Base, in Cyprus. She has built new Submarines and Naval ships, as well as, having cultivated a Military-Industrial complex with the capacity to grow quickly in this regard. While these powers, call them the West, are divided, and unwilling to demonstrate their conviction as one when hostilities escalate, Turkey has the opportunity to control not just "oil" on "her Continental Shelf", whether Cyprus is a State or an island, but/and all Marine and Maritime Traffic, west of the Suez Canal all the way to Italy, and north of Egypt's frontier.

...Cyprus is not small.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Re: In Praise of the Dead


...for the missing, the dead, and the families which survive them, this is a big step.

If we do not recognise these, our fallen, as Cypriots: we fail them, they die in vain; we fail ourselves, as Cypriots never Free. forget Maximus, on the subject of the missing: who was murdered and made to disappear were Cypriot; for "being" Cypriot, victims.
...that's the point; there is no "Greek" or "Turkish" in being Cypriot while we may be Greek and Turkish: there is this difference.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Erdogan makes new threats against Cyprus (2)


Anon, we are all Cypriots. Whether you are Turkish or Greek, this is the fact that "Greeks" and "Turks" deny, leaving the rest of us to suffer from their dysfunction.

What has divided us for so long in Cyprus, now is dividing Turkey itself. Your choice, Anon, think about it, "Turkishness", or "being" Turkish, there is a difference.

One Turkey, one Cyprus, should not be hard to understand. And the choices we make, as Cypriots, may give Hope to the People of Turkey who are not "Turkish". there a family in Cyprus that did not suffer from the hands of "Greeks" or "Turks"? Likely, I would say, "Greeks" or "Turks". Also something to think about. more thing, talking about the coup. Indeed it was a success having overthrown the Government existing; let's not forget that two days later it failed, indeed without support from Greeks not "Greeks", it could not sustain itself.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Erdogan makes new threats against Cyprus


...i disagree, that there is no hope. Despite the efforts of those "Turkish" over decades, to assimilate Turkish Cypriots, they remain. Let's not forget Akinci's election, or the last elections for the Legislature; in both cases, it was not the "Turks" that won.

Akinci may have his own plan b, but he must decide if, he is a "Turk" or Turkish; who he will betray, he cannot be both. He, can stand beside the Flag of Cyprus, he can recognise that while he stands as the president of a constituent state, it is not an equal to the State. While as a Person, he may seek to sustain his distinct identity, he may express this fact too, that being Bicommunal, being an Individual as well, he is Cypriot and willing to reform (this State). Who at that point would be exposed? Who could deny that such a notion secures for Cypriots their identity? Who would be against it? Erdogan?

Erdogan may change his intentions too because the "Turkishness" that has divided Cyprus all these years, is now tearing Turkey itself apart. One Flag in Turkey, one Flag in Cyprus, is not so hard to understand. And what is wrong with a BBF in Turkey? Perhaps things are the other way around. It is not Turkey that will change Cyprus' identity, Cyprus will change Turkey's.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Re: is this plan b


...while the discussion is focused on "Greeks" and "Turks", i will focus on the Cypriots who were (and are) their victims.

...indeed, for the "Turks" plan 'a', is (and always has been,) the island impotent, that no Cypriots exist, only "Greeks".

...indeed, if Akinci is a Cypriot, he will remind us who listen, on this fact. "Greeks" and "Turks", for the most part, never busied themselves killing each other.

...if he said that, standing under the Flag of Cyprus, a Turkish Constituency could exist.

As a Cypriot Constituency, as Persons, they may represent a tolerant society, (closer to their taxes with such representation effecting their daily lives), and, (being bicommunal,) representing themselves as Individuals under the Republic of Cyprus as Cypriots united toward defending not just this Liberty, but their Freedom, the Rule of Law and the Universal Principals on which it is based; as such, such an existence, Cypriot and Turkish speaking, is secured.

Nothing would prevent Cypriots as Cypriots to agree...

...that "being" Cypriot is possible, that while as Cypriots they are overwhelmingly Greek speaking, as Cypriots they are an ethnos.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

People prefer loose to decentralised federation


...indeed, let's not forget that those firmly attached to their "motherland", or "fatherland", have their own candidates, on either side of the Green Line. And they lost their Legislatures, in the last elections, respectively; it was not "their" candidate elected as President.

...what does it mean? means that Cypriots exist. Despite decades of assimilation artificially divided, they still represent the other half of the voting public.

While the "Greeks" and "Turks" are kept apart, they are very much the same in their needs, and, as it is, in their Intolerance toward what is, not "them".

A fairer debate, on the Cyprus Problem, may be better framed with Cypriots on one side of the table, and the Constituent States on the other. As such, if there is unanimity on either side of the table, such issues will be hard to dismiss. What is "fair" to both, any way that is taken, is more easily defined.

In any case, a "loose" federation, should not mean a weak Federal Government. Who as a Cypriot cannot accept the Universal Principals that make us Human, or a Rule of Law which as Individuals makes no distinction or discrimination among us? And, as a BBF, who as a Cypriot, does not expect as a Person, (at another level of Government as Constituent States) to be welcoming; reciprocally (or not), respecting, recognising, and providing for those among them, minorities, with their own special needs?

Thousands of Flags is the immediate remedy. The ruling elite, wherever they may be, as they glance out their window, the Flag of Cyprus; to some, not a rag, for them something to think about.

...fantasy, it seems, i know; what is just out of grasp, so easy, something simple to understand.

...good read, Mr. Alper; thanks.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Turkey's First Drillship Begins Exploration in Eastern Mediterranean


...UNCLOS and the Tripartite meetings of the region's major players, does not exclude Turkey's exploration. Indeed it is Turkey who excludes herself from their efforts to rationally exploit this wealth, better themselves individually of course, and also, their collectivity.

But Turkey it seems has larger intentions than her partners. How Erdogan has defined as "his", a continental shelf, ignores Convention, Law, and the Balance of Power, as it exists, to all the rest of his neighbours, and their Agreement, in and on this sea, because he intends to have supremacy of it, the Eastern Mediterranean.

This month, in November, Qatar and Exxon, intend to drill in Block 10, and in that regard, it "belonging" to Egypt as Erdogan has defined it, he will not likely express any plaint about it, strongly. But, in the months to come, France, Korea, and Italy, when they drill, they will not have this advantage. To that affect, Naval power, and Turkey's willingness to dare, has been warned, is, and already, demonstrated; more so (by that time) with Fatih moved to Block Five, or Block Eight...

...can you imagine, all Maritime traffic west of the Suez Canal, a Turkish domain of interest?

...what with the old Piri Reis (and the Barbaros,) their original seismic surveys around Cyprus' Eastern coast, what with the Naval base that may be built, (there,) what with the new Piri Reis and the submarines that follow her below the sea, what is a military-industrial complex for?

Monday, October 22, 2018

Our View: No gas exploitation without some kind of deal with Turkey


What is the big picture here?

Cyprus? Whether it is an island divided by its "Greeks" and its "Turks", or Free respecting those Greek and Turkish who are Cypriot? (Like in Turkey, with its Kurds.) I would have hoped that it is, but it isn't.

Now, with the present day foray, Greece appears to be the focused target in Block 4, it's frontier with Cyprus, (as in Block 5, where, whether Cyprus contests alone or not, as an outcome, only Cyprus will suffer,) next would be Egypt's relation with Cyprus stressed, a similar presence in Block 7 or 8, Israel too, in March (with the elections in Turkey) i'm guessing. Let's not mention the exploration in Block 10, "belonging" to Egypt as Erdogan sees it (for the moment no 'war' there by his consent); but, who wants to escalate their issues militarily?

Turkey's intentions were never so simple. While Cyprus plays a pivotal role, what with Erdogan's leadership, beyond Cyprus, all the Eastern Mediterranean, what else, than supremacy of the sea, can be expected? Can you imagine it? All its Maritime traffic, all its wealth in it and on it, west of the Suez Canal, a Turkish scope of affairs. It is no longer impossible. What with the "new" Peri Reis, and the submarines that follow it, what of this capacity as a military-industrial complex growing, and for what reason, (on what is "his" continental-shelf)? What with the appeasement of an Agreement in Cyprus; "Peace"? "Their" (read: those, not "Turkish") tribute to explore or to drill is the recognition of "Turkishness" and its supremacy, realised; a Cypriot identity (a balance to "Turkishness") no more, on which (the world, and) Turks, not "Turks", in Turkey, may compare.

Cyprus, no more a State, with Cypriots no more, is a betrayal to all Humanity. And yet the sea surrounding this island, the balance of power, is in his grasp.

...something to think about

Friday, October 12, 2018

Our View: So now we want the Denktash option after all


...and what will the "Turks" give to get such a notion on the table?

Land? ...more, than half returned of what's not theirs'.
Energy Resources? ...a customer, plain and simple, for "the South's" supply.
Economy and Politics? EU, the possibility of a closed border.
Military? Turkish troops, an open border.
All of these things?

As such, if "Turkishness" is so important, so too the consideration that goes with it. There is a cost to pay.

The rest of us, to their satisfaction labelled "Greek", in accepting such a change should have some significant benefit, this is not hard to understand. Such as it is, even if Cypriot has a lesser value to "them" as an identity, wishing to buy out of it, it must represent, just the same, a generous offer to Cypriots: Greek, "Greek", Turkish, or other, (who are not "Turkish").

What greater enterprise is there, but a better Cyprus; this is not it.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Anastasiades Cavusoglu meeting confirmed, ‘loose’ federation in the limelight (updt 2)


Was Akinci elected to unite Cypriots? Who cannot forget?

What is his duty to them, who voted for him, does he remember? At this moment in time In his sweet isolation, he may recall, he may learn something about his position, and power; if as a Cypriot, Cypriots see him.

One gesture, like standing under the Flag of Cyprus, to speak, speaking of issues important to all Cypriots, would be nice. It will propel him to headline news. Cypriots, would not object to that. They may even welcome it by joining with him; thousands who would stand for Cyprus under their Flag of Cyprus.

Thus, the "Greeks" and the "Turks", they will be exposed for who and what they are if they are unable to do the same; Akinci wins, for Cyprus, by daring to win, if, not for "Greekness" (not just for "Turkishness" either), if as a Cypriot he stands for "being" a Cypriot in a true BBF, in a Cyprus where an Individual is an Individual, who, as a Person respects as Persons (and at another level of government, as Constituencies) these distinctions.

Indeed, what is good for Cyprus is good for Turkey, it is something to think about, and so it should be. One Cyprus, One Turkey; what is so hard about that, to understand? It would be nice to hear Mr. Erdogan say these words, it would be nice if the opportunity to do so started in Cyprus, reform in Turkey, where as Cypriots, Cypriots reformed. It is Mr. Akinci's choice.

If as a Cypriot he is willing to reform himself, toward "being" a better Cypriot, recognising as Cypriots Cyprus exists, by saying, "this is my Flag", because it is true, under one Flag, with this Flag, he may leave as his Legacy, a Cypriot Legacy, a unity, an enosis, of Cypriots, something greater than the status quo, changing (at least exposing) "them" too, in effect.

And, beyond the Greek Flag, and, the Turkish Flag, the divide between them, their equal the Flag of Cyprus.

This is Mr. Akinci's choice as i see it, sidelined in this manner for "soft" Federalism, whatever that may mean. Beyond the brown envelopes and shoe boxes "this" may fill, an end to it.

I ask, is he a Cypriot, is he a leader, is he a Statesman?

...has he the courage?

I don't envy men in this position, Akinci's choice(s) as a Cypriot; it is a hard choice to make, the way. I would like to ask men in this position, in such a time of doubt, who it is among them that will see a baby torn in two?
Who is it that they will betray, by acting otherwise?

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

President asks Turkish Cypriots to respect the rights of all Cypriots


Cyprus. first.

As Cypriots, without further discrimination or distinction: Cypriots; what is hard to understand?

...what and who in truth are those martyred, if we as Cypriots do not honour, them?

Let us not forget that Cyprus is an island, on it Cypriots still exist and, despite being torn apart, remain; after decades in assimilation, in effect still representing about half the population any way it's counted.

...if Mr. Akinci would stand under the Flag of Cyprus, what of the impact for Peace; who would oppose him: not his electors (...who remembers over whom, his victory). Who would be against him; if Anastasiades chooses to join, in standing under this Flag?

....something to think about speaking reform; i think: bigger still, in Cyprus this unity in Turkey unites.

...with those against a Cypriot, against a Cyprus, exposed, what is it a Cypriot can not do, defending the Freedom, that they all have a cause as Cypriots (and in effect as Human beings,) in defending? What prevents them from offering each other mutual respect, Liberty, by trusting and respecting each other in that capacity, as Persons, each others' distinct identities, as well?

These are the possibilities, if in the debate toward ending the Cyprus Problem, it has on one side of the table Cypriots representing the Cypriot way, and on the other those who remain compelled to define their "Greekness" and "Tukishness", together, as being more important to them:

...could the debate framed in this way form two levels of Government; a true BBF? One Cyprus, a State where as Individuals every Citizen can stand united in defending the Universal Principals on which it is based, and, within it this population, a diversity more clearly defined, where as Constituencies, and as Persons in their own diversity as a population, in demonstrating tolerance, as a majority toward minorities, and toward each other as Cypriots, recognising each others' special needs, reciprocally.

...happy Independence Day?

New thinking is needed indeed, common sense, and a little bit of courage, better intentions, for Cyprus.

...through all the mayhem let's never forget that those who died, mostly, died as Cypriots; at their bloody hands those "Greek" and/or those "Turk", they were murdered and made to disappear. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Re: Cypriotism (Cypriot Nationalism)


"We must come together as a Nation", so says Donald Trump.

...but what is the American Nation? America is a State, having a Constitution and a set of Laws.

What is an American; White, Black, Hispanic, German?

Indeed Cyprus has a lot to learn from America, being Bicommunal by nature; a Federal government which regards its Citizens as Individuals, and individual states which regard themselves as Persons. Indeed Cypriots can learn a lot from Americans, not a colour, an ethnicity, or a creed.

Is there an American Nation?

Yes, there is, without a doubt; no one is unable to say they are American, and no one in America hesitates to call themselves as such either. is something to think about. Divided Cyprus remains impotent. United, Cypriots represent a People with a great deal to offer as a political force.

In the most simple terms America has a Flag everyone is willing to stand under. In Cyprus there is only confusion, which in the end will come to a climax where Cypriots will have to choose, to die, for it; or not.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Re: The Guterres framework and our sorry Leaders


...on the 30 June Eide presents a written "statement", which were his notes on what Guterres said.

...on 4 July, a revised "statement" was presented; which was not agreed upon.

...while Mr Akinci may have made his offer, it was by twitter?

...Mr. Anastasiades' reply suggests something more (or different) was agreed to, given that a second ''statement'' was awaited and read.

Clarity is needed. may have read this thread,

...there are very subtle indications of the bigger conflict Akinci has with Turkey; that decisive moments will come soon.

As politicians go, i have more confidence in Anastasiades, than any other potential leader in Cyprus. No sellout, he stands for the Republic of Cyprus, not "Greeks''. He gave everything to the "Turks" that they asked for at Crans Montana, no blame, no restitution, a BBF, and a map which changes very little, but the so called negotiations ''failed'', his "fault", standing alone as the President of Cyprus defending the one thing he would not give away, Sovereignty.

...beyond the Guterres framework, if it is agreed, Mr. Akinci may make clearer his intentions (talk about guts) by standing for a photograph with Mr. Anastasiades shaking hands with the Flag of Cyprus behind them. Would Mr. Anastasiades refuse? Can Erdogan stop them? It will be the "Greeks" and "Turks" who will refute its significance with their outrage, exposing themselves in this unity as the same and no different as adversaries to a Cypriot identity.

It is up to Akinci, is he Cypriot, or not? What is his Legacy as a builder, an architect, a leader, and as a man? He must have the courage to actually stand up and represent the electorate that voted for him. In simple terms if he seeks for his "community'' recognition as a Constituency, the "new" Cyprus that is put to him is not the way, it does not matter which ''statement'', June or July. He must demonstrate that he recognises, that his ideal is possible as Cypriots through constitutional reform; as Cypriots, not as "Turks", and that which is not "Turkish". In short, he can demand that the Communal Chamber is opened, (or perhaps Mr. Anastasiades should offer to do this first, another "dinner" could iron that out), that there are Greek Cypriot representatives there waiting for them (this time) in their seats. He can represent his support for what undeniably exists as a starting point, a Cypriot People. He can prepare his Constituency for the next elections in Cyprus' Legislature (in three years) with Candidates and Platforms that make a better Cyprus, for Cyprus, with this intention returning to the seats that remain empty, there. New thinking is needed indeed; new perspectives too. "Being" Cypriot is not insignificant.

...the Problem, is an International issue, and on many levels. Many would like it to be diminished to a problem among a population of Cypriots as though in any outcome Cyprus will continue to exist as a place to live. But Cyprus is not just an island, it is a People who take very seriously their responsibilities as a member of a wider Family of Man. Cyprus divided, invites Turkey's division. While "Turkishness" is as a result very present in Cyprus, after decades, it has failed. Cypriots in the occupied territories (and in Cyprus itself) continue to vote for a Leadership that is for Cypriots, a unity based on Universal Principals, as Individuals and a State, as opposed to the candidates who do(did) not recognise "Cypriotness", if you will. I would say without a doubt that what happens in Cyprus will have a big affect/effect on Turkish politics. A solution will provide in Turkey, Hope to its Turks, or its "Turks". It will have the same affect/effect throughout the region, as a template, in resolving the conflicts with this same Problem.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Greek foreign minister in Nicosia court over Kykkos land battle


...this is the day, Cyprus, has become a Country.

I ask myself, it's pseudo-legal equal if "they" have the same capacity, to brave "their" "motherland's" contempt, in a Court of Law accordingly.

...anyone that thinks the Republic of Cyprus is a puppet of Greece has this incident to consider, while Cyprus is mostly Greek, they are no "Greeks".

One hopes the same can be said for Turkish Cypriots one day. As puppets, their dependence is complete. "Greeks" live among Greeks, there is no denying it, Turks live among "Turks"; it is something to think about.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Re: Akinci makes a challemge


...i know that the risk is that the UN, Guterres in particular, will opt for a devolution of the Problem, as one between "Greeks" and "Turks", rather than an International Problem where the symptoms present an opportunity, where Cypriots exist, being an island, having a small population, to define and end the ignorance that promotes such hatred, that those who promote "themselves" with such intolerance are ignoring Humanity itself. He may not be Mr. Annan with his Annan 5, he is no Ban Ki Moon, if there is a line to draw, he may be the one to do it. What he needs from Cypriots is this confidence, that he will do his job.

If Mr. Anastasiades chooses to reply negatively, it will be difficult to reason why. Although, without Mr. Akinci's upfront commitment to Cyprus, as Cypriot, first, it is not likely that Anastasiades can agree to any "new" Cyprus. Indeed, there is every reason to believe that Akinci's challenge is a ploy, for "Turkishness", because the negative reply is to be expected. If it is a last gasp, for "Cypriotness", we may see these men standing for a photo together shaking hands with the Flag of Cyprus behind them in the near future. Without such a photo, an intention to reform the Constitution, is just not possible. With it, i imagine the next big step would be to see a Communal Chamber and a Legislature filled with good intentions toward this end, representing Cypriots as Individuals, and as Person.

Time will tell, the next step, this offers to be one of those...

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Cyprus’ tripartite partnerships ‘aimed at strengthening stability in the region’


Despite his Claims, there exists an UNCLOS, and if it is to be decided with Navies, then there will be a balance of power accordingly. He is welcome to the tables set for this exchange, there is a seat waiting for him if he respects that there is above "Turkishness", the Turkish People, a State based on Universal Principals, a member of a larger Family of Man. His "sweet isolation" is of his own choosing, it is what makes him a dangerous man. Pious as he is, i ask, where is God, if in loving, he serves only the few, (despite Turkey's charity), like "him"? My hope is that he is a better man.

...such as it is, it is not Turkey's sea. What many define as delusional is all we have against Erdogan's intentions, these meetings and alliances.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Why so many Turks are losing faith in Islam


...ilker, i nearly pushed the "like" button on one of your posts the other day, i thought to myself, can i agree with someone "Turkish"? are mistaken though, i am no "Greek", while being Greek; you "Turk"?

...what Greek is to Cyprus, is what Turkish is to Turkey. For Turks and Greeks alike, their "Turks", and "Greeks", as a bane are no different in many ways.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Israel faces historic decision as new population figures emerge


It is not hard to imagine a Jewish minority in a Palestinian State. All the better I would think if its opposite was true as well. Whether as Constituencies within a State, or whether each Individual States, the prosperity of each will only be secured when, as people, they are willing to defend each other.

The Cyprus Problem comes to mind (but Cypriots exist; despite the "Greeks" and "Turks" who deny this); so too, Canada and the USA both being BBFs, (which Cyprus aspires to be) have excellent relations between them. Israel, and Palestine may exist too. But as Jews and Arabs, as Individuals and as Persons, perhaps first "they" must recognise and respect their service is to the same God; one hopes that lovingly the way will be found.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Akinci: no objection to social meeting but warns of ‘futile processes’


...sadly, i remember the day Mr. Akinci was elected, i remember Mr. Eroglu, i remember that election as a kind of referendum as was said, i remember the angry phone call from Erdogan live on TV.

Who represents Cypriots, Mr Akinci? Is he Cypriot?

What we have seen is his "Turkishness" as it is defined by "Turks". he Turkish? Or is he no better than a "Greek"?

...will Mr. Akinci fill his seats in the Communal Chamber, if the other members are there waiting for them; will Turkish Cypriots fill their empty seats in the Legislature? It is there in the NAVTEX that started this debate, what Turkish Cypriots may do, what Turkey recognises, what Erdogan cannot refuse.

Mr. Akinci needs to reflect who he'll betray for "Turkishness". A Cyprus divided only means that Turkey will be more divided. What has happened in Cyprus, for "Turkishness" divides Turkey, now. For Turks, those not "Turks", a united Cyprus brings Hope in Turkey, for them. If he is a greater builder, a Statesman, if he is willing to have this Legacy, this choice also awaits him.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Our View: Delusional strategic alliances ignore reality


How quickly, to save himself, Erdogan may change; for Turkey, or "Turkishness", he has a Legacy to fulfill (and this choice).

Cyprus may well be re-united by next spring, with a small change of intentions from him. And it is in the Navtex, "his" way forward, nestled in it a recognition of the Cyprus that exists as it did in 1960. Beware, "You" the servant slaves, the parasites, as he calls the Turks of Cyprus, you may be shown "your place", when Turkish Cypriots return to the Legislature they abandoned; if Greek Cypriots have their representatives waiting this time, in the Communal Chamber for the other members. He knows that nothing can be gained otherwise, that Cyprus must exist, and that without it only War.

Erdogan may well find for his own efforts at Constitutional Reform something to emulate in Turkey with an end to the Problem, in Cyprus. A united Cyprus brings Hope. A "Greek" Cyprus, like a Turkey of "Turks", does not. What is a BBF (like the USA) in Cyprus is not anathema to his own goals either, in Turkey. More than anyone, Erdogan knows this; Hope, to who, is his issue, as a politician he has about half the population of Turkey either way who would support him. And either way he has the world's attention. will be a long hot summer.

Indeed the "Turks" have opened a can of worms with their new attempts, to rule the sea. And like a festering wound, to the rest of the world, "Turkishness" what it means to "Turks" is spreading. Its filth, remains to be contained; Erdogan may do just that. Beyond Cyprus, it divides even Turkey, now.

...think where the world is heading, never mind how the world finds themselves' together; on so many levels, him the "but one".

Cyprus is small but it is not insignificant. Ignoring this fact is delusional.

What is Erdogan's Turkey may fail by then, (this summer,) how quickly things could change. Think Economics, think Civil War, think his many wars, think Daesh no "brother" in such a weakened state returning this time against him.

If there is no Hope for "Turkishness", to survive, this may already be apparent to him, then, for Turkey he'll strive.

...i would not be so sure of things the way they are MrH, things won't stay the same, "you" might go the way of the "Greeks" quite soon.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Eastern Mediterranean starting to resemble disputed South China Sea


...all eyes are on Cyprus, let's remember that it is part of a bigger picture for Erdogan's Turkey.

He intends to rule the sea from the shores of Greece to Syria, and down to Egypt. What with his new submarines, and the efforts he has made in Turkey to build a military-industrial complex, this intention he is sure to escalate.

...Exxon will drill without the interruption that ENI suffered, i suspect, because it will deflect the anxiety that is building with Turkey's offensive behaviour on the issue of Cyprus, and on his refusal to respect UNCLOS as law.

Indeed, in six months, he will be that much closer to elections, and in an election campaign. Exxon (and Qatar) will be back later this summer, so too other companies like ENI; one hopes by then Cypriots can show their resolve to effect changes to the status quo where Turkish Cypriots, by changing their intention, may choose as an alternative to "Turkishness", a Cypriot way: "being" Cypriot, being Turkish, being Greek, an end to the Problem, something to emulate toward providing Hope to those not "Turkish" (but Turkish), in Turkey.

...and if not, the challenge will still be there, without a change in Erdogan's intentions: Turkey at War. It will have grown by then. Syria, Iraq, Greece, to name a few who make great efforts toward that end, never mind the same belligerence he has expressed toward Egypt, (Israel), (Russia), the EU, and the USA.

...unlike the China Sea, there is no Treaty of Lausanne, after so long, ignored, and contested.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Our View: Anastasiades is taking the cowardly path to partition


...if Mr. Akinci is a Cypriot, and not "Turkish", if he has the courage to expose Mr. Anastasiades as a "Greek", let him stand under the Flag of Cyprus, let him give Hope to the other half, voters like those who elected him.

...i expect more from Mr. Akinci, i expect no less from the President of Cyprus.

Let their wives' prepare the souvla, let them sit and eat in Peace. Let them recall who they are when they toast each other's good health.

Cypriots are Cypriots. They may be Turkish, they are not "Greeks", the question remains if they are "Turks". Or if as Turks, they can represent themselves as equals under Universal Principals, not as a Nation alone, but within a State.

...if i may suggest to the Labour movement, it is the Flag that counts. Pride is a worker's greatest asset, nothing adds more to a work's finish. Nothing like this Pride in a Flag, to spread its message. Let's see some pride in the Flag of Cyprus, across Cyprus. Dare, be Cypriot. Dare "them" to look out their windows, this Flag crowding out what others may fly. Who lacks courage?

...dare, Mr. Akinci, to return to Cypriots the Legislature they have to represent themselves as Cypriots by filling its empty seats. Dare, Mr. Anastasiades, to have Greek representatives waiting in the Communal Chamber, where, as Constituencies they meet. has always been up to Mr. Akinci, in affect, and in effect. .

For Cypriots, dare. For Cyprus, win. I would say to them at that dinner table.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The waters of common sense


...a Communal Chamber opened with its Greek Representatives waiting is a real step to demonstrate such Goodwill, fantasy perhaps, a return to what has not in effect changed. And with the empty seats in the Legislature filled, a return to the Constitution of 1960, as Cypriots; to reform themselves.

...but how? (my opening joke, lol)

Indeed, Mr. Alper, i thank-you for saying it like it is. One God.

One Flag, One Country, One Turkey, One Cyprus, not hard to understand.

Yet, it is in Cyprus where Turkey may find a solution to its own Problem.

Bicommunal or Bizonal do not mean tearing Cyprus (or Turkey) in two. And Turkish or "Turk", as they are divided now, in Cyprus and Turkey; it is not possible to be both, is it? Cypriots may lead united, that Turkey may follow.

Why not a Cypriot identity? Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Maronite, Latin?

Why not Cypriot Constituencies? At least that possibility, like the Turkish Constituency, a representation of Individuals as Persons, an electorate closer to their tax payments, respectfully as a majority with an agenda, providing for, and recognising the special needs of minorities among them.

Given the 'overwhelmingness' of English in this world, given the benefits of diversity, and in defending the ethnosphere's demise, i suggest other Constituencies will follow, it is natural, in Cyprus (and in Turkey), beyond the Good Government of a strong State which must exist, based not on Geneology or (a single) Nation as such, but on Universal Principals, (and merit), Cypriots, as Cypriots, for Cyprus and Cypriots.

I remind Mr. Erdogan (and Mr. Akinci), that while he works so hard to make a Legacy out of "Turkishness", Turkey is not "Turkish", as it is in Cyprus, not "Greek". That while there is a brotherhood among Muslims which he may applaud, there is a Family much larger where by, the way, his loving nature is serving more greatly.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

UN official takes stock during Cyprus contacts


...i am glad to see that Mr. Lacroix took the time to see those found, from the missing.

...let him remember that the UN has unfinished business here, that those troops under his command cannot die in vain, and that while the Problem has become a problem, those who need his help the most remain silent, silenced like the corpses he saw; not "Greeks", not "Turks", Cypriots for "being" Cypriots.

Let him remember that the "Green Line" that extended to Berlin and to Lebanon remains, and that if this line remains as it is in Cyprus, there is no Peace.

...if there are to be changes to UNFICYP, let them demonstrate this fact, despite the existence of "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus, Cypriots exist; who need help.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cyprus: Gas search to continue despite Turkey's opposition


...what is Cyprus in this imbroglio is a very small part of the story. It is Turkey's "Continental Shelf" if you are willing to ignore UNCLOS, or the Agreements that have been made between Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Greece, or the legal rights of Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria, (based on it).

...should the Saipem withdraw, it is likely that Turkey, with her newly purchased rig, will do this work herself. And let's not forget (Turkey's new submarine) the Piri Reis which will in affect change the balance of Naval power in the Eastern Mediterranean, as it secures their exploration through force, something that Cyprus they will have demonstrated, cannot do. is not likely that Exxon and Qatar, will be delayed in their explorations next week, off the coasts of Cyprus, the damage has been done. Greece is next, (or more accurately Syria, but no one will notice what with its war those incursions,) Egypt after that (and Lebanon); this is clear. If he can isolate Cyprus and exclude them from the exploration process, it may be possible for him to have his way, the way he sees it, an Eastern Mediterranean "belonging" to him. Who dares to fight?

...let's also remember for Erdogan it is an election year.

To stop, Erdogan's Turkey will demand a Tribute, something bigger, like Visa free travel to the EU.

...but I don't think his intention is to stop, even if he gets what he wants

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Turkish vessels harass drillship in EEZ


...given that Turkey recognises a "partnership state established in 1960", what have they done as a Guarantor toward defending this Constitution?

...Turkey, more accurately, its "Turks" have betrayed us, Cypriots, (and the rest of the world). Having torn Cyprus in two, between its "Greeks" and its "Turks", they have not succeeded in having the notion of, a Cypriot, dismissed; they exist, and even after decades of this repression, they still represent, Turkish or Greek, these, Cypriots, half the population of this island,

...and while Cyprus is divided as those "Turkish", and those not "Turkish", so too, now, in Turkey; something to think about.

Cyprus, like Turkey, are States, beyond their Nations. They are a set of Universal Principals where there is a recognition of our Human condition, and a respect for each other and it.

Without a united Cyprus, a home for Cypriots, little hope remains for Turks, not "Turkish", in Turkey, as in Cyprus; also something to think about.

...a return to the Constitution of 1960, if that is what Turkey demands; why not? Those "Turkish" in Cyprus should comply with their empty seats in this Legislature filled, and a demand for the Communal Chamber to open.

Cyprus, the existence of the Republic of Cyprus cannot be ignored, as we can see from this Naval engagement. Turkey's intention is to escalate this exercise, notwithstanding her own exploration, but militarily, by displacing the balance of power as it is in this Sea; it will not be long, but I expect the "new" Piri Reis in these waters, (and a Claim "to her Continental Shelf", which as I understand it spans from Italy to Egypt).

...while Turkey protests the existence of, to her, a non existing State, the rest of the Eastern Mediterranean should consider the motives. Cyprus in affect plays only a little role in it, and it goes back to the Treaty of Lausanne as Erdogan has admitted.

Greece is next, so too Syria, and the sea between them, no appeal for calm is needed it will not be heard, as he sees it, only a tribute like Visa Free travel to the EU may delay his pace (without the recognition of Cyprus), who dares to fight, he will seek a compromise over bigger issues to quell the conflicts he will create: these i suggest are his winning strategies.

...fluff for the masses, so much of it, may end with a bang somewhere, I am sad to say, but after all it is, in Erdogan's Turkey, an election year.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

The 4th President of TRNC Mustafa Akıncı addresses the people


...i would like to remind Mr. Akinci, at this moment in time; it is up to him to decide who he is: Turkish, or a "Turk"?

...let us remember that while the Problem divided us, it is the same Problem which is dividing Turkey, with its "Turks".

He may find a welcoming partner, toward this end, as Statesmen, as Cypriots, if the two A's dare this time around to end the Problem with Cypriots in mind, not just, those "Turkish", as opposed to those not "Turkish". And for Turkey, as well as the rest of the region, hope, something held in high esteem because it can be emulated.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Malas highlights the challenges of reaching a solution


...why is it important for Universities to organise themselves for the needs of Cyprus and Cypriots?

...while there may exist different Hospital Systems, how do they benefit from standards a Federal Government will make? does he propose to make profitable venture possible among Cypriots, despite the divide (of prejudice from those "Turkish", and dare i say it "Greek"), for the benefit of Cypriots?

...and how about a consolidation in the Tourist industry, so that Cypriots can compete effectively (as an island destination)? Thus, i ask, where there are Turkish Cypriots in this Industry in the occupied north, why not support them? That by differentiating this choice, visitors might have access to them, and choose them? Against the illegal exploitation (by exposing such Hotels unqualified) would those qualified receive the same support, from his Government, toward promoting Tourism, in Cyprus, as other Cypriot Hoteliers?

These are some of the questions i would like Mr. Malas to answer.

...does he dare to offer Akinci an Airport; if visitors are greeted in Turkish first, as a Cypriot would he be willing to stand under the Flag of Cyprus, for that?

...what of the AKEL connection? Where are the Flags of Cyprus by the working class, flown both sides of the Green Line; that would be nice wouldn't it, as a demonstration of support?

The issue of Cyprus is being sidestepped, as it was last week in the elections held in the occupied part of Cyprus, "being" a Cypriot, what that is, was not discussed; only money, finance, and of course the corruption that must be stopped.

It may be early in this election bid, but nothing new has been said yet; differentiating the candidates without new thinking on the real issue in Cyprus, the Problem, only invites a low turnout at the polls, and more cynicism. Without leadership of this kind, with the future in mind, a Cyprus, what is expected?

Hope is needed. Needed beyond "Greek" candidates and "Turkish" candidates, representation that is Cypriot, for Cyprus, a vision as a President of Cyprus, is what is needed from this election for Cypriots, indeed, to ultimately win, all Cypriots.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Our View: UBP victory in north defied cronyism concerns


...half, or more than half support a Cyprus for Cypriots. We see in the results this affect, with so many who chose not to vote.

How different the results would have been if there were candidates who had the courage to say:
...I am Turkish, I am no "Turk", I am Cypriot; to debate those, who see themselves' differently.

Mr. Akinci, and/or his Party, I hope, have learned a lesson from this. While internal issues are important, there is no shame in being Cypriot. Nor for their President to be a Statesman who speaks to and of Cypriots for Cyprus. Cypriots, his electorate expect this, from him and those who claim they represent this ideal. And I imagine their support would extend among all Cypriots, Greek or Turkish, if they were willing to stand under the Flag of Cyprus, against those not Cypriots, call them "Greeks" and "Turks".

Under these circumstances a real debate for Cyprus would challenge the minds of those who like it the way it is. A BBF not that different to what suits Cypriots may suit Turks. I will go so far to say, (that if Turkish Cypriots end the Problem in Cyprus with its reform Constitutionally as Cypriots,) Turkey in its Constitutional reform may find in one Cyprus, one Turkey. Mr. Akinci has about a year to make a real change to the course of dialog Turks have, and as Cypriot. That as Turks, representing themselves' as Cypriots, it offers hope to Turks in Turkey, what with the way both are divided today for/by "Turkishness".

...I ask, if a Republic of Cyprus exists, why not a Greek Constituency?
(what is the equal to a Turkish Constituency?)
...just saying.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Cyprus intends to safeguard its EEZ, says foreign minister


The nail hit right on the head, as far as I can see. seems that what has been said by Mr. Anastasiades is quite clear, to me.

Cypriots as Cypriots share in the wealth that is Cyprus, and if not, then Turkey must decide, given that they are the "but one" in international politics to believe there exists a "Greek" Cyprus, what are their motives in making such a claim.

...I ask, who are the "Turks" in Turkey? What is "Turkishness" and Turks (read: not "Turks"), has divided them in their own country as it has in Cyprus for decades. Thus, in such an atmosphere, Turkish Cypriots have suffered the most as Turks; "being" Turkish, not "Turk", in Cyprus, as Cypriots almost entirely muted.

Cyprus exists. Mr. Erdogan may with a small change in intentions, decide differently for Turkey, and for Turks. As it is, adversarially speaking over the years, he has offered only his threats, and meddling, which have been ignored, given the success Cyprus has had in moving the Eastern Mediterranean progressively, through the Tripartite Agreements, toward the safe, and rational exploitation of this wealth.

Indeed, he, may recognise Cyprus (and end as well, this Problem,) as a State, like his own in need of Constitutional Reform; that there is one Cyprus like there is one Turkey, that the People of Cyprus are Cypriots, that Greek in Cyprus, like Turkish in Turkey, is not anathema to his cause for Turkey, (for greatness as a Statesman,) for respect on this wider International stage. He may offer hope to Turks, by ending "this", the "Turks" may feel betrayed.

There is in effect this choice before him, for the benefit of Turkey, too.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our divided state is a troubled soul


...well said, and needed to be said; what about the Communal Chamber, what about the Constitution that needs reform? Can we as Cypriots accept that "Greeks" and "Turks" hold the Agenda of our political lives, and that we as Cypriots to keep our Freedom must fight against them in opposition?

...more so because Cyprus is the key (there is, a Flag of Cyprus). What way is found to the Problem in Cyprus, offers its hope to Turkey (and for the same reasons); it is Turkey's National issue.

...a Cyprus united is a Turkey united. What "Greekness" has done is no different to what "Turkishness" is doing, now in Turkey. It is the other way around, Turkey, those not "Turkish", need Cyprus', Cypriots, help.

...let's not forget that the USA and Canada to name two, are BBFs; intentions count.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Re: Cyprus Speech 2017


...i remember 1974. i understand you pain.

There is a big difference between ''Turkishness'' and Turkish. Cyprus is Cyprus. The difference between the "Greeks" and the "Turks" is very little it seems, but they are quite different to the rest of us, and those of us Greek and Turkish.

In effect, Turkey needs Cyprus Free, an equal, an ally, a regional partner;
as an adversary after decades its clear, Cyprus, Cypriots, (the other half despite the great efforts to deny it) exist.

...good work, indeed. (you will only get better with practice and time).

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Re: TRNC FM: "Autonomy or Recognition"


...indeed the best chance for anything Turkish surviving "Turkishness" in Turkey is in Cyprus. really is up to you MrH, if you are Cypriot, and Turkish; you may choose between being Turkish, or being a "Turk". You may choose to set an example Turkey can emulate, united with its own constituencies, or you may leave no choice to Turks but to fight what seeks to usurp the Freedom they have, those "Turkish".

Cyprus is the key, united as Cypriots, or not at Peace, divided; hope in Turkey (and in the Eastern Mediterranean) or not. are fooling yourself if you generalise to make all Greeks, "Greeks". You are foolish to think Greeks are the enemy, or that Cypriots do not exist. You are not mistaken, on the other hand, to think that "Greeks", and "Turks" are alike, and that for those of us Turkish or Greek, or Cypriot, a bane to our existence.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Our View: A party for Russians in Cyprus is an interesting political experiment


...indeed, Cypriots exist who want representation as Cypriots.

And, what is "Greek", what is "Turk", is anathema to a Cypriot way.

...while the major Parties contend with the polls that show "this" to be important, there is the other half who, as Cypriots, have a stronger attachment to the soil beneath their feet, and who are more strongly attached to the Universal Principals that define us, not as "races", but as one Human race.

We are Cypriots if we love Cyprus. This should not be hard to understand.

These Cypriots, may bring new thinking to the debate; Cypriots exist, too.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Leaving for New York, Anastasiades interview raises political firestorm

. it or not, he is the President of the Republic of Cyprus, a Greek but no "Greek".

...Akinci I hope will reconsider his "Turkishness" because as a Cypriot he fails his electorate.

We may wait another ten years for an opportunity like this one.

Is Mr Akinci, a Cypriot? Mr. Anastasiades' case he has in any case served, them.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Turkey calls on Israel to push Cyprus on approving pipeline

. Turkey admitting that it does not have the clout; that they should turn to Israel is revealing.

I ask, who is next after Cyprus, what Turkey wants does not stop there; Lebanon, Syria, Greece, (Italy,) they are all on "Turkey's Continental Shelf", aren't they?

...and what has Israel to gain; while Erdogan may be an opportunist better than most, is he credible?

Fact is the tripartite meetings Cyprus leads have brought the countries involved closer to their goals: viable intentions, safety for lives at sea, safety toward the environment. Turkey has claimed she will go it alone; she should be building a rig then.

In any case, the chairs for Syria and Lebanon, at these tables, one hopes will be filled soon. Turkey can still choose differently, instead of meddling, also by joining gracefully in these affairs.

One Turkey, One Cyprus, One Country, should not be hard for Erdogan to say; but for his "Turkishness". He would have his pipeline, and much International esteem if he could. Cyprus divided as it is means Turkey will become even more divided than it is, for the same reasons. He must know that too.

Indeed Cyprus is key, being Turkey's National issue. A Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. A Cyprus united is a Turkey united.

Erdogan i hope will reconsider where his Legacy lies.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Turkish Cypriots will never accept servitude: Ozgurgun


...not a drop of water, not a watt of power is left; for what, why? If this government was not so corrupt and incompetant they would realise Cypriots are not fooled by them.

Indeed, i remember "Greeks" and "Turks" as murderers, if you think about it, "they" were never busy killing each other. But, for "being" Cypriot, not them, many died.

...what men like these have done for "Turkishness" in Cyprus, suggests why Turkey today has never been more divided. Cypriots exist, so do Turks. There is a big difference between a "Turk" and a Turk. I suppose Mr. Özgürgün would deny that.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Time for a referendum regarding the Cyprus talks


...i suggest that dividing Cyprus for "Turkishness" will only lead to a Turkey divided for the same reason.
Cypriots are Cypriots. Turks are Turks. As Individuals they all have this interest: to defend their Freedom and the Universal Principals on which it is based. As Persons, and as Constituencies, their Liberty is secured from the trust and the respect they share for each other, as Persons, and as Individuals. A BBF for Cyprus is a matter of intentions. Let's not forget that the USA, for example is a BBF. A BBF for Turkey may not be so bad an idea given its own need for Constitutional reform. Cypriots are not so easily defined as "Turks" and "Greeks". Turks are not so easily defined as "Turks" and "Mountain Turks" (Kurds), or foreign (Alevi).
What is Cyprus but a template for the designs of its interlocutors; Turkey having taken its political fate to be an issue of National interest: what is Turkey is Cyprus. But what is Cyprus could be Turkey. As Turkey is being divided today, for "Turkishness", "Turkishness" has done to Cyprus in affect for the same reason. If it is that Cyprus is divided, it will be a Caliphate in Istanbul where "being" Turkish will not be enough. If it is that Cyprus is united, there is hope for Turks, in Turkey who are not "Turks".
Those who see a Cyprus divided should reconsider what it means to those not "Turkish". One Flag of Cyprus, one Flag of Turkey, should not be hard to understand. A Cypriot like a Turk are not necessarily "Greek" or "Turkish". Turks exist, Cypriots exist, despite the fact that "Greeks" and "Turks" deny this.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Turkish democracy might be dead — and things could soon get a lot worse


...i still have hope.

A Legacy for Turkey and all the Turkish People, or he may make his Legacy for "Turkishness"; these the choices, it seems to me.

Despite the odds, or because of them, Erdogan can change his intentions in a minute.

...think for a moment; what has "Turkishness" brought us: an island divided in two, now Turkey divided more than ever.

This is the Problem, Turkey's problem, it starts in Cyprus because what divides Cyprus divides Turkey.

...recall that the USA is a BBF, so too Canada, and Australia, as other examples. It is the Intentions which count.

Cyprus exists except for the "but one", why? Like in Cyprus, about half the population is "them" (read: "Greek" or "Turk" as one in the same). They hold the Agenda, and while there is much suffering, it is not "them" who suffer, it is those not "them", Greeks and/or Turks (read: anyone of another description). Decades pass, "Turkishness" grows badly tearing at the fabric there is toward more crisis.

But nothing lasts forever, and Erdogan knows this. Recognising the Republic of Cyprus is a choice, if it means that at another level of government there exists self-representation for Turkish Cypriots as Persons, it may mean in Turkey that Turks and not only "Turks" could have Liberty. A Cyprus, an equal to Turkey, an ally, is not anathema to his plans, it may consolidate them. Indeed, it gives hope to Turks who are not "Turkish", a Cyprus reunited, and it may serve as a template for Turkey's own Constitutional Reform.

It is Mr Akinci therefore, who holds the key to Freedom in Turkey, i think. If instead of representing "Turkishness" he represents himself as a Cypriot, a Constituency's Leader, he may suffer Mr. Erdogan's ire, but this may inspire him as well. I hope Mr. Akinci remembers who voted for him, it was not the "Turks" but Cypriots who are Turkish. And in Turkey, (for a BBF,) Turks need this debate as well.

He, Erdogan, may say one day, One Country, One Cyprus, One Turkey.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

The dock ships came with troops and went back with refrigerators Πηγή:

. is not Akinci who speaks this truth, more is the pity this man is the leader of Cypriots whether Greek or Turkish. More depends on him than any other as a Cypriot to act; it takes a change of his intentions.

His silence is deafening since the very day he won his election, and as the President of something he was not good enough to get his invitation to the wedding; i remember does he?

A parasite, a servant-slave, is he such a man? I ask, as such a man, a traitor, a coward, a fool, to who if not the us he should be defending?

...he, that man can save us, those of us, not "Greek" or "Turk", the other half who remain despite the odds against us, as Cypriots close to the land.

Let him remember what that Flag stands for, that it is his electors who wish him to express that it is not a rag, the Flag of Cyprus; let him challenge the rest of us to stand likewise beside it, like him willing to defend each other and the Universal Principals as Human beings, we as Cypriots represent. Let the Elams and the Grey Wolves stand alone, then. If he took that challenge for those not "them", for the rest of us, wouldn't Anastasiades follow? Only a year ago, didn't he? is not the roots of a very old tree that stood in the middle of my Great Aunt's garden, because it too in the end was taken, that I despair, but that there is a shoebox somewhere.

thank-you Mr. Sener.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sour grapes and stalemate in Cyprus


...i remember Akinci's night of victory, and the angry phone call he got with his election. Wasn't his victory a sort of referendum given his position and Eroglu's? Where is this Akinci, who is Akinci, because he does not appear to concern himself with his electorates' desires, only with what (Erdogan's) Turkey says. I am hoping for our sake (those of us not "Greek", or "Turkish") that he at some point stands beside the Flag of Cyprus because a "new" Cyprus (or a "new" Turkey) for "Turks" and not "Turkish", is neither a Turkish or Cypriot way.

...Cyprus and Cypriots exist, divided as they are, as "Greeks" (read: those not "Turkish"), and "Turks", it only serves these intentions. Such a divided Cyprus will only lead to Turkey even more divided, between its "Turks", and those they deem not "Turkish". Indeed what is a reform Constitutionally, that Turkey would accept in Cyprus, is certainly worth considering for Turkey herself. The Problem, may be identified as the Cyprus Problem, but it is not limited to Cyprus alone.

...i am hopeful, because great steps were taken at Crans-Montana.

No "deal" on Freedom and the Universal Principals on which it is based, Liberty is a matter of respect, and trust. I am grateful to Mr. Anastasiades, who at least as President of the Republic has served them, the Citizens, well in this regard. While this man is Greek, he is no "Greek".

One Cyprus, One Turkey is a matter of intentions.

Differing views across the divide


...Sener Levant, a candidate in the next elections; is there a Party with this courage, to field Cypriots without further distinction or discrimination for their campaign?

Let's make it clear. The "Greeks and the "Turks" are no different, they are the other half, not Cypriot.

...who takes the Flag of Cyprus as a rag is a traitor in my mind, not Anastasiades that's clear, but Akinci, beside being the "Turkish" representative, has he the courage to represent those who voted for him, Cypriots who are Turkish, not "Turks"?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Turkey’s Coming Chaos


…with a small change of intention, in Cyprus, Erdogan may well see a huge change in the confidence the international community has toward him, that now, he is the “but one”. Cyprus as an ally, and not as an adversary, is huge. In and of itself it is a huge step forward, but its significance for Turkey’s affairs would be bigger than that.

Recognising the existence of the Republic of Cyprus is not anathema to his goals in Turkey. It would in effect provide hope to all Turks. It would provide him from this logic, one Cyprus, one Turkey, one Country, a basis to reform his own Constitution, which would be easy to understand. Where, as Individuals there is no division among Turks in defending their Freedom, the Universal Principals or their Rights on which their State is based; and that while all Turks have this Freedom already, as Persons, at another level of Government, as Turks the Liberty as well, to sustain as Constituencies their own distinct identities: is this not the BBF Turkey is looking for (in Cyprus)?

While Cyprus has been torn between its “Turks” and its “Greeks”(read: not “Turks”), after all these decades, and with such a small population, Cypriots remain; this is noteworthy and hopeful. In Turkey where it is becoming as divided, it is becoming as evident, that while Cyprus cannot be “Greek”, while it may be Greek, for the same reasons, Turkey is not solely “Turkish”.

…for Erdogan to have a successful Legacy, if it is not for the “Turks”, it is for all Turks.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Turkey's Identity Crisis


...the answer is in Cyprus. A divided Cyprus will mean a divided Turkey.

One Cyprus, One Turkey

If Cyprus is not "Greek", Turkey may be Turkish, but for the same reasons not "Turkish". Indeed, there are Turkish Constituencies in Turkey, as there are Cypriot Constituencies. A country like America, or Canada, or Australia, are BBF's (Bicommunal, Bizonal Federations), let's not forget. While one may detest their sensibilities, such a political system demonstrates its own success as a system.

Who can imagine Turkey torn into parts? It is unnatural in Cyprus, as well.

Erdogan has a Legacy to build. With a small change of intention, he may recognise Cyprus for what it is, a State, not unlike his own, because it is in need of reform. He may recognise that neither a "new" Cyprus, or a "new" Turkey are the key to this Legacy he has worked so hard for, if it means dividing Turks. He may recognise that Freedom is a question of Individual Rights, based on Universal Principals, that all Citizens, by their own choosing, defend without distinction or discrimination.

And what of the Alevi, what of the Kurds, what of the Greek Orthodox Church, what of the other Muslim Faiths, the Latins and the Jews, what of the Atheists? He may realise that Liberty, is a tolerance, a recognition, and a respect, for Persons as Persons, these people can live with as well. What is for Turkey, if it is for all Turks, not just its "Turks", is far more complex and very simple. I will remain Hopeful.

...many great observations, enjoyed the article; thanks.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

If Turkey loses Cyprus, it loses everything in the E. Med.


...I do not agree. If anything a Cyprus re-united, is a beginning for Turkey, not an end.

Mr. Erdogan has only to make a small change in intention to recognise Cypriots exist.

What is "Turkishness" may end. That is to say it may change itself, and its intentions. A Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. Witness what has been done to Cyprus, having its "Turks", and those, not "Turk". Witness what is happening today, in Turkey, where it is more divided than ever for the same political dogma. There is a big difference between Turks, and "Turks"; this is clear. The Turks are a diverse People. Turkey, as in Cyprus, is not "Turkish", (nor "Greek",) it is and has always been more than that.

And what of the "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus? Think about it, were they ever busy at killing each other? The answer is no. Although at their hands many Cypriots died for not "being" them. "Greeks" and "Turks" are the same, "Greeks" and "Turks" are not Cypriots. It is the Cypriot people who need protection against "them"; this is worth thinking about, in Cyprus, and for Turkey and its Citizens, to be Free, to have Liberty. I have said before, i will say it again, it is not the Turkish Cypriots that should be looking to Turkey for help. It is the other way around. In Cyprus, Turks, as Cypriots have the opportunity to represent themselves as Persons, as a Constituency, and as Individuals to represent themselves as Cypriots. This is the same hope Turks who are not "Turkish" in Turkey have: that they may have in Turkey's own Constitutional reform a form of self-representation as Persons, as Constituencies, as well.

Mr. Akinci is well placed to serve Cypriots, and those who are Turkish; he needs to express his disdain for, "Greeks" and "Turks", being Cypriot, being not "Greek" nor "Turkish". It is time for him to say it well, one Turkey, one Cyprus, so that Turks and "Turks" may find their Peace as Human beings, those who believe in God, and even those who do not, to serve lovingly each other.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Turkish Cypriot president would be in office not in power


...three votes. When voting the elector chooses from three slates, electing a Turkish Cypriot Representative, a Greek Cypriot Representative, and for a Lower House, an Independent Representative (without Party affiliation).

If a leader could win a majority in a Legislature evenly split as seats Turkish and Greek, Parties, to win the leadership would necessarily fill all the slates toward that end. It would be in effect impossible to win such a House, without a majority of Cypriots in any case. Parties would necessarily have to present Platforms that their voters would consider as Individuals, not just as Persons. A Turkish Cypriot, as President, or a Greek Cypriot as President would be just as likely, and based on merit.

...and what of the demographics of the island? Is it believable that any 'number' chosen to represent some 'fair' split now will be as valid in the future? Why should it matter? Who is represented and how will minorities be given their recognition and respect in such as State if "Greekness" and "Turkishness" are fixed to some bloodline? Indeed it is far more complex, (or far simpler, either way) the issue is not one of "Greekness" or "Turkishness" but the Universal Principals we demonstrate, as Cypriots that we are willing to defend. (and allow me to add, there is no shame in "being" Cypriot)

Cypriot Constituencies may exist. They have the potential of being several as a sum. It is clear that a Turkish Constituency is prepared to demonstrate the value of such political representation, as Persons, specifically to nurture this Identity. Embracing this change, for Cyprus, the existence of distinct identities, within a Cyprus where Cypriots express no discrimination or distinction between themselves as Cypriots, is the BBF which offers to Individuals and Persons, their Freedom and Liberty respectively.

Cyprus has a Republic, a State. If it is to have a Turkish Constituency, i ask where are its equals? I ask, Cypriots, as Persons, would they, as Cypriot Constituencies, not have the same needs in sustaining their own diversity, that which makes them vital? Wouldn't they be more effective in sustaining their distinct identities through self-representation if in representing themselves there was a similar debate, as a 'majority' which may have different interests competing for attention, but always aware and mindful that there exists a 'minority' with its own special needs they must nurture as well? Wouldn't a Federal Government in this scheme of things be seen to be free of its present bias in securing a Cypriot their Freedom, and this Liberty, in setting a standard and goals?

...I ask, why not within this Republic, at another level of Government, as well, a Greek Constituency (and others)?

Could Mr. Akinci recognise the existence of the Republic (and work toward its reform), if the representative of a Greek Constituency was duly elected, and not the President of the Republic? Is it possible for the President to remove himself from the discussions, so that when the Constituencies are in unanimity they may discuss the State's Constitutional reform with him? Mr. Akinci must demonstrate in Switzerland in a few days something more than a "Turkish" view to claim he is a Cypriot, imho.

Some may recall the Communal Chamber and why it failed, while the intention remains. One may also recall that while "Greeks" and "Turks" were busy doing their killings, it was not other "Greeks" and "Turks", it was Cypriots for not being "Them", who were murdered and made to disappear. That while the coup succeeded, removing Makarios from office it failed because there were so few "Greeks" on the island supporting it. And, I remind the readership that Cypriots have existed for millennia as Cypriots. In any case, Cypriots cannot be denied the same basic principals any Human being has to being Cypriots. It would be a despicable thing if Cypriots cannot call themselves Cypriots to satisfy these same people who deny the existence of their Flag, the Flag of Cyprus, under which so many have died for at their hands already.

...a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided; it is something to think about. A "new" Cyprus, is not the answer, like a "new" Turkey i believe, they are likely to divide these populations further. The Problem is not exclusively a Cyprus Problem; witness how the same "Turkishness" has divided Turkey. Yet Cyprus is small in population; one hopes that this is an advantage in its own Constitutional reform. That while Turkish Cypriots look to Turkey for guidance, I suggest it should be the other way around; that while Turkey is in this state of reform it is all the more valid to think differently. That if, Cyprus is not "Greek", Turkey is not "Turkish" for the same reasons. That as a Constituency what can be gained being Cypriot, offers the same hope to the Kurds, and the Alevi, (not "Turks", but Turks) for example in Turkey. That this same hope, in a Cypriot way, makes it clearer, what is an Individual, what is a Person, what is a Nation, what is a State, what is Freedom, what is Liberty; and from a Unitary State exclusively, to a BBF, Cypriots, by changing themselves in this way may possibly change the political landscape throughout the region, being the "perfect" solution sought after for so long, because it is practical, it promotes respect among all Peoples, it is held in so much high esteem, (it is the solution to Turkey's Problem), and it is something which can be emulated.

It is wrong for Turkish Cypriots to think that they are weak and impotent; but as "Turks" they are.

...cheers, Mr. Alper.