Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyprus- what does it take to make real peace?


…interesting article, thank-you.

Erdogan cannot afford to see Cyprus divided, I think. A divided Cyprus, means a divided Turkey, if you think about it; because it is a National cause. Peace in Cyprus, as a BBF, where there are choices for Citizens, both as Persons, and as Individuals, is a template for the Constitutional reform, I suggest, Turkey needs. If there is one Flag in Turkey, the Flag of Turkey, then it is the same in Cyprus.

The Problem, is not one of “Greeks” and “Turks” divided, because they are not “Greeks”, and not “Turks”. A Bicommunal way of life is not represented by this debate. Nor are the words, Nation and State, or Freedom and Liberty, or Individual and Person, more clearly identified. Neither does Bizonal mean tearing Countries in two. The USA comes to mind, and Canada, as two successful BBFs (Bizonal Bicommunal Federations) with one Flag under which there is no distinction or discrimination by its Citizenship, of its Citizenship, (except on merit), while diverse as Citizens, one in defending each other as Citizens.

Erdogan in an instant can solve the Cyprus Problem. The same Problem in a “new Turkey” can be solved, with Cyprus, an agreeable solution in Cyprus, as its template.

It is not hard to imagine in Turkey a reciprocal regard for the minorities among the Turkish Constituencies that there are today. It is not hard to expect the Kurds to find in their self-representation as one of many Constituencies, a success, the impetus the other Constituencies may emulate. It is not hard to imagine, at some point in the future, in Turkey, a Turkic Constituency, as well as the Turkish State, therefore; where this, by its electorate, distinct identity, is nurtured. Like in Cyprus, a Cypriot identity, within, identities as Cypriot Constituencies.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Turkey aims for Cyprus solution this year: FM

. is hard to believe that for a little bit of land, Turkey cannot show herself generous. It is what the world needs now. It is what Erdogan needs. A Cyprus divided is the worst possible outcome for Turkey; a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided.
...the world waits "but one", what is a "new Turkey", an end to the Problem.

Re: Once again the savages strike !


...sadly, as an activist, for Cyprus, i must find within me the same grit daily for years, without witnessing something, not much more than a little beyond the point where we were decades ago. I am grateful on the other hand, that Cypriots demonstrate their conviction toward Universal Principals, peacefully. It is a beautiful island, there is no denying it, neither Turkish, neither Syrian, Arab or Israeli, neither English, neither Greek, Cypriot; there is a difference.

indeed, and Lest we Forget.

...real enemies exist, but they are not each other.

Friday, October 21, 2016

When will Hellenism see its own blunders?

. is interesting that all this debate is written in English, a language which does more to threaten "Greekness" or "Turkishness", than each other; such is the bigger world. Somehow, now for decades, the interests of Cypriots have been dismissed for the benefit of those among us who have taken the time to keep the rest of us isolated from each other. But, Cyprus, and Cypriots exist. Despite "it", Cypriots, and Cyprus, still exist.

"This" must stop, as Reverend Tutu said, when he was visiting here only a few years ago. my Cyprus, there would exist many Constituencies, where Individuals, as Cypriots choose by residing in one of these Cypriot Constituencies, as Persons, to sustain its distinct identity. In my Cyprus, this I can define as Liberty, because such a National Assembly, and such a territorial jurisdiction, is secured by a Federal Government, where as Cypriots we defend each other and our Freedom, as Cypriots, without any further distinction or discrimination, (being Individuals,) as equals.

Cyprus is an ethnos. It is not "Greek" and not "Greek", or "Turkish" and not "Turkish".

...Bicommunal and Bizonal are not dirty words, neither is the word Federation. It is a matter of intentions; Canada, and the USA, both come to mind as successful BBFs. Enclaves are not a dirty word either, and for the same reason. Justice must be seen. Our displaced, those missing, even the dead, need from us, the living, recognition and respect; that while they are and were the victims of the "Greeks" and "Turks" around them, they were victimised for being Cypriots, not "Greek", or not "Turkish". I suggest that if the "Green Line" must exist, so too enclaves on both sides of it, obliging the Greek and Turkish Constituencies to provide services island-wide, securing a Cypriot's Freedom of Movement, Association, and Expression, and to secure and end to it being a "border". In any case, Communities were displaced; some, as communities not just as Individuals, should return.

For those of us that consider the Flag of Cyprus as a temporary rag, I say, you are mistaken. For the rest of us, I say, enjoy it, fly it high every chance you get. I remember, Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin, modern day heroes, who, it can be said, won us that Right. Fly it proudly, that it may represent a Cypriot way, as wanted; a loving nature, a closeness to the land, a sense called Human.

...thank-you Mr. Rolandis; cheers, enjoyed your read.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Turkish foreign minister: last chance for a solution


...fluff for the masses. Turkey, more correctly, Erdogan's Turkey, needs a success in their foreign affairs more than ever; a Cyprus divided is their worst possible outcome. Cyprus being a National issue, represents a template for what "Turkishness" is supposed to mean. For over fifty years, in Cyprus, the "Turks" have isolated themselves, and their exchange with "others" (read: "Greek"). This much is clear, such a policy has not resulted in an independent and self-sustaining community of "Cypriot Turks", it has failed, what is "Turkish" remains a costly barrack with services for the elite, and the Turkish Army.

...when it comes to it, if there is only flag waving left, someone will die for the Flag in the occupied parts, the Flag of Cyprus. I ask, who will join in that fight against "this", for a Cypriot way? Cypriots, Greek and Turkish, i suppose, (the other half,) maybe even the "Greeks", all of them, against a foreign occupation.

...indeed, he (Erdogan) managed to get people out in the streets under their Flag, and for Democracy, in Turkey. It is a sword that cuts both ways, mind you, with the way Turkey has been divided, (and in Cyprus in seeking to divide,) the Cyprus Problem is their problem, Cyprus needs to exist for Cypriots accordingly.

Monday, September 19, 2016

In defence of the Federal Republic of Cyprus


...warm winds are blowing in the hearts of Cypriots it seems, what with these comments from Mr. Alper, and those just recently of another contemporary, Michalis Attalides in another paper.

At this juncture i will add that a Turkish Constituency does not preclude the existence at a future date of other Cypriot Constituencies. As a set of Cypriot Constituencies, "Turk"/ not "Turk", does not well define the Cypriot ethnos. My hope at this point, is that the framers of the Constitutional reforms we need have considered that with the success of this Constituency, a Turkish Constituency, the others may find in having self-representation as Persons, the same benefit.

While there exists a Cypriot Government, which can reform itself, and a Turkish Constituency, let us be clear, they are only equally committed to the Universal Principals all Humans hold dear, they are not equals. An equal to the Turkish Constituency would be (an) other Cypriot Constituencies as active toward sustaining as Persons a distinct identity. Until the Greek community in Cyprus, or the Arab speaking, Latins, (or English), as Persons, express the same commitment to their National identities through Assembly, as Turkish Cypriots, there will be no equal to the Turkish Constituency; much depends on their success, if from their success, it is emulated.

Grecophones may represent an overwhelming majority, but the point is mute. Unitary or Federal, this Government, of the Republic, can have no equal, in any case, just as Freedom has no equal. Although futuristically, a set of Cypriot Constituencies, in unanimity perhaps, could represent an equally powerful voice, toward driving, then, Constitutional change, at present Grecophones do not have the same needs, better ways to execute their needs, is and should still be a concern to them. Canada, for example, Canadians find strength in their diversity, one Canada exists to and for all Canadians, and while many National elements compose the Canadian mosaic, (not just French/English, not just Native/White, not just North/South) it is a melting pot within these contexts as well; something to think about. While Cypriots, as Greeks, may see themselves as a part of a vast majority, or, as Turks, a part of a minority, a minority within its own confines, is a majority where they, likewise, can demonstrate a recognition and respect for their own minority's special needs. In Cyprus, needless to say minority rights, will take on a greater importance; it will have to work both ways. And, like in Canada, this open-mindedness, a welcoming presence, that you do not have to be "Greek" to be Greek, or "Turkish" to be Turkish, offers to Citizens of Cyprus what should be, a limitless potential to become facilitators for social-exchange at the cross-road to three continents, and in many languages: they have only to choose.

A Cyprus solution? A brief view of what is important


...many Cypriot Constituencies can exist. Cyprus is an ethnos, not, "Turkish" and not "Turkish", or, "Greek" and not "Greek". Cypriots exist, they remain, despite the efforts to marginalize such an intention (by "Greeks" and "Turks").

Recognition of a Turkish Cypriot Constituency, is possible, if it exists within the context of a set of Cypriot Constituencies. While representing Persons, offering self representation toward sustaining this distinct identity, as electors, they (any Constituency of this set of Constituencies which chooses to do so) will be closer to their taxes spent toward their own efforts. But, as Individuals, and at a superior level of government, Cypriots, beyond Liberties like these which they may enjoy, to secure them, they need to secure the Freedom which comes from demonstrating a commitment to Universal Principals, as Cypriots, without further distinction or discrimination, willing to defend (a Rule of Law, and) each other.

...when i think of a BBF (Bicommunal Bizonal Federation), i think of Canada, and the USA. that regard the Republic of Cyprus should have no equal.
      ...(while its government(s) defend Universal Principals equally)

...enclaves are not a dirty word. Even if the "Green line" remains little unchanged, Free Movement, Free Association, and Free Expression, are all encouraged with the geographic insertion of enclaves on the map of Cyprus, north and south. In any case, Justice seen, for the displaced, requires from all Cypriots their recognition and respect. Some at least should return as they left, as Communities, not just as Individuals. The "Green Line" cannot exist but as a frontier among many, or for the good of Cypriots, and if not, it should not exist not at all.

"Something", entirely "Turkish", or entirely "Greek" should (if need be) represent, something entirely small. In any case, and in that regard, nothing more than 1.5% land-wise, i think, is acceptable for either party as such,  because in over fifty years of having divided Cypriots, holding the Agenda, they have failed to provide a justification for "their" existence, to the rest of us (as Human beings).

...witness the Occupy Movement in Nicosia a few years ago; the youth in Cyprus, not so easily divided: they are (and were) Cypriot, and despite their differences they remained united for a Cypriot way as Cypriots. New thinking is needed from the political elite, what with the lack of charity they, these young Cypriots received, toward their efforts to "take back" Cyprus from its  interlocutors, from them, then. Witness today, in a strange counter-intuitive kind of way, Eroglu is not heading to the negotiations, Akinci is. Witness this same desire from Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin, having to win the right to "being" Cypriot.

It is a singular message.

... thus, i think the President needs the credibility of winning Individual votes, whatever ethnic origin they may declare themselves to be (or to be a representative of). To lead, it would be reasonable to imagine that a leader could (or should) hold a majority of seats in the legislature where they present an Agenda. If the State was represented with a Bicameral Legislature, it would be possible to have representation by population, and by Party politics. I suggest that at a Federal Election, every Citizen is given three votes, one from each slate offered at their polling station, for a Turkish Cypriot Representative, and a Greek Cypriot Representative, of an Upper Chamber divided equally as seats for the winning candidates, Parties offered on two of these slates, and a third vote, from a third slate, for an Independent Representative of the Lower House, for sober second thought, (a Lower House will offer, regions, minorities (in the context: not "Greek", not "Turkish"), and other minorities,) a voice in making better Law, their debate, to open public consideration, (and Amendments), to secure transparency in the making of Law, they would vote by consensus, respectively, for their electorate as a neighborhood directly. The Leader of the Party winning a majority of seats in such an Upper House, facing such a Lower House, would surely have the confidence, and the representation to lead all Cypriots.

Beyond what could be, or should be, there is Cyprus now. Direct action means more flags that people will sit under. In that regard, in our daily lives, more can be done to do so. This message loud and clear can be brought to the present day ruling class, if when they dare to look out their windows they see such a flag, the Flag of Cyprus, flying from a rooftop, or on a car, as one which cannot be ignored among the many already there, because it is always there, there are more there, in their view. This, Cypriots can do for themselves, now. And in doing so, move closer to each other, seen, as Cypriots, an end, for a better future. the context of, "a ratio", it, should not be set in stone, Constitutionally speaking. Cypriots cannot assume in a world such as ours, that this ratio will not change, or that the demographics will remain the same as the world changes around Cyprus; it is another reason for a Cyprus in terms of representation, for Cypriots, whether representation for "Greeks", or "Turks", "Maronites", "Armenians", or even "British", exists or not.

...enjoyed the article/opinion; thanks.




Thursday, September 15, 2016

‘Dream solution’ of a federal Cyprus


...we are near a solution, we hope at least.

...wish I was there, Mr. Alper; I hope to be reading about the lecture in any case, hope it is well received.

...indeed, Cyprus is the template, where, if perfect, its emulation in Turkey, another country in need of Constitutional reform, in need of a solution like a BBF, would be enriching. One Flag flies highest in Turkey, where one does not imagine a Turkey broken apart. One Flag in Cyprus, likewise on the same basis. Cypriot Constituencies can exist within a Federal Republic, at another level of Government, Turkish Constituencies in the same manner can exist, too.

...minority rights, what a majority means, and the willingness to defend each other without distinction or discrimination as a whole, all have to be defined, (in Cyprus). Along with the words Freedom and Libert(ies)y, State and Nation(s), Individual and Person(s), Equality and Equal(s), quite beyond Left and Right, or "Greek" and "Turk", there is, a Cypriot way which when realised one hopes all Humanity will gain from its clarity; an end to the Problem, meanings for these words held in high esteem, and engaged.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bright future ahead for Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus settlement


...there is the man Akinci, who stands with no flag behind him. Let us remember who elected him for what, why Eroglu lost, in what was a referendum. Cyprus is filled with Cypriots, not just the other half who call themselves "Greeks", or "Turks", this much is clear. Does he have the courage to represent them? As yet this remains unclear.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Security and guarantees — two thorniest issues in Cyprus talks


...who needs security and guarantees? The Cypriots do, from the "Greeks" and the "Turks" (who have held their Agenda as the topic for debate far too long), who as History shows, have victimised, those not "Greek", or not "Turkish": those who were murdered and made to disappear mostly, died for being Cypriots; think about it.

Cypriots exist, they still exist. Just look at Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin, the other half, as I like to call them, who are not "Greek", or, "Turkish".

Cyprus remains a template for Turkey's own Constitutional Reform. Erdogan risks tearing Turkey apart, for "Turkishness", by ignoring the difference between a "Turk", and a Turk. The recognition of Cyprus, as a country that is one and indivisible, secures him great International prestige. And if within such a Unitary State at another level of Government their existed self-representation of its Citizens as Persons, such a BBF secures Turkey for Turks (and "Turks", too).

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Our View: Too much noise about the National Council


...indeed, as things develop, one would imagine that ethnicity will matter far less than intention, should the opposition continue to make their "Greekness" an issue.

Sober second thinking, it would seem to me a National Council's purpose; a place where new thinking is welcome and discussed as well.

One thing is for sure, Cyprus does not need the betrayal of those who will put the "Greek" flag, or the "Turkish" flag higher, or who think the Flag of Cyprus is a rag of only temporary significance. And if the opposition cannot abide with such conditions, then they themselves should excuse themselves from this table, no doubt the President will find others, in the Academia, and in Private and Public life who can provide for more insight, for Cyprus, who as Patriots see themselves as Cypriots above all else.

...if there is a National Council, one hopes that it is Cypriots sitting there: not "Greeks", not "Turks".

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

How religious holidays are uniting Iraqi Muslims and Christians


...i remember, in Cyprus, before these people, Cypriots, were divided as "Turks", and not "Turks" (read: "Greeks).

My village, "they" called "mixed"; we were self sustaining as a village, and as people, respectfully, great Cooperators no less, united, close to the land we served the only way we knew how, lovingly, for God, with Grace.

Despite the influence of more than half a century, from being torn apart, we continue to share in our common practices, where we gather to demonstrate our solidarity for each other's Love.

It must annoy the "Turks" (and the "Greeks"), that on certain days the village empties for these gatherings, as they are on the other "side" now; that Cypriots existed and they still remain.

...happy to hear that in Iraq, the people, those who live "there", act accordingly.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Anastasiades to reconstitute National Council


If these men wish to challenge an adversary that is "Turkish", then let them remember the lessons they should have learned from the past: what is "Greek" is no different. And that as Turkish, Greek and Arabic speaking people, we can, with this intention, defend each other as Cypriots. We can accept the Flag which represents "us", the Flag of Cyprus; they should make the effort to stand beside it respectfully for this common cause more often, these men, they can i strongly suggest as a sign of good will, open themselves to a new National Anthem, which is Cypriot.

Cypriot Constituencies is what is on the table. If these men want a National Council that is "Greek", they should expect with Cyprus' diversity that other National Councils would naturally exist. If they are better politicians than that, they should expect, with an end to the Problem (at least) three "National Councils" may exist, but one will be superior to the rest. They must choose for who they stand if they are Cypriots, now.

...beyond their "Greekness"", i am hoping that these men will demonstrate that Cyprus, not Greece, comes first, and that as Greeks, "being" Greek, does not mean more to them than being Cypriot.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anastasiades says he will not accept any downgrading of the RoC


...and where is the Flag of Cyprus with Mr. Akinci shaking hands with Mr. Ki Moon, beside them? Oh i forgot, the "President" that's not good enough to be present at his daughter's wedding, gets special treatment to be, not a Cypriot, but the "President" of somewhere else (no flags at least). more than ever, Akinci needs a nerve.
Fly the Flag of Cyprus, now is a good time Mr. Akinci, hold it lovingly in your hands; that is what you were elected to do, do you remember your election day? Have courage, the other half, those of us who are, not "Greek", or, not "Turkish", we, are behind you, we are still here.
President Anastasiades said it quite correctly, and if i may remind the readers, this is not the first time that a leader of a Cypriot constituency was humiliated in the same fashion, by Mr. Erdogan; maybe not live on TV with the whole world watching like at the Grand Prix, worse this time i think, but it is still the same humiliation at a world event.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The moral case for a federal solution is compelling


...indeed, Cyprus will return to being an ethnos, when, among Cypriots there is Freedom.
(whatever Liberties they have)

We can prepare to be the cross-road for three continents, or we can deny, the "osmosis'', this world, at the advent of such notions, as the EU, and the Information Age, never mind what Climate Change, has in store for us. (we speak English mostly; Greek, Turkish, Arabic, are official languages). As it is there is no "Greek Constituency", although there is the Republic, and the desire for the self-representation as Persons, of one, of a set of Cypriot Constituencies.

A Turkish Constituency may find its equals within a community of Constituencies, but it is no equal to the community which makes up the Cypriot People; there is a big difference. And while Turkish Cypriots may see the benefits in sustaining their distinct identity through self-representation as Persons, Cypriots as Individuals, also need, their self-representation to be based on Universal Principals without distinction and discrimination, where they can express this conviction in defending each other, as Cypriots, as well. apology was given by Christofias, when President, for the Greek Cypriot people; it was not reciprocated. And while Mr. Akinci defeated the camp "for Turkey", being elected, "for Cyprus", I do not believe that there is one instance where he stands, in one photograph, with the Flag of Cyprus beside him; this is telling. (Is it still an issue of, what is "Turkish" and what is not "Turkish"?)

It is Turkey that needs this solution, it is Turkey (read: Erdogan) who feels s/he has the most to lose (read: win). The Cyprus Problem, in my mind is, the Turkey Problem, defining the difference between Persons and Individuals, Liberty and Freedom, State and Nation, what is wise Constitutional Reform
(; what is a BBF)?

...while Turkey's intention is to divide Cyprus, she risks having herself divided, as well;
something to think about.

cheers, Mr. Alper, enjoyed reading your piece.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Re: Writing my thesis on the Cyprus Problem


...we are Greek by the very nature of the population. As a representation it is significant. This is a fact.

We are not "Greeks", or "Turks", although some of us are (politically speaking). We are Cypriots, equally important to each other, as Cypriots, whether, as Persons, we can identify ourselves as, Maronite, Armenian, Latin, Greek, or Turkish. Cypriots, (like in the rest of the world) English is the working language, as witnessed here, in the Cyprus Forum; something to think about.

...indeed, if there is one Cyprus, there is no need for it to be "Greek", or "Turkish" (more accurately; not "Turkish"(read:"Greek"), or "Turkish"), because as Individuals, we are Cypriot. (this is Freedom)

...indeed, at another level of government, as Individuals, we may choose to sustain, recognise, and respect, an ethnos which is Cypriot, as Persons, by our own choosing. (this is Liberty)

...and if there existed Cypriot Constituencies, (as territorial Jurisdictions) they could help in sustaining the distinct identities unique to them, while as a People we would all enjoy in it as our Heritance.

While there exists no Greek Constituency, while in effect there is no desire for a Greek Constituency, it does not exclude the possibility, within a set of Cypriot Constituencies, for a Turkish Constituency to demonstrate the benefits (of self-representation as Persons) to other Cypriots having a different National identity, and who have the same struggle in sustaining their respective communities. In the broadest sense, the difficulties in Cyprus, are the difficulties that are faced by all Mankind. Allow me to remind you, that the ethnosphere, is diminishing at a faster rate than our ecosphere. It will not be long, never mind the Arabic our Maronite's speak, Greek itself may face extinction soon. Frankly, i am hoping Cyprus may lead in making this plight, less. And, while we may learn and adapt, to preserve this diversity, i believe that Turkey has a lot to gain from the Cyprus Problem, what with the demands she makes of those not "Turkish", in Cyprus, and at home.

What is the Turkish regime in the occupied north, offers nothing to Cypriots, because it is not Cypriot, as it only demonstrates an interest in "Turkish" affairs. It is nothing more than an extension of the Turkish Army (and as it has proved over all these years, it has no life of its own). The same intransigence which makes the Cyprus Problem so enduring, may soon become the 'Turkish Problem' what with the efforts in Turkey to divide the population very similarly, between those "Turkish", and those Turkish but not "Turkish". Cyprus in effect, affects 90 million people; as a template, what is good, for "Turks", in one country, determines what is good for, not "Turks", in their own.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Good vibes in Cyprus: Solving the Greek-Turk conflict would bode well


...i would like the same in America, where, no one is allowed to identify themselves as Americans, where there are rules which limit an Individual's Freedom because they were born a New Yorker, or a Californian, as Persons, refused the same respect in other states. Why not? The USA is a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation. This is what the "Turks" expect from those not "Turks" (read: "Greeks"), in Cyprus.

Cyprus exists, to everyone "but one", as VP Biden has said. Cypriots exist too. Ask, Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin. While as Persons, distinctions like Custom, are different, yes it's true, (while for the most part they are Grecophones), they are Cypriot.

...and to the authors of this article, i suggest that they reconsider "who" and what they are endorsing, because while "Greeks" and "Turks" exist, "they" should not be rewarded, Greeks and Turks exist, the other half as i like to call them, and they continue to be ignored or dismissed.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Work on Turkey water pipeline to resume May 15


...who is doing this work, who is paying for it, when will it be completed?
...years now, no clear answers, and I wonder, who is this project really for; why have I never heard of a Cypriot, other than the regime's spokesperson(s), who can point to a benefit Cypriots have already enjoyed: a greater capacity somehow, a success, in education, research, construction know-how...
...I ask myself, other than a lot of money being spent, that is Turkish taxpayer money, what has Turkey, and more precisely Erdogan's Turkey, done to make this project of the century, a "Turkish" product, something to be proud of.
At this point, who cares? It is obviously not being built to relieve the thirst there is today, that could have been done in any number of ways already. What have Cypriots to say about it, Turkish, or Greek, nothing, only because they are ignored, divided the way they are, impotent.
...the water is for cucumbers, to be fair, mostly. And of course, for profit, if you are "Turkish" enough.
(it is for the rest, of us, who are expected to accept "their" price, and pay)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why there are fresh hopes of a united Cyprus


...let's remember that the "Greeks", and the "Turks" we talk about, in Cyprus, have not been murdering each other for the most part, they have been murdering Cypriots, as Cypriots, for being Cypriot, over all these years.
Cypriots are not "Turks", and what is not "Turkish", called "Greek". Cypriots did not abandon their homes, there is no "Turkish north", and "Greek south", there are Cypriots who seek their Freedom, as Individuals, while as Persons there are those for their own Liberty who deny them.
While Mr. Anastasiades is the President of the Republic, and Mr. Akinci is the Leader of the Turkish Constituency, as their President, they are not equals politically. There is a big difference. While the Flag of Cyprus, among the Flags of countries like Turkey and England, makes sense (to me). What is the Turkish Army's regime in the illegally occupied north, can only hope that they may demonstrate a benefit within, to Cypriots, from sustaining their distinct identity through self-representation, as a Cypriot Constituency, alone at the moment with this intention, but one of a set of Constituencies which could be.
...Canada comes to mind, when thinking BBF, and the USA. Both are Bicommunal, both are Bizonal, both are Federations, and both are successful as such.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Editorial: A bottom-up solution


...i would like to find Cypriots who fly the Flag of Cyprus, north, to do my shopping, some of it, at least, with them. (I know there are some, as brave, there must be more as willing.) Buying local is making a statement. It is an act that sustains our economy, and a way of life. If we make the effort to seek each other out, this too will make a big difference in how we will be treated, as Cypriots, rather than as "Greeks", and "Turks"; there is a difference.
...i have said it before, i will say it again, for our Leaders to be inspired, let them look out their windows, and their limousines, and see, the Flag of Cyprus, proudly flown, where we work, our homes, on our cars, and among the crowds at civic holidays; it is up to us, as Cypriots: not as Jews, or Christians, or Muslims, not as Romans, Arabs, Turks, or Greeks, not as English or Sri Lankan, not as Russian, not as Persons, not as Gays, not as Atheists, but as Individuals, without any further distinction or discrimination.
...Cypriots exist. The best way to demonstrate this fact, if you ask me, is to fly the Flag of Cyprus.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Catch 22 that keeps Cyprus divided, 2


...take heart. Trust "us", the people. It is not "Them" which decides, but the number of votes. I will remind you, there are three Flags in Cyprus, (now four, if you include the EU), it is not two, the Flag of Cyprus is not a rag as many who are "Greek" and "Turkish" would have you believe. And the youth of this country, have this belief, witness the Occupy Movement, in Nicosia, a few years ago.

We, any one of us can act. I choose Cyprus, I fly the Flag of Cyprus, too.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Catch 22 that keeps Cyprus divided


Just once, I would like to see Mr. Akinci stand beside the Flag of Cyprus. I would like to hear him once say, "I am Cypriot, first". Trust, and respect are needed; so too, called for.

Whether there is only one, two, three, or more Constituent states, in Cyprus, in my mind is secondary to the principal that as Cypriots, our Principals are Universal. There is one Cyprus, we are Cypriots, Greek or Turkish, Maronite or Armenian for that matter, as Persons, the need is equal, an ability to sustain these distinct identities in Liberty. Freedom is not Liberty, Freedom does not make these distinctions of ethnicity or race, gender, religion, or age, Freedom makes no distinction, or discrimination at all, Freedom is our Individual Rights, and what we as Individuals can do to defend it (them). There is no such thing as "Greek" Freedom, "Turkish" Freedom (from "Greek" Freedom) is no less a fraud, because only when we rise above our "Greekness" and our "Turkishness", is there the presence of mind to see Cyprus as Cyprus, as a Cypriot whole, and where, as Human Beings, we choose to better ourselves; the Freedom of choice, so that as Persons we thrive.

There is no equal to the Turkish Constituency, because a Greek Constituency, at this moment, (does not exist, and) sees no benefit in the self-representation that comes from it. Never the less, a Turkish Constituency can exist (and have a Territorial Jurisdiction) within the context of a set of Cypriot Constituencies, and while such a Constituency may sit alone, now, it is up to this Constituency to demonstrate its usefulness to the others, toward the future. It, is no equal to the Republic. Without this clear understanding, and a demonstration of it, the difference between, "being" a Person and/or an Individual, will remain unresolved. And the problem that is the Problem, that there is a difference between the words, Freedom and Liberty, that the Problem is not an Issue between "Greeks" and "Turks", but in defining words like, Nation, and State, will also remain.

One Flag of Turkey flies over Turkey. One Flag of Cyprus flies over Cyprus.
How is that so hard to understand?

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Turkish Cypriot flag couple feel abandoned by Anastasiades


...if you want to support this brave couple, fly the Flag of Cyprus, fly it highest, fly it wherever you may travel on this island, fly it so that people can see you agree: You are Cypriot.

If there is a time to send our Leaders a message, it is now. If there was a time for us, the people, to give them courage, it is now. They need to look out their windows and see, the Flag of Cyprus.

...and if we are to take the time to remember the missing, and the murdered outright, for the most part they were Cypriot, murdered and made to disappear for this reason, for the most part by those who take great pride in calling themselves "Greeks", and "Turks"; something to think about.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

CORRECTION – Cyprus crucial to EU-Turkey deal on refugees, Tusk says


Turkey has made many demands, where Europe, and Cyprus have demonstrated their willingness to provide for Turkey's wants, and needs. Visa Free Travel for Turks, and Cyprus, don't seem to me at all related to the problems of a mass migration, including its tragedies on a scale not seen in a hundred years. In any case, 3 Billion euros, is the "Humanitarian content" that Turkey will spend almost like a contractor, for the EU; again in June we will see if this performance is to be rewarded, or credible.

..."chapters" may open for Turkey, Turkey may want easy travel for Turkish Citizens to all of Europe, but the bond to grow stronger will include a respect for the Rule of Law, respect for Persons and the Liberty they seek, respect for the Freedoms that comes from respecting Universal Principals as Individuals and equals, and thus, respect for Cypriots, as Cypriots.

Most respectfully, I would like to remind the editor, that there is no, Southern Cyprus, there is a southern Cyprus indeed, because Cyprus has been illegally under the occupation of the Turkish Army for more than forty years, northward. Nor is Cyprus divided because they are "Greeks" and "Turks", but because this identity, Cypriot, does not suit the other half as I like to call them who have found a profit in manufacturing fear, the hateful thinking that goes along with the intentions of tearing the island in two. There is a good reason why the Problem is a Problem and not a problem, and why the Cyprus Problem merits such attention. Turkey it seems is the "only one",  to quote a phrase from VP Biden, not yet ready to recognize it.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Re: Cyprus will save the EU!


...what are you guys talking about? Banking and the past? A big hoorah, little Cyprus blah blahblah, and nothing more but the same old? Hello, because Turkey will get Visa Free Travel to (all of) Europe; that by recognising what already exists, (more precisely a Protocol) that Cyprus will be further ahead. What are we refusing? Cyprus has what, "Freedom", to gain, (/to lose) (it won't be the kind of Freedom that does not have to be specifically defined,) because Turkey is ready to call Cyprus, Cyprus (at least the half (that they define) they didn't recognise, before)? What Europe will "give", for Cyprus; it is perfect.
Do you get it? It is pure genius in a sick and criminally psychotic kind of way...

Cyprus cannot refuse recognition since it is what she asks for.

On the backs of migrants, no not migrants, mass migration, a crisis (a solution), in part also manufactured by spheres much like his own, not entirely under control, who in affect feed on themselves and grow, this Omnibus approach to an "Agreement". The word Freedom comes to mind as a two edged sword. You (meaning us, let's say the 97.2%) still don't get it, i suppose. If he succeeds in bundling the Cyprus Problem to a set of problems, he belittles the Problem itself, he belittles the "Problem" in Turkey, he belittles Universal Principals by setting his own conditions, for "Turkishness", again (and again). This is Erdogan's finest hour. This is the darkest hour; for Cyprus, indeed, and for the EU it is, never mind for what's called Mankind.

The end of Cyprus, and the end of the EU are near.

...but i'm just kidding, (not).

Turkey has taken no risk, she will absorb her chosen migrants as Citizens over the next five years to her benefit. What with the present condition(s) in Turkey, they are hard to ignore, Turkey should need no reward to show her convictions. What has been linked to these talks are more correctly dismissed, i wonder were issues successfully deflected, because as issues, the Cyprus Problem, and Visa Free Travel for Turks to Europe have no influence on solving the crisis at hand, the crisis of a mass migration bigger than what has ever been seen in 100 years, as well as being as issues big and complex themselves.

While the world will fill the headlines with much happiness, that Turkey agrees, Cyprus exists, "their" intentions are filled; not for the People of Turkey, or for Humanity, or for the displaced who continue moving having found no refuge yet. Certainly not for Cypriots with/under these conditions, a victory, or an end. But for a complex of Bureaucracies to mull over, and to rule (,) over their own complex regulations, Cyprus becomes not much more than a fuse to an even bigger bomb, "they" wish to take a hand at defusing, a trigger if you will; Erdogan dares the EU, yes, he'll say, to Cyprus. And he will say give us Visa Free Travel., i am not happy, what with this "recognition", near.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The birth of federal Cyprus


...fact is that the overwhelming majority on the island is not "Turkish". What was "Turkish", by the Treaty of Lausanne, became "British". Cyprus now, is "Cypriot".

Although, you may feel it is unfortunate that the dwellers of this island speak mostly Greek, it has been the case for thousands of years. In any case, to survive, in the Modern world, and to thrive beyond, Cypriots know better than to count on their "Greekness", or their "Turkishness", to secure success in the efforts they make toward social-exchange, particularly with the rest of the world. Cypriots need more than the Liberty of representing themselves as distinct identities, they need for their Freedom, an identity as Individuals, where they can demonstrate their unity as such, toward Universal Principals.

"You" must trust the others, "they" must respect you: such is the way of the world. While there exists a Greek Flag, and a Turkish Flag, so too, there exists a Cypriot Flag; above all else, let's remember, we are Human beings by acting accordingly.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stand up for federalism


...a well written opinion, worthy of thought, worth reading.
I stress the commitment made by Koray Basogrultmac─▒ and Cinel Senem Husseyin, to fly the Flag of Cyprus outside their shop in Famagusta. More of us should demonstrate the same commitment, in the same way. It is "legal" now to fly this flag anywhere on the island, because of them.
What of our Leadership, when they glance out their window, what is the message we the people send to them, without this pride? If we love this island, if we are its steward, we must be willing to defend each other for this cause. We are not "Greeks" or "Turks" in that regard, we are Cypriots.
Time has come, after more than fifty years of Turkish Foreign Policy, and its failure with the Annan Plan, Cypriots still have the hope that their voice will be heard, like anywhere else in the world, they seek to measure themselves as Individuals, based on merit. Whether a set of Cypriot Constituencies exist or not, at another level of Government, this Liberty, for Persons, does not compare to Freedom, or the Universal Principals, the identity "Cypriot" represents, without further distinction or discrimination.
It is up to us, to fly that flag, the Flag of Cyprus, higher, now. It is what our leaders need to see beyond themselves as federal citizens too. It is up to us to fly that flag, the Flag of Cyprus, so that we can see beyond ourselves, doing so, we do not stand alone.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Maronites want villages under Greek Cypriot control after a solution


Cyprus is an Ethnos, it is neither "Greek"(read: not "Turkish), or "Turkish". Cyprus is Bicommunal because as People, we see ourselves as Individuals, and as Persons. A Cypriot State must exist. Cypriot Constituencies may exist (two have been identified), of the set, only one has the intention (so far) to represent themselves as electors so that their taxes are closer to their efforts toward sustaining their unique identity, as Persons. But Cyprus does exist, Cypriots exist, as Cypriots, even if the overwhelming majority are Greek, they are connected to a world that speaks English.

...something to think about. Especially since the world's Ethnosphere is shrinking more rapidly than our Ecosphere. And as stewards of this island's Heritance, we have responsibilities which go beyond such Modern roots as "Turkishness", or "Greekness", in fact the crossroad to three Continents, and a History which dates back much further, our strength has always been, as facilitators of exchange.

Maronite, the Arabic they speak is one of Cyprus' Official Languages. Correct me if I am wrong; although it would be nice if in Cyprus, Institutionally, we can make our Languages transparent, easy to translate, to and from each other because extended to other languages, new frontiers open to us, too.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Leaders meet, discuss disparities (Update 1)


...i am waiting as patiently as i can. It is entirely possible that the Leadership knows the pitfalls we fear, from what little said there is this glimmer of hope, they realise that when it comes down to a vote, it must be reasoned, principled, clear, and easy to understand.
While the idea of flying the Flag of Cyprus remains foreign to some, in Cyprus, I suggest it is the medicine that is needed. Only if we are willing to defend each other as such will we truly send the message that as Cypriots, Freedom is our goal. I will give these men credit, who negotiate the Problem, having to work in what is essentially a vacuum, without the support one would expect in such a brave endeavour; from "us" what have they to hear?
...make the effort, wherever you are, on your car, at work on your desk, in front of your home, travelling around the island, at the beach sitting under its shade, show you care, and what you care for with the hope that more will share the same joy, that Cyprus has a Flag, and that you, you as in all of you, love Cyprus.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Erdogan’s new sultanate


...I look forward to Mr. Erdogan's turnaround on Cyprus. It is expected soon. Everything seems to be fitting in place for the recognition that Cypriots exist, that they are not, "Turks" and "Greeks" (read: not "Turks"), they are, without any further discrimination or distinction, simply Cypriots.
If he wants the support of Turkey's minorities, the Kurds, and the Alevi, (never mind the Christians or the Armenians, of Turkey, (or the esteem of the rest of the world)), if he wants Peace at home, if he wants to leave a legacy that unites the Turkish people, he will offer them this hope. Like in Cyprus, a BBF, where Cypriots are Cypriots, Free and Equal, as Individuals, and at another level of government, Constituencies, the self representation of Individuals as Persons, will exist, where as a majority, electors will sustain an Agenda, and their distinct identity, while as Constituencies they can demonstrate their respect and recognition for the minorities that live amongst them accordingly, as Persons, too.
Mr. Erdogan may want everyone in Turkey to speak Turkish, this is understandable, but, it seems to me, that he is ignoring Turkey's diversity as an ethnos, and as a valuable Heritance, by defining "Turkishness" where, if you are not "Turkish", one cannot be a Turk.
...i suspect that if Mr. Erdogan continues, without a change in his intentions, he will find himself even more isolated, that the "New Turkey" he imagines, will be a much smaller place.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Israel needs Turkey now more than ever


It is Turkey that needs Israel more than ever. Indeed the meeting in Cyprus was "historic". It represents the advent of a countervailing force, to the one that Turkey has taken for itself to be. Turkey may be the hub for distribution of oil and gas north and east, but there will be an alternative route for these products coming from the Middle East, and Egypt, westward to Europe; all the better for the world's security, and much more progressive.
Whether the cost is four or five times more is not the point, safe and honest brokerage is. Erdogan's Turkey does not offer this to anyone anymore, isolated as he has made himself to be.
(There are no guarantees with Erdogan, for anything, either.)
It is possible for Turkey to shift its intentions though, and this can be made clear, with the recognition of Cyprus as the Republic that it is, an equal, neither "Greek" or "Turkish", but a State much like its own, dedicated to the Universal Principals that all men and women, as Individuals, are equal, without any further discrimination or distinction necessary.
If greed gets the better of the Israeli leadership, it will, at the cost of Israel's security, succeed in making a few men rich. Beyond that, thinking about the new relationships being built at this moment, comprehensively speaking there is a far greater potential for wealth that enriches the lives of many, not just these few. (And let's not forget that there are a few tripartite meetings going on that, Israel and Cyprus, Greece and Cyprus, and Cyprus alone, are involved in, as well.)
Turkey too, like Israel, by its own choosing, may find itself better off with Cyprus the link between an Israeli hub (and/or a Cypriot hub) toward a larger market, from a larger market, and its own. It is also something to think about.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

TV presenter in the dock over rant


...indeed, if Cypriots go to the occupied ares with the intention of enriching themselves, without conscience, it is a selfish act, without a doubt something that curs do.

...i suggest that Cypriots can do good for themselves, spending money, with Cypriots, in the north, who are as much the victims or worse in these conditions. Cypriots should make the effort with their choices and this distinction, to do these Citizens a kindness, not just as an act of good commerce, but political.

It speaks volumes if the Flag of Cyprus was flown more often, there; now that it is "legal". Brave people like these should be encouraged to speak louder; money talks, so does solidarity.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cyprus as a centre for dialogue


...well said.

Cyprus is an ethnos. As such Cypriots can choose to sustain the distinct identities which make up this nature, to defend each other, to be Cooperators, a society which as Persons, and more importantly as Individuals, recognize and respect their own diversity, to adapt to a changing world in a manner which is enriching to themselves, as Cypriots, as this island's steward, and as facilitators of exchange.

At another level of Government, I can see the need for Cypriot Constituencies. Within a Federation, this right exists. While Turcophones may soon have the Liberty they have demanded for so long, such a form of self representation can only be secured by a superior element, the Federal government itself, being the Sovereign representative of Cypriots. While there will be no equal to the Turkish Constituency, its existence does not exclude the rights of Individuals, as Persons, as a Constituency, to be recognized as such at a later date.

I believe that Cypriots, may come to appreciate the opportunities they have if they are given a choice beyond the debate as it is framed, to be adversaries: what is "Turkish", what is not "Turkish" (called "Greek"); that beside a Turkish Constituency, and the Republic, a Greek Constituency could one-day exist, Maronite and Armenian Constituencies, even Latin and English, may exist as well.

Let us not forget that the world's ethnology faces larger problems with extinction than does the world's ecology. Let's not forget that despite the fact that Cypriots are overwhelmingly Greek speaking (and having Greek origins) like ninety percent of the world whose mother tongue is not English, they speak English, and fluently, on the computer for example, and in their busy lives beyond their family. Children do not necessarily see a value in learning either Greek, or Turkish, today. In my mind, to "Greeks", "Turks" may represent an immediate threat to their culture, (and vice versa) but in that regard, "English" I suggest, because it is overwhelmingly 'more' useful, is a bigger threat, if ignored, to us all.

In a world of bits and bytes, quantity counts, not just the quality of thoughts. Cyprus is one of those places in the world where one can expect to find urban dwellers who speak many languages, and who are very mobile. They clearly understand that these linguistic abilities are essential. Cypriots, in that regard, have a great opportunity to expand the relevance of their Official Languages by making them not only transparent to each other, as translation and meaning goes, but to many other languages. Such a Pedagogy will surely develop young minds who will have a strong appreciation of a mother tongue, and a capacity to communicate well, otherwise. One word in English if you will, becomes ten words or a hundred depending on the Cypriot capacity to use languages institutionally.

...i suggest it is Cypriots which will demonstrate the qualities, their respective "motherlands" (or "fatherlands") will emulate, learn from, and better themselves, by making their Language(s) open to improvement, interesting and useful as languages, to a sphere of languages, and Peoples, as a whole.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Re: Ranking the alternative outcomes of the Cyprus Problem

. is Canada so successful? Do Canadians vote by the colour of there skin, or the language which is their mother-tongue?

And yet Canada is strong, and there exists many Nations in Canada which have, as Persons, their self-representation too. 

...all Canadians identify with the Universal Principals all people can defend together, as Canadian Principals. Minority, Constituency, or Native, there is no difference to them as Individuals.

Something to think about when it comes to intention. Power as in "Greek" power, only invites its equals as opposites. Although Greeks can share the pride of "Greekness" as a diaspora, and even though the overwhelming population is Greek in Cyprus, Cyprus is not "Greek", nor, if you ask me, should it be. Cyprus is not Greece. Cyprus is not Turkey, either. Cyprus is Cyprus. Cypriots are Cypriots.

They are better stewards, they have paid for this Freedom in blood, they are our shame, if we forget they lived as Cypriots, those murdered, and made to disappear, and if we choose to ignore this truth.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pipeline project plagued with problems


Sadly, years and years on a pipe dream, and very little known about the costs of water, that is "free".
Thirst is not the issue, neither is capacity it seems, because (at less cost) these could have been solved by now, it's profit; especially since 75% of the water is slated to grow cucumbers in the Karpas by an ever growing population of "Turks" from the mainland.
What of water desalination? What of water conservation? What of the upkeep to existing infrastructure where it's reported that 40% of the clean drinking water is lost from leaking pipes. Indeed, the 'new' pipes will not leak, but for how long (who will build them); and then? When is also a good question, too...
...but it is a little late for all that. In the realpolitik of things, Erdogan needs to score, now. What with the situation as it is, Cypriots are badly served by the efforts Turkey has made. So too, Turkey's reputation. In affect, it reflects badly on the occupation regime with what it has demonstrated as a partner (as "Turks", and as Cypriots). And at this moment, no one is drinking the water yet, thus the water has no real value except political, even the point of transfer is under dispute.
Frankly, I think that he (Erdogan,) will "gift" the water to the Republic, to own and to manage, and in the process, recognise Cypriots as Cypriots, ridding himself of the "Turks" who represent a burden to him by being unable to sustain themselves, promoting a sea-change of world opinion toward Turkey, gaining from the recognition and respect of Cypriots, a new ally, as well the possibility of better relations with Greece, Israel (and Egypt), and the EU.
...Peace water, let's see.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Theocharous, Sizopoulos want to prevent a bad settlement


Cypriots cannot stay the way they are. A change is natural, no less.

Neither the "Greeks" or the "Turks" look forward, willing to embrace change to better themselves. Both discuss Human Rights as something secondary to their goals of preserving "Greekness", or "Turkishness".

If Cypriots, because they do exist (and they represent about half of the population either way), have their way, control of the Agenda, it may be that Cypriots will finally be able to demonstrate that it is their diversity that is their strength in an entirely mobile world where as Cypriots they serve as facilitators of exchange.

Beside a strong Federal Government, representing all its Citizens without other distinction or discrimination, as Cypriots, there will exist the possibility of self-representation as Persons, not just as Individuals, with a BBF; I would hope that the possibility of a Greek Constituency, (at another level of Government), within a set of Cypriot Constituencies may allow for the recognition and respect Cypriots, as Cypriots, have for their ethnos.

Mrs Theocharous and Mr Sizopoulos, I think, could better serve their electorate, as Cypriots. As Greek Cypriots, if they avoided being a mirror to the occupation regime, north; "not Greek" / "Greek", "not Turkish" / "Turkish", they would be the better people. New thinking is needed, and is expected of them if they are the States-people they claim to be. I am grateful for their vigilance against the common enemy of Ignorance which led to the Cyprus Problem, in affect the Turkish Problem. But Cypriots, not just Greek Cypriots because they are the overwhelming majority, need Peace; not to be divided.

I am as, vigilant, and against any tribute paid to Turkey, in appeasement, a compromise, or reward, too, because it is just plain wrong on many levels. But i believe the Flag of Cyprus always flies higher. It, is an equal to the Flag of Greece, or the Flag of Turkey, or the Union Jack for that matter. The opposition should decide, are they Cypriot, or "Greek"? As it is, as "Greeks", they fail the rest of us who have a wider vision of Cypriots, or what it means to be Cypriot, Greek or not.

...and if they want to be leaders of "Greeks", with a BBF, the paradox, this opportunity exists for them.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Bizonality still a sticky question in the Cyprus talks


What is a "Turk"? What has "Turkishness" got to do with Cypriots having representation based on Universal Principals, the self-representation which demonstrates the will of Cypriots, as Cypriots?

In my Cyprus Bizonal is not that hard to understand. Regardless of how you divide Cyprus as parts, One Government represents us as Cypriots. One Country exists as a State, and that is the Republic of Cyprus. Under it, all its Citizens are equal, without any discrimination or distinction additionally needed.

Indeed, Cypriot Constituencies exist, and they can be identified by the living relics, language, communities and homes, these Constituents care for till today. As Cypriots, if we are prepared to consider that Cyprus has an Ethnos, (more than "being" mostly Greek,) Cypriots should also be prepared to apply themselves accordingly with Constitutional Reform respecting the nature of this Heritance. If we are prepared to consider that a "Turkish Constituency" should exist, should there be Constituencies for the Maronite, Latin, and Armenian populations which have the same struggle, in terms of sustaining their distinctiveness, as Cypriots. Why not? Why not a Greek Constituency while we're at it? Why not a set of Cypriot Constituencies, at another level of government?

Where in this demand, by or for a Turkish Constituency, is there an effort to represent the principals that clearly indicate an interest in the affairs of Cypriots as a whole? Why are "their" demands so different to my own for example, if "they" care for Cyprus? How are "they" equal to the Republic? They, the occupation's regime, concern themselves with "Turkishness" (and only "Turks" to them are acceptable); there, anyone who dares to fly the Flag of Cyprus risks a great deal of controversy, although just recently, legally, it has been ruled that people have the right to do so. short, such a demand, for "Turks" or "Turkishness", as it is, is asking for a lot, and folly, from a position where (illegally) "they" have much more than they should, "they" seek to care only for themselves, and where "they" "deserve" (and because they have little to offer) very, very, little.

...solution is easy, ask for 7 percent (almost too hard to refuse), and be willing to accept (far) less. for the rest of us, Turcophone, Grecophone, and Cypriot, dividing Cyprus, to "give" some of it away to "someone" who sees us as an "other", seems far fetched, unjust, and a step backwards for Humanity, not just for Cypriots.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Editorial: A meaningless protest

., the Flag of Cyprus, is the Cypriot Flag; what with this demonstration made up of "Greeks", there is not a one to be seen in the sea of blue. I am glad actually, because Cypriots exist, the other half I call them, those who are not "Greeks" or "Turks", who I doubt whether Greek or Turkish, want to be associated with the "them" who place "Greekness" and "Turkishness" above anything else, in Cyprus.

Editorial: A meaningless protest

. it time to fire another Police Administrator? Is this not the first time that the Police have reacted in a manner which demonstrates, for the same reasons, the same failing? Either way, it is the Police who are lucky, no one was gravely injured, again, by inaction. One hopes that in a Civil society like in Cyprus, the Police demonstrate great skill at their Primary Mandate, which is Public Relations; Justice seen. If the Police want the public's respect they must understand that it is based on consistency, they are not entitled to decide where, or what people will be allowed to promote fear, and who should feel safe, either.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cyprus closest to unification in 40 years, say Turkish Cypriot foreign minister


...indeed we can hope that Cyprus may act as a template for the unification of Turkey, in its Constitutional Reform, an end to the divisions "Kurdish", "Alevi", and "Turk(ic)". Like the Flag of Cyprus, the Flag of Turkey representing Universal Principals, where there is no distinction or discrimination toward Individuals, as Citizens standing united for their Rights.

Both can benefit from the good intentions of a BBF, like Canada, where the strength of the Freedom they share, Canadians, comes from their diversity, and where in Liberty they share a respect and recognition for each other as Persons.

...the end is near, maybe that's a good thing.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Re: What does Erdogan's victory mean for Cyprus?


...i am expecting Erdogan to use Cyprus differently. It would not surprise me if the "Turks" of Cyprus will feel betrayed, because he will demonstrate through Cyprus the qualities that the rest of the world is looking from him, the recognition of the Republic. In that regard, an about face from Erdogan, makes sense. Externally he will get a great deal of support, improving the credibility which he is now lacking. Cyprus becomes an important ally (with (Syria, Lebanon,) Israel, Egypt, and Greece). Internally, it will not lead to any more discord, against him, it may even help, because as an action it is hopeful to those who feel, in Turkey, that they are suffering from the same intolerance, and in esteem his supporters can take comfort in the potential Turkey can realise Internationally, having made this choice. 

...i remember how hopeful the world was with his election originally. This charm is gone. He needs it now, and the Problem provides him an avenue, with its solution.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Turkey's peace pipe to Cyprus


...water, to what end? The world waits on Turkey, on another issue where its intentions are unclear.
No celebrations on Republic Day, as promised. No 'official' opening, and also, no clear sense the thing works.
...peace pipe, peace operation, if there is a pattern here, it does not bode well for Cyprus, that is to say Cypriots, whether they can be identified as "Greeks", or as "Turks". If this water is for thirst, as is said, why is it that 75% of the infrastructure for this purpose remains unbuilt. Is it that the cucumbers which are so popular in Turkey will come from the Karpas? Is it possible that the water is for "them", those who will realise this plunder, for Turkey, or at least the ones that are according to Erdogan, "Turkish" enough.
If Erdogan fails in his election, this like many of the "projects of the century", may well be revealed to be costly dreams.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Re: The United Segragated States of Cyprus


Cyprus, with the expense of having Constituencies, may provide an important link to the needs that as Persons, Individuals need, toward defining their own distinct identity within the context of a State that is broader.

What is at issue is the intention of the parties as they are framed today. What are they looking for? One can not expect an "Enosis" to Greece any longer, and a "Greek" state in Cyprus is no longer a possibility either, only unless there exists a willingness to sacrifice the island and its Heritance, for a society/two societies which chooses to promote an enmity for "others", it seems will the "Turks" (and the "Greeks") that represent about a half of the island's population be satisfied; but it is not the only choice.

...indeed, Koray Basogrultmac─▒ and Cinel Senem Husseyin, have demonstrated that the Flag of Cyprus does not represent a "Greekness", or a "Turkishness", and that in belonging it is Cypriot; it is neither "Greek", or "Turkish". They bent what seems an impossibly intransigent regime with one truth, that Cyprus exists. All of us can demonstrate the same courage, for Cyprus, and the possibility that Cyprus can take control of the Agenda for what is essentially an internal problem Cypriot in nature. This simple gesture, flying this Flag, my lead to someone being shot quite frankly, but more of it is necessary to build the trust that Turcophones need, and, the respect that the overwhelming Grecophone population needs as well, to be willing to defend each other. 

...if there is a loud enough voice from the population, the politicians as an elite will have to rethink what is established, and what is the status quo.

It is our choice, the Citizens by voting, but more importantly it is by action that the choices available will change.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Re: Water - The Propaganda Regime of "TRNC" ...???


Mustiejodu, it is Turkey that is in a squeeze, and it is Erdogan that is doing the squeezing, be realistic. How can you give this man so much confidence? Is there anything in Turkey at the moment that is in order? for Cyprus, and this water, it exemplifies what should be our worst fears, i say "our" as human beings, not just as Cypriots. Not a thought about water management, nothing about conservation, not even its distribution, nothing about it at all as a matter of fact, it just appears, as though it is free, as though nothing has to be learned from the past, as though "new" means new forever; if that is not propaganda, what is? 

Turkey is not a leader, or should i say Erdogan's Turkey only tarnishes that potential. The great achievement was only paid for, it is not Turkish, except that a "Turk" in affect had it made in Turkey. Pardon me, but after all this time, i'm still hoping that some good can come from all this effort. I don't see the political reward for one man and a Party as progress, just being happy to see water where there was none should not be enough for the rest of us, Turkish, Greek, "Greek", or the world at large (read: anything not "Turkish").

Water as a weapon, for Peace; sounds to me like a two edge sword. I just don't want to see more cucumbers grown by "Turks", for "Turkey", in Cyprus., Mustiejodu, i can imagine, can see as a Cypriot, the logic in this.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

In Cyprus, hopes for a thaw in a long-frozen standoff


One hopes that the Republic of Cyprus remains, and that it continues to defend the Universal Principal that all Cypriots are equal, without any other distinction or discrimination, because it has from its inception represented Cypriots well, despite the dysfunctions it (has) suffer(ed)s; let's remember that in 1960, Cyprus did not even have an infrastructure of asphalt roads across the island, water, clean and reliable from Public Works, or even electricity to any degree. It was a backwater, a barrack, for the Ottoman's, and then the British.
Turkish Cypriots, as Turkish Cypriots, may want to identify themselves as a Constituency, other Cypriot Constituencies exist which have the same needs toward sustaining their own distinctions. But, this Liberty does not equate to the Freedom which (the overwhelming majority of) Cypriots are demanding. Other Cypriot Constituencies, Greek, Maronite, Armenian, can serve their electors's daily lives in the language of their choosing (first) at another level of government, all are entitled their voice as Cypriots, for Cyprus.
Canada is a BBF, so too America. Can you imagine Federal elections where to vote, one is identified by the State one lives in or by whether they are, Native, French, or English?
...can you imagine in America, or in Canada, Citizens unable to say quite simply, they love their country, as Americans, or Canadians?

Monday, September 28, 2015

A post-solution Cyprus education hub


Why not an education hub, somewhere where the intention is to make German, Chinese, Russian, French, and tens of other languages, within thirty years transparent to each other, if they are translated to one of the three Official Languages of Cyprus?

...a pipe dream, perhaps, because of the cost; but when competition is measured in bits and bytes, think about it, a word which can be multiplied many times (and the ability to do so).

Cypriots are famous as facilitators of exchange (throughout History). Cypriots (being at the cross-road for three Continents) should not forget that.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Turkey’s Troubled Intervention


...what with the impasse of 40 years in Cyprus, it is pretty clear that to a "Turk", you must be "Turkish" to be a Turk. In Cyprus, according to the "Turks" there are "Turks", and not "Turks" (read: "Greek"). Even in Turkey, if you are "Alevi", to the Turkish Government, it is a matter for Foreign Affairs.
...whether the Kemalists like it or not, if they look at the facts, what was the Ottoman's Army, who were the men that fought beside the great Ataturk, for Freedom, they should feel shame that at this point in Turkey's history, Turks fight Turks, because "Turks" would have them divided.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

GLOBAL FAITHS: Cyprus an imbroglio of politics, religion


...the story of Cyprus is far older than the Ottoman Empire, during which, under its rule of over 350 years, it became, and remained a backwater, a barrack with services, until its Independence in 1960, which at least with self-representation brought an infrastructure of asphalt roads, electricity, across the island, as well as drinking water, for everyone, safe and clean from civil works, which had never existed before.

...more accurately the dispute is between "Turks", and those not "Turks" (read: "Greeks"); what of the other Cypriot Constituencies, the Maronites, Armenians, and Latins, they too, as Persons have the same and equal needs. What of the dwellers who choose to identify themselves as Cypriots, first? The Cyprus Problem is a Turkish Problem. More accurately Greeks as a population have been Cyprus' overwhelming majority for thousands of years, and as Individuals they deserve the respect and recognition as Cypriots to vote as Cypriots, to live as Cypriots, in Cyprus, and around the world, to be identified as Cypriot, whether within Cyprus there are more than one, or many, distinct identities or not. (What is missing is a Greek Constituency if we are talking BBF, there exists a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency with no equal(s).)

...any agreement which denies Cypriots the Right to vote and to live Freely in Cyprus, as Cypriots will not pass. In Politics, as in Religion, there is no Muslim God, or Jewish God, or any array of Christian God. Cyprus like God exists, Cypriots deserve better, a bit of Solomon's wisdom rather than tearing the baby in two.