Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Our View: EastMed pipeline is no longer an option, not even in theory



...indeed, "first to market", counts in business. Cyprus, and Israel, along with Egypt have demonstrated from the start their intention to work as a region, as equals, collectively toward this purpose.

And, as things are Turkey is far behind having no support from the majors, or her neighbours but Libya, "wildcating", having crews which are not seasoned on ships she must buy and limited supplies: her chances of finding oil or gas are slim; refusing to respect UNCLOS as a frame for engagement projecting militarily her "supremacy" instead, she meddles, hoping a tribute will fall her way otherwise.

Who knows, the pipeline may go through Turkey, it has only to recognise that Cypriots exist.

..and who knows, the pipeline as discussed may be built despite the cost, because of security concerns.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

I did not go crazy enough to fall in love with my executioner



Two things come two mind that Turkish Cypriots can do for themselves, instead of a boycott:

- they can vote, and express themselves; by destroying their ballot.

- they can stand under the only Flag that is rightfully theirs, peacefully; whether Greek Cypriots choose to join them or not.

...and, those who call themselves, "Cypriot Turks" have quite a lot to worry about, like the "Greeks" in Cyprus, who imagine(d) Cypriots Greek and Turkish as few. They are not. And they are the last to speak; when their leadership proves impotent, they will, i think, speak for themselves. They may indeed join together, come next summer, to make souvla on their beaches. Why not?

Such as it is, it is Turkish Cypriots the vanguard for this change, through unity. Beyond the Nation for a State, acts which demonstrate this Grace are needed, against the ''Turkishness'' ("Greekness" too,) which haunts all Cypriots everyday, as it haunts millions in Turkey today Turkish but not ''Turkish'', needing hope, with something to emulate which Cypriots, as Cypriots, may provide. Such as it is, indeed, it is Turkish Cypriots which may turn Turkey around, thinking about it; not the reverse.

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Our View: When the two sides want different solutions there’s no point to negotiations (2)



 ...clearly, you are ignoring why the coup successful for three days, failed. Cypriots, to be more particular, Greek Cypriots did not support the "Greeks". They like the rest of Humanity at that point had put their hopes on the (rest of the) Guarantors, more particularly Turkey. And here we are torn in two, for "Turkishness". Indeed, these elites did not suffer from the horrible result, they thrive, both "Greek", and "Turk"; and 'us'?

...i ask you all to remember, who died, who were murdered and made to disappear in our division both in '63 and '74; it was not "them", it was those not "them": those Cypriot.

Cypriots (those who see themselves as a People Cypriot first) have no representation, divided as they are. While "They" control the Agenda, this has been a fact. 

It is, in the end, the People themselves who must demonstrate their will for change if their Leadership will not act. So long as "Greekness" and "Turkishness" remain unopposed by them, for Cypriots they are impotent speakers of platitudes afraid to act.

Cyprus in his reply to Bagehote is quite correct. There is a difference between a Greek and a "Greek", and we as Cypriots know all too well that a "Turk" and a "Greek" are no different with what they do to Turks.

Friday, January 07, 2022

Our View: When the two sides want different solutions there’s no point to negotiations



...it is not up to the Leadership or the UN for that matter, to defend a Cypriot's identity from "Turkishness", and "Greekness", it is the People themselves who must demonstrate this will.

Who represents Cypriots, as Cypriots, i ask. It is a serious question. Divided as they are this Leadership, (in this broad sense) they have exposed themselves as impotent legislators to make change, for Cypriots: having embraced "these" dogmas (by not opposing them), having divided themselves accordingly for the voters "this" represents.

...will the People themselves, therefore, openly seek change; to end all "this", a State above these Nations (a BBF)? Will they come out and show themselves (under the Flag, not "Greek", not "Turk", but rightfully theirs, of Cyprus) to be defending the Universal Principles which define "us" beyond "them", as Individuals, Human, equal and Free?

Indeed, it is not hard for me to imagine this change, and of intention, of people embracing a new meaning for the word Enosis in a Cypriot way. And they, the People, have not spoken yet waiting for their Leadership; this may change. Also, let's not forget, that as voters, as Cypriots, they are not small in numbers as "they" would have you believe, they always represent over decades, a majority, and something more than half any way it is counted.

...indeed, "the two sides", kind of says it all when in effect (including the Cypriots) there are three.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

What Is Turkey Thinking In The Eastern Med?



...never mind the Treaty of Lausanne, "tossed out the window" says Erdogan.

That the problem that is the Problem, in Cyprus, has been reduced by "us" (those not "Turkish") to a problem is quite telling.

Such as it is, Turkish diplomacy works by attrition. 100 years does not seem like so long ago, but it appears that it is, given the world's reaction to someone who questions "our" commitment to Universal Principles, and the values that they represent; he may succeed, in defining "Turkishness" as something apart.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Re: Turkey is bankrupt



...the "Turks" vs the Turks.

In effect, the Problem in Turkey, like the Problem in Cyprus may be solved by the unity "Turkishness" provokes in its adversaries; both internationally, and in Turkey. Alone, none of them have the power he has, but together they may find a way. As in Cyprus, the power of 'enosis' can be defined, in a Cypriot way; the same power Turks need in Turkey.

...it is a hopeful moment in a counter intuitive kind of way. What with Turkey's Centennial but two years away he may turn on a dime, for his Legacy; fame rather than infamy from "us", the rest of us not "them". Turkey a State among States, not a Nation, perpetually at War with everyone else.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Turkish Aggression Scares Investors, Cyprus Finance Chief Says



…indeed, Cypriots can do a lot for themselves toward consolidating a Cypriot identity.

Dialog is most important, informed people making reasoned choices will naturally demonstrate that such a People exist committed to Universal Principles, and in effect, neither “Greek” or “Turkish”, the dogmas of exclusion, but Cypriot.

…news that 8,000 Turkish Cypriots will be welcomed to work in Cyprus itself is welcome.

…a certificate that any Cypriot may hang in their establishment warranting this fact, they are Cypriots, sends the same message to visitors who frequent these businesses, who they are.

…similarly in Hotels, it would be nice to know that not all the Hotels in the illegally occupied territories were “Turkish”. That the Government in Cyprus treats all Cypriot hoteliers equally. Needless to say that this allows any traveler Cypriot or not to sleep well at night with a clear conscience.

…and what of Universities? Which are credible, and based on a standard accepted internationally, which can be noted for their contributions to learning (if they are going to compete)? Who better than the Government to identify these institutions. There may be some Greek and some Turkish, the point is the students, the quality of education offered to them, as Cypriots, because in any case, they, are the future, and we, like them, make us a People as Citizens of the World.

If Leadership would take it as a given, that they represent Cypriots, despite the dysfunction, island-wide, that would be Leadership i could admire as a vanguard overcoming the Problem.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Re: Letter from Kucuk to Makarios



...it must have started this way, but at one point, it would be hard to imagine Makarios did not change his intentions. Remember he survived two assassination attempts, as though one was not enough; it was a Proxy War on many levels, very complex if you include the interlocutors, not just a war of "Greeks" against "Turks", or "Turks" against "Greeks", but "Turks" against Turks, "Greeks" against Greeks, and of course "Greeks" and "Turks" against Cypriots.

...all i am waiting for are Cypriots making souvla on their beaches, swords drawn with hunks of meat stabbed through for the fire, to eat the bounty of togetherness under the one Flag rightfully theirs; who would refuse Cypriots against the "Them" that has kept them divided, acting this way?

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The moments we were happy saying were all over



...when we thought we were together, we were happy; it is a good thing to recall Mr. Sener.

Silent (or silenced) as beings, again; Cypriots, wait for a Leadership to make them as happy.

Yet, We the People, (again), may take to the streets, and our beaches, to make this change ourselves.

... let's not forget, the word, enosis, to join what has been torn apart, does not yet have a Cypriot meaning.

Swords, our swords; we can take them out to fight the hatred that comes from "Greekness" and "Turkishness"; meat lovingly cooked on them and an open fire, to eat well with what was nurtured from the precious earth: a good souvla, this is the Cypriot way. Indeed if we gathered as Cypriots under the only Flag rightfully ours, who would be against it?

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Re: elections in the illegally occupied territories



...indeed. The Problem has no solution if beyond Cyprus it cannot resolve the same problem in Turkey.

There will be "Greeks" living in the Turkish Constituency, too: they will be a minority. And they will have the same expectations as any "minority"; have you (Lordo)/"you" thought about that? (What of the Kurds in Turkey, or the Alevi; not "Turks" but Turkish, don't they deserve the same respect?)

Such is the way of a BBF; as Individuals we are within a State that defends Universal Principles, we represent ourselves as equals without any further need for distinction or discrimination, and, further as Persons, within states which promote these distinct identities, (Constituencies let's call them,) there is with its Liberty, responsibilities, representing as a majority recognition and trust toward the minorities among them. This is (also) the Cypriot way.

...what else can "You" (an identity seeking to qualify for recognition as a Constituency) be asking for, "purity"?

or to put it another way...

...do you think "Turkish" shit does not smell as bad as a "Greek's", when they enjoy eating the same food but call it by different names?

Cyprus to assume gas forum presidency



...in just four short years, this Forum has shown itself to be a powerful tool toward the rational exploitation of nature's resources; their safe, economic, exploration, transport, and distribution.

Needless to say there are many derivative benefits as well based on this respect and trust, which promote a regional hegemony, generally where the infrastructure between them and capacity is improved, and against Turkey's behaviour in particular; (the only major player unwilling to sit at the same table), ignoring UNCLOS, having tossed out the Treaty of Lausanne, and making maximalist demands, insisting in the Eastern Med. and the Aegean militarily, that these continental shelves as a whole "belong" to her exclusively.

Cyprus does well, joining in this enterprise, (along with the other members), having brought so many together, to share in what is a collective effort to make the right choices for themselves transparently.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Turkey is bankrupt



...in Turkey their are "Turks" just like in Cyprus, hated by the other half of the population who are Turkish.

"Turkishness" as it is being defined by Erdogan threatens all of us. What Turkish Cypriots do matters. In effect, they cannot remain silent in the face of "Cypriot Turks" and their aims. Unity, an enosis, of Cypriots Greek and Turkish will do a great deal to galvanise the People of Turkey to seek change similarly.

...indeed, the Problem is a Turkish problem that rattles it to its core. Turkey is a State in need of Constitutional reform having Constituencies, too.

With its roots in Cyprus it is a good place to begin; in finding the solution.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Mustafa Akinci talks about the "one man regime" in Turkey



It is still possible for this man to build a legacy that will be remembered by us all. It takes courage and vision (which he may have). It takes patience most of all. And, i do not forget who elected this man to represent them; it was not the "Turks": he may after all decide who he is, a Turkish Cypriot or a "Cypriot Turk". He perseveres at least.

Let us not forget who is the vanguard in our struggle against an enemy which threatens the rest of us, (those of us not "Them"), "Turkishness" now, like "Greekness" then: it is Cypriots generally, and Turkish Cypriots in particular. Such is the real enemy. Without our enosis as Cypriots, Greek and Turkish, "they" thrive.

...in effect, and as a result, i am suggesting that it is not what Turkey can do to change Cyprus, it is what Cypriots can do to change Turkey; the big question.

What for the need of Constitutional reform in Turkey, this is something to think about. Unity in Cyprus, means unity in Turkey, equals as States. "Turkishness" will surely lead to Turkey's divide if Cyprus is divided. Both would do well with (a BBF,) having at another level of Government, Constituencies, where as Persons with their distinct identities they may represent as a majority their Goodwill to the minorities that live among them.

...souvla, there is still time to gather on the beaches under the one Flag which is "ours", as the People, to make some good food together. Certainly, "They", the ones who treat us and our Flag as a rag won't like that, and accordingly they will be exposed unable to join in such a celebration under it not "being" Cypriot.

I ask, will Mr. Akinci stand under the Flag of Cyprus? It has been years i am waiting for him to dare.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Unite Cyprus Now: Four years later (video)



...on the beaches, the People will speak, when pushed too far by a Leadership that ignores their existence. They will do what Cypriots do best, peacefully, and under the one Flag rightfully theirs, the one that "Greeks" and "Turks" treat as a rag, the Flag of Cyprus, making souvla together,

...indeed, let's not forget that both Canada and the USA are BBFs; Freedom for all, equals as Individuals, (and at another level of Government) Liberty as Persons respectful of the minorities that live among them by providing for their special needs as well.

...and let's not forget what an example that would be, for Turkey, now torn by "Turkishness" too, also in need of Constitutional reform.

Friday, October 08, 2021

Turkey ‘will not allow’ research ship to continue operations off Cyprus and Crete



Actions create equal and opposite reactions. Ask all of Erdogan's neighbours, and a great many in the International communities with which he is engaging. Having "tossed out a window", the Treaty of Lausanne, Turkish hegemony does not look so inviting. Indeed, he can be credited as having done the most to bring this region together; witness the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum.

...while this incident is mundane; just another on a very long list in affect, i ask, will he go too far?

Let's remember that in two short years he will have to face his public in another election; and his own reckoning with the Legacy he is working so hard to make, for Turkey, on Turkey's Centennial: that shines or remains tarnished, living in Fame to much international esteem or infamy.

...it seems that everything is linked to the Problem, as it has expanded beyond Cyprus, leaving the Cyprus Problem to become but a problem among many. "Turkishness", as it is, questions Humanity, its values and resolve; this is but one small example. It is not a threat to Cyprus alone, but a threat to all of us who are unlike "Them".

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Turkey must allow access to Turkish army archives for missing persons, Presidential Commissioner says



...my family members (six of them) were found only recently (a few years ago); i thank the CMP and Mdme. Sevgul Uludag, for their tireless efforts to that end.

...indeed, i do not forget what the families of these "missing" want, Turkish or Greek. I like them would like to see them memorialized as Cypriots, with their names recorded together on one stone. Somewhere where we may gather to remember them; wickedly betrayed by the "Greeks" and "Turks" that live(d) among us.

Turkey will not atone, unless Cypriots join as one against these dogmas; what chance is there in that with Cypriots silent. He begs us on our own beaches to come; yet who dares to make souvla peacefully under the one Flag "they" treat as a rag? Ask yourselves; what frees us from "Greekness" and "Turkishness"?

...Enosis, such a revolution is needed; i do not despair: the People will speak.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Citizens must pitch in for Cyprus settlement, Spehar says



....well said Mdme. Spehar.

Indeed we (the rest of us not "Greek" or "Turkish") are expecting great things from the Leadership in these negotiations on the Problem, in Cyprus.

...so too, we should be expecting great things from the People themselves.

Picnics come to mind, and enosis, two words in Cyprus which have their own special and unique meanings...

...we, (those of us for unity, as Cypriots) can take back these words, on the beaches making souvla together peacefully, under the one Flag, the Flag of Cyprus, "They" treat as a rag. That would be helpful, don't you think? Indeed, our Leadership should not be able to look out their windows, or while driving in their cars, without seeing this flag; that would be helpful too.

Eide also said the same thing, not coincidentally; never mind the rest: it is Cypriots who can/will solve this mess.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

...did i mention enclaves?



...you are right. Without enclaves there would not have been a Turkish Cypriot constituency; it is as TPap said (sometime before the Problem), as a much younger man, that they were everywhere in Cypriot society, something like sand if it was scattered across the island's map.

...but they do(did) exist, though politically and historically it is hard to tell who they were founded by. And it is up to Cypriots to mitigate the result of having used them for their original intentions. Let's not forget it is a geographic term; as i've said many times before, intentions count. Like enosis it is a word which has been twisted, hijacked if you will, by "Greeks", and "Turks". The words have no meaning in Cyprus but bad, to Cypriots generally, and to Turkish Cypriots in particular. But, it does not mean that they cannot take back the words from "them", with acts that all Cypriots may understand and defend, in their meaning a Cypriot way "they" fear, without violence but in a collective will for more choice, better livings and lives.

..if it were possible to return to 1960 with what we know today, would this island's dwellers have acted differently? "Greeks" and "Turks" would still exist, but Cypriots would not have taken them to be fathers, or brothers; while family their allure would not have been captivating at all.

Enclaves allow for the Green Line to remain, if they are scattered on both sides of it. And, to preserve an Identity quite distinct from Greeks as speakers, (which represent an overwhelming majority by population). No one should expect an enclave to be exclusive, it is the service you will obtain in a language of your choosing that counts, and in either case respectfully whether a part of the majority or not. Enclaves allow for dignity and Grace, some at least, as communities, will signify a return, Justice seen, as communities. Bizonal does not mean two parts (and mutually exclusive to each other), but like Bicommunal, an indivisible whole, which when more closely described is parted in more than one way.

...in my Cyprus, the Maronites as Maronites would exist, and their Territorial Jurisdictions, so too the Armenians, (and the British), with the same kind of self-representation any other Constituency would have at this level of Government.

(again, i ask you to free your mind of the narrative you still suffer, to look beyond to the something more than this.)

...yes, it's safe to say that i did not live in one, but unlike most Cypriots i can say that i have been in one. Galatia was very big in comparison to my village, so close but a world apart. Dusty is what i remember; and, that fear you have: i do know what it is.

...houses, not homes, they had in such conditions. You may remember, i do; we were betrayed by our own nature, now afraid, and now divided, to recall mythic Glories from the past, and few in that regard could speak otherwise, or even more reasonably without in affect risking their lives.

Indeed, to denounce the injustice, it is Justice which needs to be seen. Cypriots who lost their lives wouldn't want it otherwise, an equal and opposite effect, from goodness, and from all of us the living who survive them.

This time, it will not be "Greeks" or "Turks" that may make these enclaves but Cypriots for their benefit, not "theirs".

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Details of a BBF are what will get the Cyprus problem solved, British High Commissioner says



...unity in Cyprus, unity in Turkey too.

What of the State, who it represents; not Persons, Individuals as equals without further discrimination or distinction.

...the same, in Turkey, and in Cyprus, in any country which respects the Universal Principals on which our Human condition is based; this is Freedom. And what, at another level of government, of Liberty, as majorities and as Persons having the capacity to demonstrate Goodwill toward the minorities that live among us with respect and recognition by providing for their special needs as well.

It is hopeful that such a notion could thrive, a BBF in Cyprus, worthy of its emulation wherever the Problem appears.

...and let's not forget Erdogan's own deadline, if he is to make a Legacy for himself in History judged great; should he succeed in bringing to Turkey's Centennial in two years a Constitution for Turkey, which unites its People now torn by the same "Turkishness" which has left Cyprus's people torn apart decades.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Re: The Education System in the GRoC



...i also remember cowling in fear when the British were around.

Fear for those of us who did not pick sides, while we may have been few, was abundant.

...i may have been, and i may be Greek, because i speak Greek, and i live in a Greek household, but please don't call me "Greek". We are not so hateful, and it is as offensive as "Turkishness" to me.

...and yet, in the late fifties and early sixties, what shocked me most were the men from so far away who i saw in pictures hanging from trees; was it Life magazine, this too in America: all whites are "White" you say?

My luck had it that our neighbours were Turkish. My 'tribe' were these neighbours, and the family i knew as my own. I grew up in a village where as cooperators we sustained our way of life; and we lived well, because of this nature. In that regard both the Greeks and the Turks who were from a different political view became apparent; they became a "Them" to us, our fear was even more real with Cyprus free, more of a reason to be silent and unseen.

...indeed, when i was around "Turks" i was much more nervous than when i was around "Greeks"; it makes sense for you to feel less angst among "Turks" for the same reason. "They" are murderous traitors no different just the same.

It comforts me to know that once a year, despite what tore us apart, despite the decades, as a village we meet (in Larnaca) to celebrate our festive day together; indeed those "Greek" and "Turkish" find such behaviour disruptive, but no one has stopped us from doing that, yet.

...more "picnics" are needed, i think.

People, the People, with no one speaking for them, may well speak for themselves; as Cypriots, if we gather as Cypriots, would you be against it, who would be against it?

...whether Cypriots, Greek and Turkish existed, few or many, may be debated; that they still exist cannot.

And yet that is your denial. The State may well be dysfunctional the way it is, who can disagree with you? Its mine, like it is yours, though; not the Leadership's let's never forget. These, so called governments function, they may serve their electorate well, (but not the voters), not Cyprus; 'we' may have to make this clearer to them. Divided this way, unnaturally, without respect and trust, to Cypriots, is no solution. Diversity counts; was it you who said, "Fuck them"?

...how is it Black men no longer hang from trees? (...not the "whites" or the "blacks" made this happen; Americans made this happen)

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Cyprus needs an honest leader with a vision and lots of courage



...and in the Cypriot context, Grivas comes to mind, the good intentions in his original thoughts; talking about power, corruption,and crime. Cypriots, those of us not "Greek" or "Turkish" must decide silenced as we are by their agendas, whether the time is right for us to speak for ourselves. Despite the decades of having been unnaturally torn apart, Cypriots whether Turkish or Greek Cypriot, remain ignored as a constituency in essence without political representation, being about half the voters in any election on either side of the divide, dismissed as few or non-existent. Erdogan has given us this opportunity, to speak as one. It seems to me that he is begging for it; what with his own Problem in Turkey with its constituencies (and a need for a BBF)... ..."Picnics", seem appropriate in Cyprus. Cypriots, and under their Flag, the only one that is rightfully theirs, the one that "They" treat as a rag, making souvla peacefully on their beaches (in enosis). Hope for Turks not "Turkish", hope for the rest of us who are not ''Greek'', hope for Cyprus, (Turkey, and beyond). If this notion of "Turkishness" is to be motivated, it is now, what with Erdogan's need to create a Legacy for himself, what with Turkey's Centennial in two short years, what with his re-election campaign coming soon; Cypriots as Cypriots must speak for themselves, demonstrating their existence, since it appears that their Leadership do not demonstrate this capacity. Let's also remember that this leadership in Cyprus needs the same motivation to change themselves. They should not be able to look out their windows, or while driving in their cars, without seeing the Flag of Cyprus flying highest. ...is our Leadership corrupted, ask yourselves'. Are we the People corrupted, ask yourselves' again. There is a President out there that will speak to, and for, all Cypriots. ...who dares to say it clearly; the Problem is not an issue of "Greeks" vs. "Turks", nor is it a Cypriot dispute: it is between "Greeks"/ "Turks" against the Greek and Turkish Cypriots opposing them.

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Maraş, a just Solution? (2)



...the courage to look around you and see that things are not black and white, that there are lots of colours is important.

...i don't like "Greeks", i don't like "Turks"; along with the rest of us who are neither. Ask yourself, who votes for "them", and who despite the decades of being unnaturally torn part vote otherwise. 

Talking about "Greeks" and "Turks" excludes the rest of us who are loving individuals. Are there only "them" on this island? I think not. I am a Cypriot if you want to define me, and i am not alone.

"They" will always be a threat; it is all the more reason for "us" to join together. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Re: Passports revoked; what about it?



...well said Pyrpolizer.

Indeed, it is Cyprus for Cypriots a Cypriot is asking for; something that is a Human Right: beyond dogma, myth, and fantasy, or as it is described by Nationalist fanatics.

...Cypriots i must remind you Pyrpolizer, are not few. As a voting public they have demonstrated the same commitment unwaveringly, even divided as they are with their Identity usurped to 'become' "Greeks" and "Turks", for Universal Principles.

Any way it is counted, they are never less than half the population; the ones that "they" claim do not exist. And silenced as they are, leaderless in affect, they, the People, are a ticking time bomb. Pressed too far, divided as they are they may join in mass demonstrations, despite their Leadership. (Something that Turkey needs, in the same fight; against "Turkishness".) (Something that Erdogan needs if he is going to emulate it, in solving Turkey's own Constitutional dysfunction.)

...now that it is clear that this "Leadership" have been exposed to be more a representation of the illegal occupation of Cypriot Territory, one hopes that the Republic will take further steps to secure for Turkish Cypriots living there its protection, the same opportunity to benefit as Cypriots in Government subsidies and incentives, such as in Tourism, Hotels, and Commerce; it would be nice if such enterprise is identified as Cypriot so that people may make conscious choices in their purchases.

Nothing is a greater threat to Turkey than our solidarity as Cypriots, and in that regard Turkish Cypriots represent a vanguard. This, too, is something to think about.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Anastasiades: Tatar contradicting own rhetoric in passport response (updated)



...it's good news if the President continues this debate by speaking to Cypriots not as a Greek, nor Turkish, but a Leader who can demonstrate a commitment to the value of Universal Principals, which as Cypriots we all hold dear.

...indeed, if he can define a "Turk", let him expose "Greekness" too, because they exist, and they are no different to each other; witness what "they" have done to 'us'.

I am hopeful that such a challenge will see both communities sitting in the Chamber meant for their needs so that they present them in unanimity. And the Legislature, open and complete, to represent us as Individuals rather than as Persons. In acting as a BBF, as such, securing the Constitutional reform 'we' as Cypriots are seeking.

...let us also remember that there is a deadline for Erdogan, the greatness in History he wants to build as a Legacy, because in two years there are elections, along with Turkeys Centennial. Let us also remember that Turkey is torn now, more than ever, by the same "Turkishness" which has torn Cyprus apart decades, and which as a dogma also threatens all the rest of us, being "others".

Cypriots, those of us who see the Problem differently, as "Greeks"/"Turks" against Greeks/Turks (read: Cypriot), are a powerful force actually, representing at least half of the population, anyway it is counted, as electorates. 'We' are not few. And in that regard the 'enosis' that's needed, are these People to express themselves, simply, peacefully, by having picnics on their beaches under the Flag rightfully theirs (actually the equal to Turkey's); who would be opposed to that?

..not Erdogan, i think, his challenges beg for it, don't you think? What would be better for him than 'us' standing united, as Cypriots, with something to emulate in Turkey's own Constitutional reform; this notion of a BBF?

  • Monday, August 23, 2021

    Anastasiades was on the front line of those preventing a solution to the Cyprus problem, Akinci says



    ...it is important to consider who represents an equal to the authority a Turkish Constituency may have.

    In effect our dysfunction as Cypriots, and as Persons is related to the lack of a Greek Constituency where the needs of such a body can be expressed, and acted upon. The President wears two hats; that of the Republic and the "Greek Constituency". Clearly he should not, what with the credibility of the State in question, and the function he has sworn to protect. Just because he is Greek should have little bearing on his responsibility to this end.

    Greek Cypriots like Turkish Cypriots have needs, as such the same needs which they can fulfill through self-representation. Why not, Cypriot Constituencies? A State of course must also exist defending our Identity as Individuals, without further distinction or discrimination as equals, if it is a Democracy, if it is a BBF, if we value Universal Principals beyond the dogmas of "Greekness" and "Turkishness".

    It would have been nice to see Akinci and Anastasiades standing together quite a few times while they were the focus of our attention; standing under the one Flag rightfully theirs as Cypriots, who would have been offended?

    Greeks and Turks as Cypriots would have agreed that "Greeks" and "Turks" are the same, and a bane to their lives as a loving People. (They, about half the voting public, may yet express themselves as Cypriots if their Leadership continues to ignore them and their Identity as being too small, or non-existent.)

    ...indeed, so long as the President represents both a Community and a State, he will remain conflicted, with his loyalties in question. Mr. Tatar, like Mr. Akinci did/do not express a 'Cypriot Way'.`

    Thursday, August 19, 2021

    Akinci: Turkey’s end goal is annexation of the north



    ...so what am i supposed to say to Mr. Akinci now, as a Cypriot?

    Will he leave his Legacy at that, a puppet?

    ...is he prepared to speak to/for all Cypriots as a Cypriot?

    ...is he prepared to speak for Turkish Cypriots, and to stand against the "Cypriot Turks", who to all Cypriots are a threat? He can if he wants to; while "they" would be against it, Cypriots would join him.

    Monday, August 16, 2021

    Anastasiades: unity is key to stopping Turkish provocations



    Unity, to what end?

    If it is to rid ourselves of the "Turks", we must not forget the "Greeks" among us, because they are the same in their intentions toward usurping such an identity, a Cypriot, that it might not exist.

    What will stop "Turkish Provocations"? The People. Cypriots gathered as one under the Flag rightfully theirs, the one that "they" treat as a rag. Such a demonstration will only hearten Erdogan, that such an opposition actually exists; with his challenge(s) toward us, those of us as Cypriots who do not see ourselves as "Greeks", or "Turks". After all doesn't Turkey have the same Problem with its own efforts toward reform, being a State, and having Constituencies?

    ...what more can he do? Action usually results in equal and opposite reactions. By now i would have expected "Picnics" on the beach, souvla made exquisitely by Cypriots Turkish and Greek; what better way to demonstrate that Cypriots exist, and that they are not few, that while "Greeks" and "Turks" exist as well they are not "them".

    ...indeed, coming from the President i ask, what is the unity he is talking about, and to what end?

    Saturday, August 14, 2021

    Maraş, a just Solution?



    …i am sorry, you are mistaken. If it were true, Greek Cypriots would not have stayed in their homes; lacking support the coup failed two days later.

    …it is something to think about. That while the “Greeks” and “Turks” were about in their murderous waves, they did not set out to kill each other, but mostly those not “them”, Cypriots for “being” Cypriot.

    The Cyprus Problem is not as simple as both “Greeks” and “Turks” would have you believe; ask the other half who are Cypriot: they are the ones in my mind whose Heroes we should respect.

    Friday, August 13, 2021

    The Republic of Cyprus was abandoned for the sake of division



    ...happy for the "Greeks", happy for the "Turks": who were their victims?

    Cypriots silent as they are wait patiently for "them" to solve their differences.

    I ask, where is the Communal Chamber; where was it, without ever having its "Greek" component? And today, with a Republic based on Principals that are Universal so that all Cypriots are represented as Individuals without further discrimination or distinction, where is an equal to the Turkish Cypriot Constituency, a Greek Cypriot Constituency, demonstrating as Persons an equality of respect and trust? Is this, not the basis of a BBF?

    ...two states is possible, still. And a Republic, with "them" under it. Three governing bodies are needed, not "two".

    Wednesday, August 11, 2021

    Biden needs a Middle East strategy to avoid new crises



    ...my opinion, it starts in Cyprus, root of the Problem as it is: defining what is a Person, while, they have identities as Individuals as well. (what is a BBF?)

    ...think about it. Where can a solution provide more Hope to more people (and Peoples)? Indeed, "this" (a People, divided) in so many countries is a serious problem. Such as it is in Cyprus, now in Turkey herself, Syria, Iraq and Israel, to name a few. Nations divided amongst themselves and each other; and the State?

    Indeed what of "Greekness", and what it did to Cyprus? What of "Turkishness" now (in Cyprus, (and in Turkey))? Aren't they the same? The harm they bring to those not "them" is no different. (Who were their victims counted in the thousands, not each other in affect, but Cypriots?)

    ...Erdogan, what with the Treaty of Lausanne tossed out the window has made every effort to disrupt all his neighbours. In effect they are united against the world he is proposing, one that questions Universal Principals and Humanity's commitment to them, placing his notions above them. Witness the East Med. Gas Forum, how it was formed and for what purpose, where all the neighbours sit but Turkey.

    Mr. Biden is a friend to Cypriots, silenced as they are by the "Greeks" and "Turks" living among them, they need his understanding. Recognising this other half indeed exposes those whose dogmas exclude "others". Such conflicts do not require him to choose one "side" over the other; in this case as in others it is the wrong thing to do: such extremes may represent themselves, but not the People.

    ...I am hoping he remembers, what America must make right.

    Monday, August 02, 2021

    Why patience remains key to a federal solution



    ...indeed, we need cooler heads to prevail.

    And yet i can't help but hope that for the changes the People want, they will speak for themselves.

    "Picnics", what better way for Cypriots to express their joy; under the Flag that "they" treat as a rag. What better way to express what is the case, like Eide said, left alone they would solve the Problem themselves. Indeed, we can blame COVID for the lack of public demonstration, but what better way to take back our beaches peacefully, than by making souvla on them, together in solidarity Turkish and Greek, as Cypriots?

    ...who could be against such a notion, that Cypriots exist?

    Simply put, the Problem is not "Greeks" vs. "Turks", nor is it Turkish Cypriots against Greek Cypriots; it is "Greeks"/"Turks" vs Cypriots: Turkish and Greek.

    And, those of us Greek Cypriot, i hope you remember that Turkish Cypriots represent the greatest threat to the "Turkishness" Erdogan seeks to define for all of us who value the Universal Principals on which Humanity is based. They are the vanguard which needs our help. United as Cypriots "we" are a force equal to "it"; something which brings Hope (perhaps a new meaning for the word enosis) not just to ourselves but to the greater world, and to Turkey (also divided as a People by its "Turks").

    Friday, July 30, 2021

    Our View: When will we have a president who takes responsibility for his actions?



    Indeed, the question becomes: Who represents Cypriots, as Cypriots? Where is this Identity demonstrated?

    I remember Mr Anastasiades' first inaugural speech, where Cyprus and its identity was placed above any other. Since then i have watched this man struggle, as President having to wear two Hats. What remains for Greek Cypriots to decide about, and for themselves, is "who" they are: "Greek" because they follow some dogma (of "Greekness") which excludes all others, or as Cypriots join with Turkish Cypriots who are facing the same threat of "Turkishness".

    Where is the Communal Chamber, and (at this other level of Government) where is a Greek Constituency, as a Cypriot Constituency, as Persons an equal to a Turkish Constituency? I ask the President, what could be better for Cyprus, if he was free to act, and to be seen to act, for Cypriots, Individuals who seek to defend Universal Principals and their values as their own? Must he be representing "Greeks" just because he is Greek?

    ...to "be" Cypriot, has no shame compared to "Them".

    Indeed, as Cypriots let's remember who "Their" victims were; not each other for the most part but those not "Them". No solution, no resolution can be found without this acknowledgement from "us".

    Sunday, July 25, 2021

    The war against Cyprus.



    ...even if Makarios was wrong believing in Enosis, he changed. And if Denktash was more sincere about Cypriots having representation as well, none of "this" would have happened.

    As such Anastasiades is failing us, unless he recognises who he is, the representative of all Cypriots as Cypriots, whether the island is (illegally) divided or not. He can have the Flag of Cyprus displayed exclusively when he speaks at official functions, but he does not, for example. He can withdraw from the question of Cypriot Constituencies entirely, so that there is no question as to which hat he wears. A Greek Constituency, representing such a distinct identity may do better at negotiating with Turkish Cypriots, in effect having the same needs from the State. They may even agree unanimously on all their issues, which would be a strong basis on which a Federal Government may Constitutionally speaking reform.

    ...as it is, Greek Cypriots are left without an effective way to express their own desires, while Cypriots as Cypriots, affectively, have no representation at all.

    Sunday, July 18, 2021

    Our View: Our leaders paved the way for Varosha fait accompli



    ..indeed, a biting piece and bitter; something to think about, given the circumstances.

    But, it is no longer up to our Leadership if they continue to define themselves, not as Cypriots, but as "Greeks" and "Turks". The People, half of which have for decades consistently voted as Cypriots, (the "Greeks" and "Turks" having their own candidates), are ignored. This much is becoming clearer, the People must speak for themselves.

    ...indeed, picnics are something Cypriots are good at. "Picnics" being the subject of our existential demise, as Cypriots, it will be no surprise if Cypriots, under the flag "they" treat as a rag, under the flag rightfully theirs, we will find them on the beach making souvla, together united peacefully, exposing those who won't join in their festivities.

    Erdogan is practically begging for such a demonstration. And such a demonstration, Cypriots, the People, united, is Hope for Turkey, now that the same "Turkishness" is tearing its Citizens apart, and for the same reasons. They too need Constitutional reform, and in Turkey, such a notion, a BBF, is just as inviting. Also something to think about.

    Thursday, July 15, 2021

    Cyprus marks anniversary of 1974 coup (updated)



    ...that is not the point, dear friend. Ask the families of these dead and missing what they want.

    We, can be Cypriots too. We, this island's dwellers can be more than just the "Greeks" and the "Turks" who fill our lives with the denial of their own shame. We can be ourselves as Individuals, because Cypriots exist, and they are not few; ask the voters these past few decades, both sides of the divide: don't the "Greeks" and the "Turks" have their own candidates? Such as it is, with what is held in secret, it seems the Leadership, our Leadership, ignores the People. Cypriots are in affect unrepresented, leaving them existentially speaking little choice but to speak for themselves.

    ...you MrH deny who you are, allegedly. Can you say Cypriot?

    And if i were to invite you to join me on the beach for souvla, under our Flag, the one rightfully ours, would you join me?

    Sunday, July 11, 2021

    Open letter addressed to President Erdogan



    Cypriots exist. They are neither "Greek" or "Turkish". The reality is that they have no representation for themselves at the moment, divided as they are. Indeed, what do the "picnics" Erdogan has in mind provoke, in them, their leadership being so predictable? This is the question which i imagine will be answered soon, free of COVID, and the temptation of the beach, together as Cypriots eating souvla under their flag, the Flag of Cyprus, the one rightfully theirs, the one "they" treat as a rag, a chance to express themselves.

    If Cypriots do not join against the existential threat, (and to expose the "Greeks" and "Turks" among them), Cypriots will be no more. If Cypriots do join together (taking back the word "enosis") it will change not only the politics of Cyprus, but Turkey too, being Turkey's National issue, giving Hope to them, the Turkish People, now torn apart for the same reasons by "Turkishness".

    ...pretty words are what Mr. Erdogan expects (from the rest of us). Yet, he would not be disappointed if in Cyprus we can define a BBF where as Individuals we are united in defending our Freedom, and as Persons our Liberty, because there is mutual respect and trust. A BBF in Turkey, under such terms, would be something to think about.

    Friday, July 09, 2021

    GOP Leadership Moving Party to Better See American Interests in U.S.-Turkish Policy



    ...happy to read such opinion, in a well laid out and thoughtful piece.

    Indeed, what was the Problem, in Cyprus, has grown more complex, and as a problem it has grown in its context to include the Eastern Mediterranean as a whole, and the Aegean.

    One thing is constant, it is Turkey's National issue, and in affect it is a reflection for some, in Turkey, of their resentment toward the Treaty of Lausanne (and the Treaty of Sevres). This much is clear with Erdogan's push for "Turkishness" not just in Cyprus; so much so that Turkey herself for it, has never been more divided.

    ...let's not forget, that America is a BBF, where its Citizens are defined as Individuals, and as Persons having the Liberty to nurture their own distinct identities. (...whether as Individuals or Persons:) Intentions count.

    Turkey, in my opinion, needs a united Cyprus more than ever, an example to emulate in its own (Problem, and) Constitutional reform. I see his "picnics" on the beach as a direct challenge, almost as though he is begging for Cypriots, as the People, essentially in defiance to demand change as a People, to come out peacefully and make souvla under their flag, the one that has been treated as a rag by those, "Greek", and, "Turkish", the Flag of Cyprus, the one rightfully theirs.

    Such as it is, if the Leadership (read: both) continues to represent people on its own terms, ignoring what are election results, (that never less than half, in any election over decades one side of the "Green Line" or the other, always vote for such an Identity, as Cypriots), they betray a greater purpose toward Universal Principals and their own commitment to these values as Human beings. Pushed to these limits, Cypriots, indeed, may speak for themselves.

    Frankly, i am still hopeful, what with the deadline a man like Mr. Erdogan would like to keep, what with Turkey's Centennial in two years. What with Turkey's tarnished image internationally, what with the Legacy he may leave as a Statesman, if, not just in Cyprus the Problem's root, but at home and with his neighbours, he made Peace.

    Wednesday, July 07, 2021

    Our View: Greek Cypriot side is on its own over Varosha



    Cypriots have been on their own for decades, since divided as "Greeks" and "Turks". Clearly, their representation as such has not proven to be successful, for Cypriots.

    Indeed, that such an insult as another "picnic" will be met with more words, the actions remain in the hands of the People. And it is the People who will in the end defend themselves with their own picnics on the beach that's theirs.

    ...it is like Erdogan is begging for it; a sign, that Cypriots do exist, beyond a Leadership that stands for "others".

    Thursday, July 01, 2021

    Turkish-Cypriot Leader Demands Recognition for Occupied Side



    Whether Mr. Tatar will agree to anything the "Greeks" may want is one question. Another is what his own constituency wants, where only half are "Cypriot Turks", the other half are Turkish Cypriot.

    ...this may become very apparent this summer if he and Mr. Erdogan go too far; Cypriots, the People, may have "picnics" too.

    The opportunity is there for Mr. Tatar to have his two states, equal Cypriot Constituencies, but under one State, another level of government where Cypriots, not as Persons, but as Individuals defend their Freedom, rather than their Liberty.

    If he cares to leave a Legacy bigger than the Cyprus Problem itself he can, by uniting Cypriots, giving Hope to the Turkish People themselves, with what "Turkishness" is doing to Turkey now, and what it is doing to Cyprus decades already; they too, seek Constitutional reform divided as they are: in effect as a State and as its Nations a BBF is most inviting.

    ...as it is Mr. Tatar's "self-governing region" is not a self-sustaining entity, nor is it independent; it is a misnomer.

    Tuesday, June 29, 2021

    US Diplomat Tilts Toward Turkish-Cypriots, Draws Cypriot Fire



    Madame Lutte has certainly started a ball rolling. My hope is that she remembers who needs her help the most. Not the "Greeks" not the "Turks", but the other half, who like the rest of us defend the Universal Principals that make us Human beings; this is, the Problem.

    Cypriots, unlike "them" do not have a dogma from which "others" are excluded. In fact Cypriots, for the most part were "their" victims when it came to murder and the disappearances; something to remember. Cypriots have waited patiently, silenced as it is, while their Leadership have negotiated for decades a settlement where there is a Greek side and a Turkish side, in the debate. And now Cypriots face the existential question, of Cypriots no more.

    That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

    ...this much we know so far.

    Indeed, Cyprus has a government where, as Individuals, they represent themselves as Cypriots. As Persons it is clear that Turkish Cypriots want in their daily lives, to nurture their distinct identity. Seeking equality, this demand has not been realised, given that they represent a minority, population-wise. And yet, i too have asked, where is a Greek Constituency, (and others), an equal in that regard, as Persons, at another level of government among Cypriot Constituencies?

    Let us remember that Mr. Erdogan is on a tight schedule; Turkey's Centennial is but two years away. The Problem, if it had a solution in Cyprus, would open an opportunity in Turkey herself toward resolving her own Problem with the need for Constitutional reform, (a BBF), something to emulate in esteem. This too is something to think about.

    ...and what has "the Problem" become, with the Treaty of Lausanne tossed out the window, expanding to Libya, the Aegean, Azerbaijan, Syria and Iraq? What is Erdogan doing in his disruptions with all his neighbours, but placing himself in a position of strength from which to seize power, if not from negotiation, force; for "Turkishness", or for Turkey.

    Cooler heads must prevail, and let's not forget, "Cyprus" is the root of it; who it "belongs" to. "Turks"? "Greeks"?

    And who must represent Cypriots, but Madame Lutte? Having kicked the ball, one hopes that she will make herself clearer, who she is playing for. She may focus her attention on Mr. Tatar who in her generosity has most to gain. Two (or more) states, is not impossible, under one State. Intentions count.

    Monday, June 28, 2021

    They cede dominance to the Turkish Cypriots - Gifts for "beautification" of Ankara



    The Problem as we see it in Cyprus, is not Cyprus' alone. Turkey is the best example. Now, also torn in two by "Turkishness", its People have also suffered from the diminution of their identity as Individuals.

    Such as it is, the Citizens of Turkey, like Cyprus, should welcome a BBF in their Constitutional reform because they are as people both, Persons and Individuals.

    It is not hard to imagine, Turkey or Cyprus as a State, defending Universal Principals, which represents the will of its voters equally, and under the Law, without further discrimination or distinction. And at another level of Government, Constituencies representing a majority, as Persons, nurturing their distinct identity, mindful of the minorities that live among them by providing for their special needs as well.

    ...intentions count. Two Cypriot Constituencies is possible (maybe there should be more).

    America comes to mind, so too Canada, where such a system of governance has proved most successful. Both a Nation among nations, a State among states.

    Let us recall who did the killings, and who for the most part were their victims. Cypriots (like Turks) pay a heavy price for "being" not "Turkish" or "Greek", being more than that, as Human beings. Let us also recall that despite the decades of assimilation and being torn apart, never less than half the population, any way it is counted, vote for Cyprus as Cypriots, while "Greeks" and "Turks" are also fielding candidates. Cypriots do exist, and they are not few.

    ...indeed, if Erdogan continues with his "picnics" he may find that the leadership in Cyprus will act as it is expected to, but, Cypriots, faced with this existential question, may have their own picnics too. Indeed, i ask, who treats the Flag of Cyprus as a rag? Who would be exposed if under that Flag peacefully, Cypriots made souvla on the beach?

    This summer, it seems, will be a hot one, politically speaking.