Thursday, July 14, 2011

,,,a letter to Ban Ki-Moon.

...indeed Antifon, it is the Constitution as it stands that is the starting point, and here lies the crux, the Communal Chamber and the method with which taxes are collected for the social works we want.

...indeed, the Constitution needs reform (it is a requirement through our EU agreement to keep our membership, no less), I agree. look carefully at my proposal, it allows for the same respect, within National Assemblies, to be offered to Maronites and Armenians within our Sovereign State because it is based on Universal Principals. "mixed" communities will mostly exist, as urban settings, (and) as our integration into the EU matures, our municipalities will be better served when the equality of the Communities is demonstrated by each's abilities in sustaining an Identity, while recognising the reciprocal need to provide for the special needs of Minorities amongst them.

please note:

-a federal government must exist.
-a Turkish Cypriot constituent state must exist.
-a Greek Cypriot constituent state must exist. either case (the Constitution, and my manifesto) there is this bicommunal Principal.

as you know, things can never return to the way they were. now, as then, we must choose to make things better. if as Greeks and Turks we can engage in an effort which can sustain the ability we have to serve in social-exchange with our neighbouring global partners, Cyprus as an island gains its Freedom. if within this context we can amongst ourselves demonstrate the same sense of respect and Goodwill as Persons, Cypriots will gain their Freedom.

...then there are the displaced, and the settlers, reality on the ground, they need for us to recognise them as Human beings; what is wrong with enclaves (they repopulate, they secure our Right to Free Movement and Association,) to end the use of the Green Line as a border?

...then as now we end the Subjugation of Nations, one over the other, with Statehood (, and Grace). Ataturks dream before the Kemalist regime would revive, so too this Bicommunal definition when applied in the Middle East, Jerusalem a Capital that houses more than one governing body while Palestians in some geographic context remain enclaved Jews too would live amongst Arabs, or Kosovo in a Greater Serbia with Herzigovina (sorry for the spelling), or Iraq; it allows for people who respect that in their Identity they live as Individuals as well as Persons, their political representation naturally should reflect these facts.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)