Saturday, September 29, 2012

Turkish Cypriot leader: We will drill offshore | WSLS 10

Turkish Cypriot leader: We will drill offshore | WSLS 10

...260,000 Muslim Turkish Cypriots live in the north?

hardly. by their own "census" it is far less, and needless to say citing a bigger figure includes the illegal settlers from Turkey, and the Army, in her design of making Cypriots, whether Greek or Turkish, subject to their terms.

@ Mr. Eroglu, why not stand-up for the Federal Republic as a Cypriot, ask, where is the Greek Constituency if there is a Republic and a Turkish Constituency? is Cyprus a Greek State, because the vast majority of its History and Population are Greek? or, is there a Cypriot State, because not as Persons, but as Individuals its Citizens stand united toward defending Universal Principals?

Territorial Jurisdictions could be settled as an internal matter; Bicommunal means an indivisible whole having parts (at least three governing bodies, if not one), it cannot mean simply dividing the island in two. Bizonal, as a geographic context is the same.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 10

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 10


vp, i still don't think you understand (in my Cyprus) how you will vote, typically how anyone votes.

as a voter, you will vote for your five representatives: Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Maronite, and an Independant for the Lower House.

how the Federal structure will work can be defined by what is an Individual Right, and what are Personal Liberties, the domain of the Constituencies.

for example, the Federal Government enacts Legislation that is an Educational Standard for all Citizens, the Constituencies would apply this Law in a manner which serves its Electors and their Educational System.

another, each Constituency would have a Civil Structure of Equal Power, but quite different: Police, Health, Social, Land, etc. while, the Federal Government has these responsibilities, to defend as Universal Principals, as well as Criminal Law, Legal Registries, and matters of State.

...can you see how your vote at the Federal level and the Constituent level are powerful tools?

...have you figured out why i harp about a population of 11 million? identifying the "Greeks" and the "Turks" amongst us as each set's issue, (and where Hate when it is Identified, is a Crime against us all,) by standing united because we are more than just "Greeks" and "Turks", as Cypriots, we are Individuals and Human Beings, we can live as Greeks, and as Turks; do you see that?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 7

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 7

"...the plot"

indeed a story concocted in Turkey.

...just the facts, take a look around you.

what Cypriots built from one third of the population homeless is really quite astounding, don't you think?
...even though they are the "Greeks".

what have the "Turks" done in the mean time? how is it, despite the embargo, that such a tiny population have become parasites, according to their founder/benefactor, a State many many many times bigger, and willfully defending "Turkishness" against what is not "Turkish" enough?
...what is it that the north's population is not doing, are they not "Turkish" enough, what can they do?

at some point, you too vp, will say asiktir to "them", or die. question is, do you love Cyprus, this land, more than being Turkish?

as for Greeks as a majority, it is irrelevant, it is the minorities which hold the sway in a Democracy. what is more important is an end to the corruption, when we, united as a population are not so easily subjected to this myth, "Turks" are helpless in a Cyprus whose majority are fanatics and "Greek".

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cyprus :: Asil Nadir found guilty. - Page 6


Cyprus :: Asil Nadir found guilty. - Page 6

...the Ambassador forgets the beginning, with its black operations where Turkish Cypriots were sacrificed for Turkey's gain. the enclaves which followed, and the forced movements are not so clear, based on the same motives; lovely how the line follows so closely, the Acheson Plan.

...the same can be said for his opinion of "the Truth", Cyprus is Occupied, it offends all Cypriots equally, what is right and what is wanted are two different things in this matter; i applaud The Guardian, more of the Press should end their lazy way of talking, "Greek Cyprus", or "Northern Cyprus", because it is offensive to all Mankind, untrue and an insult, not just to this island's dwellers.

...and ridiculous as it is to say it, Turkey, that deep state and its wanttobe's, is to blame, even for this man, Asil Nadir.

Monday, September 03, 2012

The DOCUMENTARY "MEMORIES" the purest sense Piratis your argument is sound.

in the sense that Bicommunal has no clear meaning, a "Turkish" idea or not, our responsibility is to the rest of Mankind, as Individuals, to demonstrate something we design for ourselves, as Cypriots, which enriches the world because it can be held in high esteem and emulated. futuristically, i am proposing to go beyond what is the Truth, and what vp resists so fondly, something where Cyprus in two hundred years sustains itself, perhaps in a desert of global warming with a population quite different in demographics and size. i repeat myself, there is a Cypriot Republic, and there is a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency? (and why not Armenian, Maronite, and Latin Constituencies as well.)

where vp ignores a Federal Government, i say, where is the Greek state? consider that, my suggestion, because it solves both vp and your anxieties.