Sunday, December 27, 2015

Re: Ranking the alternative outcomes of the Cyprus Problem

. is Canada so successful? Do Canadians vote by the colour of there skin, or the language which is their mother-tongue?

And yet Canada is strong, and there exists many Nations in Canada which have, as Persons, their self-representation too. 

...all Canadians identify with the Universal Principals all people can defend together, as Canadian Principals. Minority, Constituency, or Native, there is no difference to them as Individuals.

Something to think about when it comes to intention. Power as in "Greek" power, only invites its equals as opposites. Although Greeks can share the pride of "Greekness" as a diaspora, and even though the overwhelming population is Greek in Cyprus, Cyprus is not "Greek", nor, if you ask me, should it be. Cyprus is not Greece. Cyprus is not Turkey, either. Cyprus is Cyprus. Cypriots are Cypriots.

They are better stewards, they have paid for this Freedom in blood, they are our shame, if we forget they lived as Cypriots, those murdered, and made to disappear, and if we choose to ignore this truth.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pipeline project plagued with problems


Sadly, years and years on a pipe dream, and very little known about the costs of water, that is "free".
Thirst is not the issue, neither is capacity it seems, because (at less cost) these could have been solved by now, it's profit; especially since 75% of the water is slated to grow cucumbers in the Karpas by an ever growing population of "Turks" from the mainland.
What of water desalination? What of water conservation? What of the upkeep to existing infrastructure where it's reported that 40% of the clean drinking water is lost from leaking pipes. Indeed, the 'new' pipes will not leak, but for how long (who will build them); and then? When is also a good question, too...
...but it is a little late for all that. In the realpolitik of things, Erdogan needs to score, now. What with the situation as it is, Cypriots are badly served by the efforts Turkey has made. So too, Turkey's reputation. In affect, it reflects badly on the occupation regime with what it has demonstrated as a partner (as "Turks", and as Cypriots). And at this moment, no one is drinking the water yet, thus the water has no real value except political, even the point of transfer is under dispute.
Frankly, I think that he (Erdogan,) will "gift" the water to the Republic, to own and to manage, and in the process, recognise Cypriots as Cypriots, ridding himself of the "Turks" who represent a burden to him by being unable to sustain themselves, promoting a sea-change of world opinion toward Turkey, gaining from the recognition and respect of Cypriots, a new ally, as well the possibility of better relations with Greece, Israel (and Egypt), and the EU.
...Peace water, let's see.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Theocharous, Sizopoulos want to prevent a bad settlement


Cypriots cannot stay the way they are. A change is natural, no less.

Neither the "Greeks" or the "Turks" look forward, willing to embrace change to better themselves. Both discuss Human Rights as something secondary to their goals of preserving "Greekness", or "Turkishness".

If Cypriots, because they do exist (and they represent about half of the population either way), have their way, control of the Agenda, it may be that Cypriots will finally be able to demonstrate that it is their diversity that is their strength in an entirely mobile world where as Cypriots they serve as facilitators of exchange.

Beside a strong Federal Government, representing all its Citizens without other distinction or discrimination, as Cypriots, there will exist the possibility of self-representation as Persons, not just as Individuals, with a BBF; I would hope that the possibility of a Greek Constituency, (at another level of Government), within a set of Cypriot Constituencies may allow for the recognition and respect Cypriots, as Cypriots, have for their ethnos.

Mrs Theocharous and Mr Sizopoulos, I think, could better serve their electorate, as Cypriots. As Greek Cypriots, if they avoided being a mirror to the occupation regime, north; "not Greek" / "Greek", "not Turkish" / "Turkish", they would be the better people. New thinking is needed, and is expected of them if they are the States-people they claim to be. I am grateful for their vigilance against the common enemy of Ignorance which led to the Cyprus Problem, in affect the Turkish Problem. But Cypriots, not just Greek Cypriots because they are the overwhelming majority, need Peace; not to be divided.

I am as, vigilant, and against any tribute paid to Turkey, in appeasement, a compromise, or reward, too, because it is just plain wrong on many levels. But i believe the Flag of Cyprus always flies higher. It, is an equal to the Flag of Greece, or the Flag of Turkey, or the Union Jack for that matter. The opposition should decide, are they Cypriot, or "Greek"? As it is, as "Greeks", they fail the rest of us who have a wider vision of Cypriots, or what it means to be Cypriot, Greek or not.

...and if they want to be leaders of "Greeks", with a BBF, the paradox, this opportunity exists for them.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Bizonality still a sticky question in the Cyprus talks


What is a "Turk"? What has "Turkishness" got to do with Cypriots having representation based on Universal Principals, the self-representation which demonstrates the will of Cypriots, as Cypriots?

In my Cyprus Bizonal is not that hard to understand. Regardless of how you divide Cyprus as parts, One Government represents us as Cypriots. One Country exists as a State, and that is the Republic of Cyprus. Under it, all its Citizens are equal, without any discrimination or distinction additionally needed.

Indeed, Cypriot Constituencies exist, and they can be identified by the living relics, language, communities and homes, these Constituents care for till today. As Cypriots, if we are prepared to consider that Cyprus has an Ethnos, (more than "being" mostly Greek,) Cypriots should also be prepared to apply themselves accordingly with Constitutional Reform respecting the nature of this Heritance. If we are prepared to consider that a "Turkish Constituency" should exist, should there be Constituencies for the Maronite, Latin, and Armenian populations which have the same struggle, in terms of sustaining their distinctiveness, as Cypriots. Why not? Why not a Greek Constituency while we're at it? Why not a set of Cypriot Constituencies, at another level of government?

Where in this demand, by or for a Turkish Constituency, is there an effort to represent the principals that clearly indicate an interest in the affairs of Cypriots as a whole? Why are "their" demands so different to my own for example, if "they" care for Cyprus? How are "they" equal to the Republic? They, the occupation's regime, concern themselves with "Turkishness" (and only "Turks" to them are acceptable); there, anyone who dares to fly the Flag of Cyprus risks a great deal of controversy, although just recently, legally, it has been ruled that people have the right to do so. short, such a demand, for "Turks" or "Turkishness", as it is, is asking for a lot, and folly, from a position where (illegally) "they" have much more than they should, "they" seek to care only for themselves, and where "they" "deserve" (and because they have little to offer) very, very, little.

...solution is easy, ask for 7 percent (almost too hard to refuse), and be willing to accept (far) less. for the rest of us, Turcophone, Grecophone, and Cypriot, dividing Cyprus, to "give" some of it away to "someone" who sees us as an "other", seems far fetched, unjust, and a step backwards for Humanity, not just for Cypriots.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Editorial: A meaningless protest

., the Flag of Cyprus, is the Cypriot Flag; what with this demonstration made up of "Greeks", there is not a one to be seen in the sea of blue. I am glad actually, because Cypriots exist, the other half I call them, those who are not "Greeks" or "Turks", who I doubt whether Greek or Turkish, want to be associated with the "them" who place "Greekness" and "Turkishness" above anything else, in Cyprus.

Editorial: A meaningless protest

. it time to fire another Police Administrator? Is this not the first time that the Police have reacted in a manner which demonstrates, for the same reasons, the same failing? Either way, it is the Police who are lucky, no one was gravely injured, again, by inaction. One hopes that in a Civil society like in Cyprus, the Police demonstrate great skill at their Primary Mandate, which is Public Relations; Justice seen. If the Police want the public's respect they must understand that it is based on consistency, they are not entitled to decide where, or what people will be allowed to promote fear, and who should feel safe, either.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cyprus closest to unification in 40 years, say Turkish Cypriot foreign minister


...indeed we can hope that Cyprus may act as a template for the unification of Turkey, in its Constitutional Reform, an end to the divisions "Kurdish", "Alevi", and "Turk(ic)". Like the Flag of Cyprus, the Flag of Turkey representing Universal Principals, where there is no distinction or discrimination toward Individuals, as Citizens standing united for their Rights.

Both can benefit from the good intentions of a BBF, like Canada, where the strength of the Freedom they share, Canadians, comes from their diversity, and where in Liberty they share a respect and recognition for each other as Persons.

...the end is near, maybe that's a good thing.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Re: What does Erdogan's victory mean for Cyprus?


...i am expecting Erdogan to use Cyprus differently. It would not surprise me if the "Turks" of Cyprus will feel betrayed, because he will demonstrate through Cyprus the qualities that the rest of the world is looking from him, the recognition of the Republic. In that regard, an about face from Erdogan, makes sense. Externally he will get a great deal of support, improving the credibility which he is now lacking. Cyprus becomes an important ally (with (Syria, Lebanon,) Israel, Egypt, and Greece). Internally, it will not lead to any more discord, against him, it may even help, because as an action it is hopeful to those who feel, in Turkey, that they are suffering from the same intolerance, and in esteem his supporters can take comfort in the potential Turkey can realise Internationally, having made this choice. 

...i remember how hopeful the world was with his election originally. This charm is gone. He needs it now, and the Problem provides him an avenue, with its solution.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Turkey's peace pipe to Cyprus


...water, to what end? The world waits on Turkey, on another issue where its intentions are unclear.
No celebrations on Republic Day, as promised. No 'official' opening, and also, no clear sense the thing works.
...peace pipe, peace operation, if there is a pattern here, it does not bode well for Cyprus, that is to say Cypriots, whether they can be identified as "Greeks", or as "Turks". If this water is for thirst, as is said, why is it that 75% of the infrastructure for this purpose remains unbuilt. Is it that the cucumbers which are so popular in Turkey will come from the Karpas? Is it possible that the water is for "them", those who will realise this plunder, for Turkey, or at least the ones that are according to Erdogan, "Turkish" enough.
If Erdogan fails in his election, this like many of the "projects of the century", may well be revealed to be costly dreams.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Re: The United Segragated States of Cyprus


Cyprus, with the expense of having Constituencies, may provide an important link to the needs that as Persons, Individuals need, toward defining their own distinct identity within the context of a State that is broader.

What is at issue is the intention of the parties as they are framed today. What are they looking for? One can not expect an "Enosis" to Greece any longer, and a "Greek" state in Cyprus is no longer a possibility either, only unless there exists a willingness to sacrifice the island and its Heritance, for a society/two societies which chooses to promote an enmity for "others", it seems will the "Turks" (and the "Greeks") that represent about a half of the island's population be satisfied; but it is not the only choice.

...indeed, Koray Basogrultmac─▒ and Cinel Senem Husseyin, have demonstrated that the Flag of Cyprus does not represent a "Greekness", or a "Turkishness", and that in belonging it is Cypriot; it is neither "Greek", or "Turkish". They bent what seems an impossibly intransigent regime with one truth, that Cyprus exists. All of us can demonstrate the same courage, for Cyprus, and the possibility that Cyprus can take control of the Agenda for what is essentially an internal problem Cypriot in nature. This simple gesture, flying this Flag, my lead to someone being shot quite frankly, but more of it is necessary to build the trust that Turcophones need, and, the respect that the overwhelming Grecophone population needs as well, to be willing to defend each other. 

...if there is a loud enough voice from the population, the politicians as an elite will have to rethink what is established, and what is the status quo.

It is our choice, the Citizens by voting, but more importantly it is by action that the choices available will change.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Re: Water - The Propaganda Regime of "TRNC" ...???


Mustiejodu, it is Turkey that is in a squeeze, and it is Erdogan that is doing the squeezing, be realistic. How can you give this man so much confidence? Is there anything in Turkey at the moment that is in order? for Cyprus, and this water, it exemplifies what should be our worst fears, i say "our" as human beings, not just as Cypriots. Not a thought about water management, nothing about conservation, not even its distribution, nothing about it at all as a matter of fact, it just appears, as though it is free, as though nothing has to be learned from the past, as though "new" means new forever; if that is not propaganda, what is? 

Turkey is not a leader, or should i say Erdogan's Turkey only tarnishes that potential. The great achievement was only paid for, it is not Turkish, except that a "Turk" in affect had it made in Turkey. Pardon me, but after all this time, i'm still hoping that some good can come from all this effort. I don't see the political reward for one man and a Party as progress, just being happy to see water where there was none should not be enough for the rest of us, Turkish, Greek, "Greek", or the world at large (read: anything not "Turkish").

Water as a weapon, for Peace; sounds to me like a two edge sword. I just don't want to see more cucumbers grown by "Turks", for "Turkey", in Cyprus., Mustiejodu, i can imagine, can see as a Cypriot, the logic in this.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

In Cyprus, hopes for a thaw in a long-frozen standoff


One hopes that the Republic of Cyprus remains, and that it continues to defend the Universal Principal that all Cypriots are equal, without any other distinction or discrimination, because it has from its inception represented Cypriots well, despite the dysfunctions it (has) suffer(ed)s; let's remember that in 1960, Cyprus did not even have an infrastructure of asphalt roads across the island, water, clean and reliable from Public Works, or even electricity to any degree. It was a backwater, a barrack, for the Ottoman's, and then the British.
Turkish Cypriots, as Turkish Cypriots, may want to identify themselves as a Constituency, other Cypriot Constituencies exist which have the same needs toward sustaining their own distinctions. But, this Liberty does not equate to the Freedom which (the overwhelming majority of) Cypriots are demanding. Other Cypriot Constituencies, Greek, Maronite, Armenian, can serve their electors's daily lives in the language of their choosing (first) at another level of government, all are entitled their voice as Cypriots, for Cyprus.
Canada is a BBF, so too America. Can you imagine Federal elections where to vote, one is identified by the State one lives in or by whether they are, Native, French, or English?
...can you imagine in America, or in Canada, Citizens unable to say quite simply, they love their country, as Americans, or Canadians?

Monday, September 28, 2015

A post-solution Cyprus education hub


Why not an education hub, somewhere where the intention is to make German, Chinese, Russian, French, and tens of other languages, within thirty years transparent to each other, if they are translated to one of the three Official Languages of Cyprus?

...a pipe dream, perhaps, because of the cost; but when competition is measured in bits and bytes, think about it, a word which can be multiplied many times (and the ability to do so).

Cypriots are famous as facilitators of exchange (throughout History). Cypriots (being at the cross-road for three Continents) should not forget that.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Turkey’s Troubled Intervention


...what with the impasse of 40 years in Cyprus, it is pretty clear that to a "Turk", you must be "Turkish" to be a Turk. In Cyprus, according to the "Turks" there are "Turks", and not "Turks" (read: "Greek"). Even in Turkey, if you are "Alevi", to the Turkish Government, it is a matter for Foreign Affairs.
...whether the Kemalists like it or not, if they look at the facts, what was the Ottoman's Army, who were the men that fought beside the great Ataturk, for Freedom, they should feel shame that at this point in Turkey's history, Turks fight Turks, because "Turks" would have them divided.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

GLOBAL FAITHS: Cyprus an imbroglio of politics, religion


...the story of Cyprus is far older than the Ottoman Empire, during which, under its rule of over 350 years, it became, and remained a backwater, a barrack with services, until its Independence in 1960, which at least with self-representation brought an infrastructure of asphalt roads, electricity, across the island, as well as drinking water, for everyone, safe and clean from civil works, which had never existed before.

...more accurately the dispute is between "Turks", and those not "Turks" (read: "Greeks"); what of the other Cypriot Constituencies, the Maronites, Armenians, and Latins, they too, as Persons have the same and equal needs. What of the dwellers who choose to identify themselves as Cypriots, first? The Cyprus Problem is a Turkish Problem. More accurately Greeks as a population have been Cyprus' overwhelming majority for thousands of years, and as Individuals they deserve the respect and recognition as Cypriots to vote as Cypriots, to live as Cypriots, in Cyprus, and around the world, to be identified as Cypriot, whether within Cyprus there are more than one, or many, distinct identities or not. (What is missing is a Greek Constituency if we are talking BBF, there exists a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency with no equal(s).)

...any agreement which denies Cypriots the Right to vote and to live Freely in Cyprus, as Cypriots will not pass. In Politics, as in Religion, there is no Muslim God, or Jewish God, or any array of Christian God. Cyprus like God exists, Cypriots deserve better, a bit of Solomon's wisdom rather than tearing the baby in two.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Israel: everybody is a Minority


...interesting. A greater Israel, and within it Israeli Constituencies.

Like in Cyprus, i hope, beyond the "blue&white stripey thing", and 'Ms. Packman', there is a Flag of Cyprus that flies higher. BBF, because at one level of government we defend our Rights as Individuals, and at another we sustain our daily lives as Persons. A BBF because, despite the possibility of each Constituency having many components geographically defining "their" zone(s), their is one country, one island, beyond the sum of some arbitrary territorial jurisdictions, where as Citizens we are equals, as Cypriots for Cyprus, in doing our best toward defending it, merit, while bettering ourselves.

...each is a minority, if you will; within each "they" live as minorities as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gwynne Dyer: Cyprus is still divided—but maybe not for much longer


I would like to remind Mr. Dyer that Canada is also a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation, so is the USA for that matter. If Cypriots are refused "the right" to be recognised as Cypriots, without any further discrimination or distinction, any solution that is proposed which makes them "Greeks", and "Turks" will be rejected.

I would like to remind Mr. Dyer, that Cypriots exist.  Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin fought long and hard for this respect and recognition from the regime which claims to represent them, and who charged them, first with an act that was not illegal (flying the Flag of Cyprus), then for disturbing the peace, then for sedition. The Flag of Cyprus, like Cyprus exists, Cypriots exist, even in the north, now; thanks to them, they had to insist though.

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

...count them Mr. Dyer, (at least three governing bodies make up a BBF).  You are suggesting that what is illegal and against the Universal Principals all Humanity respects, is a good idea (by dividing "them" in two). Yes, let's ignore the fact that in Canada, Canadians can vote as Canadians, whether there are Constituencies in Canada or not. In your Cyprus, it is Cypriots, as Cypriots that are being marginalised, for the sake I might add, of the very same "Greeks", and "Turks", the other half as i like to call them, who are the cause of the impasse, as much as the infamy. They, the people of Cyprus, are not "Turks", and the rest of them called "Greeks", they are Cypriots, the victims in this tragedy; picking sides is pure hypocrisy, because it is the "This" which must stop.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

United States of Cyprus?


...the good news is that both leaders agree. There will be a united Cyprus.

Let us hope that as Citizens, the people will be identified by merit, if there is to be distinctions and discrimination. Let us hope as Cypriots we will get to vote as Individuals, as Cypriots. And let us hope, being Bicommunal, that as Persons, at another level of Government, Cypriots may choose to identify with one of a set of Cypriot Constituencies, where they can live and sustain a life of happiness, as an elector an equal, whether perceived "a minority", or "a majority", there.

...Frankly, I like RoC, Republic of Cyprus.

It is not the name that is to be changed, but the intention. If anything, for the sake of those missing, murdered, and made to disappear, the name should stay the same. Whether Turkish, or Greek, (or Armenian, Latin, and Maronite for that matter), let us remember that they were robbed of their Cypriot identity, for their Cypriot identity, by "Greeks", and "Turks"; changing the name suits "them".

Monday, July 20, 2015

Re: Arrested For Flying Flags of the Republic


Lordo, even i am against what you describe as a BBF (or "bbf"). Cyprus is one country, one State, whether within it Cypriots identify themselves' more distinctly, or not. is a matter of what is natural. We are Cypriots, the stewards of this island, if we are to have self-representation then it is to be as Cypriots. In affect this is the great compromise, where the vast and overwhelming majority agree, as Greeks, that Cypriot, in defending each other, has a wider meaning that they are a part of.

The "Turks", like the "Greeks", have failed with their Agendas, there may be in Cyprus, some (not all), of "them". Now, Cyprus exists.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

‘This time it’s for real’


...if these Leaders are true to their electorate, if they are there, there for Cyprus, the People will support them. It is not hard to see the benefits of a Cyprus that is neither, "Greek", or "Turkish", because it is Cypriot. Only the other half, do not agree, those who are "Greek" and "Turkish". With the wonderful news today, that the Flag of Cyprus can be flown anywhere on the island, Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin, are Free in flying theirs'. I hope that more of these Flags, rather than "Greek" Flags or "Turkish" Flags, are chosen, by Cypriots, to fly, without fear.

...indeed, if there is anyone to blame, it will be "us", if that is all between us, because "this" must stop.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wide condemnation of US ambassador’s comments

. is as Cypriots that Cypriots must take back the issue.

Indeed, the issue is not about invasion and occupation, these are the results of the Problem, where Cypriots have been divided by a set of interlocutors who all agreed, what was practical for "them", then. And in having allowed themselves to be framed as such, Cypriots, their representation as such, as Individuals, is dysfunctional, and their representation as Persons can only be adversarial. Who are the "they" i ask who divide us, now? Us, obviously; we are not "Greeks" or "Turks", except as two of more than two Cypriot Constituencies. Cypriots, for allowing this debate to be framed as opponents endure a proxy war, what is "Turkish" what is "not Turkish" (read:"Greek"). Who is to blame if we know, the sooner we stop "this", the better. The sooner we choose to identify ourselves as one, the better. The sooner we say to ourselves, "I love Cyprus, first", the sooner we will act lovingly toward each other. So, the issue is about the corruption, as Human beings what we are willing to endure, what "we" call Ignorance, I'll add: Lest We Forget.

Indeed, a look inward is necessary, so too new thinking to take us beyond the Modern Age, because it is as Cypriots we have Freedom, without which there is no Liberty where it is/will be possible to choose a distinct identity and sustain it. Cyprus has an ethnos, as Cypriots we can choose to sustain it, and to give it an opportunity to grow. Cyprus is not Greek (if anything Greek is Cypriot). To Cypriots, Cyprus was, and still is Cypriot. Tearing Cyprus in two is anathema to the other half as i like to call Cypriots who do not identify themselves firstly as "Greek" or "Turk". And in that sense Cypriots are bicommunal because as Individuals there is no distinction or discrimination, and as Persons there is respect and recognition.

...a Greek Constituency is needed, so that politically, Cypriots are Free to consider the Universal Principals which as Cypriots they stand united to defend; makes sense, counter intuitive perhaps, but think about it. At another level of government, Cypriot Constituencies will provide self expression to the daily needs of its electors, not just as Grecophone, Turcophone, etc., but as majorities who through their own Goodwill, and Goodfaith, provide for the minorities that live among them.

This Ambassador's view is very different to that of Mr. Biden it seems. But, isn't that what makes America so great, its diversity? Something to think about because like Canada, the USA, both are BBFs, and as populations, have no problem calling themselves Canadians, or Americans; after such a long career, i can't imagine the bitterness this man feels with the fact that as yet, the Problem remains.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Re: cyprus talks to resume may 15,2015


BBF in my mind is not that hard to understand,

As an Individual, you have an equal vote to any other Citizen, you vote as an Individual, as a Cypriot, there is no other distinction or discrimination. The Federal Government will be represented by whichever Leader wins a majority, based on Universal Principals. Its (this Government's) influence is exclusive in some matters, it provides the guidance that all Constituencies must equally respect and recognise, in all others.

As a Person, you have an equal vote as an elector, and by your choice of residence you will take the perspective of a Majority, or Minority, within a Constituency having as an Agenda, a distinct identity to sustain. All Cypriot Constituencies being equal, it (will be) is because there is a State where it is Freedom that is secured without compromise, and in this Liberty toward effecting our daily lives we choose to, respectfully.

...therefore, Zonally, geographically speaking, it is not hard to imagine a single country, a People because as Individuals they defend each other as such, where the people themselves define the relationship they have with its regions by there own perspective as Persons. Frankly, such thinking is useful in Cyprus, for Cypriots however they choose to see themselves, it is what holds a country like Canada together in any case, it would be just as useful in Turkey if you ask me, for the same reasons, and there are many conflicts which can find a resolution with these intentions (BBF) politically.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Turkey is the bad actor on Cyprus


...I ask, is the Flag of Turkey a Turkic flag? Is the Flag of the U.S.A. a German flag (or an English flag)? What makes the Flag of Cyprus any different? These flags represent a State based on Universal Principals which they are committed to defend without distinction or discrimination. Indeed, the Flag of Cyprus is not a "Greek" flag, what of the Kurds, or the Alevi, in Turkey?

...time for Turkey to end its stagnation, to mature, to confront its own fears. Perhaps, with its own Constitutional Reforms it should consider a BBF model: one Turkey which represents its Citizens as Individuals, and at another level of Government a set of Turkish Constituencies where as electors and as Persons each sustain a distinct identity as a majority which respects and recognises the minorities that live among them by being closer to the taxes they pay.

Mr. Biden said it best when he said, "but one". Cyprus, Cypriots, exist.

Like in Turkey, Cypriots are not merely "Turks", and not "Turk" (read: "Greek"); also a truth worth remembering.

Frankly, the "Turks" in Turkey should be careful what they are asking for in Cyprus, lest in succeeding it will lead to the break-up of their own country.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

'The Pain Will Never Go Away': Searching for the Disappeared People of Cyprus


...Kyriakos Constanti Hadjisoteri, was a Cypriot, not a "Greek". He stayed like many others (who stayed and disappeared as well) in the village believing in the Universal Principals on which a country like Cyprus, or Turkey, for that matter, is based upon and dedicated to defend. Men like him are my heroes, like those before him in '63, called "Turks", they were robbed of their identity, and their lives.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Turkey Rebukes Newly-Elected Turkish Cypriot Leader


...only hours the Leader (Akinci), and Erdogan is already picking a fight; tells you a lot about the situation as it really is. While Turkey denies it has any influence over the lives of Cypriots, Turkish or Greek, exactly the opposite is true. Imagine, the poor man (Akinci) interrupts his own interview on TV for a phone call he dare not let go to his voice mail.
Cyprus exists, Cypriots exist. Although Mr. Erdogan will do his best to deny it, this time I hope he is losing his grip. My hope is that a man has been elected, who has the backbone to appreciate his being, Turkish, and Cypriot, does not mean that he must be a "Turk" (and whatever that means in Erdogan's Turkey). In fact, it is Akinci who holds the power to create better intentions toward Turkey's Constitutional Reforms, by demonstrating that the Flag of Cyprus and the Flag of Turkey are equals, because they do not define "Turkishness", or "Greekness", but Universal Principals which we as Individuals, rather than Nations but as States defend.
What is needed, in my opinion is a Greek Constituency, which does not exist. If it existed, within a set of Cypriot Constituencies, a Turkish Constituency would have an equal. Like in Turkey, no equal can exist in Cyprus for its Republic. Freedom is secured by the representation of all Citizens as equals without any other distinction or discrimination. Liberty on the other hand is best expressed in both countries by recognising that at another level of government, the People as Persons, through self representation are closer to the taxes they pay, and as majorities in sustaining their distinct identities, able in demonstrating Goodwill, and Goodfaith to the minorities that live among them.
I think Mr. Akinci understands this, and Mr. Erdogan has this as a reason to be such a bully toward him. If as Mr. Eroglu described, that the election was a referendum, Cypriots have demonstrated that for the most part, they choose to be Cypriot, first.

Monday, April 20, 2015

When motherlands go rogue


Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin are heroes, to Cypriots. Plain and ordinary people doing plain and ordinary things. The other half, as I like to call them, those who are not "Greeks" or "Turks"; I like to think of them, when we discuss, the lives (call it "motherland") of "rogues".

They may not hold the Agenda, but they will; it is only a matter of time.

"They" (or one of "them") will go too far, as they are apt to do. The simple act of flying a flag will gain a meaning that so far has effectively been isolated and ignored. And in Cyprus, for Cypriots.

Cypriots may finally take up their cause, rather than the debate as it is framed; "this" must stop.

...I suggest as summertime approaches, while on the beach, and while enjoying what is beautiful about Cyprus, plant the Flag of Cyprus to sit under its shade. It is an easy act which we can emulate. I would suggest we think about the dead and the missing in gratitude, while we are at it, with great joy over our souvla, (i will, if i see others who are doing the same) for their heroism. Cypriots, those who stayed (whether in '63 or '74) were robbed of this identity, murdered and made to disappear (or displaced). That is the truth. Where is the Freedom in that, if in our minds we cannot remember them as who we are? Where is the Liberty if as Persons we cannot show these Citizens, as Individuals, the due respect and recognition they deserve in our pursuits for happiness, as, Human, beings?

While the Flags of Turkey and Greece are powerful political symbols of, "Greekness", or "Turkishness", in Cyprus, I would like to remind the readership that the Flag of Cyprus has its value, because it represents Universal Principals.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

President sets worrying new condition


...and why should the Republic of Cyprus negotiate with any one of the Cypriot Constituencies? If it negotiates with Constituencies, shouldn't it negotiate with all Constituencies?
Bicommunal does not mean dividing Cyprus between those called "Turks", and those called "Greeks". It is defined by our Rights as Individuals, and our Liberty as Persons (all of yet to be more clearly refined). Like Bizonal, which is a geographic term, it should define a Cyprus which is a whole, and where within, its Constituencies are made up of components, it does not mean tearing the island in two.
Turkey needs to recognise that Cyprus exists, and that like the Turkish Flag, the Flag of Cyprus is its equal.
"Greeks" like "Turks", need to learn that although those Flags represent them, those Flags represent all Citizens who are willing to defend the Universal Principals they represent, together, Individuals, without any further distinction or discrimination. Like the Flag of Turkey, it is Turks who are represented, not "Turks", the Flag of Cyprus represents Cypriots, not just "Greeks".
...whether by arrogance or by it being a simple fact, Mr Anastasiades is right, the Republic, in representing its Citizens, like in any other country, and its President, should have no equal.
What is missing in this debate, in effect, is a Greek Constituency, without which, there is no equal to a Turkish Constituency. Frankly, it would not surprise me that as Constituencies, having the same needs, (since there are actually more than two) that they could present themselves before the President unanimously. That, as such, to the President sworn to defend the State (and the Freedom it represents), their consideration toward Constitutional Reform would be of value. And I suggest that this Liberty they would suggest, (another level of Government,) self-representation as Persons, would be possible.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Gallipoli centenary marks another snub for Turkish minorities


Erdogan is a "Turk", he is no Turk.
...Istanbul is no longer the cosmopolitan city it was before his ilk. Let's remember what it is compared to what it was, and what it will become if this man has his way, becoming a Caliphate and him its "Protector"; even Turks will not be welcome if they are not "Turkish" enough.
The Flag of Turkey represents a People United toward defending the Universal Principals all Men hold in high esteem. Men like this one see it to their benefit to divide us. Ataturk would not be proud, the rest of us also struggle with this shame. Without the recognition that Turkey's strength is founded on its diversity, this movement toward "Turkishness" tarnishes the reputation of a great People who will still struggle for Freedom despite this Leadership.
If "Turks" want to celebrate their Heroes, perhaps in Turkey, like in Cyprus where they demand the existence of a Greek Constituency, a Turkic Constituency could exist. If in Turkey, a set of Turkish Constituencies existed, this need for People as Persons to express themselves can be secured. Turkey is not "Turkish", exactly in the same way Cyprus is not "Greek". Turkey in affect has the same Problem. Its "Turks" must recognise something bigger, as Turks.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cyprus: a time for fresh thinking?


Cyprus exists, so too Cypriots, not for hundreds, but for thousands of years. Everyone knows this, as Mr. Biden said, “but one”. Cypriots are neither “Greek”, or “Turkish”, they are Individuals who want the Freedom, the respect and dignity that any other People enjoy while defending Universal Principals. They are the other half of this debate who do not want the island torn in two. They are ignored so long as the Problem remains an issue of “Turkishness”, and the rest, not Turkish.
Because the issue is about Liberty (it should not be about Freedom), and given that the great compromise is a BBF, i suggest that it is the Constituencies that need to find their common ground, with themselves, that the Republic is better served if in unanimity, they present to it, their consideration toward Reform; but there is no Greek Constituency. To be more accurate, there are no Cypriot Constituencies, Maronites, Armenians, and Latins, deserve the same capacity, having the same and equal need.
If dialog is to be promoted, between the Turkish Constituency and the Greek Constituency, it is possible, if Bicommunal (and Bizonal) is defined to mean, a level of government for Cypriots, as Cypriots, Individuals for Cyprus, and a level of government which has a set of Constituencies, where by their choice of residence, Cypriots sustain distinct identities as Persons, then there is Freedom, and Liberty.
…i would like the readership to recall that the Flag of Turkey, and the Flag of Cyprus are equal because of the Universal Principals that they stand for. I ask, if the Flag of Turkey represents something more than a Turkic Constituency, what of the refusal to recognise the Flag of Cyprus as something no more than “Greek”? With Turkey’s need for Constitutional reform, without wanting Turkey divided into its parts, they should be more careful what they ask for from Cypriots.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Cyprus reunification: the Arab Spring and natural gas game changers


Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin come to mind when i think of "People power". I will be watching for them, for the fourth (or is it fifth) time, on April 13, if they will be denied Justice, again. They fly the Cyprus Flag, because, they are Cypriots. Yet this is denied them by no Law, but by a Court which will not Rule. And a media which denies what is clear to these two Citizens, that Cyprus exists, so too Cypriots. That whatever solution to the Problem is found, it is for them, the other half if you will, who are not "Greek", or "Turkish", who deserve this respect and recognition.

Like the Flag of Turkey, the Flag of Cyprus, stands for Universal Principals, they are equals. I ask, isn't Turkey made up of something more than a Turkic Constituency? I ask, if there was a Turkic Constituency within a set of Turkish Constituencies, in Turkey, could they define what are their equal needs toward sustaining, as Persons, their distinct identities?

Given this need in Cyprus, and in Turkey, for Constitutional reform, Canada comes to mind as a successful Bicommunal society, because the People secure their Freedom by defending each other, as Individuals, while their Liberty allows for this Freedom, as Persons. Canada is a Bizonal Federation too, because it is the Flag of Canada which flies highest, everywhere, despite their diversity and there being many flags, a Canada exists, its Citizens as Canadians are Sovereign, and it is they who represent themselves as such, in their Federal Government; yet, there are many Provinces, which prosper from their own self-representation as National Assemblies, too.

Unless one imagines Turkey is better off torn in pieces, I suggest, for the same reasons it is hard to imagine Cyprus torn in two.

It would be nice if Mr. Eroglu (or, with elections so soon, the next Leader of the Turkish Constituency) stood in front of the Flag of Cyprus when he speaks, that would be quite a challenge, for Cypriots as a whole, a change of intention if he asked, not for the President of the Republic of Cyprus to sit with him and negotiate, but his equals, the Leadership of the other Cypriot Constituencies, (because no Greek Constituency exists,) because their needs as Communities are equal, and as equals, i imagine, at this point, they could speak in unanimity about their position toward these needs, so that upon their presentation to the President, with his charge, toward the State, this Government may take their consideration toward its own reform.

...i remind you, Cyprus is a template, because it is a good representation of Free Will, and the population is small. Tsipras is a strange phenomena in Politics, where as a Greek, the first to congratulate his win were a Kurdish Turk, and a Turkish Cypriot, both called him their "brother". "Turks" in Turkey, should be careful how they wish to define what is not "Turkish" (enough), (at home, and) in Cyprus. A good thing for Turkey, is Cyprus (an equal, and) an ally

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cyprus – Russian Link and IS Extremism


...thank-you Greek Reporter, a well thought out, comprehensive piece.

It may be that President Anastasiades is a person who expresses his feelings more openly than most, much to the discomfort of the more discreet at this level of politics. Yet, if he is seeking to be the facilitator of dialog, it may be that Cyprus gains from this universal appeal, as an ally. We see in Cyprus' efforts to promote good relations within her sphere of influence progressing, with the Cairo accord, that links Egypt, Greece, Israel, and Cyprus to efforts that secure the rational development of the sea's underwater resources. Cyprus demonstrates its skill at facilitating exchange, what with its Maritime Registry, its Rule of Law, Education and Banking sectors. Its relations with Syria, and Lebanon, no doubt can play a role for progress.

In any case, these same agreements, for safe Harbour, exist between Cyprus and other countries, like China, USA, France, etc. I will add, in terms of regional safety, few sites represent a better place from which help can come quickly. This too, is an issue of International importance in which progress is achieved through social-exchange. If it is necessary to have so many warships in the Eastern Mediterranean, then let us hope they practice saving lives, together, what with the Human traffic over this sea. Having them share the benefit of water, and shelter, is a good first step, i say, Cypriots are good hosts this way.

Europe, one hopes will feel strong enough to confront the Problem sooner, than late.

One also hopes that as a Union they will defend the existence of the Republic, without apology, whether within it there exists at another level of government, Constituencies or not. The idea that Cypriots are only, "Turkish" or not "Turkish", must stop. At least it should not be denied that in effect, Cypriots exist, and it does not depend on the colour of their skin or their ethnic origin. Europe must make it clear, the difference between defining People as Individuals, and as Persons. Europe must provide the guidance the rest of the world needs by demonstrating an ability to integrate Citizens, without their assimilation. And in the case of Cyprus, to deny those who think it is a good idea to divide it in two, because like Solomon's baby Cyprus lives, is also a good idea.

Turkey has the same Problem, if you ask me. It too would benefit from Constitutional Reform where there existed a Turkic Constituency, at another level of government, not unlike any other Constituency, an equal, within a set of Turkish Constituencies, where people choose to live freely, with the liberty to sustain each's distinct identity. in Cyprus, one Flag flies over Turkey, neither represents a Nation per se, but a State which defends Universal Principals. Canada comes to mind when one thinks of a successful BBF, Turkey is the Problem in Cyprus, Europe has a very important role to play.

Friday, February 20, 2015

From Know-Who to Know-How: Turkey and the “middle-income trap”


...when I think of Turkey, I see how Erdogan's Turkey struggles to define "Turkishness". The picture for me is not a pleasant one to say the least.

As a Cypriot, hoping to make this change from a society of "Who" you know, but on merit, to "What" you know, I suggest that a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation is a good model for Turkey to take with its own Constitutional Reform.

Given that the Flag of Cyprus, and the Flag of Turkey, are equal, in that they both represent a State which defends Universal Principals, it is not hard to imagine a Turkic Constituency among Turkish Constituencies, at another level of Government, in Turkey, like in Cyprus, the recognition that all people are equal, a representation of the people as Individuals, a People as such who defend each other and the Freedom this represents, because they can sustain as Liberty their distinct identities as Persons. Canada comes to mind when i think of a successful BBF.

This big change can be represented in Cyprus, the Problem ended by its recognition, a template worthy of the World's esteem and emulation, a shift in the intentions of the Kemalists, if you will, while respecting the fundamental principals which drove Ataturk to his revolution for reform; something Cypriots cannot unreasonably refuse, a "New Turkey" as a result.

I fear Erdogan's longing for a Caliphate in Istanbul is stronger than his dislike for numbers when they are turning against him, and from my perspective, he is a dangerous bully, who, if he does not recognise the existence of Cypriots, as Cypriots, will surely bring Turkey to the same demise: those "Turkish", and those not "Turkish" (enough).

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Re: about the missing, worth mentioning...

. any case, it was a sad fate for all the missing, and murdered in '63, and in '74, all of them were stripped of their identity as people who were close to their land, Cypriots; denied this singular identity because, our choices have made us adversaries in "solving" the Problem as "Greeks"/"Turks". There is Hope however, because Cypriots still exist, and because there is reason. I understand Lordo's reticence toward saying sorry for this or sorry for that, afraid that if he asks, someone will deny him his pain. Maybe not, there is a thin line between empathy, and the propaganda tools babies in the bathtub have become. I suggest something new, a better intention, in acts for Cyprus, as Cypriots, because beyond this "Greekness", or "Turkishness", there is something decent, better, in recognising an equality that has been respected here for thousands of years, no less, but more a reflection of the Modern Age which has passed, and the Information Age begun.

...every case was/is different, as we've demonstrated, the Army, irregulars, profiteers, Greek, Turkish, who knows the variables, what really happened, and it is quite obvious that the "Leadership' does not want anyone to know what really happened either, this is the frame of mind in which our bitterness grows. Everything, indeed, exists to tear us apart, think about it, except there is the fact, a will to exist, Free, as Cypriots. Yet, the only Justice which can exist for these dead, is if we the living defend each other: against those who's pleasure is gained from this misery they cause; not by choosing a "side" (because whatever side is chosen is "theirs"), but by choosing to stop, "this". Courts of Justice demonstrate a physical recourse to some degree, one says there is blame, there is an issue, the other, that Turkey takes the blame and offers a recourse for compensation. So far, here we are, waiting for a solution from the top so to speak, something like compensation for the Heritance involved as Property, and a Commission starved of the information it needs to conclude its Mission successfully.. 

Most importantly, are our own actions, for those "they" would rather we forget, go ahead this summer, at the beach, and when making your souvla, fly a Flag of Cyprus for the fun of it, plant this staff in the ground, in honour of this memory, all the memories, celebrate for those who fell, because they stayed, so that we can be Free.

Thursday, February 12, 2015



...only we, as Cypriots can solve this Problem, milti, and i may add to the benefit of the rest of Mankind, as well as ourselves. Our friendship with Russia, and Syria, are assets, as in our capacity as an EU member, where in developing our relationship with the United States, we can contribute in a dialog which may be helpful to the region generally. Cypriots must stand their ground, as small as it is, it is Cypriot, Cypriots exist, and as members of the larger community of Man, if there is any Pride in being Cypriot, we must seek to better this condition because we are facilitators of exchange.

...indeed the braggarts among us (who betray what should be kept as (their Army's) secrets) surprise me not, they are braggarts after-all, because the 'war' they propose cannot be won by Armies, but by people. They should know that. The value of which cannot be measured with the superiority of their weapons, or numbers, when in the end, the cost, to them, is far more than the same efforts put to reason. Moreso because a man like Erdogan exists, reason seems to be his weakness. We are an easy target as a Tribute in a wider War (which seems, at another level his larger intention) in appeasement, if it boils down to force. We will be reduced to barren destruction if we welcome war, just look around you, our neighbours, not one of them is a 'winner'. Need i remind everyone of the proxy war played out so far? Who benefits, who are its victims? Need i remind you that Cyprus is a cross-road to three Continents? (an unsinkable battle-ship.) And it seems, as such, too important to the interlocutors, for Cyprus, to come under the exclusive influence of "one", over the others so far, when it should not "belong" to any one of them; what solution but a Cypriot solution can work?

But, it takes a Modern intention to rise above "Greekness", or "Turkishness", to rise above what Greeks and Turks have made for themselves with their History, it takes the realisation that we can defend each other, for Universal Principals, that above all we are Individuals (members of the same race, as in Humans), and Cypriots. One solution exists, and that is the Republic of Cyprus. For it to have credibility, and given the compromise (BBF), it is only possible if there exists Cypriot Constituencies as well. I ask then, where is the Greek Constituency, why not a Greek Constituency? Of course i ask, why not other Cypriot Constituencies? Why not each with the Liberty to represent a distinct identity, as Persons, if our Freedom is defined at another level of Government, as Cypriots? Is this racist? Am i a traitor to wish for a State that is a Cypriot State, rather than a Greek state that is the Cypriot State? I ask, (not necessarily going too far,) why not English as our Official Language; are we not inherently Greek, and Turkish, or Maronite, Armenian, or Latin? Is our State based on merit or a bloodline? In any case, i do not consider the Flag of Cyprus temporary, a rag, as i've learned others on this Forum do. It represents to me an aspiration far more noble than the mythic reality of Greece, and/or Turkey, for that matter. And while it remains dysfunctional, i ask you all to remember, we are all traitors by making each other enemies.

...indeed, milti, we have to make the right choices now.

Monday, February 09, 2015

A declaration of independence


That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

Let us make it clear that a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation can secure the Rights of Individuals, the Freedom which defines them as a State, and as well, at another level of Government, the equality of Cypriot Constituencies, where such a set of electorates, as Persons, will have the Liberty to demonstrate as a majority respectively, their recognition and respect for the minorities that live amongst them while serving an Agenda which in their daily lives sustains their distinct identity.

...count them, three (at least), governing bodies. 

Many Flags can fly internally, but only one flag defines them as a whole, the people, as Cypriots. It is in my mind not hard to understand that the debate as it is framed is flawed. 

Where is the Greek Constituency? Why not other Cypriot Constituencies? Is the debate an issue of what is "Turkish", and what is not "Turkish" (read: "Greek")? I ask because at present it seems that way. Why not the same respect for the larger Ethnos which is Cyprus? If we defend each other, what of the equal need of the Maronite, Armenian and Latin (dare i say the British, too)? Why not unanimity when they speak of 'their' needs? And beyond these National Assemblies, and the territorial components that make up such jurisdictional zones, why not a voice as Cypriots, for Cypriots, and Cyprus, where Cypriots as Cypriots decide? 

...again i repeat myself, a Republic of Cyprus exists. But no equal exists to the Turkish enterprise of having a voice which in their daily life is not overwhelmed by a population far greater than their own. This issue, in my mind cannot be ignored. (i would like to remind us all that the world's ethnosphere is threatened by extinction to a greater degree than the threat to our ecosphere.) More importantly, as Citizens of the World, we cannot deceive ourselves into thinking that things should stay the way they are, nor are we doing a service to the rest of Humanity if we ignore a Heritance far more complex, and, it is as Cypriots that we can demonstrate the Modern thinking that will take us beyond the subjugation of having "belonged" to Turkey (or that by being Greek demographically, we must be "Greek") , and beyond the plunder of cutting Cyprus up like a piece of meat, in two.

I would like to see Mr. Eroglu stand with the Flag of Cyprus beside him because that would be a great step forward, as well as courageous, like a great statesman, when he puts this challenge, to the missing counterpart(s) he seeks, at the negotiation table. Who puts the Flag of Cyprus higher? Where is an equal, who will talk of the needs of Greeks? Where are his equals to sit as Constituencies and speak? (It would be nice if the President of the Republic of Cyprus did not wear two hats so to speak, he would not sit at that table.) It would be nice if they could speak as one, for Cyprus, when they invited the President to their table, and toward Constitutional Reform. 

...well, my bit, M. Alper, toward your appeal which i am looking forward to because i hope it will be helpful, not just to the "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus, but to the rest of us who see ourselves as Cypriots, and Human beings, who understand that there are bigger enemies than each other, Lest we Forget, toward applying our Hate, in a manner where we better ourselves. And i suggest that similarly in Turkey, if a Greek Constituency exists in Cyprus, so too with great effect can a Turkic Constituency, there: it is something i hope you will think about, most respectfully, cheers!


Saturday, February 07, 2015

Greek-Cypriot leader calls for common Cyprus future


To satisfy the desire for a Turkish Constituency in Cyprus, a Greek Constituency, must exist. Why not therefore, the existence of a Turkic Constituency in Turkey. In essence Turkey and Cyprus are equals, their Flags represent the same Universal Principals.

Constituent rights are a matter of Persons, a matter of Liberty, Freedom should have no equal, and it should be something we defend together, beyond Nations as a State.

...BBF, something to think about, talking Constitutional reform.

Cypriots deserve more than a divided country, says President


...what is needed is a Greek Constituency, a representation where Greeks speak as Greeks. It would not be hard, therefore, for the President of the Republic to speak for us as Cypriots. Truly, if it is a BBF that represents our way forward, something is missing. There should be no equal to the Republic, who can disagree, that the Flag of Cyprus should fly highest?

...if as equals Cypriot Constituencies can represent their distinct identities, at another level of government, as Persons, such territorial jurisdictions will demonstrate respectively, the respect and recognition Cypriots afford to the minorities, as majorities, who live amongst them.

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

...count them, there must be at least three governing bodies; think about it.

“Cyprus and its citizens deserve much more than a divided country,”

...whether it is President Anastasiades who said it or not, this much is true, and i suggest for the benefit of Cyprus, (an equal to Mr Eroglu could be found) he should not have to wear two hats as he does at the moment

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Russia keen to use military bases in Cyprus

. long as it is possible to facilitate the social-exchange of our neighbours, and allies, Cyprus should do so. My hope is that this island will be demilitarised one day, that there will be no need for its People to defend themselves, that way. It may be that the island will evolve to be supra-militarised with the world so intent, it seems, on exploiting it as a location where the one of the many interlocutors, gain an advantage over their adversaries (as though Cypriots don't exist). On the other hand intentions count for something; Disaster, Terrorism, Hunger, Disease, Ignorance, even Climate Change, as enemies may find their center here.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Cyprus Says Turkey Must Stop 'Bullying' Over Gas


.indeed, if Cypriots do not exist, Cyprus "belongs" to Turkey, and the Lease of the island gone wrong, to Britain, can be solved by Turkey keeping a part. If you believe that the Treaty of Lausanne was unfair, indeed, what of the Modern World? Mr. Biden said it right, upon visiting the island, for everybody, "but one", Cyprus and Cypriots exist. is not the Gas and Oil off the coast of Cyprus, that concerns Turkey per se, it is her "share" of the Eastern Mediterranean, as it is Greece is next, let's not forget, so too Syria. What with the Barbaros, off to practice Submarine Warfare, it lends an explanation to the work of the Piri Reis before her. While Turkey may be an ally to the USA, Erdogan is no friend, and while he is democratically elected, it seems as though what is not "Turkish" enough, (even if it is Turkish), is to be crushed if it cannot be denied, corrupted, or plundered.