Sunday, November 22, 2015

Editorial: A meaningless protest

., the Flag of Cyprus, is the Cypriot Flag; what with this demonstration made up of "Greeks", there is not a one to be seen in the sea of blue. I am glad actually, because Cypriots exist, the other half I call them, those who are not "Greeks" or "Turks", who I doubt whether Greek or Turkish, want to be associated with the "them" who place "Greekness" and "Turkishness" above anything else, in Cyprus.

Editorial: A meaningless protest

. it time to fire another Police Administrator? Is this not the first time that the Police have reacted in a manner which demonstrates, for the same reasons, the same failing? Either way, it is the Police who are lucky, no one was gravely injured, again, by inaction. One hopes that in a Civil society like in Cyprus, the Police demonstrate great skill at their Primary Mandate, which is Public Relations; Justice seen. If the Police want the public's respect they must understand that it is based on consistency, they are not entitled to decide where, or what people will be allowed to promote fear, and who should feel safe, either.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cyprus closest to unification in 40 years, say Turkish Cypriot foreign minister


...indeed we can hope that Cyprus may act as a template for the unification of Turkey, in its Constitutional Reform, an end to the divisions "Kurdish", "Alevi", and "Turk(ic)". Like the Flag of Cyprus, the Flag of Turkey representing Universal Principals, where there is no distinction or discrimination toward Individuals, as Citizens standing united for their Rights.

Both can benefit from the good intentions of a BBF, like Canada, where the strength of the Freedom they share, Canadians, comes from their diversity, and where in Liberty they share a respect and recognition for each other as Persons.

...the end is near, maybe that's a good thing.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Re: What does Erdogan's victory mean for Cyprus?


...i am expecting Erdogan to use Cyprus differently. It would not surprise me if the "Turks" of Cyprus will feel betrayed, because he will demonstrate through Cyprus the qualities that the rest of the world is looking from him, the recognition of the Republic. In that regard, an about face from Erdogan, makes sense. Externally he will get a great deal of support, improving the credibility which he is now lacking. Cyprus becomes an important ally (with (Syria, Lebanon,) Israel, Egypt, and Greece). Internally, it will not lead to any more discord, against him, it may even help, because as an action it is hopeful to those who feel, in Turkey, that they are suffering from the same intolerance, and in esteem his supporters can take comfort in the potential Turkey can realise Internationally, having made this choice. 

...i remember how hopeful the world was with his election originally. This charm is gone. He needs it now, and the Problem provides him an avenue, with its solution.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Turkey's peace pipe to Cyprus


...water, to what end? The world waits on Turkey, on another issue where its intentions are unclear.
No celebrations on Republic Day, as promised. No 'official' opening, and also, no clear sense the thing works.
...peace pipe, peace operation, if there is a pattern here, it does not bode well for Cyprus, that is to say Cypriots, whether they can be identified as "Greeks", or as "Turks". If this water is for thirst, as is said, why is it that 75% of the infrastructure for this purpose remains unbuilt. Is it that the cucumbers which are so popular in Turkey will come from the Karpas? Is it possible that the water is for "them", those who will realise this plunder, for Turkey, or at least the ones that are according to Erdogan, "Turkish" enough.
If Erdogan fails in his election, this like many of the "projects of the century", may well be revealed to be costly dreams.