Monday, March 25, 2013

The Cyprus Deal: Real Stories - Businessweek

The Cyprus Deal: Real Stories - Businessweek


It is a sad day for the European Union when their Bankers cannot see a bigger picture as Investors.

Cyprus is very special. Geographically it represent the cross-road for three continents, (except as a backwater under 350 years of Ottoman occupation) and it has done so for thousands of years. Taken in context, the 'confidence' issue is a sham because it was only under their own efforts, once Independence was established in 1960, that a network of asphalt roads island-wide was built, as well as a drinking water infrastructure. Never mind the coup in '74 which failed because the "Greeks" of Cyprus did not support it, and never mind the 'Peace Operation', so intricately entwined with it, which left 1/3 of the population homeless in less than two weeks, (the forgotten example of 'cleansing' before Bosnia), by the Turkish Army which occupies illegally more than 50% of its coastline, and its most productive land, still. Cypriots, are heroic in their efforts so far, and they have demonstrated their resolve to defend Universal Principals based on the Rule of Law, with ingenuity and resolve.
In such a weakened state, bullied only because "they" are small, will cooler heads prevail on the political front when Europe soon must face the real Cyprus Problem (and Turkey)? Like the banks (for a few Euros), will she allow the island to be torn in two because it is easy?
...solidarity, as Human Beings, that's what Europe won a Nobel Prize for.

With such a poor result on this issue, I feel more worried for the rest of us, not the Cypriots that so well somehow, have endured heavily their price for Freedom.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Cyprus :: Greece To Declare EEZ...??? - Page 6

Cyprus :: Greece To Declare EEZ...??? - Page 6: Re: Greece To Declare EEZ...???


@ Oceanside; we may hope that this man will give the other Leadership in Europe the courage to look at the facets that make up the European face. he has not done much to remove the tarnish on Turkey that his Party has made, although such twisted speech gives rise to the questions, Zionist-Jew, Christian-European, Terrorist-Islam, Occidental-Oriental (remember him inviting Native Americans to visit Turkey; they are both from China: brothers), it is nothing more than news to feed an electorate that is ready to die proud, for internal consumption, this food for thought can go both ways. everyone is made up of the same flaws, it is why transference works so well when it comes to spreading guilt, and with it hatred.

beside the EEZ with Greece, there are the Syrians, the Kurds, Iraq, never mind the Armenians, the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Cypriots who demonstrate remarkable Patience and restraint. and no, i didn't forget Israel...

only a genius could run a country, like Turkey, with so many pots on the fire, with an economy no one dares to scrutinise, and a significant body of this population fanatical as he who support him. but with Europe it is another matter, the war is far more subtle, if he cannot make it "better", i think he intends to take it down.

...hope your right; in the sense that Turkey should continue to join with the west to beat at our perceptions so that they can become more refined, lovingly against the efforts made to deny that the west to be whole is Muslim, too. afterall, there is One God, isn't there?

@ my Gig, look at the map, Europe wins, Cyprus is the fulcrum, Greece against Turkey or Turkey against Greece, it is a lever. otherwise it is two big sticks that are equal. splitting Cyprus, for warring parties of course, is ideal leaving it impotent, war there, as though Cypriots do not exist. the gesture was Mankind's, that created Cyprus, it was born from new beginnings with the Modern Age, for Peace. i hope that we can remember the vision of the Men before these moments who sacrificed their lives for us to understand that war is not terrible, and hate is good, but against real enemies, not each other; Lest We Forget. at this point a new frontier is opening, (we are talking Gaz here but generally, the Information Age) and Turkey is very late, if Greece is quick enough (and Europe is willing).