Saturday, March 26, 2016

Turkish Cypriot flag couple feel abandoned by Anastasiades


...if you want to support this brave couple, fly the Flag of Cyprus, fly it highest, fly it wherever you may travel on this island, fly it so that people can see you agree: You are Cypriot.

If there is a time to send our Leaders a message, it is now. If there was a time for us, the people, to give them courage, it is now. They need to look out their windows and see, the Flag of Cyprus.

...and if we are to take the time to remember the missing, and the murdered outright, for the most part they were Cypriot, murdered and made to disappear for this reason, for the most part by those who take great pride in calling themselves "Greeks", and "Turks"; something to think about.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

CORRECTION – Cyprus crucial to EU-Turkey deal on refugees, Tusk says


Turkey has made many demands, where Europe, and Cyprus have demonstrated their willingness to provide for Turkey's wants, and needs. Visa Free Travel for Turks, and Cyprus, don't seem to me at all related to the problems of a mass migration, including its tragedies on a scale not seen in a hundred years. In any case, 3 Billion euros, is the "Humanitarian content" that Turkey will spend almost like a contractor, for the EU; again in June we will see if this performance is to be rewarded, or credible.

..."chapters" may open for Turkey, Turkey may want easy travel for Turkish Citizens to all of Europe, but the bond to grow stronger will include a respect for the Rule of Law, respect for Persons and the Liberty they seek, respect for the Freedoms that comes from respecting Universal Principals as Individuals and equals, and thus, respect for Cypriots, as Cypriots.

Most respectfully, I would like to remind the editor, that there is no, Southern Cyprus, there is a southern Cyprus indeed, because Cyprus has been illegally under the occupation of the Turkish Army for more than forty years, northward. Nor is Cyprus divided because they are "Greeks" and "Turks", but because this identity, Cypriot, does not suit the other half as I like to call them who have found a profit in manufacturing fear, the hateful thinking that goes along with the intentions of tearing the island in two. There is a good reason why the Problem is a Problem and not a problem, and why the Cyprus Problem merits such attention. Turkey it seems is the "only one",  to quote a phrase from VP Biden, not yet ready to recognize it.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Re: Cyprus will save the EU!


...what are you guys talking about? Banking and the past? A big hoorah, little Cyprus blah blahblah, and nothing more but the same old? Hello, because Turkey will get Visa Free Travel to (all of) Europe; that by recognising what already exists, (more precisely a Protocol) that Cyprus will be further ahead. What are we refusing? Cyprus has what, "Freedom", to gain, (/to lose) (it won't be the kind of Freedom that does not have to be specifically defined,) because Turkey is ready to call Cyprus, Cyprus (at least the half (that they define) they didn't recognise, before)? What Europe will "give", for Cyprus; it is perfect.
Do you get it? It is pure genius in a sick and criminally psychotic kind of way...

Cyprus cannot refuse recognition since it is what she asks for.

On the backs of migrants, no not migrants, mass migration, a crisis (a solution), in part also manufactured by spheres much like his own, not entirely under control, who in affect feed on themselves and grow, this Omnibus approach to an "Agreement". The word Freedom comes to mind as a two edged sword. You (meaning us, let's say the 97.2%) still don't get it, i suppose. If he succeeds in bundling the Cyprus Problem to a set of problems, he belittles the Problem itself, he belittles the "Problem" in Turkey, he belittles Universal Principals by setting his own conditions, for "Turkishness", again (and again). This is Erdogan's finest hour. This is the darkest hour; for Cyprus, indeed, and for the EU it is, never mind for what's called Mankind.

The end of Cyprus, and the end of the EU are near.

...but i'm just kidding, (not).

Turkey has taken no risk, she will absorb her chosen migrants as Citizens over the next five years to her benefit. What with the present condition(s) in Turkey, they are hard to ignore, Turkey should need no reward to show her convictions. What has been linked to these talks are more correctly dismissed, i wonder were issues successfully deflected, because as issues, the Cyprus Problem, and Visa Free Travel for Turks to Europe have no influence on solving the crisis at hand, the crisis of a mass migration bigger than what has ever been seen in 100 years, as well as being as issues big and complex themselves.

While the world will fill the headlines with much happiness, that Turkey agrees, Cyprus exists, "their" intentions are filled; not for the People of Turkey, or for Humanity, or for the displaced who continue moving having found no refuge yet. Certainly not for Cypriots with/under these conditions, a victory, or an end. But for a complex of Bureaucracies to mull over, and to rule (,) over their own complex regulations, Cyprus becomes not much more than a fuse to an even bigger bomb, "they" wish to take a hand at defusing, a trigger if you will; Erdogan dares the EU, yes, he'll say, to Cyprus. And he will say give us Visa Free Travel., i am not happy, what with this "recognition", near.