Thursday, February 23, 2017

Turkish FM: Turkey’s military rights still needed in Cyprus


...likely, (as in the United States), there will be from the Judiciary, a decision which will define the legality of this legislation, so offensive to some, in a far more profound and lasting way, for Cypriots, and a Cypriot way; so it should be, especially since, DISY, what is effectively the President's ruling Party, declined to make their vote the deciding factor by abstaining. 
I suggest, to Mr. Cavusoglu if he wants to make comparisons of equals, he may consider his own Leader, Mr. Erdogan, the equal to Mr. Anastasiades, both Leaders of Countries where their Citizenship represents an ethnos, and not mono-clonal societies of "Turks", or "Greeks", where, their diversity as Persons is evident, and where recognition and respect as Individuals, beyond these Nations, must unite them in defending the Principals of their State.  
...while Mr. Akinci cannot be found standing with the Flag of Cyprus in any photograph, he has the added pleasure to be representing "Turkishness", that which is not "Greekness". Mr. Anastasiades, does not have the same luxury. While he, may be representing what is called the "Greek Community" at the negotiations, he is the President of Cyprus, and as such the representative of all Cypriots.  
...if Cyprus remains divided, Turkey will remain divided. A united Cyprus brings hope, and not the Army, not just in Turkey, but throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, where a template is sought to emulate politically. Thus, Cyprus is not "Greek", nor Turkey, "Turkish"; within these States, as BBF's, their Constituencies may find from such Constitutional Reform, Freedom better secured, without distinction or discrimination, as a Citizenship united in defending each other, and Liberty from the capacity self-representation may bring, at another level of Government, toward sustaining their distinct identities.  
...what fans insecurity, is equal and opposing extremes having justified in their own thinking "victory", to do more extremes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Akinci: Two preconditions before returning to Cyprus talks


…i ask Mr. Akinci to stand beside Mr. Anastasiades, when he proclaims his own disapproval of the extremists which live among us. They should both be standing in front of the Flag of Cyprus when that photo is taken.

…if the Leaders want to send a clear message who and what they are working for, they must rise above what is a “Greek”/”Turk” Agenda. Cyprus exists, and Cypriots still exist despite the efforts to remove this notion from the debate. Both Leaders should remember who voted for them: Cypriots; not “Greeks”, and not “Turks”.

…indeed, it was not that long ago, that flying the Flag of Cyprus, was “illegal”. Thanks to the Courts, for Cypriots of Turkish origin living in the occupied north, it is no longer the case. As Mr. Alper has suggested, such a decision would have a meaning far more profound, based on a ruling from the Judiciary, much more long lasting, for a Cypriot way, exposing those against respect and a Rule of Law, to Justice.

In my mind this is just another great opportunity for men of Leadership, as Statesmen, to lead against harmful populist demands, by demonstrating that their eyes are on a bigger picture, as a Human kind.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Conceptual change in military thinking required for Cyprus breakthrough


I have said it before, and I will say it again:

...a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided.

The Problem, the Cyprus Problem, is Turkey's Problem. In effect, the Problem's solution must be "perfect". Without such a solution, there is no template, something held in such high esteem, that it is emulated. Such as it is, in Cyprus, to solve their issues, for fifty years, Turkey has sought to define "Turkishness", by exclusion of the rest (read: "Greeks"); this failed, with its culmination, when the Annan plan was rejected. And while there are "Greeks" in Cyprus, against "Turks", in Cyprus, the "Kurds" and the "Alevi" continue to grow uneasy in Turkey as well...

Respect, Trust, Recognition, are words that come to mind; that while Cyprus and Turkey have been adversaries for so long, they have proved themselves to be equals better suited working as equals together, and not against each other. What is true for Cyprus, is true for Turkey. What is true for Cypriots, is true for Turks. If we are to be divided, "our" side, the "others", the debate is flawed as it is, because the enemy is Ignorance (our own); there are those who are Loving, and there are those who are not. In any case, none of these "identities" are monolithic, "minorities" as such exist in them, there is no getting around that either, "security-wise".

(at some point "they" must identify themselves as "some", in a larger "one")

I have Faith in Mankind. I count on the "standing man". In their silence volumes of words for Erdogan's Turkey to hear, that "Turks" are not Turks, when even this voice is silenced.

Indeed, a change of intentions is needed. The recognition that as Nations the world has become so small, States exist; that beside "being" Persons, as Individuals, (Lest we Forget,) we must be willing to defend each other, without discrimination or distinction, and for the Universal Principals on which such thinking is based.

Such a BBF is possible; in Cyprus and in Turkey. Erdogan, by saying, "One Cyprus, One Turkey", may demonstrate this courage to the world, but more importantly, for him, to his constituency, and to the People of Turkey. If Turkey is not "Turkish", Cyprus is not "Greek", in a counter-intuitive kind of way, this makes sense. He may choose to make it so. If there is a "Greek Constituency", in Cyprus, among a set of Cypriot Constituencies, a set of Turkish Constituencies, in Turkey, is not so hard to perceive.

Recognition of Cyprus, a Cyprus that is an ally, is power; but first Erdogan must exhaust the possibilities he has for a Legacy, beyond the Treaty of Lausanne, in a "new Turkey". Cyprus, as Turkey's National issue, has been kept alive as an issue for moments like these. I am hoping that he has the will to leave a Turkey whole and stronger. With Cyprus, ("his", or not,) he has this possibility. excellently prepared opinion Mr. Riza; thank-you. We failed ourselves as Cypriots, allowing ourselves to be divided. This is true. Being divided is unnatural, this has been demonstrated. We are, not "Greek", and not "Turkish", as Cypriots, the other half. A "new Cyprus" is not the needed remedy therefore, but a Cyprus reformed, because Cypriots exist, still, despite the efforts for so long, of those, "Greek", and those, "Turkish", in their denial of them. It is a 'new Enosis' that is needed, for security: beyond the EU, beyond the historical antithesis, despite "it", Cypriots united toward a Cypriot way.

For our security, as Cypriots, "being" Cypriot first, counts a lot more, Cyprus being an island after-all.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Cyprus Fears Russian Meddling in Its Settlement Talks


Dearest Editors,

It is a big disappointment for me to have this obligation; correcting the contents of your post.

Cyprus Exists. There are such a people called Cypriots. Their Government seeks to reform itself, so that, from a Unitary state, it evolves to a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation (BBF): for their Citizens Individual Rights and Freedom without distinction or discrimination, and,  as Citizens,  Liberty as Persons in sustaining their own distinct identities
…it is not so hard to understand. America is a BBF.

Can you imagine in America, that in some States, the people must contest judiciously the right to flying the American Flag? Can you imagine that by force of arms a minority takes control over a part of America, what is not “them” expelled? Can you imagine forces equal to America, other countries, when they choose to, to occupy American soil? Hard to believe, hard to accept, isn’t it?

Cypriots exist. They are the other half, as I like to call them. Let us all remember them, let us not deny their existence. That they died at the hands of “Greeks” and “Turks”, for the most part, in Cyprus, is clear, because the “Greeks” and the “Turks” were not killing each other, but those  not “Greek”, not “Turkish”, for “being” Cypriot. We fail ourselves, if we betray them, and as a People their existence.

…it’s like saying, ‘Black-american’, ‘German-american’; seriously.

Your Map in this article is a very poor representation of facts. It is offensive on many levels.

My hope is that you will correct this map, (and the thinking which goes along with it,) to reflect the facts: There exists, the, Republic of Cyprus, and in the north there remains the territory, Occupied by the Turkish Army.

There are no “deals” on Universal Principals; Lest we Forget.

…"it", should stop in Cyprus; the world is not, “Turkish”, and, not “Turkish”.

yours respectfully,


Friday, February 03, 2017

Cyprus can be reunified, if Turkey’s president allows it (2)


...thank-you for the reply.

I ask you to recall Koray Basogrultmac─▒ and Cinel Senem Husseyin, they are Cypriots. Until last year it was "illegal" to fly the Flag of Cyprus in the occupied north; thanks to them, this is no longer a "truth".

Petros Souppouris, was he a "Greek", Hussein Akansoy, was he a "Turk"? Clearly not, although they are survivors of despicable events where "Greeks", and "Turks", murdered those not "them".

Who in the rest of the world can sit comfortably while the Eastern Mediterranean is being torn to pieces? Things are not fine, just the way they are. In Cyprus, the Problem, represents, or at least it should represent, an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment as Human beings to Universal Principals, ('our' as in, Cypriots, Turks, and the rest of the world alike,) and to define more clearly words like, State, and Nation, or, Person and Individual, Liberty, and Freedom, in such a manner where these efforts, held in such high esteem may be emulated.

This is the compromise, "Greeks" made, for Peace, from a Unitary state, to a BBF; a State representing Unitary values. It remains, in affect, up to Erdogan to see the value in this for himself, in Turkey, if Cypriots are given this chance, to decide for themselves.

Cypriots still exist despite the efforts against them, (so do Universal Principals); this is not the time to doubt who is the "us", and who is the "them".

In Turkey, as in Cyprus, with Constitutional reform, one may bring change to the other.

...and, as in Turkey, you do (read: should) not have to be "Turkish" to be Turkish.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Disgusting Statement by Turkey


"Eliminating" Turkey, because of the "Turks", is like eliminating Cyprus, because of the "Greeks"; you don't help yourself Kurupetos, if you don't recognise that "Turks" like "Greeks", (or, "Greeks" like "Turks"), are the Problem.

...let the Turks handle the "Turks", give them the respect they need to do so; recognise that they exist and support them.