Thursday, December 01, 2011

Cyprus :: YFred needs your help. - Page 3#p697451

Cyprus :: YFred needs your help. - Page 3#p697451


...YFred, bravo. Cyprus counts, and in my opinion more than a "Greekness" or a "Turkishness"; on that I think we agree.

...indeed, i hope GR will spend a day here and there, eating and drinking the food he brings to share. these small acts under a Cypriot flag send the message to those who will ultimately give words to our Expression as a People of our common bond, a love for this island and the Heritance of which we are its Stewards. i hope every week-end it grows...

I am a big fan of the words Bicommunal and Bizonal because in them I see One Unified State, as well as a responsibility by us as Individuals toward each other as Persons. Enclaves that spot the whole island provide the components that secure Free Association, Free Movement, and Expression, by providing services island-wide to the Turkish and Greek constituencies. Maronites and Armenians, in this regard, will have their own Territorial Jurisdictions, through National Assemblies, a means to represent themselves in their daily lives as a majority that provides for the minorities that live amongst them.

...what is wrong with my manifesto?

anyway, enough blahblah, Cheers!

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cyprus :: Cyprus: Towards a New Negotiation Process#p692962

Cyprus :: Cyprus: Towards a New Negotiation Process#p692962


Cyprus: Towards a New Negotiation Process

...i read the whole thing too; and it was hard to.

but, what came to mind is the fact that this is not a Greek/Turkish debate because the Greeks have no representation like "Turks", the RoC represents its Citizens as Cypriots, and as such cannot represent "Greeks", this Government is bound to demonstrate its commitment toward Universal Principals. Thus, Greeks and Turks who have a Cypriot identity are marginalised, their government having to defend a "Greek" identity, as well as the State. negociation process?

three bodies to represent the adversarial positions, a wider level of negociations, where a Talat can take the table as a Cypriot toward its reform, while an Eroglu would negociate with his counterpart who is "Greek", and perhaps a "Maronite" and an "Armenian" to settle on what constitutes a National Assembly so that they are all equal; this is new (and this is bicommunal).

...also, allowing these parties (the National Assemblies) to negociate amongst themselves a Jurisdictional Territory where each obtain from each other enclaves engages the People as Persons, while as Individuals we can demonstrate the Sovereignty of the island is Cypriot, and as Humans we recognise the resettlement, at least for some, of the newly displaced, while for some of the displaced at least, as communities, there is a return as they left; this is actually old (and this is bizonal).

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : GOODWILL FORWARD#87799


Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:58 am Post subject:


Deciding as you will this July (now October), consider this: "Would Mr. Eroglu recognise Mr. Christofias as President of the Republic, if, Greeks as Persons were to found an equal form of self-representation as his own, separate from the Federal Government, but as distinctive (“Greek first, Turkish first”) in its leadership.", lol.

>, lol.

...for the record.
The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)


...a letter to Ban Ki-Moon.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Cyprus :: Letter to the Permanent Members of UN Security Council#p690419

Cyprus :: Letter to the Permanent Members of UN Security Council#p690419


sorry halil,

...look at it.

it is leading...

don't count on leading the Council; the
facts, stick to the facts. as for feelings,

...i say have joy, it is yours to lead and to choose
seek the others like you who are, who act as
Cypriots, the Island needs Freedom: not "Greeks"
and "Turks". And if there are National Assemblies
that are equal, each would have a Territorial Jurisdiction,
the self representation as Persons, but one State is
our representation undivided as Individuals united
for the Universal Principals, as Humans we seek to better. believe in BBF? i need to quote what we have agreed to so far? i need to plead with you to read my manifesto?

hyte halil, be helpful, do you want things to remain the same?

cheers...The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cyprus :: Cypriot versus Turkish - Page 5#p688733

Cyprus :: Cypriot versus Turkish - Page 5#p688733

...i am amazed at how well you spelled in this post, alemoro.

...go back a step further though, remember Denktash has been sited pretty well by every secretary geneal of the UN before Annan for having most caused delays in finding a solution; and that is over 35 years, how do you dismiss that?

...i remember the Annan Plan, and I read it, the last one, the one I've been allowed to see, after the referendum; I think that, this, rings true, and given the efforts by Turkey, 65% of the electorate voting yes, you'd know this is a poor showing.

Bravery, is not plunder, alemoro. These wicked acts to stop takes greater Courage, and if you are a believer in God by any definition, you should consider that it is the murder and mayhem that you propose which is the Ignorance Cypriots, now labelled "Greeks" and "Turks", must resist.

...alemoro, if you were Cypriot could you live in a Unitary State?

...and if you are Turcophone or Grecophone as a Person could you accept electing as well as a Federal Government, one of many (two at least) National Assemblies so that in your neighbourhood where you reside as an elector, your tax dollars effect your daily life.

...this is Bicommunal, it does not mean tearing the island in two.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

,,,a letter to Ban Ki-Moon.

...indeed Antifon, it is the Constitution as it stands that is the starting point, and here lies the crux, the Communal Chamber and the method with which taxes are collected for the social works we want.

...indeed, the Constitution needs reform (it is a requirement through our EU agreement to keep our membership, no less), I agree. look carefully at my proposal, it allows for the same respect, within National Assemblies, to be offered to Maronites and Armenians within our Sovereign State because it is based on Universal Principals. "mixed" communities will mostly exist, as urban settings, (and) as our integration into the EU matures, our municipalities will be better served when the equality of the Communities is demonstrated by each's abilities in sustaining an Identity, while recognising the reciprocal need to provide for the special needs of Minorities amongst them.

please note:

-a federal government must exist.
-a Turkish Cypriot constituent state must exist.
-a Greek Cypriot constituent state must exist. either case (the Constitution, and my manifesto) there is this bicommunal Principal.

as you know, things can never return to the way they were. now, as then, we must choose to make things better. if as Greeks and Turks we can engage in an effort which can sustain the ability we have to serve in social-exchange with our neighbouring global partners, Cyprus as an island gains its Freedom. if within this context we can amongst ourselves demonstrate the same sense of respect and Goodwill as Persons, Cypriots will gain their Freedom.

...then there are the displaced, and the settlers, reality on the ground, they need for us to recognise them as Human beings; what is wrong with enclaves (they repopulate, they secure our Right to Free Movement and Association,) to end the use of the Green Line as a border?

...then as now we end the Subjugation of Nations, one over the other, with Statehood (, and Grace). Ataturks dream before the Kemalist regime would revive, so too this Bicommunal definition when applied in the Middle East, Jerusalem a Capital that houses more than one governing body while Palestians in some geographic context remain enclaved Jews too would live amongst Arabs, or Kosovo in a Greater Serbia with Herzigovina (sorry for the spelling), or Iraq; it allows for people who respect that in their Identity they live as Individuals as well as Persons, their political representation naturally should reflect these facts.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Greece withdraws from World Children's Games

...of course you are completely correct mr. k. that is the perfect coup, a Cyprus flag flying on Turkish soil, as though there is peace, at least tolerance and understanding, united like during earthquakes and forest fires, but for children.

...forgive me so cynical, i remember the passion "Turks" have for flags, i remember Solomou, so your suggestion is like a dream to me, and probably unthinkable as a danger to this Turkish (deep state) design, giving other countries time to think where their children would be going to.

MrH, this is a tempest in a tea pot brewed for your consumption, it could have gone no other way without a complete loss of Integrity by Greece. you may be happy that this incident reads well in Turkey, but Cypriots and Greeks are your friends where you have very few and where the adversaries are not so easily dismissed (and none of them will forget such behaviour). while the Government plays for your attention the stagnation remains, in their movement forward (as followers of the Principals founded by the peoples' Kemal), you like them are looking east, north and south, but not west for some positive results.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

wot's the roc doing?


bir is right, if we are talking about class warfare, "Greeks" want control of all of Cyprus, "Turks" just want control of the Turks. But this debate is in a world where People are Persons; their Individuality is decided within these mono clonal lots. this the case?

only if we are not Citizens of the World, or without a Family of Man...

...if we, Cypriots, cannot recognise the need for a definition to the word Bicommunal which can be generalised, emulated by the rest of Mankind, then Multiculturilism is not a failure, we are the failure. "Greeks" and "Turks" are an important element in our respective societies. However, their "right" to our agenda is not an exclusiveity. Needless to say, we, the Greeks and Turks (etc.) must recognise that our power is in changing the debate to permit the possibility that as Individuals of whatever creed and colour, we stand united for Universal Principals. And in Cyprus as Persons we sustain our needs as Persons as well.

(please read my manifesto)

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Digging the past in search of the future - Cyprus Mail

Digging the past in search of the future - Cyprus Mail

...there may be at least two Nations who have a claim on this island, where their living enriches them, as Cypriots. Yet as the island dwellers who have lived and loved here for so, so long, dismissed, suddenly in an interlocutory war as "Greeks" and "Turks", for the first time torn apart, those who love and their land to keep; lol, modern warfare.

But beyond that, we have the choice to demonstrate Humanity, to the rest of Mankind, an example to be followed in a Family of Man. Our obligation to them, if as a People we wish to share in Greatness, is the word, Bicommunal, which in this sense very powerful, and, we must define it, because it can provide in all our lives the balance we need, as an Individual equal in a desire for Freedom with anyone, and as a Person where we share to sustain in a common distinction.

Aziz, to think Bicommunal you must think three (at least) governing bodies; would you be satisfied to live as a Cypriot in a Unitary State, if in their own territorial Jurisdictions, Turks, Greeks, Maronites, Armenians, (and maybe Romes), are equal in their abilities to Act, sustaining their own Identities in National Assemblies that provide the daily infrastructure their electors benefit from, like: hospitals, schools, municipalities, and Civil regulation.

Aziz, if there were "Greek" enclaves in the north, isn't it only fair because "Turkish" enclaves will prosper in the south; we can repopulate without moving the Green line. If there is one Cyprus, isn't it possible for the National Assemblies to be made up of components, for some island-wide, so that their Citizens' Free Movement and Association is Guaranteed, if they choose to live as a Minority, or not.

...two questions i'd like to hear answers from you, and in general from others.

We dig in the past, but in the end we are all dead. The future, if we do not embrace change, our stagnation will kill us.