Friday, February 20, 2015

From Know-Who to Know-How: Turkey and the “middle-income trap”


...when I think of Turkey, I see how Erdogan's Turkey struggles to define "Turkishness". The picture for me is not a pleasant one to say the least.

As a Cypriot, hoping to make this change from a society of "Who" you know, but on merit, to "What" you know, I suggest that a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation is a good model for Turkey to take with its own Constitutional Reform.

Given that the Flag of Cyprus, and the Flag of Turkey, are equal, in that they both represent a State which defends Universal Principals, it is not hard to imagine a Turkic Constituency among Turkish Constituencies, at another level of Government, in Turkey, like in Cyprus, the recognition that all people are equal, a representation of the people as Individuals, a People as such who defend each other and the Freedom this represents, because they can sustain as Liberty their distinct identities as Persons. Canada comes to mind when i think of a successful BBF.

This big change can be represented in Cyprus, the Problem ended by its recognition, a template worthy of the World's esteem and emulation, a shift in the intentions of the Kemalists, if you will, while respecting the fundamental principals which drove Ataturk to his revolution for reform; something Cypriots cannot unreasonably refuse, a "New Turkey" as a result.

I fear Erdogan's longing for a Caliphate in Istanbul is stronger than his dislike for numbers when they are turning against him, and from my perspective, he is a dangerous bully, who, if he does not recognise the existence of Cypriots, as Cypriots, will surely bring Turkey to the same demise: those "Turkish", and those not "Turkish" (enough).

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Re: about the missing, worth mentioning...

. any case, it was a sad fate for all the missing, and murdered in '63, and in '74, all of them were stripped of their identity as people who were close to their land, Cypriots; denied this singular identity because, our choices have made us adversaries in "solving" the Problem as "Greeks"/"Turks". There is Hope however, because Cypriots still exist, and because there is reason. I understand Lordo's reticence toward saying sorry for this or sorry for that, afraid that if he asks, someone will deny him his pain. Maybe not, there is a thin line between empathy, and the propaganda tools babies in the bathtub have become. I suggest something new, a better intention, in acts for Cyprus, as Cypriots, because beyond this "Greekness", or "Turkishness", there is something decent, better, in recognising an equality that has been respected here for thousands of years, no less, but more a reflection of the Modern Age which has passed, and the Information Age begun.

...every case was/is different, as we've demonstrated, the Army, irregulars, profiteers, Greek, Turkish, who knows the variables, what really happened, and it is quite obvious that the "Leadership' does not want anyone to know what really happened either, this is the frame of mind in which our bitterness grows. Everything, indeed, exists to tear us apart, think about it, except there is the fact, a will to exist, Free, as Cypriots. Yet, the only Justice which can exist for these dead, is if we the living defend each other: against those who's pleasure is gained from this misery they cause; not by choosing a "side" (because whatever side is chosen is "theirs"), but by choosing to stop, "this". Courts of Justice demonstrate a physical recourse to some degree, one says there is blame, there is an issue, the other, that Turkey takes the blame and offers a recourse for compensation. So far, here we are, waiting for a solution from the top so to speak, something like compensation for the Heritance involved as Property, and a Commission starved of the information it needs to conclude its Mission successfully.. 

Most importantly, are our own actions, for those "they" would rather we forget, go ahead this summer, at the beach, and when making your souvla, fly a Flag of Cyprus for the fun of it, plant this staff in the ground, in honour of this memory, all the memories, celebrate for those who fell, because they stayed, so that we can be Free.

Thursday, February 12, 2015



...only we, as Cypriots can solve this Problem, milti, and i may add to the benefit of the rest of Mankind, as well as ourselves. Our friendship with Russia, and Syria, are assets, as in our capacity as an EU member, where in developing our relationship with the United States, we can contribute in a dialog which may be helpful to the region generally. Cypriots must stand their ground, as small as it is, it is Cypriot, Cypriots exist, and as members of the larger community of Man, if there is any Pride in being Cypriot, we must seek to better this condition because we are facilitators of exchange.

...indeed the braggarts among us (who betray what should be kept as (their Army's) secrets) surprise me not, they are braggarts after-all, because the 'war' they propose cannot be won by Armies, but by people. They should know that. The value of which cannot be measured with the superiority of their weapons, or numbers, when in the end, the cost, to them, is far more than the same efforts put to reason. Moreso because a man like Erdogan exists, reason seems to be his weakness. We are an easy target as a Tribute in a wider War (which seems, at another level his larger intention) in appeasement, if it boils down to force. We will be reduced to barren destruction if we welcome war, just look around you, our neighbours, not one of them is a 'winner'. Need i remind everyone of the proxy war played out so far? Who benefits, who are its victims? Need i remind you that Cyprus is a cross-road to three Continents? (an unsinkable battle-ship.) And it seems, as such, too important to the interlocutors, for Cyprus, to come under the exclusive influence of "one", over the others so far, when it should not "belong" to any one of them; what solution but a Cypriot solution can work?

But, it takes a Modern intention to rise above "Greekness", or "Turkishness", to rise above what Greeks and Turks have made for themselves with their History, it takes the realisation that we can defend each other, for Universal Principals, that above all we are Individuals (members of the same race, as in Humans), and Cypriots. One solution exists, and that is the Republic of Cyprus. For it to have credibility, and given the compromise (BBF), it is only possible if there exists Cypriot Constituencies as well. I ask then, where is the Greek Constituency, why not a Greek Constituency? Of course i ask, why not other Cypriot Constituencies? Why not each with the Liberty to represent a distinct identity, as Persons, if our Freedom is defined at another level of Government, as Cypriots? Is this racist? Am i a traitor to wish for a State that is a Cypriot State, rather than a Greek state that is the Cypriot State? I ask, (not necessarily going too far,) why not English as our Official Language; are we not inherently Greek, and Turkish, or Maronite, Armenian, or Latin? Is our State based on merit or a bloodline? In any case, i do not consider the Flag of Cyprus temporary, a rag, as i've learned others on this Forum do. It represents to me an aspiration far more noble than the mythic reality of Greece, and/or Turkey, for that matter. And while it remains dysfunctional, i ask you all to remember, we are all traitors by making each other enemies.

...indeed, milti, we have to make the right choices now.

Monday, February 09, 2015

A declaration of independence


That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

Let us make it clear that a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation can secure the Rights of Individuals, the Freedom which defines them as a State, and as well, at another level of Government, the equality of Cypriot Constituencies, where such a set of electorates, as Persons, will have the Liberty to demonstrate as a majority respectively, their recognition and respect for the minorities that live amongst them while serving an Agenda which in their daily lives sustains their distinct identity.

...count them, three (at least), governing bodies. 

Many Flags can fly internally, but only one flag defines them as a whole, the people, as Cypriots. It is in my mind not hard to understand that the debate as it is framed is flawed. 

Where is the Greek Constituency? Why not other Cypriot Constituencies? Is the debate an issue of what is "Turkish", and what is not "Turkish" (read: "Greek")? I ask because at present it seems that way. Why not the same respect for the larger Ethnos which is Cyprus? If we defend each other, what of the equal need of the Maronite, Armenian and Latin (dare i say the British, too)? Why not unanimity when they speak of 'their' needs? And beyond these National Assemblies, and the territorial components that make up such jurisdictional zones, why not a voice as Cypriots, for Cypriots, and Cyprus, where Cypriots as Cypriots decide? 

...again i repeat myself, a Republic of Cyprus exists. But no equal exists to the Turkish enterprise of having a voice which in their daily life is not overwhelmed by a population far greater than their own. This issue, in my mind cannot be ignored. (i would like to remind us all that the world's ethnosphere is threatened by extinction to a greater degree than the threat to our ecosphere.) More importantly, as Citizens of the World, we cannot deceive ourselves into thinking that things should stay the way they are, nor are we doing a service to the rest of Humanity if we ignore a Heritance far more complex, and, it is as Cypriots that we can demonstrate the Modern thinking that will take us beyond the subjugation of having "belonged" to Turkey (or that by being Greek demographically, we must be "Greek") , and beyond the plunder of cutting Cyprus up like a piece of meat, in two.

I would like to see Mr. Eroglu stand with the Flag of Cyprus beside him because that would be a great step forward, as well as courageous, like a great statesman, when he puts this challenge, to the missing counterpart(s) he seeks, at the negotiation table. Who puts the Flag of Cyprus higher? Where is an equal, who will talk of the needs of Greeks? Where are his equals to sit as Constituencies and speak? (It would be nice if the President of the Republic of Cyprus did not wear two hats so to speak, he would not sit at that table.) It would be nice if they could speak as one, for Cyprus, when they invited the President to their table, and toward Constitutional Reform. 

...well, my bit, M. Alper, toward your appeal which i am looking forward to because i hope it will be helpful, not just to the "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus, but to the rest of us who see ourselves as Cypriots, and Human beings, who understand that there are bigger enemies than each other, Lest we Forget, toward applying our Hate, in a manner where we better ourselves. And i suggest that similarly in Turkey, if a Greek Constituency exists in Cyprus, so too with great effect can a Turkic Constituency, there: it is something i hope you will think about, most respectfully, cheers!


Saturday, February 07, 2015

Greek-Cypriot leader calls for common Cyprus future


To satisfy the desire for a Turkish Constituency in Cyprus, a Greek Constituency, must exist. Why not therefore, the existence of a Turkic Constituency in Turkey. In essence Turkey and Cyprus are equals, their Flags represent the same Universal Principals.

Constituent rights are a matter of Persons, a matter of Liberty, Freedom should have no equal, and it should be something we defend together, beyond Nations as a State.

...BBF, something to think about, talking Constitutional reform.

Cypriots deserve more than a divided country, says President


...what is needed is a Greek Constituency, a representation where Greeks speak as Greeks. It would not be hard, therefore, for the President of the Republic to speak for us as Cypriots. Truly, if it is a BBF that represents our way forward, something is missing. There should be no equal to the Republic, who can disagree, that the Flag of Cyprus should fly highest?

...if as equals Cypriot Constituencies can represent their distinct identities, at another level of government, as Persons, such territorial jurisdictions will demonstrate respectively, the respect and recognition Cypriots afford to the minorities, as majorities, who live amongst them.

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

...count them, there must be at least three governing bodies; think about it.

“Cyprus and its citizens deserve much more than a divided country,”

...whether it is President Anastasiades who said it or not, this much is true, and i suggest for the benefit of Cyprus, (an equal to Mr Eroglu could be found) he should not have to wear two hats as he does at the moment