Monday, April 27, 2015

Turkey Rebukes Newly-Elected Turkish Cypriot Leader


...only hours the Leader (Akinci), and Erdogan is already picking a fight; tells you a lot about the situation as it really is. While Turkey denies it has any influence over the lives of Cypriots, Turkish or Greek, exactly the opposite is true. Imagine, the poor man (Akinci) interrupts his own interview on TV for a phone call he dare not let go to his voice mail.
Cyprus exists, Cypriots exist. Although Mr. Erdogan will do his best to deny it, this time I hope he is losing his grip. My hope is that a man has been elected, who has the backbone to appreciate his being, Turkish, and Cypriot, does not mean that he must be a "Turk" (and whatever that means in Erdogan's Turkey). In fact, it is Akinci who holds the power to create better intentions toward Turkey's Constitutional Reforms, by demonstrating that the Flag of Cyprus and the Flag of Turkey are equals, because they do not define "Turkishness", or "Greekness", but Universal Principals which we as Individuals, rather than Nations but as States defend.
What is needed, in my opinion is a Greek Constituency, which does not exist. If it existed, within a set of Cypriot Constituencies, a Turkish Constituency would have an equal. Like in Turkey, no equal can exist in Cyprus for its Republic. Freedom is secured by the representation of all Citizens as equals without any other distinction or discrimination. Liberty on the other hand is best expressed in both countries by recognising that at another level of government, the People as Persons, through self representation are closer to the taxes they pay, and as majorities in sustaining their distinct identities, able in demonstrating Goodwill, and Goodfaith to the minorities that live among them.
I think Mr. Akinci understands this, and Mr. Erdogan has this as a reason to be such a bully toward him. If as Mr. Eroglu described, that the election was a referendum, Cypriots have demonstrated that for the most part, they choose to be Cypriot, first.

Monday, April 20, 2015

When motherlands go rogue


Koray Basdogrultmaci and Cinel Senem Husseyin are heroes, to Cypriots. Plain and ordinary people doing plain and ordinary things. The other half, as I like to call them, those who are not "Greeks" or "Turks"; I like to think of them, when we discuss, the lives (call it "motherland") of "rogues".

They may not hold the Agenda, but they will; it is only a matter of time.

"They" (or one of "them") will go too far, as they are apt to do. The simple act of flying a flag will gain a meaning that so far has effectively been isolated and ignored. And in Cyprus, for Cypriots.

Cypriots may finally take up their cause, rather than the debate as it is framed; "this" must stop.

...I suggest as summertime approaches, while on the beach, and while enjoying what is beautiful about Cyprus, plant the Flag of Cyprus to sit under its shade. It is an easy act which we can emulate. I would suggest we think about the dead and the missing in gratitude, while we are at it, with great joy over our souvla, (i will, if i see others who are doing the same) for their heroism. Cypriots, those who stayed (whether in '63 or '74) were robbed of this identity, murdered and made to disappear (or displaced). That is the truth. Where is the Freedom in that, if in our minds we cannot remember them as who we are? Where is the Liberty if as Persons we cannot show these Citizens, as Individuals, the due respect and recognition they deserve in our pursuits for happiness, as, Human, beings?

While the Flags of Turkey and Greece are powerful political symbols of, "Greekness", or "Turkishness", in Cyprus, I would like to remind the readership that the Flag of Cyprus has its value, because it represents Universal Principals.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

President sets worrying new condition


...and why should the Republic of Cyprus negotiate with any one of the Cypriot Constituencies? If it negotiates with Constituencies, shouldn't it negotiate with all Constituencies?
Bicommunal does not mean dividing Cyprus between those called "Turks", and those called "Greeks". It is defined by our Rights as Individuals, and our Liberty as Persons (all of yet to be more clearly refined). Like Bizonal, which is a geographic term, it should define a Cyprus which is a whole, and where within, its Constituencies are made up of components, it does not mean tearing the island in two.
Turkey needs to recognise that Cyprus exists, and that like the Turkish Flag, the Flag of Cyprus is its equal.
"Greeks" like "Turks", need to learn that although those Flags represent them, those Flags represent all Citizens who are willing to defend the Universal Principals they represent, together, Individuals, without any further distinction or discrimination. Like the Flag of Turkey, it is Turks who are represented, not "Turks", the Flag of Cyprus represents Cypriots, not just "Greeks".
...whether by arrogance or by it being a simple fact, Mr Anastasiades is right, the Republic, in representing its Citizens, like in any other country, and its President, should have no equal.
What is missing in this debate, in effect, is a Greek Constituency, without which, there is no equal to a Turkish Constituency. Frankly, it would not surprise me that as Constituencies, having the same needs, (since there are actually more than two) that they could present themselves before the President unanimously. That, as such, to the President sworn to defend the State (and the Freedom it represents), their consideration toward Constitutional Reform would be of value. And I suggest that this Liberty they would suggest, (another level of Government,) self-representation as Persons, would be possible.