Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Syrian dilemma and the ‘who benefits?” tenet


Humanity, Lest we Forget, was taught a lesson, not long ago in 1914.
...have we learned it? There are no enemies but ourselves when it comes to Ignorance. Real enemies exist, and Hatred is a beautiful thing when it is applied against them: like Hunger, and Disease.
False Flag or not, Mankind should not be picking sides, as the adversaries have been framed, a more insidious foe festers (still).

Monday, August 26, 2013

Re: Deal Over Occupied Famagusta...???


indeed, like the formation of the IPO, blame was accepted. it is the same, Turkey can correct her own wrongs, it has nothing to do with the negotiations, or the Cyprus Problem, it is the recognition of fact from which an intention can be established, Cyprus a whole, Cypriots respected for what they are, not just "Turks", and "others", a People as proud.

you may demonstrate with all the examples you want, true, half-true, and out and out fabrications or lies, to make your point, vp, that your hatred has a reason to grow (and that this enmity will last forever). but, we are Humans, and as Cypriots, as a majority (80%) which is Greek, the compromise was made, it is not up to you ("you") to ask for more than that (a BBF). it is up to you to act accordingly; i ask, are you Cypriot? would you be glad to live as in any country, an Individual, whether the part of a majority or minority, equal. and as well, being a Person having a means to self-representation that equals other Persons? as a Citizen of the World (because you were not born in Cyprus, although here you want to stay), can you not see that your responsibility is toward the rest of Mankind (before your own distinctive preferences)? you vp, seek recognition of a State, so that there is a Greek State and a Turkish State, essentially to leave things the way they are. 

...what is wrong with one Republic, where if we are no different to Greece and Turkey, it is because Universal Principals are demonstrated by these States. and i suggest to you that we can as Cypriots choose to live in any one of many states as Cypriot Constituencies (bicommunally), this to you, it would seem to me, should be far more important than an airport, outside of the Republic's control impossible to "give".

...and anyway, you are doing just fine, if i am to believe what you say, (you need nothing from the Republic (if i am correct in my understanding of what you say)), it is a fine way to show goodwill, to just give back what you are not using (and that does not belong to "you").

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maybe it’s time for a real partition to be negotiated


...if there is a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency?

"That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status."

...count them, three governing bodies.

With a Greek Constituency (and others, i.e. Maronite, Armenian, Latin) it is possible to have equality amongst people as Persons, (and dare i say it, with Cypriot Constituencies, the Cypriot People could elect to create an English Constituency, and in the future others if and when it is warranted).

With a Greek Constituency, regardless of demographics, Greek is sustained and promoted.

With a Greek Constituency, the State, and the Government which represents all Citizens without distinction or discrimination, is Free of this bias, (defending Greekness because the overwhelming majority of the island's population is Greek), more credible, it will be better able to defend our Individual Rights as members of the larger family, of Man.

Bicommunal does not mean tearing the island in two, but, it requires from all of us a willingness to overcome the fears we have within ourselves, to change our thinking, to demonstrate that Cypriots have an intent far more complex than being "Greeks" and "Turks" in a proxy war.

Just like the word Bicommunal, the word Bizonal is only complete if there are (more than) "two" of something which remains a whole. In my Cyprus, enclaves are not a dirty word, and I believe that Justice can be seen if they exist. What of the displaced, the murdered, and the missing, who were/are they that they suffered this fate, in '63, and in '74? What of their return if not for all of them, some of them as they were forced to leave, as Communities? I see enclaves pocketing the whole island, obliging the Greek and Turkish Constituencies to serve an electorate that is island-wide (and that is multi-cultural). I see enclaves as a key to securing: Free Association, Free Expression, Free Movement, because as Cypriots we would have these Rights. And, even if the "Green-Line" remains, it will no longer be a "border", but another frontier.

...dividing the island (as in separation) will not bring Peace, it is this hatred and endless cycle of revenge which must be willfully stopped. If we love Cyprus, it is Cyprus that comes first, it does not belong to "us" (read: "Greek"/"Turk"), we belong to it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Re: Deal Over Occupied Famagusta...???


it is hypocrisy, vp, to lead us on. i speak of a better Cyprus, because things must change, you speak of the past as though things are unchanging, more possible, you do not want to change, yourself.

...with all the benefits of Famagusta, for "your side", even without asking for anything back, it is extraordinary, unnatural if you will. with your resistance no one gains, and it is not the Cypriots Turkish or Greek who make this impossible, it is the failed policies of Turkey which are the bane. 

...need i remind you, this issue has nothing to do with Turkish Cypriots, it is a war crime where Turkey can demonstrate their recognition of a wrongdoing.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Turkey - Preparing for Chaos


...the history i have read is still not clear to me, but at the advent, didn't Kemal turn to the Armenians in his dark hours, wasn't it this alliance, along with the Kurds, the impetus he needed to overcome his adversaries? it must have been, in the crisis, an idea that there was a prize bigger than a National identity, but Freedom, the Freedom of self-representation as Individuals, the founding of a State, where Universal Principals were the basis of the Liberty they establish. Turkey, and the meaning of the word Turk changed, although the betrayal in the Kemalists' (and Islamists') thinking came from greed, the denial of this fact, resisting this change with a strong sense of belonging, where in the affect it excludes "others". 

Turkey remains dysfunctional. there are many risks it faces as it is, that result in its break-up. it is a BBF, they need.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Austerity not territory defines N Cyprus poll


...many issues are coming to a boil, what with elections coming soon, in Turkey, and in Cyprus. Labour on both sides of the divide, (the Union voice in Turkey is another issue) in what is called, the Problem, have the Economic issue as a force through which they can combine their efforts, because their Unity is based on Universal Principals. Since a Greek Constituency exists, and a Turkish Constituency, should they found a Federation, workers will gain an identity as Individuals, because they are prepared to defend there Identities as Persons. It is a not so hard spark to imagine, money, since everyone cares what's in their pockets; a Cypriot Flag flown higher.