Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The birth of federal Cyprus


...fact is that the overwhelming majority on the island is not "Turkish". What was "Turkish", by the Treaty of Lausanne, became "British". Cyprus now, is "Cypriot".

Although, you may feel it is unfortunate that the dwellers of this island speak mostly Greek, it has been the case for thousands of years. In any case, to survive, in the Modern world, and to thrive beyond, Cypriots know better than to count on their "Greekness", or their "Turkishness", to secure success in the efforts they make toward social-exchange, particularly with the rest of the world. Cypriots need more than the Liberty of representing themselves as distinct identities, they need for their Freedom, an identity as Individuals, where they can demonstrate their unity as such, toward Universal Principals.

"You" must trust the others, "they" must respect you: such is the way of the world. While there exists a Greek Flag, and a Turkish Flag, so too, there exists a Cypriot Flag; above all else, let's remember, we are Human beings by acting accordingly.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stand up for federalism


...a well written opinion, worthy of thought, worth reading.
I stress the commitment made by Koray Basogrultmac─▒ and Cinel Senem Husseyin, to fly the Flag of Cyprus outside their shop in Famagusta. More of us should demonstrate the same commitment, in the same way. It is "legal" now to fly this flag anywhere on the island, because of them.
What of our Leadership, when they glance out their window, what is the message we the people send to them, without this pride? If we love this island, if we are its steward, we must be willing to defend each other for this cause. We are not "Greeks" or "Turks" in that regard, we are Cypriots.
Time has come, after more than fifty years of Turkish Foreign Policy, and its failure with the Annan Plan, Cypriots still have the hope that their voice will be heard, like anywhere else in the world, they seek to measure themselves as Individuals, based on merit. Whether a set of Cypriot Constituencies exist or not, at another level of Government, this Liberty, for Persons, does not compare to Freedom, or the Universal Principals, the identity "Cypriot" represents, without further distinction or discrimination.
It is up to us, to fly that flag, the Flag of Cyprus, higher, now. It is what our leaders need to see beyond themselves as federal citizens too. It is up to us to fly that flag, the Flag of Cyprus, so that we can see beyond ourselves, doing so, we do not stand alone.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Maronites want villages under Greek Cypriot control after a solution


Cyprus is an Ethnos, it is neither "Greek"(read: not "Turkish), or "Turkish". Cyprus is Bicommunal because as People, we see ourselves as Individuals, and as Persons. A Cypriot State must exist. Cypriot Constituencies may exist (two have been identified), of the set, only one has the intention (so far) to represent themselves as electors so that their taxes are closer to their efforts toward sustaining their unique identity, as Persons. But Cyprus does exist, Cypriots exist, as Cypriots, even if the overwhelming majority are Greek, they are connected to a world that speaks English.

...something to think about. Especially since the world's Ethnosphere is shrinking more rapidly than our Ecosphere. And as stewards of this island's Heritance, we have responsibilities which go beyond such Modern roots as "Turkishness", or "Greekness", in fact the crossroad to three Continents, and a History which dates back much further, our strength has always been, as facilitators of exchange.

Maronite, the Arabic they speak is one of Cyprus' Official Languages. Correct me if I am wrong; although it would be nice if in Cyprus, Institutionally, we can make our Languages transparent, easy to translate, to and from each other because extended to other languages, new frontiers open to us, too.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Leaders meet, discuss disparities (Update 1)


...i am waiting as patiently as i can. It is entirely possible that the Leadership knows the pitfalls we fear, from what little said there is this glimmer of hope, they realise that when it comes down to a vote, it must be reasoned, principled, clear, and easy to understand.
While the idea of flying the Flag of Cyprus remains foreign to some, in Cyprus, I suggest it is the medicine that is needed. Only if we are willing to defend each other as such will we truly send the message that as Cypriots, Freedom is our goal. I will give these men credit, who negotiate the Problem, having to work in what is essentially a vacuum, without the support one would expect in such a brave endeavour; from "us" what have they to hear?
...make the effort, wherever you are, on your car, at work on your desk, in front of your home, travelling around the island, at the beach sitting under its shade, show you care, and what you care for with the hope that more will share the same joy, that Cyprus has a Flag, and that you, you as in all of you, love Cyprus.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Erdogan’s new sultanate


...I look forward to Mr. Erdogan's turnaround on Cyprus. It is expected soon. Everything seems to be fitting in place for the recognition that Cypriots exist, that they are not, "Turks" and "Greeks" (read: not "Turks"), they are, without any further discrimination or distinction, simply Cypriots.
If he wants the support of Turkey's minorities, the Kurds, and the Alevi, (never mind the Christians or the Armenians, of Turkey, (or the esteem of the rest of the world)), if he wants Peace at home, if he wants to leave a legacy that unites the Turkish people, he will offer them this hope. Like in Cyprus, a BBF, where Cypriots are Cypriots, Free and Equal, as Individuals, and at another level of government, Constituencies, the self representation of Individuals as Persons, will exist, where as a majority, electors will sustain an Agenda, and their distinct identity, while as Constituencies they can demonstrate their respect and recognition for the minorities that live amongst them accordingly, as Persons, too.
Mr. Erdogan may want everyone in Turkey to speak Turkish, this is understandable, but, it seems to me, that he is ignoring Turkey's diversity as an ethnos, and as a valuable Heritance, by defining "Turkishness" where, if you are not "Turkish", one cannot be a Turk.
...i suspect that if Mr. Erdogan continues, without a change in his intentions, he will find himself even more isolated, that the "New Turkey" he imagines, will be a much smaller place.