Tuesday, February 26, 2008


it is why i stress the need for three governing bodies: one which is Sovereign over the representation of the people united without consideration, equal, where this State defends their Individual Rights, without compromise, and two National Assemblies, who have Jurisdiction over the infrastructure which it will provide in its territory to its citizens equally in a manner where persons, as a majority can demonstrate their respect and recognition of minorities amongst them, while they act in a manner that will sustain themselves.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

partition or unity

DT. wrote:

GeorgeV97qaue wrote:
I'd still would like to know what my fellow GC's feel about question I have posed. As I stated I'd prefer a united cyprus but not the way Turkey and Talat see it. I want one government with each person getting one vote.

"What I would prefer and what I would vote for are 2 different thing. I'd prefer a democratic unitary republic with proportional representation. WHat I'd probably vote for as a compromise would be a fair bi-zonal federation with the 2 zones not being ethnically exclusive."

Please read...

...none of us will get what is. something completely different is necessary.

we are responsible for a great deal of tragedy, and as we all know there is no price that can be put on a Human, life. If we deny their love, the dead and missing, the hatred which grew to take their lives away wins. It is our responsibility to leave a Heritance, to the rest of Mankind. It has come to this: As Cypriots, as Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, as Jews and Sri Lankans and Moronites etc. we require an identity to this island's fate.

most importantly it cannot be forgotten that, as Greeks or as Turks we have no right to its Patrimony which has existed for millenia, long before our own introduction, and I imagine, long after we are gone as well.
...as its Steward, we cannot betray this Trust.

so choose wisely, when the time comes, "partition" or "unity", because chances are that that will be the question in our next Referendum.

and as writers, i'm asking you guys, ladies and animals, to carry on with the comedy, as it is funny to read (mostly), but, to accord the most important among us, the anonymous reader to believe that we are serious, that we have at heart, the need for dialog, to create something better, perhaps which will change the world.

"prefer a democratic unitary republic with proportional representation", ...here is perfection.

"fair bi-zonal federation with the 2 zones not being ethnically exclusive",....here is OUR Quest.


Cyprus: three governments; one Capital, Free.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The trouble is, "Greek" Cypriots aren't Greek

ufqnhd...however, there is such a thing as margins of scale; think in the long run, and in terms of living, after all, Cyprus is an island. maybe we are better off having English our Official Language, having Greek and Turkish as the 'primary' languages that this State can provide, allowing in the future for it's fluency in other languges as well. we are better off without adversarial regimes as they exist today, who occupy our thoughts with fear, and who usurp our Basic Human Rights by serving interlocutory appeals rather than the interest of the island and Humanity. This is the big difference I see with Makarios and Denktash, as leaders, and what followed; I am convinced in the two hundred years to follow, they will be revered as heros, by all Cypriots, whatever ethnicity, because in the end, their acts were for this island and its dwellers, not the Nationalism which drove them to be divided like counterweights on a scale. but both kept their eye on the single fulcrum and they were in the end united to be in its service, commited to a single cause.

It was TPap who said, as a young man, that it was impossible to imagine the island of Cyprus without a Turkish Cypriot population, that they were scattered over the whole island like grains of sand scattered over a map. Nothing more beautiful, or poetic, can be said to deduce the truth. The island requires its repopulation. Justice requires that we start with a fact like this.

i say some bad things happened, i say we got engineered, so that the sand gets blown away and the map gets torn.

I say forget about sand, scatter jewels (the enclaves), build on the value it will provide to both Societies, they (the"Greeks" and the "Turks") will provide for themselves first, of course, but they will be providing toward a population that is mobile and who's demographic can be expected to change dramatically over time as well. Although mutually exclusive, neither can ignore the other, neither can act in a manner having malice, and both are subjct to a Sovereign State, being, a reformed, Republic of Cyprus. nothing is wrong for there to exist, a Cyprus which is "Greek", or a Cyprus which is "Turkish", but for these choices to exist all Cypriots must have an identity as one, equal in their love, and equal in their commitment toward defending its Sovereignty, as an island, and as the island's dwellers, self sustaining their respect, as Turkish Cypriots and as Greek Cypriots, together, and as Cypriots, mutually; three governments, bi-communal, for their Rights as Individuals, as well as their Rights as Persons.


Cyprus: three governments; One Capital, Free