Wednesday, May 31, 2017

President: “Does Turkey mean what it says?”


It is clear in Cyprus what “Turkishness” has done, and what in affect “Turkishness” is doing to Turkey. A Cyprus divided, only leads to Turkey more divided; this is natural: as is a united Cyprus, and a united Turkey. What is the Cypriot way, is the way, the “perfect” solution, one that can be emulated, and by the rest of the world held in high esteem, it remains elusive, this reform to a BBF, like the USA, or Canada.

…it is time for Mr. Akinci to remember who voted for him, who he is representing. Mr. Anastasiades, like his electors stand alone, for Cyprus, without him. Without Mr. Akinci, Mr. Anastasiades’ choices are even fewer. He, Mr. Akinci may think there is no choice, that he is ending this drama for Turkish Cypriots by his own betrayal of the rest of us not “Turkish”, feeling perhaps the pressure of such a dogma, and, in any case since those “Turkish” he faces have their own candidates to choose from. Turkish Cypriots risk “being” no-more.

Either Mr. Akinci is a Cypriot, or, not. He makes demands for “Turks”, and he ignores that in the Cypriot context, that “Turks” and “Greeks” are no different and not Cypriot. While he ridicules Mr. Anastasiades for wearing two hats, he should think again, what hat he wears that he wears one. And that, putting Cyprus, before “Greekness”, or “Turkishness”, in Cyprus, to Cypriots, for Cyprus, should have no shame

It is up to Turkey, to act, since Mr. Akinci is not up to the task of uniting a country. What better venue than Geneva with the world watching for Erdogan to demonstrate what could be in effect a “new Turkey”, by recognising the Republic of Cyprus in its capacity to reform itself, and in effect agreeing to a solution agreeable to Cypriots, the other half as i like to call them, those not “Greek” and not “Turkish”.

One Turkey, like one Cyprus is not so hard to understand, if you think about it. Turkey cannot afford a divided Cyprus, and the Republic has demonstrated itself to be a resilient adversary to such a notion. Better as an ally perhaps, a better Turkey perhaps, as a BBF; like in Cyprus not “Greek” while mostly Greek speaking, in Turkey, not “Turkish”, but Turk. A united Cyprus gives hope, a united Turkey is possible, so too Peace in the region.

I say thank goodness for Anastasiades, Greek as he is. If Akinci cannot say he is Cypriot shame on him.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The spirit of reconciliation demands the truth


...indeed, i ask who are our heroes?

In all of this, we know that at the hands of "Greeks", and "Turks", those not "Greek", or not "Turk", were made to disappear, or murdered ruthlessly; let's never forget those who died, died for "being" Cypriots.

...thus the debate has never found a solution because it is flawed, not being based on Truth, but on the intentions of the parties hostile. It is not between Greeks and Turks, the Problem. It never has been. Cypriots exist. And they remain despite the decades outside of this debate. It is they, the other half, their victims, that have as their adversary, "Greeks" and "Turks", no different, the same. It is they the world should not forget, and remember.

Nothing will take back the shame of Cypriots who witnessed the Intolerance of such madness. But, to take back the intention of Enosis is not hard, if under the one Flag of Cyprus we have, we stood. If we dared to fly this Flag everywhere. And wherever we went, we carried this Flag with us. Someone will die, you say; the first, for this Flag? I don't think so, many more have died already.

But now more than ever though, our leadership need inspiration, Cypriots everywhere need to express their concern. A flag, this Flag, by flying it wherever they may look is a good beginning.

We are not "Greeks", we are not "Turks", we are in effect what "they" are not, if we are to be Free.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Our View: Could a Cyprus candidate replicate Macron’s success?


...there are men and women in all walks of life who would stand, or vote for Cypriots, rather than the other half i call "Greeks" and "Turks". But it has boiled down to that before, hasn't it, witness Akinci's election win; for what? And our President, his first few days, who can forget?

We are "Greeks", we are "Turks", by those who have taken so much time to define those terms.

What rag is the Flag of Cyprus, to who?

Telling at this juncture that the President stands alone despite his efforts for Cyprus, against "Greeks", and as a Cypriot. Why should it matter, if for Cyprus they, these two men, even on this one issue stood together as Cypriots, the Flag of Cyprus behind them? Who does it offend, not his or their electors, only those who as an opposition have their own candidates to run. Therefore, i ask, is Mr. Akinci "Turkish"? What else, but for "Turkishness" does he speak of, has he spoken of (since elected)? And what of Universal Principals, what of the Cypriot way, a Cypriot way, taking the "Greek" and the "Turk" out of it, when his help is needed most, defending these ideals, i ask, where is Mr. Akinci?

...there is the challenge, if the "Turks" remain in control of the Agenda rendering "Greekness" its equal, if Akinci proves himself to be impotent against "them", (willingly or not), if he will not signal his commitment to Cyprus with the only other ally he has at this moment, indeed candidates who are "Cypriot" must be found, now. Without his support for Mr. Anastasiades over such a notion, Cypriots will express themselves for Cyprus just the same (and against him, for this/his next election too).

Turkish Cypriots who live in Cyprus exist, they must be found to run as Cypriots, for the Republic's Legislature. This election Cypriots will vote for them on merit, if as Cypriots they represent the qualities Cypriots support; call them "Greeks", no doubt the "Turks" and their opposition will taunt them. Their presence on the ballot, however small sends the strong signal win or not, where in the Republic, Cypriots representing Cypriots as Cypriots is possible, without the need for further distinctions and discriminations, whether there will exist Constituencies or not, especially if the same Parties breach the divide, presenting candidates the next election (in Cyprus), where being Cypriot has and will have the same meaning it always had to about half the population, despite all these years under occupation.

Indeed, there is a Flag of Cyprus. And there is no shame in standing under its shade. It is the only Flag that finds support island-wide; that is something to think about, Cypriots, as Cypriots, who dare to take back the word ENOSIS, for Cypriots, not "Greeks", not "Turks", seems a natural opposition to "it". rag to me; i ask, you?

Sunday, May 07, 2017

UN envoy warns of 'crucial times' for Cyprus peace deal


...we wait for Justice, those of us called Cypriots. We are not "Greeks", nor are we "Turks", and while there exist those with such a notion (that we are), we hope the world will not forget us, that they like us demonstrate a commitment to Universal Principals.

Cypriots exist, despite the great efforts to erase them and this fact from the debate framed as the Problem; that while they were murdered and made to disappear, they died for the most part for being Cypriots, not as one of "them", but at their hands.

...a Cyprus divided is a Turkey divided. The Problem, "Turk", and not "Turk", is not only a Cypriot problem.