Thursday, August 09, 2012




halil, can you say, i love Cyprus?

...can you say, i love Cyprus first?

this is the man Mr. Petros, and his friend who still stand together, to say just this.

...can you say, i want a Cypriot State?

this is the battle, unless of course you are a "Turk" or a "Greek".

...and if you are truly, a Cypriot, and willing to take a big step for Mankind, ask yourself, if there is a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency (where are a Maronite, etc. Constituencies?); why not National Assemblies, as well as a Federal Government?

and you, vp, have you the courage to be as strong?

...i ask all of you to reflect, lest we turn even this reality (on the ground) through our hateful denial into another farce.

say with me, i love Cyprus, a want a better way of life.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Our view: Old-style hero worship has no relevance today - Cyprus Mail#comments

Our view: Old-style hero worship has no relevance today - Cyprus Mail#comments


If Mr. Malas wants to support a Federal Solution, i ask, if there is a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency?

Turkey may be the 800 pound guerilla in the room, but the fact remains, Justice in Cyprus is to be seen, and it is Cypriots which must display this toward each other. For the proxy war to end, Turks and Greeks can be equals, with National Assemblies for their self-representation, as Persons. But, in a Bicommunal State, as Individuals without distinction or discrimination, as Citizens, united, they would vote for a Federal Government, to defend and to better Universal Principals, as well.

...Mr. Malas, think 12.5 million, two hundred years from now, can anyone imagine the demographics of this island to remain unchanged even fifty years from now? what is best for this island's dwellers, if

like Makarios you fought for Free Will, not just Liberty? and like Makarios, if you lay the blame on Greece, the Greek elite who to this day corrupt themselves, why then the denial, unlike Makarios, that a Cypriot State is better?

...personally, if i could, i would fly the Cypriot Flag attached to my car's attenna, and drive right round the island, in tribute to the great man (and men/women), who chose Cyprus first. if i was a Politician, I would focus on one Cyprus, and the opportunities that existed if within a Territorial Jurisdiction Greek came first, like in a Turkish, Maronite, Armenian, etc. Constituency, equal for the same reason. if i was a Leader, i would seek closure for the displaced, all Cypriots, not just "Greeks", i would seek to have for them the pleasure of their Properties restored, and for some at least, the Right of Return as they left, as Communities. in my Cyprus, enclaves are not a dirty word, they would be scattered across the whole geography of the island, obliging National Assemblies like those Greek and Turkish to provide service to an electorate island-wide, securing Freedom of Movement, and Association because even if the Green Line remains unchanged it becomes a frontier amongst many, not a border; Bizonal because there is one Sovereignty, and within it an ability to sustain diversity geographically.

...Mr. Malas, like his contemporaries have no vision, if they cannot see the value of a Greek state, within a Cypriot State. they are Statesman, like Makarios if they can provide a way of life where we can define ourselves as Individuals while we sustain our Identities as Persons; they are, in my mind traitors to all Mankind if they resist the changes which take us beyond the 19th Century and passed the Modern Age.