Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turkish Envoy Causes...


...i would ask Mr. Tezcan if in Turkey, there are examples of this "Integration" he suggests is lacking toward Immigrants in Europe.

...he should do well learning that there exists identities of Persons, but that in Modern States, as Individuals the People stand united for a Greatness that goes beyond their Nations.

in my humble opinion Ataturk rumbles in his grave, with what Kemalists are doing. it is a stagnation of thought that has left them divided, unstable, looking eastward without a western face

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Why Multiculturalism Doesn't Work

...yup, mobility.

welcome to the Human race.

sorry arse, get used to the cold wind
we'rd would blow, tain't Kansas anymore.

English. do you know there is an ethnosphere?
nearly extinct, and more devastating; ecosphere (lol)
and yet, not being constructive, playful, no society
here, is embracing the Information Age with their efforts
for language, their language more transparent to many.

there is the melting pot, and mosaics, choose
your giving, welcoming the rest of the world
and engineer what is in science, right. not "Greek"
not "Turkish" if we
resist the fear, we do not forget the reason
men (and women) die, that there are greater
enemies amongst ourselves.

we are lucky, being
bicommunal, but we haven't figured what it means
what when we embrace the future imagine
arab greekcypriots, jewish turkishcypriot; what's
wrong with that? what's wrong with arab turkishcypriots, and jewish greekcypriots? think three, or four thousand
years ago, think not so long ago. we survive
because we are facilitators for three continents'
social exchange; this is Cypriot.

no need to bore you, but read my manifesto.