Friday, January 20, 2017

Why is the West selling out Cyprus?


...the dirty deal i imagine will be the betrayal "Turks" will feel, those living in Cyprus at least, when Erdogan says, "One Turkey, One Cyprus"; for a "new Turkey", by recognising that a Cyprus exists, that "they" are Cypriots.

It is not Mdme. Nuland, in charge, in this case, Erdogan is, truly, "but one". Turkish or not, these souls, in Cyprus, when he decides, will demonstrate once again their willingness to submit themselves, for "Turkishness", and for him, they will agree, to be Cypriots; they will be the ones watching silently, (for a greater Turkey) while the Cypriots among them express their joy. Even the water and the electricity (which no longer "belongs" to them) will be "gifted" to Cyprus, and the People of Cyprus; these as reparations and redress, as a sign of Goodwill. other choice really exists, naturally. With Cyprus as a template, one Turkey, its Citizens, Individuals; without distinction or discrimination, prepared to defend each other: is Freedom. And within, as Persons, Turkish Constituencies; distinct identities, which Citizens may choose to nurture: is Liberty.

A BBF in Turkey, not unlike a BBF in Cyprus, cannot be reasonably refused.

...intentions count. Consider the USA, and Canada, two examples that represent successful countries politically speaking; both BBF. Peace in Cyprus, and in Turkey, would be hopeful, to say the least.

...if we (read: the rest of the world) betray Cyprus, if we ignore that Cypriots exist, if we allow "Turkishness" to gain this superiority above what is not "Turkish", we betray ourselves; it will not end there.

There are no "deals" on Universal Principals. Lest we Forget.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Gwynne Dyer: All eyes on Cyprus


“Best and last chance for peace,” says Guterres.? ...check your facts Mr. Dyer, that was Mr. Junker; Mr. Guterres said that there is no quick fix, I do not remember what he said in reply to Mr. Junker's comments, but I know that it was not in agreement with them. "a bi-national republic in 1960.", really, Mr Dyer? i suppose you will be telling your readers that the USA, and Canada are not Bicommunal, Bizonal, Federations? Canadians, like Americans, don't like to call themselves Canadians, or Americans, they are, "English", or "French", "Native", "Spanish", or "German"? That "Canada" or "America" do not exist because they can be identified by their (ethnic/racial) parts? And that Canadians, like Americans, should, welcome foreign powers to their shores, to dislodge the population when it suits these parts? Cyprus, complex indeed. ...i don't know why, Mr. Dyer, you seem so bitter to me, tired, cynical, as though you have come to accept it, the Problem, as an issue of "Turks", or "Greeks", choose one, who is more "right" who is more "wrong"; a blame game, right? But let's remember who Canadians died for in Cyprus; not the "Greeks" and the "Turks", there was and still is the other half, their victims, who, for the most part, were murdered and made to disappear by them, for "being", Cypriot. (...let's not forget Cypriots now, that they need this help the most.) Turkey, Erdogan, does have a lot at stake in Cyprus. (Since the Treaty of Lausanne, actually.) It is their National issue. Perhaps Mr. Erdogan is not ready to recognise Cyprus, he remains the "but one". And while he links Cyprus, the Problem, to his designs with the EU, and Greece, it requires of him the realisation that, if Cyprus is not Greek, Turkey is not Turkish, Cyprus divided, means Turkey divided. It is possible, however, that in the Cyprus Problem, there is the solution to the Problem in Turkey; a Turkish State, and within it, Turkish Constituencies. ...he will have to say, "One Cyprus, One Turkey", without the deal he is looking for on the world's Universal Principals in Cyprus, and for a deal with his own electorate in Turkey not "Turkish". Legitimising his view that only "Greeks, and "Turks" exist in Cyprus, that Cypriots do not exist, in affect secures for Turkey a supremacy for "Turkishness", over what it, is not, not just in Cyprus; that too, is the Problem.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Re: Is it over for Turkey?


...if the Republic exists through Constitutional reform, it will be acceptable. If the condition is a "new" Cyprus, it does not bode well for any of us; Cypriots, or the rest of the world.

If it is "over" for Cyprus, it is "over" for Turkey. Turkey will not survive, if Cyprus cannot survive. is not over until it is over.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Column: ‘Without Cyprus, Turkey would drown’


...we cannot forget who were murdered, and who were made to disappear in Cyprus; not "Greek", not "Turkish", for the most part, although most certainly dead at the hands of one, they died for "being" Cypriot. And, despite the efforts to dismiss such a notion, after decades, Cypriots remain, Cypriots Greek, and Cypriots Turkish, still exist, the other half as i like to say; it is something to think about.

...worst is the outcome of a Cyprus divided; a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. Indeed, Turkey drowns, without an end to the Problem; one Flag in Turkey is easy to understand, with one Flag in Cyprus. Here, in Cyprus, exists the germ of the idea that will make a "new Turkey", one Turkey, its Constitutional reform, a State, (a BBF), Freedom, and, for these Citizens as Persons, Liberty; within Turkey, Turkish Constituencies. Easy to accept, being Turkey's National issue, for its majority, if there is a lasting Peace with its 'minorit(ies)y'.

...dividing Cyprus is like asking Solomon to divide a living child; nothing good can come of it.

Turkey is "but one"; this can be true on many levels: also something to think about.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1 home, 2 owners: Cyprus deal to decide future of displaced


...a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. One Flag in Turkey, One Flag in Cyprus; it is not hard to understand.

Cypriots should look to Canada when they want to look at a successful BBF (Bicommunal Bizonal Federation), its politics are interesting because it represents the kind of Mosaic as Persons, Cypriots, as Individuals, are looking for. Of course, Cypriots may look south, to the Melting Pot, for another, that is the USA, perhaps the greatest representation of a successful BBF there is, although the EU is at its advent.

...imagine, in the USA, it divided as is suggested by the wants of its minorities, so that they gain an exclusivity to Democracy in a territory defined by force and occupation. Imagine a USA where, forces like the USA, other countries, may act without prejudice, in the USA. Imagine that Cypriots do not want to live this way.

It is not a question of "Greeks" vs "Turks", though, the Problem, is framed that way. It is an issue of Sovereignty. Cyprus exists, its People, Cypriots, exist, despite much effort over decades to deny them this Justice. Let us not forget them, those who, for the most part, were murdered, or who were made to disappear; although they were killed by "Greeks" and "Turks", they were, not "Greeks", or, not "Turks", they died for "being" Cypriot.

Let us remember, "deals" aren't made on Universal Principals, although we can seek to better them, anything else is a betrayal.

One hopes, that on the twelfth, Mr. Erdogan, on such an historic day, with the world's eyes, and his electorate, upon him, does not shirk, again, an opportunity to join the rest of the world, to recognise, beyond a personage, colour or ethnicity, joy in a loving nature.