Saturday, April 30, 2016

Work on Turkey water pipeline to resume May 15


...who is doing this work, who is paying for it, when will it be completed?
...years now, no clear answers, and I wonder, who is this project really for; why have I never heard of a Cypriot, other than the regime's spokesperson(s), who can point to a benefit Cypriots have already enjoyed: a greater capacity somehow, a success, in education, research, construction know-how...
...I ask myself, other than a lot of money being spent, that is Turkish taxpayer money, what has Turkey, and more precisely Erdogan's Turkey, done to make this project of the century, a "Turkish" product, something to be proud of.
At this point, who cares? It is obviously not being built to relieve the thirst there is today, that could have been done in any number of ways already. What have Cypriots to say about it, Turkish, or Greek, nothing, only because they are ignored, divided the way they are, impotent.
...the water is for cucumbers, to be fair, mostly. And of course, for profit, if you are "Turkish" enough.
(it is for the rest, of us, who are expected to accept "their" price, and pay)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why there are fresh hopes of a united Cyprus


...let's remember that the "Greeks", and the "Turks" we talk about, in Cyprus, have not been murdering each other for the most part, they have been murdering Cypriots, as Cypriots, for being Cypriot, over all these years.
Cypriots are not "Turks", and what is not "Turkish", called "Greek". Cypriots did not abandon their homes, there is no "Turkish north", and "Greek south", there are Cypriots who seek their Freedom, as Individuals, while as Persons there are those for their own Liberty who deny them.
While Mr. Anastasiades is the President of the Republic, and Mr. Akinci is the Leader of the Turkish Constituency, as their President, they are not equals politically. There is a big difference. While the Flag of Cyprus, among the Flags of countries like Turkey and England, makes sense (to me). What is the Turkish Army's regime in the illegally occupied north, can only hope that they may demonstrate a benefit within, to Cypriots, from sustaining their distinct identity through self-representation, as a Cypriot Constituency, alone at the moment with this intention, but one of a set of Constituencies which could be.
...Canada comes to mind, when thinking BBF, and the USA. Both are Bicommunal, both are Bizonal, both are Federations, and both are successful as such.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Editorial: A bottom-up solution


...i would like to find Cypriots who fly the Flag of Cyprus, north, to do my shopping, some of it, at least, with them. (I know there are some, as brave, there must be more as willing.) Buying local is making a statement. It is an act that sustains our economy, and a way of life. If we make the effort to seek each other out, this too will make a big difference in how we will be treated, as Cypriots, rather than as "Greeks", and "Turks"; there is a difference.
...i have said it before, i will say it again, for our Leaders to be inspired, let them look out their windows, and their limousines, and see, the Flag of Cyprus, proudly flown, where we work, our homes, on our cars, and among the crowds at civic holidays; it is up to us, as Cypriots: not as Jews, or Christians, or Muslims, not as Romans, Arabs, Turks, or Greeks, not as English or Sri Lankan, not as Russian, not as Persons, not as Gays, not as Atheists, but as Individuals, without any further distinction or discrimination.
...Cypriots exist. The best way to demonstrate this fact, if you ask me, is to fly the Flag of Cyprus.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Catch 22 that keeps Cyprus divided, 2


...take heart. Trust "us", the people. It is not "Them" which decides, but the number of votes. I will remind you, there are three Flags in Cyprus, (now four, if you include the EU), it is not two, the Flag of Cyprus is not a rag as many who are "Greek" and "Turkish" would have you believe. And the youth of this country, have this belief, witness the Occupy Movement, in Nicosia, a few years ago.

We, any one of us can act. I choose Cyprus, I fly the Flag of Cyprus, too.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Catch 22 that keeps Cyprus divided


Just once, I would like to see Mr. Akinci stand beside the Flag of Cyprus. I would like to hear him once say, "I am Cypriot, first". Trust, and respect are needed; so too, called for.

Whether there is only one, two, three, or more Constituent states, in Cyprus, in my mind is secondary to the principal that as Cypriots, our Principals are Universal. There is one Cyprus, we are Cypriots, Greek or Turkish, Maronite or Armenian for that matter, as Persons, the need is equal, an ability to sustain these distinct identities in Liberty. Freedom is not Liberty, Freedom does not make these distinctions of ethnicity or race, gender, religion, or age, Freedom makes no distinction, or discrimination at all, Freedom is our Individual Rights, and what we as Individuals can do to defend it (them). There is no such thing as "Greek" Freedom, "Turkish" Freedom (from "Greek" Freedom) is no less a fraud, because only when we rise above our "Greekness" and our "Turkishness", is there the presence of mind to see Cyprus as Cyprus, as a Cypriot whole, and where, as Human Beings, we choose to better ourselves; the Freedom of choice, so that as Persons we thrive.

There is no equal to the Turkish Constituency, because a Greek Constituency, at this moment, (does not exist, and) sees no benefit in the self-representation that comes from it. Never the less, a Turkish Constituency can exist (and have a Territorial Jurisdiction) within the context of a set of Cypriot Constituencies, and while such a Constituency may sit alone, now, it is up to this Constituency to demonstrate its usefulness to the others, toward the future. It, is no equal to the Republic. Without this clear understanding, and a demonstration of it, the difference between, "being" a Person and/or an Individual, will remain unresolved. And the problem that is the Problem, that there is a difference between the words, Freedom and Liberty, that the Problem is not an Issue between "Greeks" and "Turks", but in defining words like, Nation, and State, will also remain.

One Flag of Turkey flies over Turkey. One Flag of Cyprus flies over Cyprus.
How is that so hard to understand?