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Cyprus :: new peace plan being reported on simerini - Page 2

Cyprus :: new peace plan being reported on simerini - Page 2


...there has to be one State. Cyprus, its Heritance is too valuable to be dismissed. Cyprus has never been divided, it is an island after-all.

let us not forget that we will be dead soon enough and that what is natural is change. so let us imagine in two hundred years, or one hundred years or fifty, to be realistic. if you imagine a population of twelve million, i'll agree; do the math. do you imagine a population by demographics quite different, scary huh? embrace the future, you may resist, but you will fail thinking that time stops; and that things are perfect the way they are.

...Cyprus needs a perfect government if you will. it must serve its Citizens, without any discrimination or distinction, all are equals. it must be able to express and demonstrate the will of this People toward Universal Principals having the aim to better them. and yet this expression of an Identity is not enough because we are Individuals, but not only, as Persons we seek Self-Representation as well. Bicommunal is not new, and such a course in Cyprus serves a very complex ethnography, it is up to the Greeks, indeed, they are an overwhelming majority, to decide what course Cyprus shall take, and representing themselves internally through a Constituency, does not prevent them, as Cypriots, their voice within a greater whole.

the debate is flawed, it serves the interests of the Nationalists amongst us who would foresake anything else, other than their own Community interests. this vision is better served within their respective Communities, if in the infrastructure they provide, it accomodates accordingly the minorities living amongst them. The State, on the other hand, should neither be Greek or Turkish, it is Cypriot.

you want peace...

...where is the Greek Constituency?

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Re: the new Greece (the new Europe)


kurupetos wrote:
repulsewarrior wrote:...another example where the Values of Europeans (read (if you like): the Values of "that" Greece which spawned them) need a definition based on their commitment to Universal Values. Maybe, the Greeks of today, wily as they are in distress will choose the way, once again. one hopes, from this corruption which rots no more grow new seeds, in the good earth below; this connection to Language may click, Greeks may become as they were that long time ago, facilitators of social-exchange, Greeks may choose to become transparent to many other Languages, without barriers, extrovert, to serve these Global partners, as Greeks to demonstrate their value and to demonstrate the power Greeks have toward communication; in the lingua franca, wake up reh, Greek is near extinction, it has to be useful to "others" to survive, others have to love Greece/"Greece" too.

RW your last paragraph is interesting although incorrect, because Greeks were never 'facilitators of social-exchange'. :roll: Have you never heard of 'Non-Greeks are barbarians'? :wink:

Who are the 'Global partners'? :? ...and why do you believe 'Greek is near extinction'? :? English today, "then", Greek was the language to learn if one was to trade; indeed, in this respect, those who were ignorant of "Greek" custom were Barbarians.

90% of the world's population is not English (as a mother-tongue), and yet 90% speak it. the great powers of the Information Age will be measured by the bits and bytes they can produce. i propose that some well situated Countries (or People) can take a word (in English, e.g.), and translate it many times over; do you see my point?

...the world's ethnosphere is shrinking at a faster rate than it's ecosphere; the threats of extinction for many many languages is imminent, Greek is no exception, unless as a Language, it is or will be used by "others". my proposal suggests that the function of language can be Modernised, although it requires a shift in thinking where there is a willingness to facilitate inclusiveness with learning a language, and where a Nation (read: State) engages to demonstrate this ability, globally.

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Turkish Cypriot leader: We will drill offshore | WSLS 10

Turkish Cypriot leader: We will drill offshore | WSLS 10

...260,000 Muslim Turkish Cypriots live in the north?

hardly. by their own "census" it is far less, and needless to say citing a bigger figure includes the illegal settlers from Turkey, and the Army, in her design of making Cypriots, whether Greek or Turkish, subject to their terms.

@ Mr. Eroglu, why not stand-up for the Federal Republic as a Cypriot, ask, where is the Greek Constituency if there is a Republic and a Turkish Constituency? is Cyprus a Greek State, because the vast majority of its History and Population are Greek? or, is there a Cypriot State, because not as Persons, but as Individuals its Citizens stand united toward defending Universal Principals?

Territorial Jurisdictions could be settled as an internal matter; Bicommunal means an indivisible whole having parts (at least three governing bodies, if not one), it cannot mean simply dividing the island in two. Bizonal, as a geographic context is the same.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 10

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 10


vp, i still don't think you understand (in my Cyprus) how you will vote, typically how anyone votes.

as a voter, you will vote for your five representatives: Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Maronite, and an Independant for the Lower House.

how the Federal structure will work can be defined by what is an Individual Right, and what are Personal Liberties, the domain of the Constituencies.

for example, the Federal Government enacts Legislation that is an Educational Standard for all Citizens, the Constituencies would apply this Law in a manner which serves its Electors and their Educational System.

another, each Constituency would have a Civil Structure of Equal Power, but quite different: Police, Health, Social, Land, etc. while, the Federal Government has these responsibilities, to defend as Universal Principals, as well as Criminal Law, Legal Registries, and matters of State.

...can you see how your vote at the Federal level and the Constituent level are powerful tools?

...have you figured out why i harp about a population of 11 million? identifying the "Greeks" and the "Turks" amongst us as each set's issue, (and where Hate when it is Identified, is a Crime against us all,) by standing united because we are more than just "Greeks" and "Turks", as Cypriots, we are Individuals and Human Beings, we can live as Greeks, and as Turks; do you see that?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 7

Cyprus :: Peace in Cyprus. - Page 7

"...the plot"

indeed a story concocted in Turkey.

...just the facts, take a look around you.

what Cypriots built from one third of the population homeless is really quite astounding, don't you think?
...even though they are the "Greeks".

what have the "Turks" done in the mean time? how is it, despite the embargo, that such a tiny population have become parasites, according to their founder/benefactor, a State many many many times bigger, and willfully defending "Turkishness" against what is not "Turkish" enough?
...what is it that the north's population is not doing, are they not "Turkish" enough, what can they do?

at some point, you too vp, will say asiktir to "them", or die. question is, do you love Cyprus, this land, more than being Turkish?

as for Greeks as a majority, it is irrelevant, it is the minorities which hold the sway in a Democracy. what is more important is an end to the corruption, when we, united as a population are not so easily subjected to this myth, "Turks" are helpless in a Cyprus whose majority are fanatics and "Greek".

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cyprus :: Asil Nadir found guilty. - Page 6


Cyprus :: Asil Nadir found guilty. - Page 6

...the Ambassador forgets the beginning, with its black operations where Turkish Cypriots were sacrificed for Turkey's gain. the enclaves which followed, and the forced movements are not so clear, based on the same motives; lovely how the line follows so closely, the Acheson Plan.

...the same can be said for his opinion of "the Truth", Cyprus is Occupied, it offends all Cypriots equally, what is right and what is wanted are two different things in this matter; i applaud The Guardian, more of the Press should end their lazy way of talking, "Greek Cyprus", or "Northern Cyprus", because it is offensive to all Mankind, untrue and an insult, not just to this island's dwellers.

...and ridiculous as it is to say it, Turkey, that deep state and its wanttobe's, is to blame, even for this man, Asil Nadir.

Monday, September 03, 2012

The DOCUMENTARY "MEMORIES" the purest sense Piratis your argument is sound.

in the sense that Bicommunal has no clear meaning, a "Turkish" idea or not, our responsibility is to the rest of Mankind, as Individuals, to demonstrate something we design for ourselves, as Cypriots, which enriches the world because it can be held in high esteem and emulated. futuristically, i am proposing to go beyond what is the Truth, and what vp resists so fondly, something where Cyprus in two hundred years sustains itself, perhaps in a desert of global warming with a population quite different in demographics and size. i repeat myself, there is a Cypriot Republic, and there is a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency? (and why not Armenian, Maronite, and Latin Constituencies as well.)

where vp ignores a Federal Government, i say, where is the Greek state? consider that, my suggestion, because it solves both vp and your anxieties.

Thursday, August 09, 2012




halil, can you say, i love Cyprus?

...can you say, i love Cyprus first?

this is the man Mr. Petros, and his friend who still stand together, to say just this.

...can you say, i want a Cypriot State?

this is the battle, unless of course you are a "Turk" or a "Greek".

...and if you are truly, a Cypriot, and willing to take a big step for Mankind, ask yourself, if there is a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency (where are a Maronite, etc. Constituencies?); why not National Assemblies, as well as a Federal Government?

and you, vp, have you the courage to be as strong?

...i ask all of you to reflect, lest we turn even this reality (on the ground) through our hateful denial into another farce.

say with me, i love Cyprus, a want a better way of life.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Our view: Old-style hero worship has no relevance today - Cyprus Mail#comments

Our view: Old-style hero worship has no relevance today - Cyprus Mail#comments


If Mr. Malas wants to support a Federal Solution, i ask, if there is a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency, where is the Greek Constituency?

Turkey may be the 800 pound guerilla in the room, but the fact remains, Justice in Cyprus is to be seen, and it is Cypriots which must display this toward each other. For the proxy war to end, Turks and Greeks can be equals, with National Assemblies for their self-representation, as Persons. But, in a Bicommunal State, as Individuals without distinction or discrimination, as Citizens, united, they would vote for a Federal Government, to defend and to better Universal Principals, as well.

...Mr. Malas, think 12.5 million, two hundred years from now, can anyone imagine the demographics of this island to remain unchanged even fifty years from now? what is best for this island's dwellers, if

like Makarios you fought for Free Will, not just Liberty? and like Makarios, if you lay the blame on Greece, the Greek elite who to this day corrupt themselves, why then the denial, unlike Makarios, that a Cypriot State is better?

...personally, if i could, i would fly the Cypriot Flag attached to my car's attenna, and drive right round the island, in tribute to the great man (and men/women), who chose Cyprus first. if i was a Politician, I would focus on one Cyprus, and the opportunities that existed if within a Territorial Jurisdiction Greek came first, like in a Turkish, Maronite, Armenian, etc. Constituency, equal for the same reason. if i was a Leader, i would seek closure for the displaced, all Cypriots, not just "Greeks", i would seek to have for them the pleasure of their Properties restored, and for some at least, the Right of Return as they left, as Communities. in my Cyprus, enclaves are not a dirty word, they would be scattered across the whole geography of the island, obliging National Assemblies like those Greek and Turkish to provide service to an electorate island-wide, securing Freedom of Movement, and Association because even if the Green Line remains unchanged it becomes a frontier amongst many, not a border; Bizonal because there is one Sovereignty, and within it an ability to sustain diversity geographically.

...Mr. Malas, like his contemporaries have no vision, if they cannot see the value of a Greek state, within a Cypriot State. they are Statesman, like Makarios if they can provide a way of life where we can define ourselves as Individuals while we sustain our Identities as Persons; they are, in my mind traitors to all Mankind if they resist the changes which take us beyond the 19th Century and passed the Modern Age.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Re: Turkish atrocities in Cyprus . vp, i don't know where you lived before the issues of '63 and '74, but if my village is an example of a "mixed" village, the residents have a relationship which was nurtured, far older than that. frankly i am grateful to live across from a Turkish Cypriot unscarred until the Turkish Army chose to make the land they occupy (and all its living creatures) subject to them. we remain an example of the community which was there before this "Turkification", my friends still respect hard work and have a loving nature, close to their land and this history; our history. now, after all these years, having met many Greeks from across the world, i feel a sorrow and a shame to meet a "Greek" who cannot understand that this is possible in Cyprus, i hope that i might convince you that as a Cypriot, you may consider that not all Turks are "Turks" . 350 years, wot? just a backwater, only surviving, ignored as a possession. it was the Modern Age, the British, and the Rule of Law, which gave impetus to Mankind's recognition of Cypriots as a People amongst a Family of Man. whether there is a majority of persons Greeks or not, the World defines us, as all Citizens, the stewards of this island so old (and so wealthy) as one, recognised, Sovereign and as Individuals, represented by a State governing in a manner where all electors are equal without distinction or discrimination. Cypriots, their Leaders, chose to take the challenge of defining Bicommunal, and now Bizonal, for Humanity's greater good. you see two states. i tell you that you cannot dismiss the Federal Government as a body because you don't trust "Greeks", things cannot remain as they are today. to be equals as Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots (, as well as Maronites, etc.) there must exist a Greek Constituency (and other Cypriot Constituencies). if you want a Turkish Constituency demand this; liberate the Republic from its bonds to the "Greeks", and once again it will be the "minority" who values civil behaviour and Universal Principals, most. such, read your Constitution, the Republic of Cyprus' i mean, and tell me, what is wrong with National Assemblies?

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Cyprus :: Diamond Jubilee and Evagoras Pallikarides - Page 7

Cyprus :: Diamond Jubilee and Evagoras Pallikarides - Page 7

He died for the right and freedom to choose his identity instead of having Imperialist racists like you deciding for him, and us!

...given the time and the place his actions are as described. there is nothing of a disgrace in what he said, but time and History took other turns which should leave us grateful to Mankind, that for the first time in thousands of years, as a People Cypriots are Free. Respect is the watchword, and it is not as "Greeks" or "Turks" that any Peace will be found, to be at the vanguard of this new Age we must demonstrate a wider and more reasoned view, something repeatable, something emulated because it is held in high esteem.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

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Tell Turkey: End the Occupation of Cyprus Now

. . ...if you give up Turkey as your sole benefactor you gain the support of the rest of the world. Freedom for Cyprus is Mankind's gift, to the People with a Cypriot Identity, it is not the "Greeks" who are offering you this Liberty to be Turkic, but Greeks who as this island's dwellers represent the vast majority of this body Politic. it would be nice in the least as a Cypriot, if you recognised that the island is not Turkish nor Greek, although as Persons we strive to sustain these identities. ...what better Guarantee is there but to define Bizonal Bicommunal Federation in a manner where as Individuals, this body of People represent themselves United in defending Universal Principals (as Humans), and that being Bicommunal they represent themselves as electors in National Assemblies (within Jurisdictional Territories being Bizonal) so that as a Majority they can sustain within their daily lives this distinct identity, even closer to their taxdollars. you cannot prevent Greeks, just because they are Greeks from choosing to reside in Cyprus as Turcophones (a "Turk" would think that, (rather than a Turk)), nor can we prevent the mobility that the Modern Age has offered. Cyprus is not Property, beyond the feelings Turkey displays about the Treaty of Lausanne, or its Continental Shelf, it is about defining this distinction: that a People, Cypriots have as their Heritance a land far more rooted than what has been a proxy war between subjugators. ...question of ethnic origin, no; question of attitude. ...dude, you behave

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cyprus Now Forum • View topic - Obama's pro gay marriage

Cyprus Now Forum • View topic - Obama's pro gay marriage


...what is marriage but a contract.

if we are committed to Freedom and Human Liberty where as Individuals we have the responsible choice to pursue our happiness, then there is no alternative but to accept gay marriage. irksome is the lessons we are not learning from this so called Modern phenomena, gays (as an example of a small minority) are organised to voice their common opinions in a manner where such demands can be satisfied. Cypriots, within the populaton of a sphere that includes the interlocutors, are a minority as small. perhaps our own parades can express this bend, an odd couple, Turks and Greeks (Cypriot, not "Turk" and "Greek"), joined in a bond that is a Human Contract, because they resisted the stagnation of a standard which excludes these notions.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Cyprus :: Energy issues are a reason for war -Yildiz - Page 3

Cyprus :: Energy issues are a reason for war -Yildiz - Page 3


re file, i think i understand what Bananiot is saying, have a heart, be a Cypriot, share by showing that you are great as Greeks, and as Turks, (and i hope as Maronites, and Armenians, (and Romes), etc.), because you are Human Beings first, demonstrating that value above all, unlike "Greeks" and "Turks", by choice an example far more refined and adapted to the future Ages; beyond what was before the Modern Age.

Bicommunal is not a dirty word, although i must say much has been done for it to be sullied, it remains to be defined more precisely by us, to the benefit of Mankind to whom we owe the end of our subjugation of thousands of years, as this island's dwellers not Property, a People.

Bizonal similarly does not mean tearing the island in two, however Territorial Jurisdictions may define land usage, it is clear to all Citizens that the land is an indivisible whole.

a Federation may be a Unitary State, and i believe that this is in Cyprus essential toward defending Individual Rights. without it there is always the threat that in the future the same Imperialistic tools will be there to be exploited by those who gain from our willingness to sustain Identities as Persons.

...all this is way off topic, on the other hand, a solution to the Problem, one that Turkey cannot unreasonably refuse is what's needed to delay the War threats looming.

Mr B., please, read (and comment) on my manifesto thingy, or the letter to Ban Ki-Moon, feeling dreamy and all, i could use the help.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cyprus :: Why is Cyprus Divided? - Page 3

Cyprus :: Why is Cyprus Divided? - Page 3


...Cyprus is divided because Turkey believes that it is property; the people are of no consequence. This they believe is a well founded fact based on the Principal of Law (before the Modern Age) when Cyprus was made English, thus she does not recognise the validity of the Treaty of Lausanne. The British of course demonstrate their Sovereignty as well, by example their rush to express this fact at Curium.

...Cypriots are divided by their mythic personas, reality will set in soon, we are passed the Modern Age.

...Cyprus is divided because of its geographic location. in an effort to continue the plunder of past ages, there are these efforts to possess "it". it does not matter the divide, it could be mostly "French", and a reason would be found to divide the minority from a Cypriot people, as "English", (or "German"), there would exist a Proxy War.

...Cypriots have not grasped what Bicommunal and Bizonal could mean. They are not prepared it seems to confront their fears to lead Mankind beyond the Nation as a State, where they are a State within which there are Nations.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

UN chief remains interested in Cyprus solution

UN chief remains interested in Cyprus solution


...we hope that if the effort to define the words Bizonal and Bicommunal continue, that there will be two tables where these negotiations will take place. where as Constituencies the People gather to decide their self-representation as Persons within National Assemblies, so that amongst them they can Charter Territorial Jurisdictions for their electorate from the State.

...and at the other, a Federal Government which has no other obligation but to defend its Citizens without discrimination, equal and as Individuals.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Cyprus Now Forum • View topic - The biggest insult to Cyprus...

Cyprus Now Forum • View topic - The biggest insult to Cyprus...


...once again this summer we will face the scorn that Turkey holds for the Cypriot social-economy. what will she do when another success of Cyprus as a State is demonstrated, we'll see. given that Erdogan has explictly stated that partition (read:annexation) is his goal, that 'fait accompli' is looming. why? Turkey's plaint to be respected? is Cyprus, Property she reclaims?

...and what about the people? aren't they "Greeks" and "Turks"; in the thousands of years of this island's History, when were they a People?

...the insult is to Mankind, and to the Modern Age, (lol) never mind the Cypriots.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cyprus :: What would Enosis mean to the average Cypriot - Page 2#p712162

Cyprus :: What would Enosis mean to the average Cypriot - Page 2#p712162

Schnauzer wrote:

I think much would depend upon the determination of just how one would describe an 'Average Cypriot'.

Currently, it is a matter of whom the one who considers him/herself to be 'Greek Cypriot' and the one who considers him/herself to be 'Turkish Cypriot' feels more closely affiliated to, Greece or Turkey?.

Naturally (again currently) the unfortunate 'Political and Military' division that has been foisted upon the people of Cyprus, is bound to create a situation which renders the question posed almost impossible to answer.

Leaving aside the questions of 'Fairness' and 'Unfairness', the ONLY outcome of such a union, MUST result in another 'Springboard' for the 'Average Cypriot' to launch further abusive verbal attacks upon each other.

That is how 'Politics' works, ultimately the desires of the 'Average Cypriot' is of no consequence to either the 'Military or Political' leaders, therefore 'NOTHING' is what 'Enosis' might mean, actually it has always been like that for the 'Average Cypriot'. (imho)

...well said Schnauzer, thank-you.

...if we ignore the choice of Cypriots for a Union with Greece because it is a Greek island, it can only be a benefit to Mankind as a whole if these People are Sovereign to represent themselves, and to remain as the Stewards of their Heritance. by dividing it (and them) in two, as adversaries, that Green Line which started there and grew will again fester with so much harm. Imperialists Greece looks harmless, as the great Majority in Cyprus are subject to its Language. Turkey, on the other hand is stuck with the Treaty of Lausanne as an unfair loss of Property, and to her what comes next is of no consequence. England still insists on Sovereign Rights, and she too (i regret to say) remains a failed Guarantor. Cypriots, a great deal is asked of the people who are its dwellers; not "Greeks" but Greeks, not "Turks" but Turks (maybe Maronites, and Armenians, etc. too), defining Bicommunal and Bizonal so that it can be emulated throughout the world being held in such high esteem. is about time that enosis means the mending of one what is apart, only in a Modern, very Cypriot kind of way.

Freedom for Cyprus, Freedom for Cypriots too!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 5#p711686

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 5#p711686


you see vp, i/I fight for Cyprus. everyday i used to tend my trees, our trees were tended too.

were you here before the "fait accompli"? it is the "Greeks" and the "Turks" who have held their

debate without success, it is about time for the Greeks and Turks to create their own Agenda.

...but what do i know, coming from a "mixed" village.

enosis, better means, to mend. its meaning Historically changed over time. i take it to mean

the future as one. you, if you are a "Turk", take it to mean belonging to Greece, or belonging

to Turkey, as though this is correct thinking. i say as Cypriots we have the great distinction of defining

the words Nation and State more clearly, and demonstrating to the rest of Mankind a meaning for

the word, Bicommunal, (and now Bizonal), in a manner which can be held in high esteem by its emulation;

please read my manifesto, and need i remind you, your observations are important to me,

after all some of it came from your inspiration.

...don't make me your enemy, just because it seems, you can no longer ignore my attention; that's too easy.

dude, those PM's you sent long ago, do you remember sending them? what makes you think anything has changed,

you wanted to be freinds, and we were united with one idea, that Cyprus belongs to Cypriots, not "Greeks" and "Turks",

being Bicommunal, i say all Cypriots are Cypriots first when it comes to defending their State as Individuals, being

Bicommunal means, as well, National Assemblies, and being Bizonal means Territorial Jurisdictions, where Cypriots

by where they reside are Minorities or Majorities within an electorate of Persons (a National Assembly) so that through

their self-representation as Greeks, Turks, Maronites, Armenians, (Jews, British,) and Romes they can sustain a Living

Heritance with their respect and recognition for the "others" amongst them, while they vote as well for a Government

for their Republic, each citizen with one vote for the Betterment of Human Conditions. not dismiss the fact that "Greeks" and "Turks" are a set within larger circles of Greeks and Turks who in a wider sense are no different to the other Communities who can call Cyprus a Home. the debate as it is, is flawed. Mankind, as you say, 'gifted' Cyprus to Cypriots. only "Greeks" and "Turks", over this, express their discontent. "Turks" think they have the demographic stranglehold to leave Cyprus an impotent speck of geography like it was before the Treaty of Lausanne, i say Greeks and Turks, Maronites, etc. are headed toward extinction fast, and that the population of Cyprus is 12.5 million sooner than later.

...vp, things can't stay the same forever, Freedom for Cyprus, one Government one Country; Freedom for Cypriots, many National Assemblies.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 2#p711361

Cyprus :: What does 'Enosis' mean to you, today? - Page 2#p711361


Viewpoint wrote:

Viva la Enosis with Turkey.

...indeed, Cyprus and Turkey need to be allied, joined in a common cause. if the EU is a great experiment toward lasting peace, it is Turkey where a frontier is best established, so too Cyprus. enosis, as OP said, is not a bad word.

...your point is not well taken, perhaps, although it is ironically food for thought. "Greekness" (looking West) is taken as the Democratic Value where as Citizens we are equally involved in bettering our lives as a whole. "Turkishness" (looking East), i take to mean the Ottomans, who sucked the life out of the glorious Arabic civilization, and all its Peoples, not unlike their work ies stin poli, and Cyprus which became a backwater. certainly modern Turkey is not the ideal of Ataturk, it is the Kemalists who see people as Turkish from their "Turkishness", that fails this great State to benefit their Nation. i've said many times before vp, and i hope you think about it, this is not a Greek/Turkish issue, it is a not a "Greek"/"Turkish" issue either, it is a "Greek", "Turkish"/ Greek, Turkish issue.

we, being the vanguard vp, that is to say as a Citizen of the World, should act accordingly.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

...peace talks likely to halt in July

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : GOODWILL FORWARD#87837



"Downer said talks are stalled on how executive power would be shared under an envisioned federation and on how to deal with private property that was lost during the invasion."


That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.


“It’s not so much that it would take time to achieve them, it would take political decisions to achieve them,” he said


...if only Eroglu had an ally in the Greeks, Maronites, Armenians, and Latins who sustain like him their Persons, an identity that is distinct. If only Mr. Chistofias did not have to represent "Greeks", but instead Cypriots without discrimination; that might be a constructive debate, toward what already has been agreed.

As it is, a Greek Constituency is missing from the negociations, and for them to fructify: a Federal Government must exist, (and at least) a Turkish Constituency, and a Greek Constituency must exist.

...and what of the displaced? From '63 and '74, would it not be Justice seen if they returned as they left, at least for some, as Communities? Wouldn't enclaves prove a benefit, if they were to spot the entire island, in providing territorial jurisdictions to the People as Persons within National Assemblies, as well as a way to end Turkey's 'fait accompli'? Even if the Green Line remained, unchanged, it would become another frontier, completely redundant as a militarised border. Free Movement, Free Association, and Free Expression, aren't they secured (for all), if a Cypriot is a Cypriot first, Free to choose where they live, as a Minority, or as a Majority, as Grecophones and Turcophones, able to receive service island-wide? .

As a "Greek/Turkish" conflict, the issue fails endlessly repeating itself without an answer for Cypriots. Turkey's ambition, what with their Army's illegal occupation, their agenda first, (changing the toponomy and demographics of the island), and their proxy war against "Greeks", (as well as the Turks who are not "Turkish" enough), it is disappointing to see what they do provide to Cypriots in the north, nothing near the wealth of their fellow Cypriots in the south, speaking Democracy, not even a decent Rule of Law. Turkey, the regional Superpower, should be able to do far better than that for who they call Turks of Cyprus; never mind the bullying and the gunboat diplomacy of late.

...but the Cyprus Problem is not Turkey's issue alone, and only Cypriots can prevail. As Individuals, my hope is that they, Cypriots as a whole, will make it very hot for Mr. Erdogan this summer with his partition (read:annexation), plans. Like the Freedom Riders they'll drive their cars in convoys right round the whole island flying Cyprus' flag, demonstrating that they are Humans first, for Universal Principals, against their subjugation, and like Greeks and Turks, unlike the "Greeks" and "Turks" amongst them.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Cyprus :: Kibrislis Vs Settlers - Page 17#p709914

Cyprus :: Kibrislis Vs Settlers - Page 17#p709914

I have a question, why does the RoC allow the settlers to pass the check points firstly and why are we giving them jobs? If they are occupiers of our land and think they can stop a cypriot from enjyoing their Country fully and freely


...the Republic of Cyprus has no such luxury, it is a Free country where they do not represent just "Greeks", (and need i mention for a BBF to work Greeks should have their own National Assembly, like the Turks, so too Maronites, and Armenians), the Government, this one and in the future a Federal Government, to be credible, first is a representive of a wider Family, of Man. we all deserve the benefit of the doubt if we live respectfully, we are productive, and we follow the rules. a whole society cannot be dismissed because within this community there exists transients and malcontents; better exchange and dialog is essential to control a condition where such Individuals are identified, this comes from Goodwill. the north such days are eye-openers, people leaving, people staying, natural gaz, and more discontent from less money, we are expecting a summer that is hot when Turkey wails, it will be hard for the Kibrisli, harder even still without all Cypriots behind their resistence. but i am hoping for more humour than that, the flag thing has stuck now, i tell you it would be nice to see them flying from car antennas in convoys right round the island, that at least is something that would make them laugh.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cyprus :: CF a real reflection of the Cyprus Dispute? - Page 5#p708425

Cyprus :: CF a real reflection of the Cyprus Dispute? - Page 5#p708425


...sadly, this easy approach has teeth because it is tempting. once again, it will push those for Universal Principals out of the way, ignored because they are defended by a State which has the obligation of defending Greeks as "Greeks". this deceit on the part of those who profit from it, will not take long to become the Proxy War that Cyprus, and Cypriots, suffer, again. Turkey will have the whole island, you see.

...there is one challenge to come, vp (and all those who think that dividing the island in two is a good idea), and that is for the Cypriot Flag, let it this summer be planted everywhere people stop to have their picnics, let's see convoys of cars who circle the island, a day in their cars together. acts, not words.

...a real reflection of the Cyprus Dispute, look no further than Ledras along the Buffer Zone.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cyprus :: Actions are starting for the recognition of the pseudo-state - Page 13#p707873

Cyprus :: Actions are starting for the recognition of the pseudo-state - Page 13#p707873


Did they invade, butcher, murder, rape and continue to hold us like the 'Turks'?
...yes, they did.

Turkey is the subjugator. they tore the island apart and they still are the occupiers, illegally. indeed, the sooner we remove this cancer the better.

...perhaps the "Greeks" and the "Turks" are the same, and unlike Greeks and Turks; their aims are the same.

I have no shame in being Greek, i do not see Greece as an enemy, but i realise within this population (here, in Greece, and around the world) there are racists and bigots who speak for themselves as though they speak for all Hellenes. Turks have the same problem, so too other Nations who are confronting a world so much more mobile, having States, within these States many Nations, and within these Nations the Intolerant who resist any change, placing themselves before any other consideration by controlling the Agenda. for vp, i welcome his participation on this Forum, because without him we (Greeks and Turks) would not be as inspired to defend Individual Rights and Universal Principals, nor would we have the opportunity to consider our own identites as Persons.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cyprus :: New York on January 22 - Page 4

Cyprus :: New York on January 22 - Page 4


...thanks Kikapu,

we are counting on Humanity's resolve; there is a Rule of Law.

...Mr. Ki-Moon knows who he is dealing with, nobody else bullies his security guards in New York. So far, this leader of the rest of us has shown that he is making agitations for change, he made mistakes by appearing too giving at first, in my opinion, but he shows through his patience that he is expecting from Cypriots the same realisation as his own: that first we represent ourselves as Individuals without discrimination, members of the Human Race. and, as Persons in Cyprus we have the rare and unique opportunity to change the world's political landscape by defining the word Bicommunal (and Bizonal).


this is not a "Greek"/ "Turkish" issue.

Saturday, January 21, 2012's the manifesto thingy, again

Dear Mr. Ki-Moon,

My hope is that you will consider the value of my thinking now that a way ahead will be proposed that serves a family far bigger than "Greek" or "Turk". My hope is that you will not forget the rest of us who place Universal Principals first. The world needs a definition for Bicommunal, and now the word Bizonal. At 55, I have spent the greater part of my life remembering (Cyprus), not to forget, and to act accordingly. With the revolution of the Information Age, I beg you to google, or blogspot, repulsewarrior; that's me.

That federation would comprise a federal government with a single international personality, along with a Turkish Cypriot constituent state and a Greek Cypriot constituent state, which would be of equal status.

...this much we know so far.

(at least) three governing bodies must exist for this agreement to fructify Identities for each.

In my Cyprus, the Bicommunal Bizonal Federation is defined by one Sovereign State representing me as an Individual, while there exists for these People (like me), as Persons, National Assemblies with Territorial Jurisdictions, to provide for them as Majorities a means to sustain this identity as well.

In my Cyprus, the Green Line becomes a frontier, no longer a border, because (at least for some), the displaced return as they left, as Communities. Enclaves, which pocket the whole island, offers this opportunity to Individuals by having real choices as Persons (, that will include some of the newly displaced,), with the possibility of more than two "zones" (including the needs of the Maronite and Armenian communities, Sovereignty never being a question), without tearing the fabric of the living around them, respectful to the reciprocal nature of their recognition for the special needs of the Minorities amongst them, inclusive because the diversity of each society (Turkish and Greek mostly) will expand island wide.

Cypriots rely on your abilities to remember that they may be the few in a wider complexity of the Problem, they, they need Good Governance based on the Principals of Free Association, Free Expression, Free Movement, and a Rule of Law.

Cyprus is an island. After all, it has never been but one, its Heritance dates back to the beginnings of Mankind, this wealth which is Humanity's cannot be dismissed, either.

Deciding as you will this July (now October), consider this: “Would Mr. Eroglu recognise Mr. Christofias as President of the Republic, if, Greeks as Persons were to found an equal form of self-representation as his own, separate from the Federal Government, but as distinctive (“Greek first, Turkish first”) in its leadership.”, lol.

Most Warmly, I Prey you have Good Guidance.

Cyprus :: S/6426 UN Accuses Turkish Leadership of Self-Segregation - Page 3#p703688

Cyprus :: S/6426 UN Accuses Turkish Leadership of Self-Segregation - Page 3#p703688


...thanks, bill.

i have avoided repeating what my elders said because i am afraid of spreading the bias that seems to have infected so many of us. once again, it is a relief to see that they spoke with reason.

na zisis...

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind...
Williams James (1842-1910)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Occupy The Buffer Zone

. it is damned if you do, damned if you don't for the interlocutors.

they fear how much this movement will grow. it is not pie in the sky, it is easy to understand; there are "Greeks", there are "Turks", there are Cypriots. the public will start to recognise that their representation as citizens of a State called Cyprus for the last fifty years have been on their own track, that the debate is invalid, that their leadership have been struggling to maintain a balance of power which keeps us as adversaries within their control.

if the youth reject the thinking that they are from mutually exclusive sets, it may be possible for them to break the cycle of their exploitation as markets (and as taxpayers). they may realise the benefit of their cooperation and other notions which represent a way of life which ends their impotence, that they are a power which is loathed by the established order as it has been defined. don't forget that what was destroyed by the Problem was a society that was very socialised, able to sustain itself mostly as village dwellers without external influences, who identified with their land and not their culture. they may realise the value of the island, and its relationship to the geography which surrounds it, they may realise that the example that they represent may be emulated; something clearly, the interlocutors wish to stop.

do not despair, it is good news. we now know that these puny nobodies cannot be ignored, and that their idea is a dangerous thing to those who wish things stay the same. i hope and pray that the bonds between them will remain, and it is my opinion the forces against them have started something which will not stop. better for the powers that exist if they had coddled the protesters, and corrupted them, but soon it will be too late for that.

...i see flags of Cyprus driving around the whole island this summer, and not hundreds but thousands who will join them.