Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our divided state is a troubled soul


...well said, and needed to be said; what about the Communal Chamber, what about the Constitution that needs reform? Can we as Cypriots accept that "Greeks" and "Turks" hold the Agenda of our political lives, and that we as Cypriots to keep our Freedom must fight against them in opposition?

...more so because Cyprus is the key (there is, a Flag of Cyprus). What way is found to the Problem in Cyprus, offers its hope to Turkey (and for the same reasons); it is Turkey's National issue.

...a Cyprus united is a Turkey united. What "Greekness" has done is no different to what "Turkishness" is doing, now in Turkey. It is the other way around, Turkey, those not "Turkish", need Cyprus', Cypriots, help.

...let's not forget that the USA and Canada to name two, are BBFs; intentions count.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Re: Cyprus Speech 2017


...i remember 1974. i understand you pain.

There is a big difference between ''Turkishness'' and Turkish. Cyprus is Cyprus. The difference between the "Greeks" and the "Turks" is very little it seems, but they are quite different to the rest of us, and those of us Greek and Turkish.

In effect, Turkey needs Cyprus Free, an equal, an ally, a regional partner;
as an adversary after decades its clear, Cyprus, Cypriots, (the other half despite the great efforts to deny it) exist.

...good work, indeed. (you will only get better with practice and time).

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Re: TRNC FM: "Autonomy or Recognition"


...indeed the best chance for anything Turkish surviving "Turkishness" in Turkey is in Cyprus. really is up to you MrH, if you are Cypriot, and Turkish; you may choose between being Turkish, or being a "Turk". You may choose to set an example Turkey can emulate, united with its own constituencies, or you may leave no choice to Turks but to fight what seeks to usurp the Freedom they have, those "Turkish".

Cyprus is the key, united as Cypriots, or not at Peace, divided; hope in Turkey (and in the Eastern Mediterranean) or not. are fooling yourself if you generalise to make all Greeks, "Greeks". You are foolish to think Greeks are the enemy, or that Cypriots do not exist. You are not mistaken, on the other hand, to think that "Greeks", and "Turks" are alike, and that for those of us Turkish or Greek, or Cypriot, a bane to our existence.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Our View: A party for Russians in Cyprus is an interesting political experiment


...indeed, Cypriots exist who want representation as Cypriots.

And, what is "Greek", what is "Turk", is anathema to a Cypriot way.

...while the major Parties contend with the polls that show "this" to be important, there is the other half who, as Cypriots, have a stronger attachment to the soil beneath their feet, and who are more strongly attached to the Universal Principals that define us, not as "races", but as one Human race.

We are Cypriots if we love Cyprus. This should not be hard to understand.

These Cypriots, may bring new thinking to the debate; Cypriots exist, too.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Leaving for New York, Anastasiades interview raises political firestorm

. it or not, he is the President of the Republic of Cyprus, a Greek but no "Greek".

...Akinci I hope will reconsider his "Turkishness" because as a Cypriot he fails his electorate.

We may wait another ten years for an opportunity like this one.

Is Mr Akinci, a Cypriot? Mr. Anastasiades' case he has in any case served, them.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Turkey calls on Israel to push Cyprus on approving pipeline

. Turkey admitting that it does not have the clout; that they should turn to Israel is revealing.

I ask, who is next after Cyprus, what Turkey wants does not stop there; Lebanon, Syria, Greece, (Italy,) they are all on "Turkey's Continental Shelf", aren't they?

...and what has Israel to gain; while Erdogan may be an opportunist better than most, is he credible?

Fact is the tripartite meetings Cyprus leads have brought the countries involved closer to their goals: viable intentions, safety for lives at sea, safety toward the environment. Turkey has claimed she will go it alone; she should be building a rig then.

In any case, the chairs for Syria and Lebanon, at these tables, one hopes will be filled soon. Turkey can still choose differently, instead of meddling, also by joining gracefully in these affairs.

One Turkey, One Cyprus, One Country, should not be hard for Erdogan to say; but for his "Turkishness". He would have his pipeline, and much International esteem if he could. Cyprus divided as it is means Turkey will become even more divided than it is, for the same reasons. He must know that too.

Indeed Cyprus is key, being Turkey's National issue. A Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. A Cyprus united is a Turkey united.

Erdogan i hope will reconsider where his Legacy lies.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Turkish Cypriots will never accept servitude: Ozgurgun


...not a drop of water, not a watt of power is left; for what, why? If this government was not so corrupt and incompetant they would realise Cypriots are not fooled by them.

Indeed, i remember "Greeks" and "Turks" as murderers, if you think about it, "they" were never busy killing each other. But, for "being" Cypriot, not them, many died.

...what men like these have done for "Turkishness" in Cyprus, suggests why Turkey today has never been more divided. Cypriots exist, so do Turks. There is a big difference between a "Turk" and a Turk. I suppose Mr. Özgürgün would deny that.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Time for a referendum regarding the Cyprus talks


...i suggest that dividing Cyprus for "Turkishness" will only lead to a Turkey divided for the same reason.
Cypriots are Cypriots. Turks are Turks. As Individuals they all have this interest: to defend their Freedom and the Universal Principals on which it is based. As Persons, and as Constituencies, their Liberty is secured from the trust and the respect they share for each other, as Persons, and as Individuals. A BBF for Cyprus is a matter of intentions. Let's not forget that the USA, for example is a BBF. A BBF for Turkey may not be so bad an idea given its own need for Constitutional reform. Cypriots are not so easily defined as "Turks" and "Greeks". Turks are not so easily defined as "Turks" and "Mountain Turks" (Kurds), or foreign (Alevi).
What is Cyprus but a template for the designs of its interlocutors; Turkey having taken its political fate to be an issue of National interest: what is Turkey is Cyprus. But what is Cyprus could be Turkey. As Turkey is being divided today, for "Turkishness", "Turkishness" has done to Cyprus in affect for the same reason. If it is that Cyprus is divided, it will be a Caliphate in Istanbul where "being" Turkish will not be enough. If it is that Cyprus is united, there is hope for Turks, in Turkey who are not "Turks".
Those who see a Cyprus divided should reconsider what it means to those not "Turkish". One Flag of Cyprus, one Flag of Turkey, should not be hard to understand. A Cypriot like a Turk are not necessarily "Greek" or "Turkish". Turks exist, Cypriots exist, despite the fact that "Greeks" and "Turks" deny this.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Turkish democracy might be dead — and things could soon get a lot worse


...i still have hope.

A Legacy for Turkey and all the Turkish People, or he may make his Legacy for "Turkishness"; these the choices, it seems to me.

Despite the odds, or because of them, Erdogan can change his intentions in a minute.

...think for a moment; what has "Turkishness" brought us: an island divided in two, now Turkey divided more than ever.

This is the Problem, Turkey's problem, it starts in Cyprus because what divides Cyprus divides Turkey.

...recall that the USA is a BBF, so too Canada, and Australia, as other examples. It is the Intentions which count.

Cyprus exists except for the "but one", why? Like in Cyprus, about half the population is "them" (read: "Greek" or "Turk" as one in the same). They hold the Agenda, and while there is much suffering, it is not "them" who suffer, it is those not "them", Greeks and/or Turks (read: anyone of another description). Decades pass, "Turkishness" grows badly tearing at the fabric there is toward more crisis.

But nothing lasts forever, and Erdogan knows this. Recognising the Republic of Cyprus is a choice, if it means that at another level of government there exists self-representation for Turkish Cypriots as Persons, it may mean in Turkey that Turks and not only "Turks" could have Liberty. A Cyprus, an equal to Turkey, an ally, is not anathema to his plans, it may consolidate them. Indeed, it gives hope to Turks who are not "Turkish", a Cyprus reunited, and it may serve as a template for Turkey's own Constitutional Reform.

It is Mr Akinci therefore, who holds the key to Freedom in Turkey, i think. If instead of representing "Turkishness" he represents himself as a Cypriot, a Constituency's Leader, he may suffer Mr. Erdogan's ire, but this may inspire him as well. I hope Mr. Akinci remembers who voted for him, it was not the "Turks" but Cypriots who are Turkish. And in Turkey, (for a BBF,) Turks need this debate as well.

He, Erdogan, may say one day, One Country, One Cyprus, One Turkey.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

The dock ships came with troops and went back with refrigerators Πηγή:

. is not Akinci who speaks this truth, more is the pity this man is the leader of Cypriots whether Greek or Turkish. More depends on him than any other as a Cypriot to act; it takes a change of his intentions.

His silence is deafening since the very day he won his election, and as the President of something he was not good enough to get his invitation to the wedding; i remember does he?

A parasite, a servant-slave, is he such a man? I ask, as such a man, a traitor, a coward, a fool, to who if not the us he should be defending?

...he, that man can save us, those of us, not "Greek" or "Turk", the other half who remain despite the odds against us, as Cypriots close to the land.

Let him remember what that Flag stands for, that it is his electors who wish him to express that it is not a rag, the Flag of Cyprus; let him challenge the rest of us to stand likewise beside it, like him willing to defend each other and the Universal Principals as Human beings, we as Cypriots represent. Let the Elams and the Grey Wolves stand alone, then. If he took that challenge for those not "them", for the rest of us, wouldn't Anastasiades follow? Only a year ago, didn't he? is not the roots of a very old tree that stood in the middle of my Great Aunt's garden, because it too in the end was taken, that I despair, but that there is a shoebox somewhere.

thank-you Mr. Sener.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sour grapes and stalemate in Cyprus


...i remember Akinci's night of victory, and the angry phone call he got with his election. Wasn't his victory a sort of referendum given his position and Eroglu's? Where is this Akinci, who is Akinci, because he does not appear to concern himself with his electorates' desires, only with what (Erdogan's) Turkey says. I am hoping for our sake (those of us not "Greek", or "Turkish") that he at some point stands beside the Flag of Cyprus because a "new" Cyprus (or a "new" Turkey) for "Turks" and not "Turkish", is neither a Turkish or Cypriot way.

...Cyprus and Cypriots exist, divided as they are, as "Greeks" (read: those not "Turkish"), and "Turks", it only serves these intentions. Such a divided Cyprus will only lead to Turkey even more divided, between its "Turks", and those they deem not "Turkish". Indeed what is a reform Constitutionally, that Turkey would accept in Cyprus, is certainly worth considering for Turkey herself. The Problem, may be identified as the Cyprus Problem, but it is not limited to Cyprus alone.

...i am hopeful, because great steps were taken at Crans-Montana.

No "deal" on Freedom and the Universal Principals on which it is based, Liberty is a matter of respect, and trust. I am grateful to Mr. Anastasiades, who at least as President of the Republic has served them, the Citizens, well in this regard. While this man is Greek, he is no "Greek".

One Cyprus, One Turkey is a matter of intentions.

Differing views across the divide


...Sener Levant, a candidate in the next elections; is there a Party with this courage, to field Cypriots without further distinction or discrimination for their campaign?

Let's make it clear. The "Greeks and the "Turks" are no different, they are the other half, not Cypriot.

...who takes the Flag of Cyprus as a rag is a traitor in my mind, not Anastasiades that's clear, but Akinci, beside being the "Turkish" representative, has he the courage to represent those who voted for him, Cypriots who are Turkish, not "Turks"?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Turkey’s Coming Chaos


…with a small change of intention, in Cyprus, Erdogan may well see a huge change in the confidence the international community has toward him, that now, he is the “but one”. Cyprus as an ally, and not as an adversary, is huge. In and of itself it is a huge step forward, but its significance for Turkey’s affairs would be bigger than that.

Recognising the existence of the Republic of Cyprus is not anathema to his goals in Turkey. It would in effect provide hope to all Turks. It would provide him from this logic, one Cyprus, one Turkey, one Country, a basis to reform his own Constitution, which would be easy to understand. Where, as Individuals there is no division among Turks in defending their Freedom, the Universal Principals or their Rights on which their State is based; and that while all Turks have this Freedom already, as Persons, at another level of Government, as Turks the Liberty as well, to sustain as Constituencies their own distinct identities: is this not the BBF Turkey is looking for (in Cyprus)?

While Cyprus has been torn between its “Turks” and its “Greeks”(read: not “Turks”), after all these decades, and with such a small population, Cypriots remain; this is noteworthy and hopeful. In Turkey where it is becoming as divided, it is becoming as evident, that while Cyprus cannot be “Greek”, while it may be Greek, for the same reasons, Turkey is not solely “Turkish”.

…for Erdogan to have a successful Legacy, if it is not for the “Turks”, it is for all Turks.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Turkey's Identity Crisis


...the answer is in Cyprus. A divided Cyprus will mean a divided Turkey.

One Cyprus, One Turkey

If Cyprus is not "Greek", Turkey may be Turkish, but for the same reasons not "Turkish". Indeed, there are Turkish Constituencies in Turkey, as there are Cypriot Constituencies. A country like America, or Canada, or Australia, are BBF's (Bicommunal, Bizonal Federations), let's not forget. While one may detest their sensibilities, such a political system demonstrates its own success as a system.

Who can imagine Turkey torn into parts? It is unnatural in Cyprus, as well.

Erdogan has a Legacy to build. With a small change of intention, he may recognise Cyprus for what it is, a State, not unlike his own, because it is in need of reform. He may recognise that neither a "new" Cyprus, or a "new" Turkey are the key to this Legacy he has worked so hard for, if it means dividing Turks. He may recognise that Freedom is a question of Individual Rights, based on Universal Principals, that all Citizens, by their own choosing, defend without distinction or discrimination.

And what of the Alevi, what of the Kurds, what of the Greek Orthodox Church, what of the other Muslim Faiths, the Latins and the Jews, what of the Atheists? He may realise that Liberty, is a tolerance, a recognition, and a respect, for Persons as Persons, these people can live with as well. What is for Turkey, if it is for all Turks, not just its "Turks", is far more complex and very simple. I will remain Hopeful.

...many great observations, enjoyed the article; thanks.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

If Turkey loses Cyprus, it loses everything in the E. Med.


...I do not agree. If anything a Cyprus re-united, is a beginning for Turkey, not an end.

Mr. Erdogan has only to make a small change in intention to recognise Cypriots exist.

What is "Turkishness" may end. That is to say it may change itself, and its intentions. A Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. Witness what has been done to Cyprus, having its "Turks", and those, not "Turk". Witness what is happening today, in Turkey, where it is more divided than ever for the same political dogma. There is a big difference between Turks, and "Turks"; this is clear. The Turks are a diverse People. Turkey, as in Cyprus, is not "Turkish", (nor "Greek",) it is and has always been more than that.

And what of the "Greeks" and "Turks" in Cyprus? Think about it, were they ever busy at killing each other? The answer is no. Although at their hands many Cypriots died for not "being" them. "Greeks" and "Turks" are the same, "Greeks" and "Turks" are not Cypriots. It is the Cypriot people who need protection against "them"; this is worth thinking about, in Cyprus, and for Turkey and its Citizens, to be Free, to have Liberty. I have said before, i will say it again, it is not the Turkish Cypriots that should be looking to Turkey for help. It is the other way around. In Cyprus, Turks, as Cypriots have the opportunity to represent themselves as Persons, as a Constituency, and as Individuals to represent themselves as Cypriots. This is the same hope Turks who are not "Turkish" in Turkey have: that they may have in Turkey's own Constitutional reform a form of self-representation as Persons, as Constituencies, as well.

Mr. Akinci is well placed to serve Cypriots, and those who are Turkish; he needs to express his disdain for, "Greeks" and "Turks", being Cypriot, being not "Greek" nor "Turkish". It is time for him to say it well, one Turkey, one Cyprus, so that Turks and "Turks" may find their Peace as Human beings, those who believe in God, and even those who do not, to serve lovingly each other.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Turkish Cypriot president would be in office not in power


...three votes. When voting the elector chooses from three slates, electing a Turkish Cypriot Representative, a Greek Cypriot Representative, and for a Lower House, an Independent Representative (without Party affiliation).

If a leader could win a majority in a Legislature evenly split as seats Turkish and Greek, Parties, to win the leadership would necessarily fill all the slates toward that end. It would be in effect impossible to win such a House, without a majority of Cypriots in any case. Parties would necessarily have to present Platforms that their voters would consider as Individuals, not just as Persons. A Turkish Cypriot, as President, or a Greek Cypriot as President would be just as likely, and based on merit.

...and what of the demographics of the island? Is it believable that any 'number' chosen to represent some 'fair' split now will be as valid in the future? Why should it matter? Who is represented and how will minorities be given their recognition and respect in such as State if "Greekness" and "Turkishness" are fixed to some bloodline? Indeed it is far more complex, (or far simpler, either way) the issue is not one of "Greekness" or "Turkishness" but the Universal Principals we demonstrate, as Cypriots that we are willing to defend. (and allow me to add, there is no shame in "being" Cypriot)

Cypriot Constituencies may exist. They have the potential of being several as a sum. It is clear that a Turkish Constituency is prepared to demonstrate the value of such political representation, as Persons, specifically to nurture this Identity. Embracing this change, for Cyprus, the existence of distinct identities, within a Cyprus where Cypriots express no discrimination or distinction between themselves as Cypriots, is the BBF which offers to Individuals and Persons, their Freedom and Liberty respectively.

Cyprus has a Republic, a State. If it is to have a Turkish Constituency, i ask where are its equals? I ask, Cypriots, as Persons, would they, as Cypriot Constituencies, not have the same needs in sustaining their own diversity, that which makes them vital? Wouldn't they be more effective in sustaining their distinct identities through self-representation if in representing themselves there was a similar debate, as a 'majority' which may have different interests competing for attention, but always aware and mindful that there exists a 'minority' with its own special needs they must nurture as well? Wouldn't a Federal Government in this scheme of things be seen to be free of its present bias in securing a Cypriot their Freedom, and this Liberty, in setting a standard and goals?

...I ask, why not within this Republic, at another level of Government, as well, a Greek Constituency (and others)?

Could Mr. Akinci recognise the existence of the Republic (and work toward its reform), if the representative of a Greek Constituency was duly elected, and not the President of the Republic? Is it possible for the President to remove himself from the discussions, so that when the Constituencies are in unanimity they may discuss the State's Constitutional reform with him? Mr. Akinci must demonstrate in Switzerland in a few days something more than a "Turkish" view to claim he is a Cypriot, imho.

Some may recall the Communal Chamber and why it failed, while the intention remains. One may also recall that while "Greeks" and "Turks" were busy doing their killings, it was not other "Greeks" and "Turks", it was Cypriots for not being "Them", who were murdered and made to disappear. That while the coup succeeded, removing Makarios from office it failed because there were so few "Greeks" on the island supporting it. And, I remind the readership that Cypriots have existed for millennia as Cypriots. In any case, Cypriots cannot be denied the same basic principals any Human being has to being Cypriots. It would be a despicable thing if Cypriots cannot call themselves Cypriots to satisfy these same people who deny the existence of their Flag, the Flag of Cyprus, under which so many have died for at their hands already.

...a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided; it is something to think about. A "new" Cyprus, is not the answer, like a "new" Turkey i believe, they are likely to divide these populations further. The Problem is not exclusively a Cyprus Problem; witness how the same "Turkishness" has divided Turkey. Yet Cyprus is small in population; one hopes that this is an advantage in its own Constitutional reform. That while Turkish Cypriots look to Turkey for guidance, I suggest it should be the other way around; that while Turkey is in this state of reform it is all the more valid to think differently. That if, Cyprus is not "Greek", Turkey is not "Turkish" for the same reasons. That as a Constituency what can be gained being Cypriot, offers the same hope to the Kurds, and the Alevi, (not "Turks", but Turks) for example in Turkey. That this same hope, in a Cypriot way, makes it clearer, what is an Individual, what is a Person, what is a Nation, what is a State, what is Freedom, what is Liberty; and from a Unitary State exclusively, to a BBF, Cypriots, by changing themselves in this way may possibly change the political landscape throughout the region, being the "perfect" solution sought after for so long, because it is practical, it promotes respect among all Peoples, it is held in so much high esteem, (it is the solution to Turkey's Problem), and it is something which can be emulated.

It is wrong for Turkish Cypriots to think that they are weak and impotent; but as "Turks" they are.

...cheers, Mr. Alper.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our View: Trilateral meetings produce little of substance


..what is the importance of these Tripartite meetings?

...the tables themselves can be joined to make for larger meetings. It is the recognition that no country can do it alone, stabilise the region, exploit safely what is under the sea, and as a first step, small as it has been, it is a big first step.

Turkey does not dare join any one of these tables. The meddling failed, that while Egypt, (Lebanon,) and Israel may have their own agendas, it does not include the exclusion of Cyprus, as was the possibility before these Agreements, and is as it remains, Turkey's intention today.

It is "her" Continental shelf, according to Turkey, her's to share; a hard sell if no one is listening, it is harder still if she must go it alone. News that Turkey will start drilling is old news to me; no one can stop Turkey from building her own drill ships and rigs. But, like the rest of the world i am waiting because they do not exist (as far as i know) in Turkey, and no oil major will contract for this work.

No one excludes Turkey, her chair, like Syria's and Palestine, are yet to be filled. One hopes that there is no disaster from such work in any case, and she may with a small change in intention, by recognising Cyprus, join at these tables, a partner, instead of the "but one". It is a hard choice for Turkey embracing such a change; in my mind it is a good one.

Cyprus continues to demonstrate itself to be a formidable adversary for decades, against Turkey.

Cyprus may make as good an ally, with the capacity she demonstrates as a facilitator of exchange.

Dialog is all we have to make clear what is reasoned; there is a great potential here.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A slavery contract for the people of Cyprus to Turkey


...we, the rest of the world, can see the result of dividing for "Turkishness", people "Turkish" and not "Turkish".

...Turkey, for "Turkishness" is more torn now than ever before in its History. As it is in Cyprus, there is a difference between a "Turk", and a Turk. This is the Problem; it is not exclusive to Cyprus. small change of intention, Erdogan can build his Legacy for Turkey united as Turks, if in Cyprus, Cypriots unite as Cypriots, a State based on Universal Principals; in effect, a Cyprus not "Greek", a Turkey not "Turkish".

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Unite Cyprus Now proves the island’s potential


…what is becoming clear is that “Greeks”, and “Turks”, make up the same side of the debate; Cypriots on the other. What is the fundamental flaw in this debate is being revealed. While Cypriots are intentionally ignored by the Problem, without this recognition, that they exist, there is little choice but to represent themselves.

If the leaders they elected as Cypriots cannot do more for Cypriots, rather than their “Turkishness” or not, they betray those who voted for them; this is clearer, now. Mr. Akinci must recognise that Cypriots need him to demonstrate that courage. Cypriots are Cypriots. Mr. Anastasiades, in Geneva, should not stand alone, not for “Greeks” or against them, not for “Turks” or against them, but for Cyprus, without “them”.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Talks likely to intensify in July-Turkish official


...let's remember that it was Cyprus that endorsed Turkey's bid for membership into the EU.

Turkey may have much more prosperity with a small change in intention. Cyprus exists, except for this "but one".

You are very confused about your History it seems. Since then, Turkey is even more divided by its "Turks", Cyprus has recovered despite "them" (read: "Turks" (and "Greeks")).

...Turkey may betray its "Turks" in Cyprus. It is clear they don't have the capacity to support themselves', as Erdogan has said: no more than servant-slaves, parasites.

Turkey my take "Turkishness" in Turkey somewhere different because it is clear that there is more to Turks, and Turkey, than that. He has a Legacy to build.

...and in an instant everything can change, for him; recognising the Republic because, in its reform, one Cyprus, like one Turkey, is easy to imagine.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

President: “Does Turkey mean what it says?”


It is clear in Cyprus what “Turkishness” has done, and what in affect “Turkishness” is doing to Turkey. A Cyprus divided, only leads to Turkey more divided; this is natural: as is a united Cyprus, and a united Turkey. What is the Cypriot way, is the way, the “perfect” solution, one that can be emulated, and by the rest of the world held in high esteem, it remains elusive, this reform to a BBF, like the USA, or Canada.

…it is time for Mr. Akinci to remember who voted for him, who he is representing. Mr. Anastasiades, like his electors stand alone, for Cyprus, without him. Without Mr. Akinci, Mr. Anastasiades’ choices are even fewer. He, Mr. Akinci may think there is no choice, that he is ending this drama for Turkish Cypriots by his own betrayal of the rest of us not “Turkish”, feeling perhaps the pressure of such a dogma, and, in any case since those “Turkish” he faces have their own candidates to choose from. Turkish Cypriots risk “being” no-more.

Either Mr. Akinci is a Cypriot, or, not. He makes demands for “Turks”, and he ignores that in the Cypriot context, that “Turks” and “Greeks” are no different and not Cypriot. While he ridicules Mr. Anastasiades for wearing two hats, he should think again, what hat he wears that he wears one. And that, putting Cyprus, before “Greekness”, or “Turkishness”, in Cyprus, to Cypriots, for Cyprus, should have no shame

It is up to Turkey, to act, since Mr. Akinci is not up to the task of uniting a country. What better venue than Geneva with the world watching for Erdogan to demonstrate what could be in effect a “new Turkey”, by recognising the Republic of Cyprus in its capacity to reform itself, and in effect agreeing to a solution agreeable to Cypriots, the other half as i like to call them, those not “Greek” and not “Turkish”.

One Turkey, like one Cyprus is not so hard to understand, if you think about it. Turkey cannot afford a divided Cyprus, and the Republic has demonstrated itself to be a resilient adversary to such a notion. Better as an ally perhaps, a better Turkey perhaps, as a BBF; like in Cyprus not “Greek” while mostly Greek speaking, in Turkey, not “Turkish”, but Turk. A united Cyprus gives hope, a united Turkey is possible, so too Peace in the region.

I say thank goodness for Anastasiades, Greek as he is. If Akinci cannot say he is Cypriot shame on him.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The spirit of reconciliation demands the truth


...indeed, i ask who are our heroes?

In all of this, we know that at the hands of "Greeks", and "Turks", those not "Greek", or not "Turk", were made to disappear, or murdered ruthlessly; let's never forget those who died, died for "being" Cypriots.

...thus the debate has never found a solution because it is flawed, not being based on Truth, but on the intentions of the parties hostile. It is not between Greeks and Turks, the Problem. It never has been. Cypriots exist. And they remain despite the decades outside of this debate. It is they, the other half, their victims, that have as their adversary, "Greeks" and "Turks", no different, the same. It is they the world should not forget, and remember.

Nothing will take back the shame of Cypriots who witnessed the Intolerance of such madness. But, to take back the intention of Enosis is not hard, if under the one Flag of Cyprus we have, we stood. If we dared to fly this Flag everywhere. And wherever we went, we carried this Flag with us. Someone will die, you say; the first, for this Flag? I don't think so, many more have died already.

But now more than ever though, our leadership need inspiration, Cypriots everywhere need to express their concern. A flag, this Flag, by flying it wherever they may look is a good beginning.

We are not "Greeks", we are not "Turks", we are in effect what "they" are not, if we are to be Free.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Our View: Could a Cyprus candidate replicate Macron’s success?


...there are men and women in all walks of life who would stand, or vote for Cypriots, rather than the other half i call "Greeks" and "Turks". But it has boiled down to that before, hasn't it, witness Akinci's election win; for what? And our President, his first few days, who can forget?

We are "Greeks", we are "Turks", by those who have taken so much time to define those terms.

What rag is the Flag of Cyprus, to who?

Telling at this juncture that the President stands alone despite his efforts for Cyprus, against "Greeks", and as a Cypriot. Why should it matter, if for Cyprus they, these two men, even on this one issue stood together as Cypriots, the Flag of Cyprus behind them? Who does it offend, not his or their electors, only those who as an opposition have their own candidates to run. Therefore, i ask, is Mr. Akinci "Turkish"? What else, but for "Turkishness" does he speak of, has he spoken of (since elected)? And what of Universal Principals, what of the Cypriot way, a Cypriot way, taking the "Greek" and the "Turk" out of it, when his help is needed most, defending these ideals, i ask, where is Mr. Akinci?

...there is the challenge, if the "Turks" remain in control of the Agenda rendering "Greekness" its equal, if Akinci proves himself to be impotent against "them", (willingly or not), if he will not signal his commitment to Cyprus with the only other ally he has at this moment, indeed candidates who are "Cypriot" must be found, now. Without his support for Mr. Anastasiades over such a notion, Cypriots will express themselves for Cyprus just the same (and against him, for this/his next election too).

Turkish Cypriots who live in Cyprus exist, they must be found to run as Cypriots, for the Republic's Legislature. This election Cypriots will vote for them on merit, if as Cypriots they represent the qualities Cypriots support; call them "Greeks", no doubt the "Turks" and their opposition will taunt them. Their presence on the ballot, however small sends the strong signal win or not, where in the Republic, Cypriots representing Cypriots as Cypriots is possible, without the need for further distinctions and discriminations, whether there will exist Constituencies or not, especially if the same Parties breach the divide, presenting candidates the next election (in Cyprus), where being Cypriot has and will have the same meaning it always had to about half the population, despite all these years under occupation.

Indeed, there is a Flag of Cyprus. And there is no shame in standing under its shade. It is the only Flag that finds support island-wide; that is something to think about, Cypriots, as Cypriots, who dare to take back the word ENOSIS, for Cypriots, not "Greeks", not "Turks", seems a natural opposition to "it". rag to me; i ask, you?

Sunday, May 07, 2017

UN envoy warns of 'crucial times' for Cyprus peace deal


...we wait for Justice, those of us called Cypriots. We are not "Greeks", nor are we "Turks", and while there exist those with such a notion (that we are), we hope the world will not forget us, that they like us demonstrate a commitment to Universal Principals.

Cypriots exist, despite the great efforts to erase them and this fact from the debate framed as the Problem; that while they were murdered and made to disappear, they died for the most part for being Cypriots, not as one of "them", but at their hands.

...a Cyprus divided is a Turkey divided. The Problem, "Turk", and not "Turk", is not only a Cypriot problem.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cyprus reunification talks restart, tough challenges ahead


...just an update for your readers; Easter this Sunday, and the "government" in the occupied north, in Cyprus, has refused these religious services to take place.

While their demands were met with the Legislature of Cyprus demonstrating that it is Cypriot, and not "Greek" alone, those "Turkish", feel no need to demonstrate their own commitment as Human beings, to Universal Principals. In affect they are the same, without these changes they are the "Greeks" their equals and on the same side, from a Cypriot's point of view.

...what comes around goes around. Mr. Akinci has no more excuses, if he is Cypriot he has an ally. If he is Cypriot he will see, now, that the "Turks" have no need for his representation; Cypriots do. In any case, what's clear is that he was elected by Cypriots, as was Mr. Anastasiades, the "Greeks" and the "Turks" had their own candidates that they voted for.

One Cyprus, Freedom. And within Cypriot Constituencies, Liberty. A BBF, should not be hard to understand, both Canada and the USA are BBFs. Who can imagine America divided as the "Turks" demand? Who can imagine Turkey divided this way? Indeed, a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. Solving the Cyprus Problem is a big step forward toward solving Turkey's Problem. It will do a lot to help in other conflicts too, where people have an Identity as Individuals, as well as one of choice, of being a Person.

It is Akinci who holds Turkey's fate in his hands, in my mind, not the other way around, if he has the courage to stand up against the Turkey Erdogan is defining, now that for the first time, two Cypriots may sit at a table to discuss their affairs as Cypriots, he may be the one offering Turks a way to look forward.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Cyprus: Lawmakers amend law ensuring peace talks restart


...a small minority had their day in the Legislature, and Mr Akinci was appalled.

...i remind the readership who elected these men, Mr. Anastasiades, and Mr. Akinci; certainly not the "Greeks" or the "Turks", they have their own Candidates, but, the other half, who do not have this compulsive need to deny as Cypriots, they are Cypriots.

 It is clear who Mr. Anastasiades represents with his words and deeds, witness these efforts, something more than "Greekness". Will Mr. Akinci demonstrate the same courage against an opposition just as "Turkish", the same but not "Greek"; will he demonstrate to Cypriots something beyond "Turkishness", now?

I suggest from the day he was elected, with that angry phone call he got, that he has a lot to prove to have a lasting Legacy as a Cypriot. I dare him to stand beside the Flag of Cyprus for one thing (the "Greeks" have a Flag, the "Turks" have a Flag, and most certainly "they" both have an aversion to the Cypriot Flag), i dare him to go against that "Turkish" thinking, to state quite clearly, that such a Person exists, a Cypriot, Greek or Turkish perhaps (there are several Cypriot Constituencies), that such a State exists, in need of reform for many reasons, but where as Individuals, Citizens are willing to defend each other without any further distinction or discrimination.

...i remind the readership that the USA is a BBF, so is Canada, something the "Turks" should consider for their own reform, in Turkey.

Indeed, there are Cypriots they exist, let's not forget, them. It is up to Mr. Akinci, now, to demonstrate that he is a Cypriot.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Open letter to the two leaders: re-start the talks for all our sakes


There is a Flag of Cyprus. There is a Flag of Turkey. There is a Flag of Greece. I suggest that they are all equals. While Mr. Anastasiades is ridiculed at times for wearing two hats, I wish Mr. Akinci would show more heart; I have never seen a photo of him standing beside in effect his Flag as a Cypriot, the Flag of Cyprus. Indeed, if he made this challenge, to fly this Flag, because Cyprus is important to him, about half of his voting public would be prepared to support the effort if they dared to do the same; what would the Grey Wolves do? What is the challenge to ELAM, how many across the island would choose to join with him, in flying this Flag, if, he showed this courage?
One thing would become clearer though: Cypriots are the other half in what is the real debate, and it would appear that "Greeks" and "Turks" are their opposition.
More importantly, i suggest that when it comes to Constitutional Reform, what is the Problem, can be solved in Cyprus, and it may serve Turkey's needs in Turkey (emulated with that in mind,) as it serves Turkish needs in Cyprus. That is to say, that with good sense in uniting here, in Cyprus as Cypriots, it provides the impetus, in Turkey, but not just Turkey, for Peoples similarly at odds, to see despite their diversity and distinctions as identities, in a BBF (like Canada or the United States), that there exist a set of Principals, where based on them they have a reason to defend each other as Citizens. That beyond their identity as a Person, as Individuals, and as a State, they express this willingness to unite. is heartening to see so many who will take the time and effort to write clearly their thoughts, for Cyprus, and for Cypriots. I too, agree, that by this time, both Leaders must now recognise, and respect the fact that Cypriots want Freedom, and that they were elected, not as "Greeks" or as "Turks", winning against this choice as a matter of fact in their respective elections.

Sunday, March 12, 2017



…strong “motherland”, what does that mean? And strong for who?

There is one Turkey, who can imagine differently? But Turkey is not “Turkish”, it too is more than some mono-clonal structure of Turks”, easily defined as “Turks”. Indeed, despite great efforts, Kurds fill seats in Turkey’s Legislature, like the Alevi, they are not “Turks”.

What is a united Cyprus? It is a template for Turkey, in its own reform. In finding a solution to end the Problem, in Cyprus, it may share this benefit in its own National issues.

Recognising the Republic of Cyprus, is not anathema to Mr. Erdogan’s goals if you think about it. Certainly if Turkish Cypriots united as Cypriots, it would send a great signal of hope to Turkey’s anxious population, and to the region in general.

…as for the “water of peace”, it is a step forward if it is “gifted” to Cypriots, as a People; it will pay a good deal of reparations, it may help in making for Turkey an ally of Cyprus. It is a first step to regional capacities, and security, to further Ecevit’s dream, (improved with modern circumstance) pipelines going both ways, to Israel and/or beyond, and to a greater benefit.

While in Cyprus, Cypriots struggle for unity and peace, let us remember that the world is not divided between “Turks”, and that which is not “Turkish”. We are Individuals, and as Individuals we may choose among a wide array of identities, our “being”, as Persons; “Turkish” and “Greek” (read: not Turkish), can hardly define the scope of these choices. It is a fiction to insist that Cypriots cannot be defined as Cypriots, just as it would be in Turkey.

…Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Turkey puts pressure on Nicosia to return to talks


Is Mr. Akinci a Cypriot? We certainly know of his “Turkishness”, it rivals the “Greeks” in its hypocrisy.

…doesn’t he realise that he has no friends in either Legislature, and that, he and Mr. Anastasiades, are the only friends to Cyprus? Who voted for him let him remember, it was not the “Turks”, and not the “Greeks” for his confrere.

Turkey puts pressure, indeed; the man Akinci has been crushed so it seems, with angry phone-calls, and brown envelopes, no doubt. Why else this lack of courage from a man who to Cypriots meant so much more?

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

What is the Cyprus problem?


Curious that the Cypriot People, as Cypriots, seems to have no place in the view taken by Mr. Kanli.

He talks of “Greeks” and “Turks”, in Cyprus, as equals; I ask myself, what is a Turk, if there are “Kurds”, and “Turks” in Turkey, aren’t they equal, wouldn’t they (“Greeks” and “Turks”/ “Kurds” and “Turks”) be equal for the same reasons?

Indeed, the Cyprus Problem, is Turkey’s problem, that of the identities we carry as Human beings, as Individuals, and as Persons; how these are expressed, politically. The world is not divided as Mr. Kanli suggests, those “Turkish”, and those not “Turkish”. Dividing Cyprus in such a manner has been Turkey’s goal, now for decades, and despite the failure of the Annan Plan, it seems that, in such a policy nothing has changed, because it is the same goal in Turkey, by its “Turks” for its “Turks”.

Turkey is more divided than ever, and this is something to think about, because One Cyprus, means, One Turkey.

“…2) a quest for Turkey’s help to overcome an acute water shortage on the island.”, seriously; what was the Karpas, and what is it today, I remember. I remember that it was the Cypriot Republic who organised a system of Public Works, where there was none before, everybody had water to drink, electrification, and asphalt roads. And since then I have seen who is the better steward in Cyprus. Such a statement should be referenced, I have never heard such an historical fact, and it would be appreciated being something new, quite controversial in and of itself.

…it was Mr. Ecevit if I recall who dreamed of exporting water from Turkey throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, “Peace Pipes”, toward the management of water regionally, for the benefit of the larger whole’s security. Recall as well, the Euphrates, great efforts were made, then, toward those ends. Such efforts are no less valid today.

Erdogan has built a stretch of pipe to Cyprus, it is true, but it is no gift to Cypriots, Turkish, “Turkish” or otherwise. If Mr. Kanli, takes the time to consider my view he may reconsider the value of Turkey’s contribution in this matter, how it it is that Turkish Cypriots had thirst, and, the privatization of every drop of water, and every watt of power I might add, into the hands of few, and unknown for the most part, so that as a population, people may not thirst (if it’s paid for), (representing only 30% of “that” water). What is the greater good from all this effort and expense?

I still hope that it will be “gifted” to the People, as Cypriots, it is the right thing to do, it shows Grace, and it pays a lot of reparations. Such a signal for Turkish Cypriots to unite, as Cypriots, for Cyprus, is not anathema to the plans Turkey must have in Turkey without it tearing apart. Like Cyprus, one Turkey, one Flag of Turkey, Constitutional Reform, a BBF, within, another level of Government, Cypriot Constituencies, as in Cyprus, one Cyprus, one Flag of Cyprus, Freedom without any further distinction or discrimination, within Liberty, as Persons, Turkish Constituencies.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Turkish FM: Turkey’s military rights still needed in Cyprus


...likely, (as in the United States), there will be from the Judiciary, a decision which will define the legality of this legislation, so offensive to some, in a far more profound and lasting way, for Cypriots, and a Cypriot way; so it should be, especially since, DISY, what is effectively the President's ruling Party, declined to make their vote the deciding factor by abstaining. 
I suggest, to Mr. Cavusoglu if he wants to make comparisons of equals, he may consider his own Leader, Mr. Erdogan, the equal to Mr. Anastasiades, both Leaders of Countries where their Citizenship represents an ethnos, and not mono-clonal societies of "Turks", or "Greeks", where, their diversity as Persons is evident, and where recognition and respect as Individuals, beyond these Nations, must unite them in defending the Principals of their State.  
...while Mr. Akinci cannot be found standing with the Flag of Cyprus in any photograph, he has the added pleasure to be representing "Turkishness", that which is not "Greekness". Mr. Anastasiades, does not have the same luxury. While he, may be representing what is called the "Greek Community" at the negotiations, he is the President of Cyprus, and as such the representative of all Cypriots.  
...if Cyprus remains divided, Turkey will remain divided. A united Cyprus brings hope, and not the Army, not just in Turkey, but throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, where a template is sought to emulate politically. Thus, Cyprus is not "Greek", nor Turkey, "Turkish"; within these States, as BBF's, their Constituencies may find from such Constitutional Reform, Freedom better secured, without distinction or discrimination, as a Citizenship united in defending each other, and Liberty from the capacity self-representation may bring, at another level of Government, toward sustaining their distinct identities.  
...what fans insecurity, is equal and opposing extremes having justified in their own thinking "victory", to do more extremes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Akinci: Two preconditions before returning to Cyprus talks


…i ask Mr. Akinci to stand beside Mr. Anastasiades, when he proclaims his own disapproval of the extremists which live among us. They should both be standing in front of the Flag of Cyprus when that photo is taken.

…if the Leaders want to send a clear message who and what they are working for, they must rise above what is a “Greek”/”Turk” Agenda. Cyprus exists, and Cypriots still exist despite the efforts to remove this notion from the debate. Both Leaders should remember who voted for them: Cypriots; not “Greeks”, and not “Turks”.

…indeed, it was not that long ago, that flying the Flag of Cyprus, was “illegal”. Thanks to the Courts, for Cypriots of Turkish origin living in the occupied north, it is no longer the case. As Mr. Alper has suggested, such a decision would have a meaning far more profound, based on a ruling from the Judiciary, much more long lasting, for a Cypriot way, exposing those against respect and a Rule of Law, to Justice.

In my mind this is just another great opportunity for men of Leadership, as Statesmen, to lead against harmful populist demands, by demonstrating that their eyes are on a bigger picture, as a Human kind.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Conceptual change in military thinking required for Cyprus breakthrough


I have said it before, and I will say it again:

...a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided.

The Problem, the Cyprus Problem, is Turkey's Problem. In effect, the Problem's solution must be "perfect". Without such a solution, there is no template, something held in such high esteem, that it is emulated. Such as it is, in Cyprus, to solve their issues, for fifty years, Turkey has sought to define "Turkishness", by exclusion of the rest (read: "Greeks"); this failed, with its culmination, when the Annan plan was rejected. And while there are "Greeks" in Cyprus, against "Turks", in Cyprus, the "Kurds" and the "Alevi" continue to grow uneasy in Turkey as well...

Respect, Trust, Recognition, are words that come to mind; that while Cyprus and Turkey have been adversaries for so long, they have proved themselves to be equals better suited working as equals together, and not against each other. What is true for Cyprus, is true for Turkey. What is true for Cypriots, is true for Turks. If we are to be divided, "our" side, the "others", the debate is flawed as it is, because the enemy is Ignorance (our own); there are those who are Loving, and there are those who are not. In any case, none of these "identities" are monolithic, "minorities" as such exist in them, there is no getting around that either, "security-wise".

(at some point "they" must identify themselves as "some", in a larger "one")

I have Faith in Mankind. I count on the "standing man". In their silence volumes of words for Erdogan's Turkey to hear, that "Turks" are not Turks, when even this voice is silenced.

Indeed, a change of intentions is needed. The recognition that as Nations the world has become so small, States exist; that beside "being" Persons, as Individuals, (Lest we Forget,) we must be willing to defend each other, without discrimination or distinction, and for the Universal Principals on which such thinking is based.

Such a BBF is possible; in Cyprus and in Turkey. Erdogan, by saying, "One Cyprus, One Turkey", may demonstrate this courage to the world, but more importantly, for him, to his constituency, and to the People of Turkey. If Turkey is not "Turkish", Cyprus is not "Greek", in a counter-intuitive kind of way, this makes sense. He may choose to make it so. If there is a "Greek Constituency", in Cyprus, among a set of Cypriot Constituencies, a set of Turkish Constituencies, in Turkey, is not so hard to perceive.

Recognition of Cyprus, a Cyprus that is an ally, is power; but first Erdogan must exhaust the possibilities he has for a Legacy, beyond the Treaty of Lausanne, in a "new Turkey". Cyprus, as Turkey's National issue, has been kept alive as an issue for moments like these. I am hoping that he has the will to leave a Turkey whole and stronger. With Cyprus, ("his", or not,) he has this possibility. excellently prepared opinion Mr. Riza; thank-you. We failed ourselves as Cypriots, allowing ourselves to be divided. This is true. Being divided is unnatural, this has been demonstrated. We are, not "Greek", and not "Turkish", as Cypriots, the other half. A "new Cyprus" is not the needed remedy therefore, but a Cyprus reformed, because Cypriots exist, still, despite the efforts for so long, of those, "Greek", and those, "Turkish", in their denial of them. It is a 'new Enosis' that is needed, for security: beyond the EU, beyond the historical antithesis, despite "it", Cypriots united toward a Cypriot way.

For our security, as Cypriots, "being" Cypriot first, counts a lot more, Cyprus being an island after-all.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Cyprus Fears Russian Meddling in Its Settlement Talks


Dearest Editors,

It is a big disappointment for me to have this obligation; correcting the contents of your post.

Cyprus Exists. There are such a people called Cypriots. Their Government seeks to reform itself, so that, from a Unitary state, it evolves to a Bicommunal Bizonal Federation (BBF): for their Citizens Individual Rights and Freedom without distinction or discrimination, and,  as Citizens,  Liberty as Persons in sustaining their own distinct identities
…it is not so hard to understand. America is a BBF.

Can you imagine in America, that in some States, the people must contest judiciously the right to flying the American Flag? Can you imagine that by force of arms a minority takes control over a part of America, what is not “them” expelled? Can you imagine forces equal to America, other countries, when they choose to, to occupy American soil? Hard to believe, hard to accept, isn’t it?

Cypriots exist. They are the other half, as I like to call them. Let us all remember them, let us not deny their existence. That they died at the hands of “Greeks” and “Turks”, for the most part, in Cyprus, is clear, because the “Greeks” and the “Turks” were not killing each other, but those  not “Greek”, not “Turkish”, for “being” Cypriot. We fail ourselves, if we betray them, and as a People their existence.

…it’s like saying, ‘Black-american’, ‘German-american’; seriously.

Your Map in this article is a very poor representation of facts. It is offensive on many levels.

My hope is that you will correct this map, (and the thinking which goes along with it,) to reflect the facts: There exists, the, Republic of Cyprus, and in the north there remains the territory, Occupied by the Turkish Army.

There are no “deals” on Universal Principals; Lest we Forget.

…"it", should stop in Cyprus; the world is not, “Turkish”, and, not “Turkish”.

yours respectfully,


Friday, February 03, 2017

Cyprus can be reunified, if Turkey’s president allows it (2)


...thank-you for the reply.

I ask you to recall Koray Basogrultmacı and Cinel Senem Husseyin, they are Cypriots. Until last year it was "illegal" to fly the Flag of Cyprus in the occupied north; thanks to them, this is no longer a "truth".

Petros Souppouris, was he a "Greek", Hussein Akansoy, was he a "Turk"? Clearly not, although they are survivors of despicable events where "Greeks", and "Turks", murdered those not "them".

Who in the rest of the world can sit comfortably while the Eastern Mediterranean is being torn to pieces? Things are not fine, just the way they are. In Cyprus, the Problem, represents, or at least it should represent, an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment as Human beings to Universal Principals, ('our' as in, Cypriots, Turks, and the rest of the world alike,) and to define more clearly words like, State, and Nation, or, Person and Individual, Liberty, and Freedom, in such a manner where these efforts, held in such high esteem may be emulated.

This is the compromise, "Greeks" made, for Peace, from a Unitary state, to a BBF; a State representing Unitary values. It remains, in affect, up to Erdogan to see the value in this for himself, in Turkey, if Cypriots are given this chance, to decide for themselves.

Cypriots still exist despite the efforts against them, (so do Universal Principals); this is not the time to doubt who is the "us", and who is the "them".

In Turkey, as in Cyprus, with Constitutional reform, one may bring change to the other.

...and, as in Turkey, you do (read: should) not have to be "Turkish" to be Turkish.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Disgusting Statement by Turkey


"Eliminating" Turkey, because of the "Turks", is like eliminating Cyprus, because of the "Greeks"; you don't help yourself Kurupetos, if you don't recognise that "Turks" like "Greeks", (or, "Greeks" like "Turks"), are the Problem.

...let the Turks handle the "Turks", give them the respect they need to do so; recognise that they exist and support them.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Why is the West selling out Cyprus?


...the dirty deal i imagine will be the betrayal "Turks" will feel, those living in Cyprus at least, when Erdogan says, "One Turkey, One Cyprus"; for a "new Turkey", by recognising that a Cyprus exists, that "they" are Cypriots.

It is not Mdme. Nuland, in charge, in this case, Erdogan is, truly, "but one". Turkish or not, these souls, in Cyprus, when he decides, will demonstrate once again their willingness to submit themselves, for "Turkishness", and for him, they will agree, to be Cypriots; they will be the ones watching silently, (for a greater Turkey) while the Cypriots among them express their joy. Even the water and the electricity (which no longer "belongs" to them) will be "gifted" to Cyprus, and the People of Cyprus; these as reparations and redress, as a sign of Goodwill. other choice really exists, naturally. With Cyprus as a template, one Turkey, its Citizens, Individuals; without distinction or discrimination, prepared to defend each other: is Freedom. And within, as Persons, Turkish Constituencies; distinct identities, which Citizens may choose to nurture: is Liberty.

A BBF in Turkey, not unlike a BBF in Cyprus, cannot be reasonably refused.

...intentions count. Consider the USA, and Canada, two examples that represent successful countries politically speaking; both BBF. Peace in Cyprus, and in Turkey, would be hopeful, to say the least.

...if we (read: the rest of the world) betray Cyprus, if we ignore that Cypriots exist, if we allow "Turkishness" to gain this superiority above what is not "Turkish", we betray ourselves; it will not end there.

There are no "deals" on Universal Principals. Lest we Forget.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Gwynne Dyer: All eyes on Cyprus


“Best and last chance for peace,” says Guterres.? ...check your facts Mr. Dyer, that was Mr. Junker; Mr. Guterres said that there is no quick fix, I do not remember what he said in reply to Mr. Junker's comments, but I know that it was not in agreement with them. "a bi-national republic in 1960.", really, Mr Dyer? i suppose you will be telling your readers that the USA, and Canada are not Bicommunal, Bizonal, Federations? Canadians, like Americans, don't like to call themselves Canadians, or Americans, they are, "English", or "French", "Native", "Spanish", or "German"? That "Canada" or "America" do not exist because they can be identified by their (ethnic/racial) parts? And that Canadians, like Americans, should, welcome foreign powers to their shores, to dislodge the population when it suits these parts? Cyprus, complex indeed. ...i don't know why, Mr. Dyer, you seem so bitter to me, tired, cynical, as though you have come to accept it, the Problem, as an issue of "Turks", or "Greeks", choose one, who is more "right" who is more "wrong"; a blame game, right? But let's remember who Canadians died for in Cyprus; not the "Greeks" and the "Turks", there was and still is the other half, their victims, who, for the most part, were murdered and made to disappear by them, for "being", Cypriot. (...let's not forget Cypriots now, that they need this help the most.) Turkey, Erdogan, does have a lot at stake in Cyprus. (Since the Treaty of Lausanne, actually.) It is their National issue. Perhaps Mr. Erdogan is not ready to recognise Cyprus, he remains the "but one". And while he links Cyprus, the Problem, to his designs with the EU, and Greece, it requires of him the realisation that, if Cyprus is not Greek, Turkey is not Turkish, Cyprus divided, means Turkey divided. It is possible, however, that in the Cyprus Problem, there is the solution to the Problem in Turkey; a Turkish State, and within it, Turkish Constituencies. ...he will have to say, "One Cyprus, One Turkey", without the deal he is looking for on the world's Universal Principals in Cyprus, and for a deal with his own electorate in Turkey not "Turkish". Legitimising his view that only "Greeks, and "Turks" exist in Cyprus, that Cypriots do not exist, in affect secures for Turkey a supremacy for "Turkishness", over what it, is not, not just in Cyprus; that too, is the Problem.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Re: Is it over for Turkey?


...if the Republic exists through Constitutional reform, it will be acceptable. If the condition is a "new" Cyprus, it does not bode well for any of us; Cypriots, or the rest of the world.

If it is "over" for Cyprus, it is "over" for Turkey. Turkey will not survive, if Cyprus cannot survive. is not over until it is over.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Column: ‘Without Cyprus, Turkey would drown’


...we cannot forget who were murdered, and who were made to disappear in Cyprus; not "Greek", not "Turkish", for the most part, although most certainly dead at the hands of one, they died for "being" Cypriot. And, despite the efforts to dismiss such a notion, after decades, Cypriots remain, Cypriots Greek, and Cypriots Turkish, still exist, the other half as i like to say; it is something to think about.

...worst is the outcome of a Cyprus divided; a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. Indeed, Turkey drowns, without an end to the Problem; one Flag in Turkey is easy to understand, with one Flag in Cyprus. Here, in Cyprus, exists the germ of the idea that will make a "new Turkey", one Turkey, its Constitutional reform, a State, (a BBF), Freedom, and, for these Citizens as Persons, Liberty; within Turkey, Turkish Constituencies. Easy to accept, being Turkey's National issue, for its majority, if there is a lasting Peace with its 'minorit(ies)y'.

...dividing Cyprus is like asking Solomon to divide a living child; nothing good can come of it.

Turkey is "but one"; this can be true on many levels: also something to think about.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1 home, 2 owners: Cyprus deal to decide future of displaced


...a Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. One Flag in Turkey, One Flag in Cyprus; it is not hard to understand.

Cypriots should look to Canada when they want to look at a successful BBF (Bicommunal Bizonal Federation), its politics are interesting because it represents the kind of Mosaic as Persons, Cypriots, as Individuals, are looking for. Of course, Cypriots may look south, to the Melting Pot, for another, that is the USA, perhaps the greatest representation of a successful BBF there is, although the EU is at its advent.

...imagine, in the USA, it divided as is suggested by the wants of its minorities, so that they gain an exclusivity to Democracy in a territory defined by force and occupation. Imagine a USA where, forces like the USA, other countries, may act without prejudice, in the USA. Imagine that Cypriots do not want to live this way.

It is not a question of "Greeks" vs "Turks", though, the Problem, is framed that way. It is an issue of Sovereignty. Cyprus exists, its People, Cypriots, exist, despite much effort over decades to deny them this Justice. Let us not forget them, those who, for the most part, were murdered, or who were made to disappear; although they were killed by "Greeks" and "Turks", they were, not "Greeks", or, not "Turks", they died for "being" Cypriot.

Let us remember, "deals" aren't made on Universal Principals, although we can seek to better them, anything else is a betrayal.

One hopes, that on the twelfth, Mr. Erdogan, on such an historic day, with the world's eyes, and his electorate, upon him, does not shirk, again, an opportunity to join the rest of the world, to recognise, beyond a personage, colour or ethnicity, joy in a loving nature.