Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Israel needs Turkey now more than ever


It is Turkey that needs Israel more than ever. Indeed the meeting in Cyprus was "historic". It represents the advent of a countervailing force, to the one that Turkey has taken for itself to be. Turkey may be the hub for distribution of oil and gas north and east, but there will be an alternative route for these products coming from the Middle East, and Egypt, westward to Europe; all the better for the world's security, and much more progressive.
Whether the cost is four or five times more is not the point, safe and honest brokerage is. Erdogan's Turkey does not offer this to anyone anymore, isolated as he has made himself to be.
(There are no guarantees with Erdogan, for anything, either.)
It is possible for Turkey to shift its intentions though, and this can be made clear, with the recognition of Cyprus as the Republic that it is, an equal, neither "Greek" or "Turkish", but a State much like its own, dedicated to the Universal Principals that all men and women, as Individuals, are equal, without any further discrimination or distinction necessary.
If greed gets the better of the Israeli leadership, it will, at the cost of Israel's security, succeed in making a few men rich. Beyond that, thinking about the new relationships being built at this moment, comprehensively speaking there is a far greater potential for wealth that enriches the lives of many, not just these few. (And let's not forget that there are a few tripartite meetings going on that, Israel and Cyprus, Greece and Cyprus, and Cyprus alone, are involved in, as well.)
Turkey too, like Israel, by its own choosing, may find itself better off with Cyprus the link between an Israeli hub (and/or a Cypriot hub) toward a larger market, from a larger market, and its own. It is also something to think about.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

TV presenter in the dock over rant


...indeed, if Cypriots go to the occupied ares with the intention of enriching themselves, without conscience, it is a selfish act, without a doubt something that curs do.

...i suggest that Cypriots can do good for themselves, spending money, with Cypriots, in the north, who are as much the victims or worse in these conditions. Cypriots should make the effort with their choices and this distinction, to do these Citizens a kindness, not just as an act of good commerce, but political.

It speaks volumes if the Flag of Cyprus was flown more often, there; now that it is "legal". Brave people like these should be encouraged to speak louder; money talks, so does solidarity.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cyprus as a centre for dialogue


...well said.

Cyprus is an ethnos. As such Cypriots can choose to sustain the distinct identities which make up this nature, to defend each other, to be Cooperators, a society which as Persons, and more importantly as Individuals, recognize and respect their own diversity, to adapt to a changing world in a manner which is enriching to themselves, as Cypriots, as this island's steward, and as facilitators of exchange.

At another level of Government, I can see the need for Cypriot Constituencies. Within a Federation, this right exists. While Turcophones may soon have the Liberty they have demanded for so long, such a form of self representation can only be secured by a superior element, the Federal government itself, being the Sovereign representative of Cypriots. While there will be no equal to the Turkish Constituency, its existence does not exclude the rights of Individuals, as Persons, as a Constituency, to be recognized as such at a later date.

I believe that Cypriots, may come to appreciate the opportunities they have if they are given a choice beyond the debate as it is framed, to be adversaries: what is "Turkish", what is not "Turkish" (called "Greek"); that beside a Turkish Constituency, and the Republic, a Greek Constituency could one-day exist, Maronite and Armenian Constituencies, even Latin and English, may exist as well.

Let us not forget that the world's ethnology faces larger problems with extinction than does the world's ecology. Let's not forget that despite the fact that Cypriots are overwhelmingly Greek speaking (and having Greek origins) like ninety percent of the world whose mother tongue is not English, they speak English, and fluently, on the computer for example, and in their busy lives beyond their family. Children do not necessarily see a value in learning either Greek, or Turkish, today. In my mind, to "Greeks", "Turks" may represent an immediate threat to their culture, (and vice versa) but in that regard, "English" I suggest, because it is overwhelmingly 'more' useful, is a bigger threat, if ignored, to us all.

In a world of bits and bytes, quantity counts, not just the quality of thoughts. Cyprus is one of those places in the world where one can expect to find urban dwellers who speak many languages, and who are very mobile. They clearly understand that these linguistic abilities are essential. Cypriots, in that regard, have a great opportunity to expand the relevance of their Official Languages by making them not only transparent to each other, as translation and meaning goes, but to many other languages. Such a Pedagogy will surely develop young minds who will have a strong appreciation of a mother tongue, and a capacity to communicate well, otherwise. One word in English if you will, becomes ten words or a hundred depending on the Cypriot capacity to use languages institutionally.

...i suggest it is Cypriots which will demonstrate the qualities, their respective "motherlands" (or "fatherlands") will emulate, learn from, and better themselves, by making their Language(s) open to improvement, interesting and useful as languages, to a sphere of languages, and Peoples, as a whole.