Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kosovo Canada and the Nation State

Cyprus has committed itself to a bi-communal bi-zonal federation. It implies that one or three governments will exist for the peoples' governance, (as bi-zonal implies each zone a sum of parts). The existence of a State, and two National Assemblies seems to be an inviting alternative to the idea that people must be divided along their ethnic lines, exclusively. Kosovars and the Serbs, even the Israelis and the Palestinians, can take a page from this consideration. Their citizens need Free Association, Expression and Movement, which can only be guaranteed when weighed by countervailing forces.

As global partners Mankind is moving to a forefront where equality among all people precludes the fight against real enemies, such as ignorance, famine, and disease. Needless to say that the idea of Nationalism has changed a great deal, from its roots as a political tool of Napoleon III. And it must evolve to be a force which continues as an adversarial regime, which unites people toward common cause, without any bias. Each "Nation", in all these cases (Canadians as well) represent their respect and recognition of other "Nations", unified in a State to sustain the principals all Humans cherish, having as a function, as one People, their betterment.

It seems that this idea is lost to these players, having at their roots a cause which continues its machination, the Cold War which seems dead, and the fight against Fascism which seems won. Futuristicly, these countries have the greatest opportunity to change the world, and the world, as far as people are concerned, will be changed regardless.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The president's meeting in Tseri


as living things we can tear at eat other as though we are a deadly bacteria feeding on a host. and like lambs and/or lions we can sit together when our bellies are full, or when there is a fire that threatens us both. but beyond biology, theories, facts and truth there is Humanity. this power to reason, an obligation to choose, and to embrace the changes we can make, our acts come from learning, as a challenge to fear.

neither, which is desired, or which is feasible, are sustainable in this case, neither is correct. and if the Truth is found, based on Universal thinking, that which is clear and easy to understand, we will have agreement, and the settlement of the Problem based on principal which is uncompromised, a representation of us as Human Beings, working for our own betterment by bettering the condition of Mankind, will have the power to change the world, a greater Cyprus, if you will.


Cyprus: three governments; one Capital, Free.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Cyprus Needs is a Treaty between Greece and Turkey

Truly the question should be is Greece a threat to Turkey. They are adversaries because they are neighbours with borders without clear divides. They are adversaries because of the bloody past between them. And they are adversaries because at present each acts in a manner that excludes the other.

Remember the earthquakes?

In that grain of an event nothing more fundamental than the Human element was exposed. How different are they? And in dollars and cents their social-exchange would be most profitable. Think what prosperity can be promoted if these two counterparts allied. Toward the lesser States, a Free Trade Treaty like this commands their attention because of the margin of scale it can establish.

What about a Free Trade Agreement?

As a confidence building measure it has implications which would resound internationally, with Greece as a bulwark for democracy with its continued support for Turkey's membership into the EU, and for Turkey, greater credibility as a leader, able in world affairs.

Both Greece and Turkey need to change themselves to prepare for this new Age, which demands inclusivity. Their example will leave them as the dominant regional players with the ability to be it's representative. As an example further abroad, to their allies in France for example, much debate will be considered, even in their own internal affairs. As an atmosphere, negociations about the Cyprus Problem can focus on the needs of its island dwellers, rather than the issues that cloud the relations among Greeks and Turks.

your observations, please


Cyprus: three goverments, one Capital and Free.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Very Interesting Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Draft law? Read this article! it opportunism or realism?

1.) In the Courts of England it is said that the Republic of Cyprus is sovereign over the whole island.

2.) Their identity with their possessions would not be any different to anyone else on this planet, therefore why not sell your land.

3.)After over thirty years, as a State, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has very little, as much credibility as it started with. Turkish Cypriots, may have a form of self-representation, yet they still remain subject to Turkey. In this state, they remain unfree, worse, they are demeaned by a demographic where they are marginalised, and a toponomy which assimilates them, dependant on the subsidy of this one State whose occupation of their land seems without end. Why not sell the land which remains yours? There is little chance that a "clear title" to the land given to you will be recognised by anyone else but the entity, and its Army, underwhich you must live.

Certainly, this reaction by the legislating body, is an admission that the land overwhich they have made a claim, founded on an illegal act, remains an occupation, that there is a compensation to be paid, and that a reciprocal act could occur, Greek Cypriots may choose to sell their land to Turkish Cypriots, if unoccupied, ignoring this Assembly's authority over its Titleship.


Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

the way forward/battling a mountain of prejudice.

Can you imagine a population of 12 million?

That is the future. Two hundred years from now where will we be; this is the thinking that we need.

Realisticly, we must look around us and see, firstly, what is normal, and then accept our sins, come out of this isolation, seek to become something better, which prepares us to be more inclusive, a dynamic part of a system which expands globally.

Whether Cyprus can be identifed as "Greek", and/or "Turkish", is not an issue which the world dwells on, rather it is an internal matter which we must resolve. Turkey, and its influence on our affairs is to be recognised. However, being a State, as great as it is, it cannot refuse to recognise the Republic of Cyprus if somehow its people choose to create a Constitution for their self representation, having with it the terms for the Turkish Army's disengagement, with an end to the occupation, hopefully an alliance which secures graeter stability for the region (and the world), as well as greater security for the Turkish State.

Cyprus is an island. It can be divided in many ways, but on it live Cypriots. To deny that is to ignore what Humanity is learning: we are all the same, no better than the trees or the ground we walk on.
Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

Friday, January 05, 2007

united cyprus platform took place in Istanbul...#76818

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : united cyprus platform took place in Istanbul...#76818

1)...a new political party that runs a campaign for election on both sides of the green line could help if the issues it supports clearly are the concern of the electorate as people, rather than members of a cultural community.
2)...perhaps independant of government, an assembly of people for the reformation of the Constitution, of the Republic of Cyprus.
...having seperate assemblies for the reform of the Turkish Cypriot Constitution and the creation of a Greek Cypriot Constitution for the realisation of a Bi-Communal strategy toward our governance.
That is to say...
We shallseek a State to unify us, where we represent ourselves as a People, [the Republic of Cyprus, (which has English as its first language and three official languages)] inclusive and hegemonous, a member of the EU, and the Family of Man, equal as two, (or three, if you include the Maronites) founding peoples, unlike today, the electorate having two (or three) national identities representing them, each citizen equal as individuals, and equal in their vote.
As well as two (or three) National identities, having territory over which these people have sovereignty, with their form of government for the sustenance of each, respectful to the minorities amongst them, with their recognition, and the acceptance that, to serve includes peoples of other languages, with special needs, who are always fewer, so that all dwellers are equal in either homogenous mass.
Three Governments; Bi-Communal...
Being Bi-Zonal, having many parts; in support of enclaves, cantons, like spots which cover the whole island, so that settlers can have homes(what they were promised), and many displaced may return to their homes, as communities (without destroying the fabric of the community which surrounds them).

... two ideas which I hope you will want to discuss.