Monday, February 27, 2006

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : Agreeing the History of Cyprus

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : Agreeing the History of Cyprus

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I have avoided discussing religion as a sense of our Cypriotness, but the same memories always come to mind.

When I was a young child, one day, with my aunt in a field of wheat, I saw strangers at a tree. I do not like walking through wheat fields as it grows, because it serves no good purpose to the wheat. "what are those strangers doing there?", I asked, and she told me the story of the tree, and how many of the trees, in that field, were planted by apostles. In my family's fields, and in my village, "how do they know they are there?", but she didn't know, "They say it is written somewhere." This is where I am from, my home, a place where the dust, is the lives of people to our Neolithic past. The point being, the name, 'Komi', is Arabic, this history is older than the village, and that, before the contemporary history, as TPap said recently, like sand cast over the island, no place, without some 'confluence' (as above in the thread), of people.

To be Cypriot, is to have an identity with God, and the greatness of this reverance, has been our ability to celebrate this oneness, together, by accepting that the future, its change, is not stopped, but embraced. This is why the culture we can identify as Cypriot has survived, till now. However in trying to define it then, I believe that Mankind has moved on from the cutting edge of 1960, yet for the same reason, we, as a people, must find a resolution which stands out, and preserves a facet of Humanity, for selfish reasons, it seems, other interlocutors ignore.

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