Monday, October 23, 2006

the best solution is

So here we are again... the best solution is...

Gotta think of the settlers, ...sorry you can't just blow them away.

There are tens of thousands, if not a hundred thousand, (of us) who still have a desire to return, to care for, and be close to their land, even if it means displacement after having waited for fifty to some thirty years.

The right of return cannot be ignored either and for the same reasons.

Mankind all Mankind desire their individual freedom, holding this with the highest esteem: the freedom of movement, expression and association. The Modern World, consists of these elements and a rule of law which extends the responsibility of it defense to society, as a whole, through democratic choice. There is no difference on this island, because all people are equal in this assumption.

A Republic of Cyprus exists. It is maturing to be a country with a high level of socio-economic achievement, even in dysfunction. It is possible to reform its Constitution, and it is necessary, to be in conformity with its membership to the EU, and yet most importantly, to realise a State with its support from the citizenry as a whole.

I see the word enclave twisted on its head, in my Cyprus. In my mind there is a Turkish Cypriot enclave [call it Canton (among several in the south)] right next to Paphos. I see the village of Komi Kebir, an important crossroad for Greek Cypriots, as well. I see our cities, rich, with the meeting, the sights and the smells, of East and West, beyond the imagination of white men or brown men.

What is wrong with these jewels scattered over the island; does it not add to each culture's vitality? Does it not solve the settler's shame, with a home to call their own? Does it not allow for the right of return, as communities? Can it not be a basis to define the word bi-zonal? Fixing the proportions, without moving the border; two territories without splitting the island in two.

There should be a bicameral legislature for our Federal Government: a Lower House of representation by independents, one elected from each riding, ...and an Upper House where there are an equal number of seats, for Turkish Cypriots, as for Greek Cypriots. In this House, Parties campaign, to have elected their representatives, to win the house majority, and to lead. Citizens, each have to choose, one Greek Cypriot representative, and one Turkish Cypriot representative, from two slates. This is bi-communal. If the Lower House fills the seats in the Committees of the (Upper House) Government, then the citizen is assured complete transparency (in this work), Good Government, and a system of Government which can sustain itself.

Add to this mix, two governments: one Greek Cypriot, and one Turkish Cypriot, each with a territory for their jurisdiction, each with their duty to provide for their citizenry an infrastructure, for their daily lives, as communities, and as a people having distinctive qualities, each recognising the rights of their minorities, and each achieving self determination through representation.

And you have an island, to enjoy, and to prosper. example for others torn apart, worth considering.


Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

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