Saturday, February 16, 2008

partition or unity

DT. wrote:

GeorgeV97qaue wrote:
I'd still would like to know what my fellow GC's feel about question I have posed. As I stated I'd prefer a united cyprus but not the way Turkey and Talat see it. I want one government with each person getting one vote.

"What I would prefer and what I would vote for are 2 different thing. I'd prefer a democratic unitary republic with proportional representation. WHat I'd probably vote for as a compromise would be a fair bi-zonal federation with the 2 zones not being ethnically exclusive."

Please read...

...none of us will get what is. something completely different is necessary.

we are responsible for a great deal of tragedy, and as we all know there is no price that can be put on a Human, life. If we deny their love, the dead and missing, the hatred which grew to take their lives away wins. It is our responsibility to leave a Heritance, to the rest of Mankind. It has come to this: As Cypriots, as Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots, as Jews and Sri Lankans and Moronites etc. we require an identity to this island's fate.

most importantly it cannot be forgotten that, as Greeks or as Turks we have no right to its Patrimony which has existed for millenia, long before our own introduction, and I imagine, long after we are gone as well. its Steward, we cannot betray this Trust.

so choose wisely, when the time comes, "partition" or "unity", because chances are that that will be the question in our next Referendum.

and as writers, i'm asking you guys, ladies and animals, to carry on with the comedy, as it is funny to read (mostly), but, to accord the most important among us, the anonymous reader to believe that we are serious, that we have at heart, the need for dialog, to create something better, perhaps which will change the world.

"prefer a democratic unitary republic with proportional representation", is perfection.

"fair bi-zonal federation with the 2 zones not being ethnically exclusive", is OUR Quest.


Cyprus: three governments; one Capital, Free.

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