Monday, March 03, 2008

Here’s the “demilitarization” program Cyprus REALLY needs...


[quote="repulsewarrior"]mighty military strength here is not a bad idea if it serves a purpose which goes beyond national borders. There are enemies of us all which needs the battle hardy: they are hunger and disease to name two.[/quote]

I am intrigued to hear, how mighty military strength can be used to fight the battles of hunger and disease.[/quote]

ella OP use your imagination...

the one thing that we have as people is the service we can offer others.

geographically we are the strategic launching point for three continents.

human tragedy, mayhem, and natural disaster are all around us.

these factors, along with the socio-economic factors that make being Human an alternative to plunder is at its advent. don't you think that the authority of the UN and like minded States would not find it inviting, this island, as a post?

to say the least, NATO in its European context would be well served by this location for the work they do against terrorists. our military forces, along with Turkey's, and others, like Greece and the US are better serving their interests when they build amongst themselves the lines of communication that working as allies involves. As "peacekeepers" it would be hard to imagine a "safer" place in the world.

certainly, it will be easier to build a supramilitarised capacity here, than to demilitarise the island because of its utmost importance to Turkey's defence, and because to the other interlocutors, leaving it to Cypriots exclusively seems to be entirely out of the question.

Turkey is, and will remain, in my opinion the greatest threat to all the parties that have concern in the region, with this 'floating aircraft carrier'. It has a powerful force by size and equipment, with the ambition to be dominant and to lead internationally, while its position in the geo-political spheres remains obscured by an inability to overcome the forces that oppose it, as it is risking stagnation with and inability to embrace change.

most importantly, only Malta is a smaller player, whatever 'we' can do to defend ourselves, very little can be done proportionally and by force

I think world politics is coming full circle from the denial we came to with the failings of the Great War, and the politics which came with that blind eye, Grivas, a hero to guerrillas everywhere, not unlike Che who revered him, and who followed, we have Bin Laden, and his shame. all in the denial of our will to plunder as though it is valueless, life, unless it is exploited, and that it must belong. you won't get this, i know, but i'm glad to say it, i remember, i will not forget, i made that oath, to those boys who fell in their millions, for this cause, long before there was a State to think about, called Cyprus, for our Freedom, for this horror to end, through Grace. Cyprus is a way.

And it is up to us to demonstrate the Humanity that all Mankind can emulate, in their esteem.

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