Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Bananiot wrote:
Halil, I long for the day when both communities can find the strength to apologise to each other for all the misery each one caused to the other during those bloody years that eventually shaped events in Cyprus and brought our country to the brink of partition.

One of the reasons I support fraternity and peace is the fact that another round of hostilities will still not solve our problem. Simply, it will prepare the ground for the next round. The more the rounds the more the dead. The Minotaur of blood can never quash his thirst for blood and more blood.

If we are clever we should not fall for the war cries of the sick nationalists who have the interest of the Minotaur at heart. The majority of Cypriots are good people and if they set the sights on peace, we can get there. Together, brothers in arms, for the happy future of Cyprus. There is enough room for all of us and we have so much to learn from each other and also teach the mother countries!

Thank-you Mr B., well, well said...

...indeed, our commitment is to Humanity in essence. When we define our freedom by Principals that are Universal, defining them in a way which is Bicommunal (and now Bizonal) for this larger Family to emulate, like "Greek"/"Turk", this fear overcome, so too for others.

...if we find a definition for Bizonal, which does not tear this island in two (like it is today), and a solution which is Bicommunal (meaning there is a State and additionally, beyond our Individuality, particular, equal, National representations for People as Persons), minorities will have to be respected and recognised as having special needs reciprocally.

...what is wrong with the thinking that Bicommunal can mean anything other than two, knowing one is not enough and many is more expensive to taxpayers, why not choose to build on the potential because the EU opens doors, mobility both ways, so too the hope of Peace in the Middle East, and with our closest neighbour, or an end to the scourge in Africa, our population grows, our demographics as a population changes; but what am i dreaming, Cyprus is a desert in forty years, what me worry?


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