Thursday, February 10, 2011

Digging the past in search of the future - Cyprus Mail

Digging the past in search of the future - Cyprus Mail

...there may be at least two Nations who have a claim on this island, where their living enriches them, as Cypriots. Yet as the island dwellers who have lived and loved here for so, so long, dismissed, suddenly in an interlocutory war as "Greeks" and "Turks", for the first time torn apart, those who love and their land to keep; lol, modern warfare.

But beyond that, we have the choice to demonstrate Humanity, to the rest of Mankind, an example to be followed in a Family of Man. Our obligation to them, if as a People we wish to share in Greatness, is the word, Bicommunal, which in this sense very powerful, and, we must define it, because it can provide in all our lives the balance we need, as an Individual equal in a desire for Freedom with anyone, and as a Person where we share to sustain in a common distinction.

Aziz, to think Bicommunal you must think three (at least) governing bodies; would you be satisfied to live as a Cypriot in a Unitary State, if in their own territorial Jurisdictions, Turks, Greeks, Maronites, Armenians, (and maybe Romes), are equal in their abilities to Act, sustaining their own Identities in National Assemblies that provide the daily infrastructure their electors benefit from, like: hospitals, schools, municipalities, and Civil regulation.

Aziz, if there were "Greek" enclaves in the north, isn't it only fair because "Turkish" enclaves will prosper in the south; we can repopulate without moving the Green line. If there is one Cyprus, isn't it possible for the National Assemblies to be made up of components, for some island-wide, so that their Citizens' Free Movement and Association is Guaranteed, if they choose to live as a Minority, or not.

...two questions i'd like to hear answers from you, and in general from others.

We dig in the past, but in the end we are all dead. The future, if we do not embrace change, our stagnation will kill us.

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