Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Greece withdraws from World Children's Games

...of course you are completely correct mr. k. that is the perfect coup, a Cyprus flag flying on Turkish soil, as though there is peace, at least tolerance and understanding, united like during earthquakes and forest fires, but for children.

...forgive me so cynical, i remember the passion "Turks" have for flags, i remember Solomou, so your suggestion is like a dream to me, and probably unthinkable as a danger to this Turkish (deep state) design, giving other countries time to think where their children would be going to.

MrH, this is a tempest in a tea pot brewed for your consumption, it could have gone no other way without a complete loss of Integrity by Greece. you may be happy that this incident reads well in Turkey, but Cypriots and Greeks are your friends where you have very few and where the adversaries are not so easily dismissed (and none of them will forget such behaviour). while the Government plays for your attention the stagnation remains, in their movement forward (as followers of the Principals founded by the peoples' Kemal), you like them are looking east, north and south, but not west for some positive results.


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