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Cyprus :: Cyprus: Towards a New Negotiation Process#p692962

Cyprus :: Cyprus: Towards a New Negotiation Process#p692962


Cyprus: Towards a New Negotiation Process

...i read the whole thing too; and it was hard to.

but, what came to mind is the fact that this is not a Greek/Turkish debate because the Greeks have no representation like "Turks", the RoC represents its Citizens as Cypriots, and as such cannot represent "Greeks", this Government is bound to demonstrate its commitment toward Universal Principals. Thus, Greeks and Turks who have a Cypriot identity are marginalised, their government having to defend a "Greek" identity, as well as the State.

...new negociation process?

three bodies to represent the adversarial positions, a wider level of negociations, where a Talat can take the table as a Cypriot toward its reform, while an Eroglu would negociate with his counterpart who is "Greek", and perhaps a "Maronite" and an "Armenian" to settle on what constitutes a National Assembly so that they are all equal; this is new (and this is bicommunal).

...also, allowing these parties (the National Assemblies) to negociate amongst themselves a Jurisdictional Territory where each obtain from each other enclaves engages the People as Persons, while as Individuals we can demonstrate the Sovereignty of the island is Cypriot, and as Humans we recognise the resettlement, at least for some, of the newly displaced, while for some of the displaced at least, as communities, there is a return as they left; this is actually old (and this is bizonal).

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