Thursday, June 28, 2012

Re: Turkish atrocities in Cyprus . vp, i don't know where you lived before the issues of '63 and '74, but if my village is an example of a "mixed" village, the residents have a relationship which was nurtured, far older than that. frankly i am grateful to live across from a Turkish Cypriot unscarred until the Turkish Army chose to make the land they occupy (and all its living creatures) subject to them. we remain an example of the community which was there before this "Turkification", my friends still respect hard work and have a loving nature, close to their land and this history; our history. now, after all these years, having met many Greeks from across the world, i feel a sorrow and a shame to meet a "Greek" who cannot understand that this is possible in Cyprus, i hope that i might convince you that as a Cypriot, you may consider that not all Turks are "Turks" . 350 years, wot? just a backwater, only surviving, ignored as a possession. it was the Modern Age, the British, and the Rule of Law, which gave impetus to Mankind's recognition of Cypriots as a People amongst a Family of Man. whether there is a majority of persons Greeks or not, the World defines us, as all Citizens, the stewards of this island so old (and so wealthy) as one, recognised, Sovereign and as Individuals, represented by a State governing in a manner where all electors are equal without distinction or discrimination. Cypriots, their Leaders, chose to take the challenge of defining Bicommunal, and now Bizonal, for Humanity's greater good. you see two states. i tell you that you cannot dismiss the Federal Government as a body because you don't trust "Greeks", things cannot remain as they are today. to be equals as Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots (, as well as Maronites, etc.) there must exist a Greek Constituency (and other Cypriot Constituencies). if you want a Turkish Constituency demand this; liberate the Republic from its bonds to the "Greeks", and once again it will be the "minority" who values civil behaviour and Universal Principals, most. such, read your Constitution, the Republic of Cyprus' i mean, and tell me, what is wrong with National Assemblies?

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