Thursday, April 18, 2013

Plan for new Cyprus vote casts uncertainty on bailout


...i would vote yes, because it is possible to withdraw later. we need to demonstrate with Europe solidarity. even the economy is small pickings, compared to the war Cypriots must win, for Freedom (and Liberty) in general and, for themselves. it was not that long ago that Angela Merkel stood with us against Turkey's designs; we cheered.

...a bitter pill we are swallowing, nothing comes for free, if we can demonstrate a cooler resolve that others hold in high esteem, it makes us stronger still. at this point it is too late to vote, "no". already naysayers in the EU, for whatever reason (read:motive) are linking the financial crisis to the Problem. it is inevitable, because the logic when twisted this way opens the Judgement of Cypriots as Persons, easy to dismiss the fact that they are Individuals, to be labelled "Greeks" and "Turks", and divided as such Cyprus for Cypriots no more.

...our Banks will return better than ever, one way or the other, i don't doubt that Cypriots will rise to the task most admirably, it would not be the first time. but, money is not the problem, the Problem is the problem.

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