Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Our View: We created a state designed to serve the ruling elite


...and what is Cyprus but a template for elites further afield.
We may consider ourselves lucky, because having survived the attention of interlocutors for thousands of years in isolation, the Cypriot now has the means to express themselves as a Sovereign People who are no different and an equal within a larger family of man. Perhaps this crisis will make it clear to us, the value of our Heritance, to be Cypriots, rather than "Greeks", or "Turks".
Freedom has a heavy price, and part of that is overcoming the fears we have within ourselves. Have we learned the lessons of the First World War (as Human Beings) with so much energy placed on the adversarial nature of our Politics? Have we discovered that this hatred can serve the fight against bigger enemies (like Disease, and Hunger)? What of the elites, indeed, who do they represent?

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