Wednesday, April 01, 2015

President sets worrying new condition


...and why should the Republic of Cyprus negotiate with any one of the Cypriot Constituencies? If it negotiates with Constituencies, shouldn't it negotiate with all Constituencies?
Bicommunal does not mean dividing Cyprus between those called "Turks", and those called "Greeks". It is defined by our Rights as Individuals, and our Liberty as Persons (all of yet to be more clearly refined). Like Bizonal, which is a geographic term, it should define a Cyprus which is a whole, and where within, its Constituencies are made up of components, it does not mean tearing the island in two.
Turkey needs to recognise that Cyprus exists, and that like the Turkish Flag, the Flag of Cyprus is its equal.
"Greeks" like "Turks", need to learn that although those Flags represent them, those Flags represent all Citizens who are willing to defend the Universal Principals they represent, together, Individuals, without any further distinction or discrimination. Like the Flag of Turkey, it is Turks who are represented, not "Turks", the Flag of Cyprus represents Cypriots, not just "Greeks".
...whether by arrogance or by it being a simple fact, Mr Anastasiades is right, the Republic, in representing its Citizens, like in any other country, and its President, should have no equal.
What is missing in this debate, in effect, is a Greek Constituency, without which, there is no equal to a Turkish Constituency. Frankly, it would not surprise me that as Constituencies, having the same needs, (since there are actually more than two) that they could present themselves before the President unanimously. That, as such, to the President sworn to defend the State (and the Freedom it represents), their consideration toward Constitutional Reform would be of value. And I suggest that this Liberty they would suggest, (another level of Government,) self-representation as Persons, would be possible.

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