Saturday, August 15, 2015

GLOBAL FAITHS: Cyprus an imbroglio of politics, religion


...the story of Cyprus is far older than the Ottoman Empire, during which, under its rule of over 350 years, it became, and remained a backwater, a barrack with services, until its Independence in 1960, which at least with self-representation brought an infrastructure of asphalt roads, electricity, across the island, as well as drinking water, for everyone, safe and clean from civil works, which had never existed before.

...more accurately the dispute is between "Turks", and those not "Turks" (read: "Greeks"); what of the other Cypriot Constituencies, the Maronites, Armenians, and Latins, they too, as Persons have the same and equal needs. What of the dwellers who choose to identify themselves as Cypriots, first? The Cyprus Problem is a Turkish Problem. More accurately Greeks as a population have been Cyprus' overwhelming majority for thousands of years, and as Individuals they deserve the respect and recognition as Cypriots to vote as Cypriots, to live as Cypriots, in Cyprus, and around the world, to be identified as Cypriot, whether within Cyprus there are more than one, or many, distinct identities or not. (What is missing is a Greek Constituency if we are talking BBF, there exists a Republic, and a Turkish Constituency with no equal(s).)

...any agreement which denies Cypriots the Right to vote and to live Freely in Cyprus, as Cypriots will not pass. In Politics, as in Religion, there is no Muslim God, or Jewish God, or any array of Christian God. Cyprus like God exists, Cypriots deserve better, a bit of Solomon's wisdom rather than tearing the baby in two.

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