Sunday, November 01, 2015

Turkey's peace pipe to Cyprus


...water, to what end? The world waits on Turkey, on another issue where its intentions are unclear.
No celebrations on Republic Day, as promised. No 'official' opening, and also, no clear sense the thing works.
...peace pipe, peace operation, if there is a pattern here, it does not bode well for Cyprus, that is to say Cypriots, whether they can be identified as "Greeks", or as "Turks". If this water is for thirst, as is said, why is it that 75% of the infrastructure for this purpose remains unbuilt. Is it that the cucumbers which are so popular in Turkey will come from the Karpas? Is it possible that the water is for "them", those who will realise this plunder, for Turkey, or at least the ones that are according to Erdogan, "Turkish" enough.
If Erdogan fails in his election, this like many of the "projects of the century", may well be revealed to be costly dreams.

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