Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Bizonality still a sticky question in the Cyprus talks



What is a "Turk"? What has "Turkishness" got to do with Cypriots having representation based on Universal Principals, the self-representation which demonstrates the will of Cypriots, as Cypriots?

In my Cyprus Bizonal is not that hard to understand. Regardless of how you divide Cyprus as parts, One Government represents us as Cypriots. One Country exists as a State, and that is the Republic of Cyprus. Under it, all its Citizens are equal, without any discrimination or distinction additionally needed.

Indeed, Cypriot Constituencies exist, and they can be identified by the living relics, language, communities and homes, these Constituents care for till today. As Cypriots, if we are prepared to consider that Cyprus has an Ethnos, (more than "being" mostly Greek,) Cypriots should also be prepared to apply themselves accordingly with Constitutional Reform respecting the nature of this Heritance. If we are prepared to consider that a "Turkish Constituency" should exist, should there be Constituencies for the Maronite, Latin, and Armenian populations which have the same struggle, in terms of sustaining their distinctiveness, as Cypriots. Why not? Why not a Greek Constituency while we're at it? Why not a set of Cypriot Constituencies, at another level of government?

Where in this demand, by or for a Turkish Constituency, is there an effort to represent the principals that clearly indicate an interest in the affairs of Cypriots as a whole? Why are "their" demands so different to my own for example, if "they" care for Cyprus? How are "they" equal to the Republic? They, the occupation's regime, concern themselves with "Turkishness" (and only "Turks" to them are acceptable); there, anyone who dares to fly the Flag of Cyprus risks a great deal of controversy, although just recently, legally, it has been ruled that people have the right to do so.

...in short, such a demand, for "Turks" or "Turkishness", as it is, is asking for a lot, and folly, from a position where (illegally) "they" have much more than they should, "they" seek to care only for themselves, and where "they" "deserve" (and because they have little to offer) very, very, little.

...solution is easy, ask for 7 percent (almost too hard to refuse), and be willing to accept (far) less.

...as for the rest of us, Turcophone, Grecophone, and Cypriot, dividing Cyprus, to "give" some of it away to "someone" who sees us as an "other", seems far fetched, unjust, and a step backwards for Humanity, not just for Cypriots.

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