Saturday, March 19, 2016

CORRECTION – Cyprus crucial to EU-Turkey deal on refugees, Tusk says


Turkey has made many demands, where Europe, and Cyprus have demonstrated their willingness to provide for Turkey's wants, and needs. Visa Free Travel for Turks, and Cyprus, don't seem to me at all related to the problems of a mass migration, including its tragedies on a scale not seen in a hundred years. In any case, 3 Billion euros, is the "Humanitarian content" that Turkey will spend almost like a contractor, for the EU; again in June we will see if this performance is to be rewarded, or credible.

..."chapters" may open for Turkey, Turkey may want easy travel for Turkish Citizens to all of Europe, but the bond to grow stronger will include a respect for the Rule of Law, respect for Persons and the Liberty they seek, respect for the Freedoms that comes from respecting Universal Principals as Individuals and equals, and thus, respect for Cypriots, as Cypriots.

Most respectfully, I would like to remind the editor, that there is no, Southern Cyprus, there is a southern Cyprus indeed, because Cyprus has been illegally under the occupation of the Turkish Army for more than forty years, northward. Nor is Cyprus divided because they are "Greeks" and "Turks", but because this identity, Cypriot, does not suit the other half as I like to call them who have found a profit in manufacturing fear, the hateful thinking that goes along with the intentions of tearing the island in two. There is a good reason why the Problem is a Problem and not a problem, and why the Cyprus Problem merits such attention. Turkey it seems is the "only one",  to quote a phrase from VP Biden, not yet ready to recognize it.

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