Monday, May 29, 2017

The spirit of reconciliation demands the truth


...indeed, i ask who are our heroes?

In all of this, we know that at the hands of "Greeks", and "Turks", those not "Greek", or not "Turk", were made to disappear, or murdered ruthlessly; let's never forget those who died, died for "being" Cypriots.

...thus the debate has never found a solution because it is flawed, not being based on Truth, but on the intentions of the parties hostile. It is not between Greeks and Turks, the Problem. It never has been. Cypriots exist. And they remain despite the decades outside of this debate. It is they, the other half, their victims, that have as their adversary, "Greeks" and "Turks", no different, the same. It is they the world should not forget, and remember.

Nothing will take back the shame of Cypriots who witnessed the Intolerance of such madness. But, to take back the intention of Enosis is not hard, if under the one Flag of Cyprus we have, we stood. If we dared to fly this Flag everywhere. And wherever we went, we carried this Flag with us. Someone will die, you say; the first, for this Flag? I don't think so, many more have died already.

But now more than ever though, our leadership need inspiration, Cypriots everywhere need to express their concern. A flag, this Flag, by flying it wherever they may look is a good beginning.

We are not "Greeks", we are not "Turks", we are in effect what "they" are not, if we are to be Free.

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