Sunday, September 10, 2017

Turkey calls on Israel to push Cyprus on approving pipeline

. Turkey admitting that it does not have the clout; that they should turn to Israel is revealing.

I ask, who is next after Cyprus, what Turkey wants does not stop there; Lebanon, Syria, Greece, (Italy,) they are all on "Turkey's Continental Shelf", aren't they?

...and what has Israel to gain; while Erdogan may be an opportunist better than most, is he credible?

Fact is the tripartite meetings Cyprus leads have brought the countries involved closer to their goals: viable intentions, safety for lives at sea, safety toward the environment. Turkey has claimed she will go it alone; she should be building a rig then.

In any case, the chairs for Syria and Lebanon, at these tables, one hopes will be filled soon. Turkey can still choose differently, instead of meddling, also by joining gracefully in these affairs.

One Turkey, One Cyprus, One Country, should not be hard for Erdogan to say; but for his "Turkishness". He would have his pipeline, and much International esteem if he could. Cyprus divided as it is means Turkey will become even more divided than it is, for the same reasons. He must know that too.

Indeed Cyprus is key, being Turkey's National issue. A Cyprus divided, is a Turkey divided. A Cyprus united is a Turkey united.

Erdogan i hope will reconsider where his Legacy lies.

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