Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Re: TRNC FM: "Autonomy or Recognition"


...indeed the best chance for anything Turkish surviving "Turkishness" in Turkey is in Cyprus. really is up to you MrH, if you are Cypriot, and Turkish; you may choose between being Turkish, or being a "Turk". You may choose to set an example Turkey can emulate, united with its own constituencies, or you may leave no choice to Turks but to fight what seeks to usurp the Freedom they have, those "Turkish".

Cyprus is the key, united as Cypriots, or not at Peace, divided; hope in Turkey (and in the Eastern Mediterranean) or not. are fooling yourself if you generalise to make all Greeks, "Greeks". You are foolish to think Greeks are the enemy, or that Cypriots do not exist. You are not mistaken, on the other hand, to think that "Greeks", and "Turks" are alike, and that for those of us Turkish or Greek, or Cypriot, a bane to our existence.

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