Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : British Bases/1974

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : British Bases/1974

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I beleive we all know the expression, "unsinkable aircaft carrier". All of us, I believe, know that the interests of all the interlocutors, then, as it is now, are best served by a divided island, in a state, where the island dwellers stay divided, to represent not each other, but only their own interests.

Cypriots, a people who have survived millenia, did not survive the wrong, originally thwarted by Makarios with his change of view, and the resulting, realisation of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960, a sovereign state representing all its citizens.

Hmm.. Moose, you raise an interesting point, Turkey and Greece, as well as England signed that Constitution as well. Therefore, having learned that there is a value to all people in protecting their Patrimony, I suggest that this Constitution is more blantantly disregarded than respected because the natural inclination to show a bias for selfish reasons, still outways the more important, and more challenging principal of respect for our Human Rights, as a Family of Man, with acts for its betterment.

Who is the victim, ourselves, evey single person on this planet, if we allow Cypriots to be forgotten, by ignoring their peaceful existence, before thay were divided to suit the needs of other National entities, into Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, rather than Cypriots who are Turcophone or Grecophone, with different needs, but sharing the same principals, that all people share everywhere equally.

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