Friday, March 31, 2006

General Tolon: Cyprus is a non-sinking aircraft carrier

Cyprus is a non-sinking aircraft carrier

"Whoever controls Cyprus controls the world" , Gen.TOLON

so... is it the supermilitarisation of Cyprus?

What was that movie?..."Fail Safe", made in the '60's, I think. Have you seen it? Couldn't the little island be Cyprus?

Turkey and USA are allies, both are or have been responsible for "illegal" aggression, (art.2; UN chart.), against other Nations, in war. Israel and Turkey, receive the brunt of America's military largesse, through funding. America and Britain, to a lesser degree, fund their enemies.

Turkey: "Little America", I think so. "Regional Peace Keeper", only a wish; without the recognition that Cyprus is a Sovereign State, with a people.

Either these Supra-Powers, enjoy a state of security that is unstable, or the matter is solved by agreement where all people acknowledge, their needs are met, and in cooperation there is progress, toward their betterment.

The island, therefore, cannot be de-militarised in the foreseeable future. Cypriots, at best, can have a say on how the military is configured, in cooperation with the other interlocutors.

Regional security is obtained with an agreement between Turkey and Cyprus, an alliance which would form a counterbalance to the demands from NATO, Britain and Greece.

In the simplest terms, Treaty of Defense= recognition Republic of Cyprus.

Accepting, and perhaps marketing our strategic position, in this manner we are providing an "Off-shore" service to other States, for our Neutrality, and Good Governance, toward their needs, which serves our purpose, for safety and Independence, as well.


Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

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