Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cyprus, France and Austria play with Turkeys accession.

Cyprus Problem:

"To be fair,one cannot discount the thirty years of Denktash, in 'blaming' the impasse, today, on TPap. It is a solid indication that the will of the Turkophone population is for Europeanisation, and unification, with their agreement to the Annan Plan.

I believe the plan was rejected by 'Greeks', because it was unclear. Certainly the fact that no one had the time to even read it, played a factor in peoples' minds.

Since I am a Cypriot, I know that time is smelled, breathed in with the dust.

Being a Cypriot, I have the patience, to tend the land, to watch things grow, to know that beyond my life, these living things remain, to be tended by others of my blood, who have turned to the ages.

What is right is right. Cypriots, although it seems they are a minority, in the pool whose interest is this geographic space, have been steadfast on this issue: Their right to be in possession of their own land. I hope for their success because the histrionics of 'Greeks' and 'Turks' are greatly sullied by their recent exploits here.

Turkey will face a great deal of resistance because its policies are not favouring their population's individuality, nor their rights toward the expression of this will, fast enough. It will be seen to be against embracing change if it is not forthcoming on what was already agreed to.

Denktash was and still is an advocate for Turkish policy, Turkish speaking Cypriots remain isolated in this sphere. Without their contribution in the Republic as a State, all Cypriots are subject to instability and exploitation.
Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free."

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