Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Embargo: Brussels protest

Cyprus bicommunal discussion and chat forum : Brussels protest:

"Rude Gal, please don't forget, Cypriots have been isolated from each other, but half this population is old enough to remember a way of life far dearer. We call ourselves Cypriot, we are all people, even though we are identified, or forced to indentify ourselves as Turcophone or Grecophone.

There is nothing wrong with having great pride in your heritage, but for both of us this has grown over several hundred years, successfully. As a community we are the repository for Mankind, with roots dating back to Neolithic times. Our future, and our duty to this planet are far greater, than the adversarial competition which has been promoted for our consumption all these years.

Basic Human Rights can not be ignored. Even if it causes more suffering, it is the cost of our freedom. Turcophones and Grecophones deserve to call each other, founders of our Nation. Each has a right from this State to expect that their Individual Rights are defended without hesitation.

Where communities of people are concerned, self-determination is essential. Minority rights in either case are also essential. If this commitment is done through one or three govenments, is not that important. Most important, is that the normalacy of living without troops do divide us, can be realised.

Rude Gal, I cannot tell you how much I wish to return to my village (which is 'mixed'). I cannot tell you how much will be lost, if I cannot say once again, I am Cypriot.
Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free."

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