Saturday, July 08, 2006

Political Tendencies Of Turkish Cypriots

Language with culture is an internal manner of the State.
The exclusivity we enjoyed being "Greek" or being "Turkish", in isolation, has evolved to become but a facet of our modern lives. Yet un-naturally isolated from each other, we face our inclusion in an organised European political sphere, conflicted.

When we appreciate our need for representation as a sovereign people, individuals, as equals in our abilities, and as founding partners, our representation externally will be welcoming to the nations we serve with.

I have suggested a geographic (jewels, the Cantons, scattered across the whole island), and a political framework which allows for our tremendous growth, as a crossroad between three continents, as well as providing for the Humanitarian needs of our situation. It allows for the resettlement of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, as migrants or as communities, who have, all these years, lived in an unending limbo, without disrupting the fabric of these two communities.

Our future in Europe now depends on our abilities in competition with other states to evolve from two homogenous populations, to a confluence of people.

In my mind Turkish Cypriots have shown themselves to be prepared to accept a unified state, toward maximising their position internationally. However, it is still necessary for "Greek Cypriots" to recogonise that their identity, as a community, needs its expression, like their counterparts, to be a reflection of their unity, another side of the same coin, if you will, out side the context of the Republic of Cyprus, so that while we live within our own communities, it is free to serve in our defense as individuals.


Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

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