Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cyprus-Turkey Treaty of Defense...?

I have considered the importance of Cyprus to the Turkish State. Militarily, it provides substantial consideration toward Turkey's defence.

Significantly, the Cypriot Maritime is one of the largest, and one of the best. Strategically, this traffic involves a significant contribution to the social-exchange from which wealth (and power) is acquired. Two elements play into the Turkish sphere: recognition of the Republic of Cyprus, and the need for Turkey to promote its inclusive nature.

Without the political solution, in Cyprus, that reunites a people of different origins, there will be no demonstration of Turkey's abilities at promoting goodwill. My view is that the repopulation of the island is primordial. It is a clear and easy understand act as correcting a wrong. It is possible because the grain of this idea evolved from the words of its current President a long time ago. He saw the island thus; it's population of Turkish Cypriots scattered over the island like sand tossed over its map.

I lived in a "mixed village", a description I deplore, against our equality as people toward respect, and our service to our land. Taken from hundreds of thousands this dignity. The suffering of Turcophones and the creation of enclaves were the catalyst for the Turkish Cypriot identity, with a need for there own pursuit of self-determination. However, the Grecophone population being much larger, had an element of fanatics, terrorists, who were large enough to endure their failed attemps for ENOSIS, to become an element of constant threat to the government and the State, until 1974, with the result being the impasse that has gone on until today.

My village. its people meet at least once a year, refugees in our own land. It leads me to imagine that whole communities will want to return together.

This is the threat, I believe Turkish Cypriots fear the most.

One standing agreement has been sustained over these years. That is the BBF: Bizonal Bicommunal Federation. Geographically, it will require changes to the present frontier, with a consequence that allows for the incidence of hardship. Without a political solution the instability caused by adversarial relations will preoccupy their affairs internally, leaving these people weakened in their external affairs.

My solution involves the creation of enclaves, if you will. Like jewels they will be scattered over the whole island. The existing frontier can remain the same, and for each comminity there is an enrichment of their diversity. If Greek Cypriots would create for themselves a government like that of the Turkish Cypriots, they would become the counterparts in their citizenry's efforts at betterment, for themselves. Both of these states will require a reciprocating nature, toward minority populations.

The Republic of Cyprus, would be free from the bias it suffers today because it will be inclusive, sovereign in the affairs of all its people as individuals, their representative toward the rest of the world, within the Family of Man. Its Parliament can be bi-cameral, to reflect the nature of the population, proportionally, and as equal founding partners.

It is possible to sign a Treaty of Defense with a State that is recognised...and in the Cypriot imbroglio this is a balance that must be made.

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