Monday, September 25, 2006

The best solution is...?

Who cares about stav's opinion, he takes the road which leads to education, be helpful, how do you know that this is not an attempt at dividing those with a similar problem (from a different point of view) and those that will choose to be tolerant and reasoned.

I couldn't care less if this is his opinion, just so long as the hatred that goes with a view like that, is abolished from their being. I do my best not to judge people, I choose to do this even if others choose not to this with me. Greek, Turk, or Taliban, such a person, one who speaks with words that are written have at least something, to learn from.

Stav, don't think of Turkey as the enemy, and you will not need Greece for its defense.

Frankly, those Greeks sold Hellenism out, they failed, because they had been corrupted by their own greed, losing their influence in the regional sphere, losing the US bases, Turkey is the regional power, and the world is a different place, because of their blundering. Greece is the Republic of Cyprus's greatest ally and their influence with our membership into the EU is a great symbol of their support.

Cyprus can do better, however, defending itself, by providing to the 90 million Turks, one-tenth of the distance from Greece, and the greatest threat to their security, an ally, not against Greece, but from the destabilising influences in this world today.

I see the supermilitarisation of the island, as dep says, with our membership in NATO, and as a member of the EU with established links toward its security via Britain already, is possible.

Let's have the nukes on the island, but no one is carrying a gun. Offshore military HQ, for the UN and etc. for lease, if you will. You do know that all the worlds communication traffic crosses on our little island, and that our maritime and banking rival the largest in the world.


Cyprus: three goverments, One capital and Free.

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