Friday, September 15, 2006

Cyprus-Turkey Treaty of Defense...?

The debate has been interesting, and most informative, but the discussion should be focused on the military defense of Turkey, and ending the threat that this State senses from the island of Cyprus. The proposal is a Treaty, necessarily requirng the recognition of the Republic of Cyprus, and its sovereignty over all the island.

The reform of its Constitution is desired by the government of the day. However its resolve to maintain for the vast majority, a Grecophonic nature, must be balanced with the desire of Turkish Cypriots for self determination. Divided and isolated from each other, now for almost fifty years, their lives lack free movement, association, and expression. Much of this is unnatural, and there is the great hope that human behaviour is for social-exchange, and that Denktash will be marked as a hero, maybe two hundred years from now, because he took the first step and opened the border.

Turkey has nothing to fear from these people, united and free from subjugation, to direct their own lives toward prosperity. Cypriots are the people who lead in socialisation, for millenia. They are a people who are inclusive, they are peace loving, and they are welcoming. Cyprus, its vital culture, to survive in this Modern world, must be self governing, because strategically it cannot belong to anyone. This gift the world has promised to them. Turkey's foreign affairs, has this issue, and others to resolve.

A Treaty today provides the most powerful regional economy, exchange, with the largest maritime service, their neighbour, both profiting, gaining long term security, stability, and mutual defense. Part of the comprehensive package, toward ending the Cyprus problem, it is a premise that provides a venue, for an international relation, with Turkey as the benefactor from this esteem.

Cypriots can identify themselves as Greek Cypriot or Turkish Cypriot if and only if the Republic of Cyprus, and its government are free from linquistic (ethnic) bias. As an identity, this reformation must reflect their proportional representation and their equality as founding partners, these peoples. A bi-cameral legislature will provide for this need. As individuals, and as Europeans they can expect a government which allows for their individuality and equality.

Greek Cypriots can look back without despair, if they themselves control a government as their Turkish counterpart, requiring three governments, so that their relations as Cypriots, externally are satisfied by one Government, meeting the norms of a higher authority, and internally, having two Governments to represent these people as communities, providing the service these communities desire, sovereign in their territory, as they please.

I think the greatest fear for Turkish Cypriots, is the possibility of being overwhelmed by the "Greekness" of the vast majority of people living on the island. This will soon be replaced by the fear of so many other peoples who find this little island of value to them personally. Ironically both societies will suffer the same fear unless there are suitable provisions made to accomadate having minorities with seperate needs, by their respective National Assemblies.

In 1974, I remember a map, in the newspaper, the island, the line which divides it in two, and little circles scattered here and there, over all its territory, Makarios and Denktash in one of their meetings, during those heady days. Recently, I read a quote from Mr. Papoudopoulos, (sorry for the spelling) the current President of the Republic, from his youth, describing the population of Turkish Cypriots warmly, as a people whose population was scattered like sand, tossed over a map so that the grains would cover its whole surface. Demographic maps, I have seen, prove this sentiment and the reasoning of their proposals.

I do not propose to replicate the past. However, these notions, indeed resolve much of the anxiety, which comes from the Right of Return, and resettlement, for so many, because it has its historical basis. "Cantons", satelite territories, would add to the balance which would be required so that each of the counterparts, Greek and Turkish, has a majority of people who see themselves this way, within their territory for their self-determination. They provide a setting in which all people can demonstrate their commitment toward Basic Human Rights. New communities will be founded, and in others people will return to their homes, as communities. None will lack service as they prefer, nearby; none will lack a choice for their representation, as they desire. Each gain in the diversity this will add to their respective cultures. Most importantly, the reciprocation of respect by these two adversaries, sustains a benefit, which allows for the inclusiveness our Age requires from each one of us as human beings.

Finally, I would like to add, that Turkey must resolve this political issue, to end the prejudice it causes to its own people, and to be in harmony with the rest of the world's States; a Republic of Cyprus, and all its people Cypriots, must exist, without which there is no peace.

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